Swasan a path hate to love Episode 8

Recap:swara proposed sanskar to marry with her. While Shanaya and sanskar arranged reception of swara.

Scene 1: After dinner ap, sumi and ragini went to home while lucky and sujata is still there. Shanaya’s driver sent the dress and sanskar smiles to see the notes on dress. “I know you’ll never make her wear any dress in that type of party where every man’s sight grope the body of woman” He smiles and gives dress to swara. This is long white gown with patch and stone work, full churidar sleeves with stone work at the edge. There’s a long dupata of printed net with same patch work on border. With the complete diamond set. Swara takes the dress and jewellery while sujata also come there:”wow!! Dress and jewellery are beautiful as my bahu! My bahu will look so beautiful! But why white dress?” Sujata hugs her and laksh smiles to see her concern for swara. Laksh:”bhabhi! You’re so lucky, Chachi doesn’t lift to anybody, what magic did you do on her in these days?” Sujata pulls his ears:”you’re teasing your Chachi!! And who does make prathas for you and spare you from your parents?” Laksh:”yeah Chachi! Only you my Chachi mahan! But please leave my ears, I dont know why you all love my ears so much! Everytime just want to hold it.”
Swara smiles on his behaviour. Sujata takes her:”lets get ready! We’ve to go naa”
Sanskar who is wearing his vest, stop:”what do you mean mom? You’re not going with us?”

Sujata:”why chora? I’ll come because this is reception of my son”
Sanskar irritated with her words while lucky is enjoying. Sanskar:”please lucky! Make her understand! Because im not so much time to waste on her” Sujata tries to say something but laksh hugs her:”my sweet Chachi! You wont come there, because only couples will bs there”
Sujata:”then why are you going”

Lucky winks her:”try to understand! I’ll get a girl from there, otherwise what use of long lists of gf?, yeah if you still wanna come, so you’ll obviously find old man there who wanna date you, because you’re still beautiful” sujata blushes and hits him”naughty” swara is also enjoying their convo.

Only sanskar is doing his work (he’s getting ready to go reception):”lucky! I’ve to leave because some arrangement need my attention, Shanaya is calling me, when swara will ready, you bring her to hotel” Laksh:”Bhai! This is not fair because you should bring Bhabhi there” Swara is also get disappointed that she’ll not go with sanskar but doesn’t know the reason.
Sanskar is wearing his watch:”yeah lucky! You’re right! But I’ve to go there, it’s urgent! Please try to understand”

Laksh:”ok Bhai! But I’ve a condition, you’ve to welcome her at the entrance” Sanskar smiles and pats his shoulder:”ok done! (to swara) be ready soon” he leaves from there, laksh is also go to home because he has to be ready while sujata helps her to get ready

At hotel
Sanskar arrives at hotel and finds Shanaya, busy in managing everything. He comes to her:”hey! Miss perfect! You’re still in rough look” Shanaya turns to her:”today I dont need to get ready so soon! Because its celebration of my best friend” she hugs her and her eyes are replete with happiness. Shanaya:”sorry! You make me santy!! Tell me naa! How is your marriage life? And hows she?” (her tone is double meaning and sanskar really understand second meaning of her words) Sanskar sighs:”hmm she’s ok!! But weak Dr said to take a rest and married life is also ok!!” Shanaya:”tell me in detail, I feel something curious, what did you do with her?” Sanskar:”you know everything about my behaviour, she couldn’t bear me” Shanaya:”ohh god!! You’re just…” But Sanskar cuts her words:”not now! First I’ve to see management” Shanaya:(with same proud smile)”do you have doubt on my performance?” Sanskar:”not at all, but you know me very well, ill not satisfy until I see everything with my own eyes! (he drags her) now please go home and change, I’m getting irritated to see you in this look”

Shanaya smiles:” Ok my… Oooppss swara’s Mr perfect! I’ve brought my stuff there, so you see the arrangement and I’m just coming to get ready” Sanskar stops and nods, both turn to their respective ways. Shanaya perfectly arranged everything, guests are start to coming, but swara isn’t come yet. Shanaya is also ready in her designed black saree with sophisticated up dough. She joins sanskar to welcome the guests while Sanskar is calling lucky to bring Swara as soon as possible. A guest:” Mr Maheshwari! Where’s your wife? Is she come or not? Maybe she’s run away to see your affection(with taunting tone) with Shanaya” sanskar understands his taunt, but for the business he has to tolerate it(dont worry he takes his revenge from another ways). He is gonna reply him that he saw lucky is coming, he goes to him to ask about swara but suddenly he stops to see Swara.

