Swasan a path hate to love Episode 1


Scene 1… Swara is standing in front of window, she’s wearing red fish tail lahnga and short golden sleeveless choli with heavy makeup of jewellery. Yeah she’s bride of tonight. She looks from the window. Her heart is beating loudly and she’s worried about her new life which will passing with her husband Sanskar Maheshwari. She recalls all their moments from first meeting to her proposal.

She is educated and arrogant girl who doesn’t give life to anyone except her family and close friends. She met sanskar in her friend’s birthday party and he asked her for dance. She refused.

Scene 2… Same time sanskar in another room… He’s drinking and gives devilish smile. He recalls when he saw Swara at the birthday of his secretary. He didn’t attend this type of parties, but didn’t understand that time went that party. He saw her and feels strange, he thinks that maybe she’s beautiful and decide that he want this girl on his bed tonight. He’s sure, she’ll get ready for this. He’s so proud on his personality and his wealth. But this girl refused to dance but he decided that if he wants her, he’ll get her at any cost. He tries to attract her. But she insulted him at any step so at last step, he propose her but she slaps him and then he decided that he’ll break down her proud. He got about her information, she’s belong to middle class family. She ruin her father’s small shop’s business and kidnapped her sister. Then he propose her and warned her that if she refuse, then her family have to pay for this. That’s time she gave him answer in yes. He climbs upstairs and get inside the room. “Finally I got you swara, I told you naa, when I Like something, I got it at any cost and I got you, yeah this was matter of some money, now you’re at my house you’ve to pay of every moment from that time I saw you and you refused to dance from that time, you insult me, you slap me, but despite of it, you’re beautiful and I like beauty, so your beauty will cool fire inside my heart”

He closed to her, she gets the smell of wine and steps back. Swara is crying and sanskar smiles to see her crying. He cups her face:”baby! This is just a beginning mere Jan! Just wait and watch for next. ” he goes to dressing room and change his sherwani into loose shirt and trouser. Swara first time, sees him in casual dressing. Sanskar:”I know im so handsome but stop starring me” Swara isn’t move. Sanskar:”i think i should remind all the policies of our marriage, first you should obey my all order and im not used to say one thing again, if i need to say again, that’s means your family will pay your disobedience” swara drinks her tears and moves to him. He holds her hand and comes close to him.:”you know miss… Upppss sorry Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! Now you’re all mine, and what ill do with you, just wait and watch” swara is shivering because of fear. She’s helpless because his man is always watching ragini, he can do everything with her. He established her fathers business, sponsor ragini’s further study to prove himself Great in the eyes of her family but she knows his real face. But she’s helpless to do something. Swara:”sanskar! I remember our deal, ill do everything what you want but please spare my family” Sanskar comes close to her and looks into her eyes and holds her hand hardly that her bangles broke down and she’s feels pain. Swara:”sanskar! I feel pain, please leave my hand” Sanskar:”why baby? I dont care about your pain” he comes close to her:”dont you feel uncomfortable in this dress and jewellery, please go and change” she nodes and wants to take dress from cupboard but she finds only short one price dress. Sanskar is observing her all activities:”that white one is better for tonight” she hesitantly took out white dress. This is white stepless flowy knee high dress. This is not suitable for her but she cant refuse. She comes out from dressing room and tries to cover her knees and shoulders. Sanskar smirks and switch off the main light. He touch her face through his fingers. And pulls her hairs, she screams with pain. Swara:”sanskar! it’s paining” Sanskar:”you should feel pain, which i felt when you insult me, now you’ve to pay that what’s the result to tackle with Sanskar Maheshwari” he throws her on bed. He comes on the top of her, there’s dim light of night bulb. Tears rolled down from swara’s eyes but its not effected on his stone heart. He downs to her and touch her fave through his lips. She doesn’t want all this, she’s crying and moving her face here and there. He holds her face hardly and joints his lips on her lips and suck hard. She tries to push him because he bites her lips hardly and she feels pain. Sanskar understands her restrictions. He leaves her and says:”every restriction of yours, give you more pain, so dont push me back, understand… Isn’t it??” She tensely nodes and gets frighten from him that what he’ll do with her. He agains comes close to her and bites on her neck, hold her hands hards. Every touch of his, gives her an extrem pain because it’s not a touch of love, its toch of hatred , touch of revenge and she has to pay her whole life. For the happiness of her family otherwise they’ll be ruin just because of her refusal. He again pulls her hairs and hold her in her arms. He rubs her back and opens the zip of dress. She wants to scream and gets out from there but she’s helpless. He kissed her everywhere. And whole night, she is paying for her deeds. Many times, she screams to him, begs him to pity on him, but he’s such a devil, he’s ego is more than his humanity. When he gets cool down after taking the revenge. He gets asleep but Swara is still crying. She goes to bathroom and takes a bath. She rubs her body to remove all scratch marks of his revenge but she cant. Then she start crying under the shower.”why?? Why me? Why did you do with me? Sanskar what did I harm you? Just for giving me satisfy your inner man, you’re giving me such pain. I hate you sanskar, I hate you” Sanskar:”I hate you too my sweetheart, come outside soon otherwise… You know me” She changes dress and comes outside. Her eyes are red with sorrow, his eyes are red with lust. He hold her again that there’s little fire remain in his heart.

