swasan: we are perfect for each other S2 episode 6

Episode 5
Sanskar continued, “they won’t get peace without disturbing my family. Maheshwari’s i am coming.” He spoke in rage gritting his pearl white strong teeth.
“maheshwari familyy” sanskar roared as soon as he stepped in durga prasad maheshwari’s bunglow.
-A week later-

A tear slipped my eye seeing our family photo. I, sanskar, ragini, lakshya, mom, dad, badi ma, bade papa. We all were so happy…until..

Today we are going to have a photoshoot. And seriously no one can be more happy than me. This is our baby’s first photoshoot. Ah.. Not baby. Its syon Swara! Before 4 days, he got a name. And he is all time smiling. Syon is an active child. Though he is small, he is always ready to play. I have noticed he is fond of bright colours. He loves soft things like his soft teddies and cushions.

Syon isn’t a cry baby. I have observed he doesn’t cry much till he is with his mom and dad. I don’t know he is going to be a right-handed boy or a left-handed. Don’t know why, I always wanted to be left-handed but my parents taught me to write with right hand, so I am a righty; therefore I want syon to be left-handed.

i have decided to take syon out most of the times because it will indirectly increase his immunity level. today we are going for photoshoot and beach too.

The photographer told us to kiss the baby on both cheeks. I held the baby from his sides and kissed his left cheek. Sanskar kissed right cheek. The photographer clicked a photo as a flash sound was heard plus we saw the light on us too. He told us to give us the same position meaning the last photo wasn’t appropriate. The photo session went on.

There was a picture on which I had to keep syon on my chest and sanskar hugged me. He had to kiss me On the space Between my nose and lips. I had to kiss on the space below his lips. It was quite awkward. I mean, in front of the photographer and all!!



I can see fishes playing. Children making sandcastles. Will syon also make them when he grows a little? I take off my footwear and stand on the soft, smooth sand. Syon is in my arms. I can see he is happy seeing a new place as its crowded. He doesn’t like to be alone.

The rythemic pounding of the waves is very peaceful. Its almost evening. We three move towards the blue ocean. The shore is very clean. The name of this beach is ‘Santa Monica Beach.’ Its very beautiful.
Its almost 5 hours from Las Vegas. Syon easily and happily travelled. I think he likes travelling, just like me! Point to be noted. Yes, I am noting his habits.

I suddenly felt sanskar’s hot breathe on my shoulder and his hands around me and syon. He has back hugged us. Such a loving hubby he is! The water hitting my legs gave me a tickling feeling. Suddenly my hair came in between and as I was holding Syon I couldn’t move them. Sanskar immediately understood and tied my hair into a top knot/ bun. I wonder how he knows all these things.

“When you were pregnant, i thought we would have a baby girl. I even imagined her eyelashes, rosy lips and long brown hair, just like you. Brown hair.. I thought it would disturb our daughter while playing so I learnt from YouTube: how to tie a top knot!” Wow! But did I say that too aloud?
“Yes you did!” I sighed.

Theirs person’s POV.

Sanskar’s yes-you-did reminded him of his time when their maid said the same to him. He was embarrassed that time. So is Swara now. They both are the same. Aren’t they?

Sanskar spoke, “Swara!”
“Yes sanskar!”


“Yes sanskar. Speak.”

“Swara.. Swara.. Swara..”

“Arrghh!! Speak sanskar. Don’t irritate me.” It made Swara aggravate.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why would you want to be a friend with a mushroom?”
“Why will I want to be a friend with a .. Mushroom?”, She spoke stressing the word mushroom, ” I already have lots of friends.”

“Ughh!! Its because it is a fungi (fun-guy) yr!” He spoke and laughed. Swara’s eyes went wide. She stared at her laughing husband who always talks about microorganisms. Don’t know why!?

They reached home. The other family too booked a small bungalow adjacent to sanskar and swara’s mansion .

Maheswari’s discovered that they could see a baby’s room from one of the big windows of a guest room. They understood that its swara and sanskar’s baby’s room.

The room was beautifully decorated. They could see the whole room almost as it was the only room whose window was open. The dim lights brightened more as soon as sanskar switched on all the lights of the room. There were coloured lights too.

They attached a camera on the window such that they could see what was happening in the baby’s room. They knew it was wrong. But they had to. Because they already missed 3 months of their first grandchild’s and nephew’s life. They didn’t want to miss more.

The next day they checked the footage:
As soon as sanskar switched on the light, the room was filled with the baby’s giggles. The baby laughed very sweetly.

Hearing a shower-like sound they understood that swara and sanskar made The baby shower. They wanted to know the name of the baby. They also heard swara’s giggles with, “Syon, baby. Please don’t splash water on me.”

After some time they saw swara carrying a beautiful baby boy and sanskar wiping his body slowly. They could hear the voice of
A steel drum which echoed. Soon they saw swara with a giggling baby in her arms and a loud sound of drum.

They could see many things till night. The way Swara consoled her crying baby. The way swara sang melodious ‘lori’ to make her son sleep. The way sanskar became a horse for his son. The way they both played with their little bundle of joy. There was just one doubt in maheshwari’s minds. ‘Would sanskar forgive them?’

They have done an unforgivable mistake. They all consider the mistake as unforgivable. But do they know the other word for unforgivable mistake is crime? Accusing their own son and daughter in law.

When it was not their mistake. They discriminated between the couples. And today when they are guilty, who knows if swara or sanskar would even like to see their face? Swara and sanskar are very happy. It can be clearly seen they are completely satisfied. They don’t need anything more.

Days passed.. 14 beautiful days passed. Maheshwari’s were contented seeing their son and daughter in law happy. But as we say human are never satisfied with what they have, same is here! They want swara and sanskar to forgive them. They are very much sure that swara and sanskar are angry on them. But they aren’t sure if they are going to forgive them.

“sanskar sir! I have got a very important news. Maheshwari family has come from India and they are spying on you by living in the bunglow at your home’e left side.” Sanskar’s PA spoke quickly as soon as he got the news.
“What The hell?”

Sanskar continued, “they won’t get peace without disturbing my family. Maheshwari’s i am coming.” He spoke in rage gritting his pearl white strong teeth.
“maheshwari familyy” sanskar roared as soon as he stepped in durga prasad maheshwari’s bunglow.

Very sorry for the late update. Was out of station. And now its very hectic because school had started. No proof read. Very sorry for typos. Thanks so much for your comments. Thanks and sorry!!

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