Swasan- Pillow Story (chapter 2)

Anyone remember this story??..
I know i know its long time.. m sorry but i was busy with other stories…

Read Part 1 Here – In case you missed it.

Chapter 2

Pillow’s pov…

We are on a trip.. I am packed in a bag and it is irritating me ??.. i am unable to see anything but can hear all..

“Look who is here?” Said someone in the bus.. dont know to whom..

Aaaannn mummy i want to look around and see people..??.. it is 8 years I have never seen much people…??

It felt as if she heard my complaint..

Swara took me out of the bag and hugged closely to her..

Aww..!! I loved it.. she hugged me, I feel so happy with her..

I love her na.. *blush* *blush*..

But why is she crying??

“Look at her.. baby is crying.. hugging her pillow..” said someone to her..

She started sobbing more holding me tight..

Huhhh… how can he??.. how can that bastard say something to My Swara.. I want to kill him but I am so much useless??..

Neither I can wipe her tears nor say anything to him..

“Say it again.” Came another voice..

I looked up and saw another boy of same age standing looking angrily at first person.. he looked smart and handsome.. but is he taking her side?? Yippeee!! Finally someone came for her.

“Here comes the saviour.” Commented the first person..

The another one punched him straight in the stomach..

Wah!! I wanted to clap????…
Well done boy??…
If i would have been a guy lover.. i would have loved you ? but i am booked for my Swara??..

Before the first one could say anything, the teacher came and dismissed them..

Yaar..!! A good action scene get cut off because of the teacher??..

Let it be!! Swara looked at them with teary eyes..

What the hell???..

The boy sat next to her..??…
And hugged her???…

My swara, he sat beside her and also hugged her.. now i want to punch him?..

Swara also shifted to him and placed her head on his shoulder and sobbed.

He picked his hand and gently wiped her tears and then moved his hand in her hairs..

She calmed down a bit..

“Thank you, SANSKAR..” she said to him parting the hug..

Ooo.. so he is Sanskar.. listening to whom every day my ear pained a lot..

Huhh!! He looks like chimpanzee..

Then i looked at him from side..

Yay!! Yay!! Whatever..
Not chimpanzee ?.. now all of you stop glaring me…
Otherwise I will not continue ahead..

Hmm.. Good!!


Sanskar gave her a glare.

He glared my Swara..??..

“What?” Asked Swara.

“Who I am to you?”

“Best friend.”

If he is her best friend then who I am???.

“Then thank you..” he said raising one eyebrow..
May be he is my competitor but still he looked good in this look..

Huhh.. nothing more then good.. still he is my sautan??..

“Ooppss..” she said and bit her tongue..

“I will take my words back.. happy?”

“Very.” He said and kissed her forhead..

Me: ?????????????

I am not talking anymore??.

She placed me in her bag and they kept on talking in whole way while I was just being devdas on one side of the bag?.

After sometime..

The bus came to  halt and everyone got down to have food or something..
While I was sitting near the window seat looking at the dhaba where Swara and Sanskar was feeding each other laughing and talking hand in hand..
(Bags zip is open so I am able to see)

While the first boy who was punched was glaring them from one side but then left all this and become busy with his friends..

After some time..

They came back and the journey started again.

“Pilloa..” i heard her voice.. she brought me out of her bag at night but I was not looking at her atleast was trying my best to ignore her but I cant..

I looked at her and she smiled seeing me.

“This is your pilloa.. your bestie..” said Sanskar pointing towards me.

She nodded smiling caressing me..

Yippeee..!!! Dhink chika dhink chika..???… she told him about me..

Huhhh!! I am also important you Sanky hanky..??..

You guysss stopp glaring me??… i dont know what this have done to everyone…??

Glaring me for him…
Now i will not talk about him will not praise him even??..

He then picked me up in his arms and then placed me on his lap and asked Swara to lay on him.

She layed on me and his lap and he stroked her hairs ans she slept happily…

And he slept after sometime..

Seeing them happy I also felt happy and slept peacefully?..

…to be continued

How was this guys??
This is a short story I will try to end it in 5 episodes..

Sorry if it is not upto mark.. but if you liked it then to leave a comment..

Thank you.

Love you all❤❤

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