swasan: we are perfect for each other episode 7

hey guys!! kritika here!! after 10 days, as i said i am damn busy…guys, plz enjou n comment coz this is last 3rd epi..not the last…hope u all like it..n tvisha n tanya tysm…that u both included this ff in ur ff analysis…
lets start…
episode 7

swara’s pov
its morning…birds are chirping…the sun rays hit my face..and it broke my sleep…now I cant sleep…I need to get up and do lots of work…afterall, it’s swayam’s result…
I got up and silently moved towards the hug photo frame in our room… its our family photo… sanskar, me n our swayam..

One year has passed, sanskar came out of coma…I started contacting with mom..sanyam has really a very different bond..they always team up and irritate me..sometimes they tickle me , force me to play with them…and what not!!?? I become a sandwich in both of them’s wishes… swayam doesn’t bother to study when sanskar is around..and sanskar completely relies on me..coz he thinks in his absence swayam studies very hard…but only I and swayam knows the truth…this swayam, in front of sanskar is very obedient but only I and my god knows his real place..and whenever I talk about this to mom, she says that sanskar was also same in his childhood!!…
Thinking this, I brushed, bathed and came to swayam’s room to clean the room which is all filled with toys…

Oh god!! My back is paining!! “aahh” I said lightly… my back hurts…all because of my little devil…his all toys are scattered in every room..he doesn’t leave any chance to irritate me..and I love this….he makes me feel complete…whenever, he calls he MOM… I feels sooo good!! I cant even express..the pleasure to become a mom…is the best…
The touch for which I was craving for 5 years…I got it…making out with sanskar is soo…this Is also very pleasurable..he also makes me feel complete…
(after collecting the toys she goes to kitchen….while going to kitchen, she passes through the hall n sees the huge portrait of her little family of 3…tears welled up her eyes..)
Swara’s pov continues…

Our little family of 3!!which is incomplete..i miss everyone….i year has passed, still I didn’t talk to sanskar about our family..mom lies to every1 @ home to talk with me…only I , she n god knows her struggles..i am the one, who doesn’t like lies, betrayals.. I hate everything which is based on lie,..even swayam n sanskar is like that…mom, I knw her very well, she also hate lies..but she has to lie…for me!! It hurts…very badly…

But no…today, I will talk to sanskar…I have to talk to him…coz mom has lied to every1 at home that she is going for a yatra for 2 days..but the truth is she is coming to meet swayam…and swayam will be told that she is ma’s (shumi) friend…but today night, when mom will come, b4 that only ,I will tell sanskar the truth…I will convince him…god please give me strength..
My gaze went to the clock and I realised its 7:30 and I need to wake this duo..as today is my little devil’s result..

I went to our room and saw the duo sleeping in same position..both turned to their left side..left hand under their head , and right hand resting on their thigh..and their mouth slightly opened..i smiled and went towards them to wake them up…

I shaked them, hit them lightly, did many things…but they didn’t wake up..atlast, all I could do is throw a jug of water on them..i took the jug, opened its lid and poured water on them..they woke up with a jerk…both of them said together “ ahh..!! tsunami..tsunami!! swara..”
i laughed and by hearing my laugh they understood its my plan…n within no time, they started tickling me and granting their chant “ u love laughing na!! now laugh..now laugh” sarcasm was clearly visible in their talks..atlast they stopped tickling…oh gosh!! My stomach, mouth is aching a lot…these are their daily torchers.. and no one can save me from them…
they both went to washroom…afterall, they brush together…I hardly got up from the bed and started arranging it properly..

swara’s pov ends..
@swayam’s school..
Teacher- congrats mr. and mrs. Maheshwari..this year also your son has topped..and there’s one more good news!!
Swasan’s eyed lit up…
Teacher- swayam can skip some classes…
All smiled…and this is a very-very proud moment for swasan..
Teacher- your sons’s IQ level is very much high as compared to other kids…its better..actually the best if u make him skip sts/grade 1..
They talk about somethings and move….

Sanskar- swayam u know I am soo happy…my boy!! I know u are the best..study hard like this..
Swayam- I knw that dad!!
Suddenly, sanskar’s gaze falls towards swara, whose mouth was widely open and eyes also..he realizes that he only praised swayam whereas all the hard work was of swara.. he knows that swayam is very stubborn like him n swara..

Sanskar- but I also know that swara has only made you study..so u 2 dua, whatever u want, ask , I will give u..
Swara’s lips turns into a cute curve..

Swayam- daddy!! I want a cute little sister like mumma!!we are only 3…n whenever, I am alone there’s no one to play with me..
Swara blushed n became sad by the word FAMILY,. sanskar thougth to tease her coz he also wanted the same…but more than that he wanted a family..badly!!
Sanskar- u knw I also want the same!! Bt tell ur mumma na!! afterall, mumma will only give u ur small sissy!!
Swara blushed harder n thought to change the topic..
Swayam- mom!! Mom!! Plz give me a small princess na!!
Swara(ignores swayam)- but sanskar my wish!!??
Sanskar- yah!! Yah!! Ask..

