swasan: we are perfect for each other episode 4


he guys kritika here!!i am really sorry for not posting these days..was busy with guests… yesterday also couldnt post..asctually my results were out..n guess what..i got 93%…i am very happy and really satisfied in this… wrote this part with lots of difficulty..in 2 1/2 hrs…will post next part after 2-3 days.. do comment..

Episode 4

Episode starts with swara running behind swayam in the mansion..

Swara- swayam..baby..u are my cute, sweet, little baccha na..! so plz drink this milk..plz!!

Swayam while running- no mom! Plz..not today..

Swara- baby..! plz im tired now..! plz..then promise I will give u ice-cream..

Swayam stops and turns- really??

Swara goes towards him- yes..! do u think mumma will lie to u??

Swayam- no!

Swara- then drink this! Okay!

Swayam nods and starts drinking the milk by sitting on the couch of the hall.. maheshwari’s heard all this…

Ragini and parineeta were feeling very jealous seeing swara’s lap filled with a kid and theirs not…

Ragini and parineeta were on the kitchen door seeing this..

Ragini- bhabhi..what of swasan forgive us and come back to mm??

Pari- then I will be very happy..u know our family is incomplete without them..

Ragini- yes!! It means our swayam will also come..i will ask him and swasan to call me choti ma!!!

Pari- and me badi ma!!

Meanwhile, sujata goes to swara..

Sujata- swara..

Swara- swayam..dont go anywhere..ok! I will be back in a min..

Swayam nods..

Swara goes with sujata In a room..sujata locks the door..

Sujata- swara.. (she cries)

Swara- mom!!

Sujata hugs her and she reciprocates..

Sujata- sorry swara I was helpless..i shuld have chosen u both instead of sanskar’s papa..

Swara- no mom! I can understand..i understand…I understand..life is so hard for me without sanskar..but u know , ur grandchild he somewhere makes me feel that my sanskar is near me..

Swara couldn’t say nd more..she hugged sujata and sobbed hard…

Sujata also cries silently and pats her back..after 4-5 mins, she calms down..

Sujata- swara..look here..now tell me, what happened in these years..

Swara- mom! When we came here, sanskar was very depressed, so was i..but didn’t show him..then after some day , I came to know that I was expecting( she says this shyly)…hearing this sanskar was a bit stable… then after 6 1/2 months, due to driving carelessly, sanskar had an accident..and I know, it was because he was disturbed because of them..because of the punishment of sin which he didn’t commit.. I came to know he was In coma..i coulnt take it more and I went into labour…the same day, when my sanskar became a lifeless body , I got my swayam..u know ma, he is like sanskar only…then after 4-5 months , sanskar was shifted in our home.. he was in deep sleep..today also..far away from this world..but mom! He cant talk to me, but his eyes talk so much..our hearts are connected..our communication takes place through this only… but see na mom..ur stubborn chora didn’t come yet…ask him to come mom!! Plzz…I am dying to see him..my ears are exhausted to hear his voice..

Swara sobs really hard..sujata feels extremely bad and makes swara lie in her lap..

Sujata—it means swayam was born soo early??

Swara nods while crying..she finds some peace in sujata’s lap..

After 10-15 mins..

Sujata- swara will u forgive us?? I know its not the time to ask but beta I have see every1 regretting.. beta..u..

Swara cut off sujata..

Swara- mom just give me sometime.. n u why are asking forgiveness from me?? U didn’t do anything mom plz don’t make me small by asking forgiveness.. u know mom ..when I see tears in badi ma’s eyes na, I felt very bad..those tears are because of me..but I cant forgive them..atleast till sanskar forgives them I cant..

Swayam shouts – mumma!! Are u here???

Swara- yes swayam ..i am here..

Swayam- mumma come na!! im getting sleep..

Swara- go to your room I am coming..(to suju) I need to go mom..

Sujata- 1st wash your face..

Swara nods yes and washes her face.

While going, she gets a call..

Head doctor in the hospital- mrs. Maheshwari…sanskar came out of coma..

Swara shouts- kya??

Every1 heard her and were alert..

Armaan- swara what happened??

Swara acts as if she didn’t hear him and tears of happiness are flowing from her eyes..she runs to her room..

Swara- swayam..swayam.

Hearing his mumma’s shput swayam gets scared and runs from his room..

Swayam- mumma!! What happened?? Are u okay??

Swara sits on her knees and hugged him tight..

Swara b/w her cries- baby..!! papa ko hosh aa gaya…

Swayam gets extra happy and excited..bcoz for the first time he was going to hear and see his papa lively..he could play with him..give him father’s day greeting card and his papa
would attend his pta meetings..and many more..

Swayam- really mumma!!

Swara nods..

Swara- bhai lets go bhaii..

Armaan nods and says all of us will come as abha also fell , so for safety she should go..

Swara- are u ok bhabhi?

Abha – yes..n it was just a small accident..

Dp- I , ram, adarsh n lakshya will come in my car..rest go with them..

In arha car..its a 3 compartment car…

Armaan is driving and abha is sitting beside him..

Swayam sitting in swara’s lap , with sujata in middle and ap at the other corner…

Pari and rags at the back..

Swayam- mumma!! Now I and dadda can play video games na!!

Swara nods..

Swayam- and I will gift him on father’s day and he should take me on an outing on children’s day..and we all will go to pta meetings together..and we na..

He continues his blabbering and swara just nods..

Swara- swayam if u will talk everything now, then what u will do with dadda??

Swayam pouts and stays silent..

Tears of happiness are flowing from swara’s eyes..to calm her sujata keeps hand on her hand..assuring her..swara just nods..

Ap decided to seek forgiveness from swasan,,

While pari and rags admires the cuteness of the child in their mind…

Precap –most emotional epi. With sanskar’s comeback.,

how was it??? and u can suggest songs also..any type of suggestion will be read by me..hope i justified all of ur ideas…
and yeah as this story is connected to me very much, due to carrying many emotions, so i will reveal my real name in last episode..

Credit to: kritika

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