swasan: we are perfect for each other episode 3

Part 3
Hey guys!kritika here! I am sorry I am going to disappoint some people, I am going to keep sanskar in coma but only in next 2 episodes. Don’t worry guys. N u have the right to bash me, criticize me, I’m ready for that. But it was needed. Well, I am gonna add 2 new characters.
1. Abha – wife of armaan, expecting, cousin of sanskar, knows the past, but the maheshwari’s are unaware that abha knows the past but swara knows, in sanskar’s side, but doesn’t neglect the family.

2. Armaan- hubby of abha, cousin of swara, he also knows the past but doesn’t know that swasan are the same maheshwari’s as abha’s family.

Lets continue

They found a new way to keep themselves away from depression. This happened almost daily for 1 month..swara found that she was expecting. She and sanskar lived satisfactorily. Sanskar fulfilled all her needs, cooperated with all her mod swings, like eating chalks (yuk). But happiness was short lived. When swara was 6 n half month pregnant, sanskar’s accident took place, which was due to driving carelessly, because of depression. Swara had premature delivery on the same day n also sanskar went to coma. After 6 months, he was shifted in their house.
N here comes a leap of 5 years.
Swara gets up early in the morning.
Swara goes to a room which is set for sanskar and says to lying sanskar-
Sanskar! It has been 5 years. Im waiting for u jaan! Our baby is waiting for u. you know, our kid na, his day will not be good without your blessings. Please come to us sanskar. For those maheshwari’s , who betrayed us, you are leaving me, our child? This is not fair. Please get up baby!

She wipes her tears as she hears her son’s voice.
Swayam- mumma! U are he-ale(here)! Dad! Today is my result..give me you blessings.
Saying this, he goes towards sanskar , bends down and takes his blessings. Swara takes sanskar’s right hand and keeps it on swayam’s head. Swayam also takes swara’s blessings.
Swara- swayam now get ready quickly, we have to go to hospital first and then to your school.
The kid nods and runs from there.
Swara says-
Sanskar today dr. Thomas is specially visiting at the hospital for you. He will do your treatment n he is from US. So we have to shift you for some days in the hospital. We will be waiting for u sanskar. But please come soon, to me, to our son SWAYAM. See sanskar, as you said, if it’s a girl , her name would be sanskriti (after sanskar) and if it’s a boy, swayam(after swara).see I kept our kid’s name swayam. Kk we will leave now.

After 2 days
In hospital
Swara is sitting near sanskar. She caresses his hair and says-
Sanskar today na I have to go to abha bhabhi and armaan bhai..wo abha bhabhi’s baby shower is there na. soo bye sanskar and I am taking swayam also with me. I will be staying there for 2-3 days. But don’t worry. Tomorrow night I will come with swayam to meet you.
Swara goes from there thinking- god I have convinced sanskar that I will go but I am scared that those maheshwari’s will also be there.. swara don’t worry, you are going there for ur bhai and bhabhi. You only know swayam,bhai and bhabhi.

@arha mansion= am
Swara settles In guest room with swayam…
After 2 hours..
from last 2 hours, she is teaching swayam in the room because she doesn’t want to face the maheshwari’s.. if so she will break down..also she doesn’t want swayam to know that there are many more members in their family who disowned his father..
she makes swayam sleep then. She is in deep thoughts..

