swasan: we are perfect for each other (S2) Episode-2


Episode 2

Las Vegas, USA

After 6 months

Days passed, i was in depression. Sanskar convinced me for counseling. The counseling worked a lot on me. I understood its not because of me. Sanskar was right. The things which happened had to be happened. Anything can happen.

I feel ecstatic because in the next 2 weeks my prince will be in my arms. Yes, its a prince. I still cant believe someone would be coming in this world who will depend completely on me. For everything.
Another ecstatic thing is that tomorrow is sanskar’s birthday.

I gasped feeling two strong arms wrap around my tummy. But then realized it’s sanskar.
“Sanskar.. you are leaving?” I spoke with a pout. He pecked my pout.
“I will be back by night, love! I swear.”
“Hmm okay! But night means night at correct 9 sanskar. Not a single second late. I saw your ticket and..-” he cut me off.

“Yes my sweetheart and i promise. Now you take care, always be with the nurse and don’t you dare to neglect anything. Keep making littlenoises so that nancy (the nurse) would understand you are fine. And-” this ime it was me who cut him off.
“Yes jaan. Now you dont worry. Bye.” I spoke hugging me. He hugged me back, waved me goodbye and left.

I hugged myself as the cold wind kissed me and his car went. Snowfall has started. There’s fog everywhere.

Now i have to start all the decorations. I quickly called the workers. Its just 2 hours and the whole room is set. It’s soo beautiful. All of sanskar’s choice.
Oh shit! I didnt even order the cake. I should go and buy it from the nearby Freed’s bakery . I started the engine. My vision was blurred for a second. I stopped he car to compose tmysekd. Okay! You can do it swara.
Its just 2 blocks more. I felt better as i drank some water. I reached the bakery, took the cake and again started my ride back to home. The sun has already set.

Its 7 now. Sanskar will be back soon. My vision is again getting blurry i think i should stop. I turned the steering to park it aside for some minutes but the car came on a small heap of snow.

I quickly turned the steering. A boy in front of my car? Oh no!!
I turned the steering again resulting in stracting with the wall. The car took a huge turn and bumped into a beautiful rosewood tree.
My eyes dropped.


Third person’s point of view

2 months have passed. A lot of things have changed. Sanskar, in the first month, has complete hopes of Swara coming back from coma. Slowly his hopes lessened. In the first month he used to take care of his child but then he left that also. He now just drinks alcohol, and sleeps like a drunkard. Their aged neighbour, elina, is now taking care of their prince.

“Sanskar.. You are like my son. And hopes are something which should never be lost. You only think, how many dreams you both had for the baby? Did you ever see what decoration Swara did for your birthday? No .. How will you do it when you were busy drinking and I was busy taking care of your baby when he needs his parents. You are 28 and you can’t live without your wife. Why can’t you think of this baby who is just 2 months old and can’t even drink his mother’s milk? You gave this child up when he was 2 weeks old. This child refused to drink packaged milk. Where were you there then? This child is nameless. What will Swara think when she comes back? Give her hopes sanskar. Increase her will power. She has already lost her first kid’s 2 months. Don’t let her lose more.” Their neighbour elina spoke and went giving his child.

The child instantly stoppped moving restlessly and saw his father with wide eyes.
Those eyes reminded him of his Swara. He kept the baby in cradle, took a shower, got dressed in dark blue T-shirt and started playing with the kid. The kid smiled brightly.
‘How would he feel when he will meet his mom?’ sanskar thought and changed the kid’s clothes.

He took the kid to hospital and kept him beside sleeping Swara. Instantly she breathed little heavily. Quickly, the child started smiling seeing her. He could see a different spark in the kid’s eyes when he saw her. A mother’s lap. That’s what their prince craved for. He kept his head on her chest and asked her to come back.

“Why don’t you come back Swara? see you have already lost our kid’s 2 months, don’t lose more. Please,. It wasn’t your mistake. Come back dear. Please. There’s nothing with those maheshwari’s now. I love you, you love me. We have a kid. What else we need? Don’t let it be only me and our kid Swara. Let it be us and our kid. Give him mother’s love. I want to see your role as a mother. Just come back Swara,just once, and see I will never let you go.”

Swara’s point of view

We were friends, then a couple, then a married couple, then 2 bodies but one soul. Today, we are just beside each other but I cannot see you, I cannot feel you, I cannot talk to you. My dear, I cannot respond you. It feels horrible.
I can hear you, love. Speak, speak. Take care of him, never let him feel alone. I know I am a very bad person. I cannot play any role in my life than living like a dead.

I never did that, sanskar! I know you believe me. But I am just hurting you now. You are crying because of me. Just me! Why do not you kill me god!

I am feeling something wet on my chest. Its him , oh god!

He is crying, with our seed in his arms. I have always been with him. To love him, to tease him, to console him, to make him happy! But today I cannot even see him.
just go home sanskar! Its hurting me. Go from here with our seed. Its piercing my whole body. My head aches! Aah..! I cannot say anything. It seems my vocal chords have died. I cant move a single part of my body.


Sorry for typos. Thank you very much for your comments.
Dedicated to- sush!
Belated happy birthday dear. It’s just for you!
Waiting for your responses. Is it very similar to season 1?
Any wishes? Because i can add any of your wishes in just the next episode.

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      Thank you dear! I will post tomorrow itself!

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      Thanks swasan!! Of course she will be fine soon!

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  7. Kavya_08

    Awesome kritika? I missed you and your ffs a lot but I’m happy you’re back with another one? Yay!! I read it today only and loved it. It’s a bit similar to previous one bit it’s different in its own way?

    Love ya❤ bye

    1. Kritika

      Thanks u soooooooo much kavya dear!! ??
      Love u too??

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      Thank you dear! I am glad to see your comment. Did you discontinue your ff sweetie?

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    It was emotional yet beautiful…?
    Kritika i dun want it to b similar lyk season1…. dats y want swara to b fine soon not lyk sanky in season 1 aftr years…
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      Thanks a lot arshaanya!! ??
      I think you will be very happy reading the next episodes

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    I have a wish!! Bring swara back in next episode???

    And , let maheshwaris know about the Prince, huh they deserve this

    1. Kritika

      Thanks meher mumma..i mean muggu dadi…

      Sorry swara ko nai laa sakti..

      Haa woh dekhenge??

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    Chapter was really awsm..
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      Thanks a lot dear… sorry to make you cry. Give me your address nah..i will send kerchiefs from next time?

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      Thank u dear.. i can completely understand your feelings. You are too much in the ff and i am very happy for that. I won’t let them suffer dear. Just keep a little patience.?

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    1. Kritika

      I know sush??
      Thankew so much dear!!
      Why will i separate them? ?
      She’s my mumma..why will i can her dadi???

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