swasan: we are perfect for each other EPILOGUE


hey guys!! kritika here!! back with the epilogue!!


*6 years later*

Scene- mm

Sanskar- swaraaaa…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He runs towards her..!!!

Scene changes to gadodia mansion..

Swayam’s pov..

Its bua’s wedding….after 2 days..i am my swarnil and swayash and ansh are here…all kept us here so that we wont trouble mumma!! Even chachi was soo busy with the arrangements that she couldn’t look properly at us…
I don’t know why I feel restless…I am seeing our family photo …me mumma… daddy… swarnil..n swayash… my little 5 year old bro’s swarnil and swayash are twins..
Suddelnly, I heard nanu laughing..i went to see whats going on..my sweet bro’s i.e. swarnil and swayash and ansh were also laughing with him…oh ansh? Ansh is the adopted son of ragini chachi and lakshya chachu…he is 7 years old..
Back to the scene, I asked them what happened..they just showed me a video..aww!! even I laughed on that video..
Wait! I will also tell you what happened in that video..it just happened yesterday..
Daddy was trying to make swarnil and swayash eat food…swayash is a very soft kid while swarnil is a stubborn one..dad made swayash eat the food..but swarnil was running in the whole house..but not eating food..somehow dad found him on the couch and made him eat forcibly without giving him a single chance to say anything…after making him eat dad came to know that he made swayash eat food to times..he thought swaysh to be swarnil…it was me who made that video..
I walked towards the kitchen to drink water…rubbing my chest to sooth my unsual rate of speed of heart beat..i was restless from some minutes..
Did something happened to mumma!?
I am tensed..

Swayam’s pov ends..

Scene chages to mm…
Sanskar- swaraaaa…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He runs towards her..!!!

Swara- ahhhhhh!!

She cried clutching her big belly..

Scene again changes to the operation theatre..

Sanskar already took permission to come inside…which he did in swara’s last delivery also..
Swara is lying on the hospital bed in pain..because she is suffering from the biggest pain of her life.. ‘labour pain’.
After some hours..
Swara screamed at the top of her lungs- ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then, a new life cried..
Doctor- congrats mr. and mrs, maheshwari..its finally a girl this time..
Swasan cried of happiness..
After some time…
Swayam, swarnil and swyash came inside and saw their little sister wrapped in a small cute pink cloth..in their mother’s arms..and sanskar beside her..they were overwhelmed to see their little sister
They went towards them…swarnil attempted to touch the baby…but swayam held his hand and said “your hands are dirty..if you touch the baby, she can get ill..”
Swasan smiled at their mature baby’s behavior…
“mumma what will be her name?” asked little swayash!
“umm…sana” swara replied..
As soon as swara replied swayam looked shocked, overwhelmed towards her..because he wrote all these in his personal diary…
“SANskar and swarA ‘s sana..” replied sanskar..
All ready, to face new obstacles and the upbringing of the child, swara are perfect for each other.
So, swayam is the new hero..more matured than his age, our new hero is all set for his heroine to arrive in his life..!!

So I stop here..! how did u like the epilogue?

So jyotii di!! the shock is that THERE IS NO SHOCK

Miss me? Me too! About season 2, I will think!! Kk?

So here is the link of my other ss..


Please do have a look there..

Credit to: kritika

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  1. I will kill u chotu!!

  2. I will kill u chotu!??
    I was holding my breath while reading.
    ButUfff!! I was searching for shock! And thank god there is no shock.??
    you scared me. not fair??
    Anyways four kids?? Lol ll they open elementary school?????

  3. awesome…..

  4. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Awsm kritika it was just fab once again u nailed it ? why did u make it short ? and yaar pls start with season 2 of movie world anyways thanks for the epilogue ur just rocking luv u loads tc ?

  5. nice…will wait for season 2

  6. Just rocking dear…..???
    Superb kriti (I mean u,kritika)
    Very sweet???
    Ahh…..cho cute???
    Will definitely read ur ss…..???
    Try to come up with season 2???

  7. Plz make second season also

  8. Awesome dear…..but right now I feel like killing u coz u were scaring by telling that there is a shock nd when I read this I found out that u were joking……uff!!!!anyways the part was superb…….nd I will be waiting for season 2 ……love u!!!!!!!

  9. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Pls…start a second season…..i will miss ur updates….
    Luv ya????

  10. ha ha ha… nice shock… awesome is epi… aww 4 kids… I think swayam is just like you matured… loved whole… and yeah come back with season 2..

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