she thinks- swara! Why are you scared.. u are here for a function.. u are least bothered about those maheshwari’s..but I am damn sure that they will be here..uhh!! swara lets go down and help every1..i hate those maheshwari’s. because of them today sanskar is in coma..if I go down, then also no one will talk to me except mom (sujata).. so lets go..
she surrounds swayam by pillows and carefully closes the door not disturbing swayam. She goes down and help others by decorating the swing.
Maheshwari’s were just at the door.. lakshya and adarsh were handling the bags with servants.. Swara was wearing a white crop top and floral knee-length skirt with a bit stiff hair tied into a messy bun and was wearing black specs designed with diamond-like-silver design…she was wearing a pretty metal watch in her right hand and was busy in work.. as soon as lakshya saw her, his mouth hanged open. No doubt, he still loved swara, but he had to move on and he had..
Every1 were shocked and they wanted to know about sanskar.. where was he?
They heard abha asking swara…
Abha- swara! How is sanskar bhaiya?
Swara- he is f9 abha..
Abha- I hope he soon comes out of coma..
hearing The word COMA , maheshwari’s were like..my god! The charm of our house is in coma! How? When? Where is he? Is he ok?
They they heard swara say something to abha.
Swara- me too..hope he gets well soon..well, why are you standing? You sit na bhabhi!
Swara made abha sit.. she again went towards the swing and started her work..but just then, she heard lakshya’s voice..
Lak- swara! Where is my bhai? I heard u say he is in coma! what happened.(after a pause).to him??
Sw- what happened? (she says it sacratically) what not happened lakshya! And why are u all suddenly paying attention to us?(again starts speaking sarcastically) Feeling pity?? No..noo..noo… u know what I and sanskar..we hate sympathy..so stop sympathizing us! Kk ..
Rag- but swara he is a part of our family..!
Sw- a part of ur family?! Huh! (lets a sigh out)
Ap- you are also our family beta!
Swara- no!
She says this very angrily..

Swara continues- no!! we are not ur family..
Lak- swara..! u n hai are our family..we are a unit..what happened 2 u…u have changed soo much! We are sorry for all those things that happened in the past..now lets have a new and fresh start.. come on..
Sw- sorry! How easily you say that na! but no lakshya! No! we were a family.. did u all tried even once contacting us in these 5 years..noooooooo!! nnoo…that’s the?(cut off)
She was cut off but the voice of her son..maheshwari’s were like..awww!! by seeing the junior version of sanskar..almost the same face, same running, same smile/grin..they just wanted to hug the kid and shower their all love on him since there is no kid in their family..
Swayam came running towards swara and says- mumma!!
Swara’s expressions changes and composes herself and bends towards her son and picks him in her arms…
Swayam- mumma! U know I was salching(searching) for u since umm….1 no no 2 hours..
He says showing his 2 fingers..
Swara- oh! 2 hours…I am so sorry baby! i made u search for 2 hours..hmm..sry..
Swayam- its ok! God swayam forgives u! haha..
Swara- my baby..now do one thing..go n play with ahana(arha’s 1st child)
Swayam- ok! N when will we go to dad?
Swara- very soon..
She puts him down n he runs..lakshya tries to go towards him but swara stops him by showing her hand..
Swara- don’t u dare mr. lakshya masheshwari….
Lakshya- but swara he is my nephew..look at him, he is just like bhai..
Rag- ha swara.. im his chachi..n we all have our right on him..u cant stop us..
Swara raises her voice- no! he is my n sanskar’s kid..symbol of our love..u don’t have any right on him..im his mother and I know what is correct for him..u don’t need to teach me…saying this she goes towards swayam..

She says aloud- swayam baby come..! and one thing I am warning you.. don’t u dare leave me for even a second..! I swear…if so, you next few days will be the worst days of your life okay?
Swayam- ok mumma! But what happened to u? what did I do? Why are u angry? Mom I swear I didn’t do anything..
Swara- acha..! okk now come we will go out for sometime..
Swayam- yippie!
Swara- come lets get ready..!
Maheshwari’s were quite near so they could hear their talks..

precap- sanskar comes out of coma..

hey guys! it took 5 hrs to write this one..plz comment…
suggestions for any specific scene is also invited..
pl tell
shud it be lakshya who is creating misunderstanding b/w them..
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also, i will not be able to update till 28..i have many guests at home..’
plz comment!!!! and tq jyotii di for suggesting me the names..
updated a long episode, coz of no update for ysterday..

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