Next morning: She gets up and sees him laying beside her. He looks him with hatred. She walks slowly and feels pain but goes to bathroom and wears saree which she brings her. She goes outside and sees servants are doing house work. One servant:”oh ma’am! You get up! May I bring breakfast for you” Then old lady servant comes:”ma’am my name is lavanya, im here from five years and care taker of this house, ill bring coffee for you, that’s give you some relief , tell me about breakfast what do you want?” Swara understands what lavanya want to say to her, she nodes and orders her to bring only coffee. When she brings coffee then there was no one here. Lavanya:”ma’am are you ok? I dont wanna say that but tonight we heard your screaming?” A tears rolled down from swara’s eyes. She orders her to leave and thinks that he makes her life as joke in front of everyone. While Sanskar comes outside and surprise to see her. He snatches coffee from her and starts drinking. Sanskar:”what are you doing here?” Swara:”I… Actually.” Sanskar:”you’ve not allowed to breath without my permission! Then what are you doing here? Now go and make breakfast for me” She gets up but because of tension, she didn’t eat anything from two days and now she’s not in position to do work. She stands up hardly and tries to walks towards kitchen. Kitchen is in down and there room is on upper portion. She gets unconscious and falls from stairs.

To be continued….

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Omg saba..I can’t imagine varun kapoor as sanskar now..but your skills are really good.Go ahead but seriously I don’t want him to behave like that

  2. Nice one saba i liked it its different from those normal nly love ff waiting for nxt update make sanskar good soon

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  8. chanceless story.. but i cld never ever dream of imagining varun in tat character…
    story plot is just amazing

  9. Vry interesting.

  10. Noo…. Sanskar is not suitable for this….. Pls… Ya change your theme

  11. Oh god such a sadist he is but story was diff and cute

  12. different story line iam totally shocked sanskaar character but its interesting keep it up

  13. OMG!!!! u have written well, but plz make him realize his mistake soon, epi is diff frm others always san fall for swara ……….good one ……..plz continue n update soon

  14. Nice one saba….please update next episode soon

  15. Excellent. Completely a different track. Always it is like swasan falling for each other. I like tis story plot a lot.

  16. Different from the other…liked it…waiting for next upload..

  17. i like it bcz its different story and waiting for next episode!

  18. saba it is awesome starting. .plz continue. …am eager to read next part

  19. Saba it’s very interesting…….

  20. It’s interesting
    Is “I’m yours” ff written by u?
    If u please update…

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    Soon makee something to realize his mistake
    Feeling sad for swara….

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  24. Hey saba…another ff..full of pain? way of imagination,feelings no words…
    I can feel for sure u would have drops in ur eyes….? pls continue

  25. Hey guys!! Thanks all of you for like my both ff, I know its bit strange if you see Sanskar’s character (sweet and caring turn into harsh and cruel) yesterday, I suddenly got this idea and write it, I dont know about that you’ll like it or not. I had also doubt that whether you like swasan in this ff or not, I know you all want sanskar as sweet and caring but this story is based on few episodes (inspired from the novel “jo chale to Jan se guzar gae”, but I only take inspiration from that, ny story is entire different from it) well if you dont like it ill not carry it.
    Yes kashis! This is my another ff, yeah its difficult to accept your favourite character like this, but dont worry, he’s hero of ff and hero remains hero either its bad or good.
    Thanks leku! Honesty say that Enjoyed while reading it instead of feeling pain(in my point of view hate is also essential to fall in love) thanks anuradha, shanaya, sara and divya!

  26. Thanks sravya Sri! Yeah that is my ff and I’ve uploaded next part of I’m yours…
    Thanks lucky, kiara, sakshi, ill try my best to upload next part soon

  27. Thanks Tara! Akshitha, ahana!!! And subi! If I change him at once! Then I’ve to complete my story in 2 to 3 episodes! If you all want this then tell me must!
    Yeah I understand its difficult to digest sanskar’s character in this category.
    Thanks swara, hayathi! Acrchana
    Thanks! Sruthi, Sri Daniela and chinni! Thanks aishu, manu, hima for liking my ff! Thanks all of you guys! Sorry if you don’t like it

    1. do continue as u want saba… its a bit awaked to digest the fact that sanskar is a type of guy having no humanity… but as a writer you have ample of freedom to carry forward the story in ur way. eager to read more.. all the best for exams as well..

    2. U carry on this itself….as u told hate is essential in love……waiting for next dear

    3. Thanks leku and kashis for supporting me! I hope you’ll enjoy this story and ill try my best to upload soon! Well I’ve uploaded”I’m yours”

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  30. Hi saba
    I m silent reader and im big fan of ” i m urs” ff but i read every one ff.
    like that i read this one and i m litte bit shock of that narration of course i like tis shade also.
    But i cant imagin sankar like that but i feel swars pain.
    Apart 4m that when i see that credit to saba i m shell shock nd confused coz “i m urs” saba and this saba r same r not i dont expect this angle 4m u thats y i m confused but i like this one also carry on and i follw ur ff and comments also so…… All the best for ur xms

    1. Thanks alle to break your silent. I hope ill find your comment on my next ff too! Well yeah I’m the same writer of im yours, when I decided to write this, I thought every reader can easily get that this is my ff, well thanks alot for supporting me and keep in touch

  31. Thanks Daniela and surbhi for supporting me

  32. Super yar.it is bit difficult ti digest sanskar character.but as a writer u hav all the freedom.plz continue this .

  33. omg saba its awesome i thought how it will like to be sanskar really in dis character but i like ur story waiting exitedly fr hatred changing to love and plzzzz update one more chapterrrrrrrrrrr plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  35. I love all your FFs

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