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swasan: we are perfect for each other (S2) PROLOGUE


Hey!! Its kritika here, back after four months. Some of you might remember me, for some of you I may be new. So actually I wrote a short story named “we are perfect for each other”. I have an awesome concept for its season 2, definitely not continuation though, but all I need is a good response. If I don’t get so, I will end it in the next episode..! it is not necessary to read season 1.
here goes a glimpse of the story!
We were friends, then a couple, then a married couple, then 2 bodies but one soul. Today, we are just beside each other but I cannot see you, I cannot feel you, I cannot talk to you. My dear, I cannot respond you. It feels horrible.
I can hear you, love. Speak, speak. Take care of him, never let him feel alone. I know I am a very bad person. I cannot play any role in my life than living like a dead.

I never did that, sanskar! I know you believe me. But I am just hurting you now. You are crying because of me. Just me! Why do not you kill me god!

I am feeling something wet on my chest. Its him , oh god!

He is crying, with our seed in his arms. I have always been with him. To love him, to tease him, to console him, to make him happy! But today I cannot even see him.
just go home sanskar! Its hurting me. Go from here with our seed. Its piercing my whole body. My head aches! Aah..! I cannot say anything. It seems my vocal chords have died. I cant move a single part of my body.
how is it? is it too bad? i am writing after 4 months!
ahh, if i will be happy with response, part 1 will be posted on 1 november. a special reason for that 😉

  1. Vyshu10


    1. Kritika

      Thank u dear

  2. Alia

    Very nice

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dear

  3. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

  4. Nice..plz☺

    1. Kritika

      Tysm sweetie!!! U too tc

  5. Pikachu

    Next part jaldi nikal

  6. Pikachu

    Next part jaldi post kario. … Madam ji

    1. Kritika

      Sure piku!!! N thank u for your comment!!! U too post ur ff soon

  7. Nice continue

  8. Meher

    Swara is in coma😱😱😱

    1. Kritika

      Meher mumma!! Log ffs mein coma se wapas ane ke liye hi jate hai!😁😁

  9. Khushiii

    You’re backkk yay iy’s amazing continue soon

    1. Kritika

      Thank you soooooooo much dear

  10. Jyotii

    The words used are so touchy!!! Swara coma mein hai kya???😮😮😮😮 M excited to read d next part!!! 🙂
    Ita good re!!! 😉😉😉
    Luv u chotu😘😘😘

    1. Kritika

      Thank uuuu tii dii..
      Love u too😘😘


    welcome back dr… do continue… it’s nice..☺☺

    1. Kritika

      Tysm soo much nive dear!!

  12. Dharani

    nice continue soon

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