Swara- will ask when time comes..
Swayam- papa!! See Ice-cream parlour…lets go na!!
Sanskar- yah! Lets go!!
The trio goes.. n starts eating ice-cream (which I am doing right now :p)
Swayam saw his friend yash with his family…his mom, dad, dada, dadi, chachu , chachi…n their kid..
Swayam- yash!! Hi!!
Yash- arrey swayam!! Hi!! How many % did u get!!? I am sure u must have topped!!
Swayam- u knw na!! tell me urs !!
Yash- 96%

Swayam- oh!!
Then yash introduces his all family to swayam n swasan..swayam doesn’t feel jealous that yash has s complete family…instead he feels sad that he would he the most lucky kid if he also gets a very big family,,,he has always wished for a big family…with soo many people..
Swasan notices him n hence changes the topic..
Swara- sanskar!! A new has realeased na!!! whats the name!!?? (thinks keeping her index finger on her cheek) ha!! {remembers} THE JUNGLE BOOK…
Sanskar- ya swara!! That mogli , panda, jungle…such a nice movie it is…I was thinking to go for it!! What say!!??

Swara- I don’t have any prblm! But without swayam I wont go anywhere ha!!
Sanskar- yah me too!! Lets ask swayam..
B4 sanskar asks swayam, he starts jumping, n saying yes…yes..he gets too excited..
@swasan villa
(after movie)
Swasan room….
Swara is arranging the room while sanskar is working on his lappy,,..
San- where is swayam swara?
Swar- today he is sleeping in his room!
San- oh!!
Swar- sanskarrrr…
Sans(still eyes on lappy)-hmm!!??

Swara- (coming towards him, holds his hands)- sanskar…u promised to fulfill my 1 wish na!!
Sans(attention towards swara)- yes!! Say!! U also want a little cute baby girl!!? Lets start our work swara,,our swayam is not like our family…who are our romance’s enemy..
Suddenly, he realizes that he was talking about the maheshwari’s..
Sans- ah..wo..
Swara squeezes his hands in a assuring way..
Swara- its ok sanskar..my wish is that..just listen to all my words..plz don’t get angry..just listen to me..i am just telling you..okay???
Sanskar gets a little idea what she is talking about..he nods…

Swara- sanskar u remember, I went to abha bhabhi’s baby shower…there maheshwari’s were also present.. I had a face off b/w them..i warned them not to come to swayam..n I didn’t even hint them where are u(she tells everything) and sanskar after you came from coma, I saw every1’s struggles…mom..sujata mom…u knw her very well na! she doesn’t like lies..u knw…she lied for me, us, our swayam..to the whole family…she lied to them many times for contacting me…lakshya , adarsh bhai, they hae hired many professional spy’s for searching us…and u knw this time mom had lied a very big lie…she said that she’s going to a yatra whereas she is coming here to see u n swayam…sanskar I promise if u don’t want, I wont let u both meet,,,but sanskar..try to remember…what was mom’s mistake…she just became a sandwich b/w her husband n us…she couldn’t do anything…and sanskar we will tell swayam that she is shumi ma’s friend and has came to meet us..sanskar just..
Sanskar cut her off by kissing her not so lightly , not so tightly..only for hardly 15 sec
Swara wides her eyes,and then participated in that kiss…then they break it…
Sanskar- how much u talk swara!! Just call mom!! I need her!! And swara I am thinking to forgive evry1..as u knw sometimes forgiveness is the key to happiness..remember you only said that right!!??

Swara nods with teary eyes…and sanskar’s eyes were also moist..
Suddenly, the bell rang..
Swara became very happy…as after 1 year she is gonna meet sujata..
Swara- mom!! Sanskar she came!!
Both swasan run towards the door..as soon a they open the door…the find sujata with her luggage..
The first thing sujata sees is swasan…but then she sees her son…after 6 years….
Without wasting time, both hug each other tightly…
While the song janam janam from phata poster nikla hero plays in BG
Janam janam
Ho tu hi mere pass maa…
Janam janam
Ho tu hi zameen aasman
Janam janam
Ho tu hi mere pass maa…
Janam janam
Ho tu hi zameen aasman
Ye hai khabar, Dil mein kahin

Rab rehta hai darbadar
Mere dil mein rehti,
Bholi bhali meri maa

Mere dil mein rehti,
Bholi bhali meri maa
Pagli hai duniya, rab ko manane

Mandir mazaaro, tak jaati hai
Ghar mein hi mere, hota hai teerath
Mujhko nazar jab, maa aati hai
Mujhko nazar jab, maa aati hai

Janam janam
Meri ardaas maa
Janam janam
Tu mera ehsaas maa

And swara smiles , with tears flowing through her eyes, she captures this mom-son bond in her phone..

guys, so i stop here…my hands are paining like hell now n neck also…n guys, do hear that song…its very much awesm…n guys, i give late epi’s but pplz notice that i started giving really long episodes…excluding the songs also…
anf here’s a poll..
Q. do u think sujata n sanskar conversation should be detailed???
well, guy, i really dont wanna detail there conversation…right now, in no mood so..bt i depends on u!!
do comment…ur kritika here!!

love u all…

n guys my real name is VIBHAVARI SHENDE…i thought to reveal now coz i hav a lot to write in the last episode…i am on fb also, will be glad to find new frnds..
till then, bye, tc,may be this part be uploaded in nyt…so sd n gn also..

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