swasan: we are perfect for each other episode 8


hey guys!! kritika here!!
Episode 8

Swara asks them to hav dinner n ask them to spend some time alone..
Swara’s pov
I asked them to spend some time together..after all, they are meeting after a huge span of 6 years…I let the mother-son spend some time together and decided to sleep in swayam’s room today..i just checked them a last time and got happy to see their bond getting more stronger…I really wish if the problem between the whole family gets solved….
I entered swayam’s room and lied down beside him and caressed his hair..he is shoooo cutttuu..!!! sanskar is my sweeto and he is cuto..!! aww..!! my baby…!! Both are my choco..and my life revolves around them..
I didn’t know when my eyes closed last night…it’s a nice shiny day..today there is something different in the sky..i think it is celebrating the union of a mother and son.
Today we will tell the truth to swayam about mom..

I was thinking very deeply..at morning mom n talked a lot about these years…then we told swayam that mom is daadi,…as expected, he asked where was she in these years….i n sanskar told him that sometimes there are fights between elder people…that’s why we didn’t meet till 6 years..n now that our fight ended,…we are together…then mom took him to a small 2 day yatra for our family’s well-being…I cant live without swayam for 6 days also..i wonder how mom lived without sanskar for 6 years.
I badly need my family…our family,..i miss every1..ragini, pari bhabi, lucky, adarsh bhai, badi ma n bade papa…mom also told me and sanskar that our misunderstanding was created by our biggest business rival mr. anand malhotra…n whole family got to know this before 3 months…and they are searching for malhotra frm 3 months… but cant find him till now…

Sanskar was GUILTY…yes…he was guilty…for what?? Just because he thought that everyone would react as they see…everyone saw only in one angle…which was against sanskar…everyone do mistakes…human do mistakes..but they do learn from those mistakes..and sometimes forgiveness is the key to happiness..
I made sanskar understand that he should not feel guilty…but he told that he was ashamed to go back to his family..he thought how would they react?

I wish he could even see my point of view…here, there was no one’s mistake..it was a trap..and we all fell in it…what is our mistake..we all had to suffer….a lot..
The thing which happened had happened..now we should move on with a fresh start…I made sanskar understand this…he understood this..these words soothed him which made me happy…
My thoughts were broken by a melodious voice…which is of HIM….no only me, he also sings…
He is my favourite singer..
sanskar- Tujhpe meri hai daavedariyan
Tujhse hai dil ki saajhedariyan, saajhedariyan
Tujhpe meri hai daavedariyan
Tujhse hai dil ki saajhedariyan
Teri bin saansein loon to jee na sakoon
Ab tu hi bata kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon…

I took the guitar from his hand and started playing it…
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)
He on-ed the music player where the music of this song is saved…(only the music not song)
He made me leave my guitar my held my hand making me stand..
Subah se shaam tak lamhe
Baahon mein teri guzaarun
Chehra tera saamne rakh ke
Iss dil mein aaj utaarun
Aankhon ka nasha gulabi
Ab raha na jaaye zara bhi
Tu de permission pee loon
Tere naam ka banu sharabi
Utre na teri khumari

Bhulun main duniya saari
Then he twirls me…n helds my hands which are on my chest from back..n keeps his chin on my left shoulder In a such way that he is back hugging me…he then turns me to him and kisses my eyes…(the lines- “aankhon ka nasha gulabi” suits perfectly on this step) then he twirls twirls n twirls me to his left..then he stops…
Oh girl every time I see you
Badhti jaaye betabi

Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)
Then he looked seductively to me..n sang in a bit husky voice to attract me to him…which was really happening..i couldn’t stop myself…I pecked him between his lines…then he interwined our hands in upward position and slowly brought them down,..
swara-Pehli dafa..
Aankhon se hai ye neendein khafa
Ke teri ore chal pada
Ye dil ka raasta (x2)
I am singing my lines…which is perfectly matching us…for the first two lines I seductively moved my hands like it’s a fish tail while moving back…n he too is giving a seductive smile…for which I die…then for the next two lines I moved towards him and I slid my finger from his forehead to his neck…
Sanksar-Ab teri dhadkan se meri dhadkan
Ab judne lagi kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you

Never leave you
Saying the first and second line, he hugged me tightly to which I responded…then he did moon walk to his left…n to the last line (never leave you) he pecked my lips lightly..

swara-Lamhe maine tere liye hain rakh diye
Dil ye tujhko de diya hai bin kuch liye (x2)
I said those lines in pleasure as he starting kissing my neck, shoulder which was naked because I am wearing a strapless / off-shoulder crop top..

Sanskar- sab mudne lagi kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon
He those lines looking at me cupping my face with his both hands…we had a eye-lock….
Sanskar continued- Girl I need you
Girl I need you

Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)
As soon as he stopped to take breath before saying next lines, I kissed him tightly…then he hugged my tightly singing the last lines…then he started kissing my forehead, cheeks, neck, lips, nose tip, nape….which gave me a tingling feeling
Then he dug his head in my nape..after that i started unbuttoning his white shirt…n I kissed his chest…and hid my face in it…then he carried me to the bed….
My pov-

now u can guess what happened next 😛 lets give them some privacy…I really suck in writing romantic scenes…n I knw this one is also very bad..coming to me..i was very very late..i knw…bt next update…wish that I give u this week…now I am starting to write next part of movie world..i I finish that tomorrow then u will get this week..coz I have to go out of station…next update..last update…n one more thing..i was going to upload ystrday..bt my mom has got internal swelling in her right hand…so I left my all work to take care of her…it hurts badly when ur loved ones are in pain..right…!! I am sorry for writing these things…

#goldie..i hope u liked this part…I fulfilled ur wish of hot swasan romance…bt I dont think its hot…

Well, bye all…this one was short..i know..but next one is a very big one..i guess….

Credit to: kritika

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