Swasan A path to Love (Season II) Ep 1


Love? This beautiful word is uttered by people like a honey on a tongue. But this sweet word has also side effects on the heart of its followers. Love is never just a name of delicate touches, sweet words or soft whispers, it’s also a name of painful memories, sleepless nights and continuous ache in heart of its victim.
And Swara Maheshwari had always known the second and more painful face of the love. For her, love was never the name of sweet words and tender touches. For her, it was just the name of harshness, lunacy and sleepless nights. But never in her worst nightmare, she thought that her love would be changed into this heinous countenance. She was optimistic girl by birth. So, she always thought that everything would be alright one day. Yes! it’ll take time but it’ll must be alright.
The night when she woke up from her nightmare and found Sanskar in crimson liquid. That time, she thought it was just another nightmare. Those days, she was continuously witnessing those nightmares. She wished from all of her heart that it would be nightmare but it was not. Alas! It was not.
That time, she didn’t feel any pain. It was strange, she thought she would be died with Sanskar but she didn’t because he didn’t. He was alive but mere breathing. Only his faint heart beat and fake breathing were evident of his life. His dominant aura, his bossy personality, his charming smile as well as his demons, everything lost after that incident. And with that, his wife was also lost. Only difference was that her heart beat and breathing were not artificial like her husband. She was very much alive in the eyes of world but she lost the meaning of life.
That time, when Laksh came to her and offered her to sell the hotels. That time she awoke from her worst nightmare. She knew, very well knew that those hotels were not only business for her husband. But those were her husband’s first and last love, his only true love. However, if she could read my mind her husband, she would know that he had also another true love of his life, but she didn’t know telepathy, so she was just oblivious.
But it was not only a matter of just hotels, it was the the matter of the despair in her brother-in-law’s eyes. She knew very well, Laksh was Sanskar’s closet person, if Laksh lost the hope of Sanskar’s life, no one could hope. But she was not included no one, she was exceptional. That time, her inner optimistic girl moved but that girl awoke completely when she got to know that she was carrying her lover’s child.
It was completely unexpected but it was just like the bloomless flower in the coldness of autumn. She understood the secrets of the life and that time she was started to understand those secrets. She understood, her child existence was a sign, a signal from God. That might be, parents gave up on their child, brother gave up on his sibling but wife never should gave up on his husband. Because it was first relationship in this world.
And her inner optimistic girl had awoken completely after the news of her pregnancy. She fidgeted from her lost self and saw the world with open eyes. She got to know that she was not alone within her miserable self. Another new life was living inside of her only. Not only this, her husband’s dreams and his responsibilities were also on her shoulder. That time, she changed from silent and diffidence girl to confident and responsible woman.
But she never knew one thing that God liked her change and soon she would be granted with the great reward of her life.

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  2. Awesome…. But yaar u have already posted this part earlier…well never mind as i love ur story so i can read a part more than once but try to post next part soon…

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    Wat a beautiful start dear…..keep updating..?

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    Wait I did not understand is sanskaar dead…

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      sanskar is in comma dear!

  6. Madly missed this chapter

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  8. Is this the continuation of first season… Plz reply… Coz I have not read the first season… So plz reply

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