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hey guys..really sorry for late update,…first of all, my school is started..so i barely get time..so plz pardon me,,next update will be of movie world..sorry..a bit long update..wrote in jjet speed..,may not reach ur expectations..

Episode 6
The episode starts with swara bringing sanskar in a wheel chair (to their home) while swayam running coming to them..
Swayam- welcome daddy!! Come I will help u in going to ur room..
Little swayam said while giving his shoulder to his daddy…
Sanskar while getting up- seems like u are my dad..
Swara made him keep his hand around her shouder, she held him by his waist and swayam made him keep his hand around his scapula…
They made him climb the stairs…when they came to their room,(the door was closed)swayam asked swara to make sanskar wear a black cloth around his eyes..swara did it…

Swayam with lots of excitement- now ready dad??
Sanskar(confused) – yes but what are u doing this??
Swayam- just wait and watch..
Swara and swayam carefully made sanskar walk inside the room and made him sit on the bean bag..
Swayam- now I am removing the cloth, but don’t open ur eyes..
Sanskar nodded.
Swayam after a couple of seconds- now open ur eyes..
Sanskar did…and he was stunned to see their room..everything filled with things like- welcome back papa, love u dad, the best dad, my superman and many more..
Sanskar’s eyes were filled with tears to see the decoration n little he knew it was all done by him..by his one and only son…by his n swara’s symbol of love…swayam..
Swara wiped his tears as swayam ran to take something…
Swara- no more cries sanskar…now only u , me , swayam and enjoyment.
Sanskar while smiling- and happiness also..
Swara rolled her eyes and said- ya ya happiness also…
Soon swayam returned with a crown of world’s best dad and made sanskar wear it…
Sanskar kissed his 4head…and in return the little one kissed his cheek..
Swara- now watch this video of swayam’s elocution competition..
{elocution-the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.}

The video is of swayam’s elocution competition in school.he was in his school uniform looking very smart..
The speech was-
My daddy’s name is sanskar maheshwari..he is a business man.. he is my hero, my superdad…he is my role model..my father is the best father in the world.he is a man like no other..and I want to tell him a poem written by me-
My daddy looks tough as nails
And hard as metal.
But the truth is easy to tell
He’s sweet and loving
n I know he can always understand me ..
I must have never said that to u b4..but I wanna say it now, today, n its that I love u dad..i love u soo much…I know right now u are in coma, but I also know that u can hear me, feel me…but see dad, one day will come, one day will come when u will talk to me, u will pray with me…because I have complete trust on god..he will surely make u fine..
Thankyou all of you..
As he said all those lines, most of the parents were proud of him,some people’s eyes were teary,every1 clapped for him, swayam’s eyes welled up, but he was enough strong not to cry..there was a person in the audience, who was shedding tears, with a camera n her hand, and sobbing silently…yes, the person was our swara…who was really really proud of her son..he didn’t even inform her about his competition, just asked her to come to his school and to her surprise , he performed very well and won in the competition…

Swayam- my 1st prize…it was my first golden award without mumma’s help..
Sanskar’s eyes were filled with tears..he just hugs her son….
Swara changes the topic coz sanskar came after a long time and now this emotional environment may spoil full-of-treasure-memories..
Swara-offo!! Now if ur son-dad hug is over can u too hug me my dear hubbie n cutie?? (pout)
Sanyam together “aww” and both spread their hands signaling swara to come into a family hug..seeing them spreading their arms, she quickly jumped in their embrace and gave cute kisses on their either side of cheeks..
Swara comes back to her serious and strict mode..
Swara- achcha achcha enough love for now…now u son-dad have some fun…I have soo much work…and I have to prepare dinner..i have to prepare sanskar’s favourite dishes which swayam also loves..and some office work is also pending..and I have to apply brown cover to swayam’s books also…offo!! I have soo much work…
Sanskar- shona..shona…shona…kya yaar!! Har baar kaam kaam kaam!!??
Swayam- yahi toh mumma din bhar karti hai!!
And then swayam starts to tell swara’s deeds, her scoldings to sanskar…and sanskar also provokes him, that they will take revenge together, its not a small thing and what not…
Swara gets irked by this and then she literally shouts on them..
Swara- shut up! I have sooooo much work here and u are not allowing me to go..i am going and that’s final..u do what u want..no restrictions..but just take care of urself and let me do my work without any disturbance…
But then swara is seen moving backwards and sanyam are seen walking towards her showing their fingers in such a way that they are indicating her whats gonna happen next..
And guess what happened next…!!??
Scroll down..
Sanyam took a glance at e/o and started tickling swara..swara started laughing madly and after sometime , all of them laughs falling on bed…
Swara- achcha accha I will spend time with you after some time…pakka..
Sanyam- ok..!! but only this time..
She leaves….
When she comes back to room, she gets stunned seeing the room, everything is just lying on floor like an earthquake occurred just now..her gaze moves towards the bed where both son-dad were doing pillow fight..
San- accha ok..ok…I agree I lost…in video game also and in pillow fight also…u win..
Swayam started to shout-yay..yay…I won..now tell me 2-2 stories..
Sanskar nodded in yes. and then made him change his dress..he told swayam spiderman and panda stories and made him sleep…while swara was busy arranging the room..
(note- this was swayam’s room)
Swara- sanskar go back to ur room n change..i will be back till then..
Sanskar nods and goes with swara’s help…
*After some time..*
He comes out of washroom after a long shower and notices swara still not there..so he himself goes down to check..
While descending stairs, he smells swara-made/special- hot chocolate..
He goes towards the kitchen…n sees swara garnishing the hot chocolate in the two mugs with marshmallows..
She hand overs the mug to him n goes towards the swimming pool…both of them dip their legs in the pool and sit on the tiled floor..
Sanskar- swara plz sing a song for me..
He said this handling a guitar to her…
Swara nodded and started,..
Tu hi hai aashiqui
Tu hi awaaragi
Tu hi hai zindagi
Tu hi judaa
Tu ibtedaa meri
Tu intehaa meri
Tu hi mera jahaan
Tu hi judaa
Tu mere rubaroo
Har shay mein tu hi tu
Tu pehli aarzoo
Tu hi judaa
Tu hi hai aashiqui
Tu hi awaaragi
Tu hi hai zindagi
Tu hi judaa
episode ends with their sweet yet passionate kiss.

precap- happy…happy..happy…the best gift..
so guys do u think next episode is last?? Keep reading..

Credit to: kritika

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