She’s wearing the same gown with diamond jewellery which enlighten her face and neck, her hairs are complete perm and she covered her head with net dupata which shows her perm hairs. She’s just like the goddess of chastity, sanskar mesmerized to see her and stops at one place. She’s walking cautiously because of her extra long gown which bottom is kissing the floor from back side. She lift her gown softly and walks like she’s walking on roses. He thinks that Cinderella comes out from fairytale and spell will be vanished after 12. But he’s the prince charming who never let her go because he’s not the person who keep his hope on a crystal shoe. He feels circle of light surrounded by her. He extended his hands to her, she’s walking slowly, because of her long and flowy gown, sanskar understands and goes to hold her with all his right, she’s feeling confused but as sanskar holds her, she’s feeling bit relief. Sanskar brings her to his guest and introduces her to everyone. She’s feeling uncomfortable between them, some of them wanna come to her, but Sanskar holds her strongly, he knows very well how to protect her. Sanskar:”this is Mr Smith! Our client of uk! Nowadays he’s on India tour” swara greets him in traditional style.

Mr Smith:”you’ve beautiful wife Mr Maheshwari! And Mrs. Maheshwari! You’re lucky to have him” Sanskar laughs:”im lucky to have her” he closes her to him. He’s holding her from shoulders and drags her to every guest while swara is slowly walking with him. Her heartbeat is racing due to his closeness. She looks him with all her concern, who is talking to another people but just protected her like a child. She doesn’t understand her double feelings towards him(no matter he’s bad or good, but he’s my husband! Off course I feel protective, when he’s near to me). She consoles herself towards her feelings. He brings her to one couple but there’s max age difference between them. A girl is just in twenties but a man is in fifties. A girl:”hey I’m meera! Mrs Meera Malhotra! And in this 21st century and party, who covers the head, as you do” she’s wearing red sleeveless cocktail dress with open back. Swara:”because it’s not only our traditional but also it shows whom we are and where we belong to! It’s the chastity of girl, if you find it bad then i dont care because I care about my pureness”. Sanskar smiles again with proud and sees meera as he wanna says:”look! This is my wife!”

Meera’s husband Ram malhotra tries to hug her, but Sanskar interrupt between her:”this is my wife Mr. Malhotra! Not yours!” He said in cold tone, and drags him back. His eyes are heating with anger but he knows very well that how to control his fire and takes it out when he needs. He drags her slowly towards stage, many couples are dancing with each others, she understands that why he isn’t allowed ragini to come here, everyone with some partner with bold gesture, some of them are so close and no one interfere to others, many of them are drinking. Men are looking women like they wanna eat her through eyes, woman are eagerly want to eaten by them. She feels so protected with sanskar! She thanks him in her heart. When she meets with every guest, he makes her sit and indicates someone to come here. Laksh comes to them:”hey bhabh’s are you enjoying?” Swara gives faint smile to him. Sanskar:”how many girls fall for you tonight?” Laksh:”not so much!! Maybe 2 to 300!!” Both brothers laugh. Sanskar:”you’ll not change!” Laksh:”Bhai! Tonight I feel many girl lift me because of you, you broke many hearts of girls, (to swara) Bhabhi you’re so lucky! You can see wistful eyes of those girls because the most eligible bachelor is not more a bachelor” Sanskar:”I don’t care about them, I chose perfect partner for me, well laksh will you please company swara? I’m just coming”

Laksh nods and starts talking to her, swara enjoys his company.
Sanskar goes to Shanaya:”are you busy still?” Shanaya:”not for you, but I wanna talk to you, I saw when you got freeze to see her. She looks really beautiful. God give pity her tonight(in a teasing tone) oh man why dont you confess you love for her” Both are taking drink and cheers the glass. :”ohh!! Not again please! I just find her perfect for me, and marriage is only way to get her, so this is not so much cost for me to get her” Shanaya:”yeah that’s why you’re still taking sleeping pills” he feels bitterness in her words. Sanskar:”Shanaya!! Please yar” Shanaya:”what yar? I care about you so much! More than anything, and you also please be soft to her, let her free please! Otherwise she’ll feel suffocation” Sanskar:”you know me very well! For her, I don’t wanna take risk, and this harshness absorb in my nature, I cant change” Shanaya:”why dont you forget everything?” Sanskar:”I already forget everything but it doesn’t mean I dont learn from my mistakes” both are drinking special thing to take sip slowly.

Shanaya hits him light:”god bless on swara who’ll handle you for her whole life” both smiles and taunt to each others. Sanskar:”why don’t you marry?” Shanaya:”marriage isn’t create for me, you know very well im flying birds and my mission is beyond the marriage! Which guy will allow me to fulfill my mission instead of taking him time and to be obedient of his family” Sanskar:”right! No one has courage to bear you, it’s my courage to handle you from seven years” Shanaya:”seven years and five months, but at the end, im happy to get free from your responsibility! And I’m saying you you should treat her softly and tries to win her heart”

Sanskar:”I think last seminar in Dubai gave you comedy classes” Shanaya:”no! I’m serious! You never purchase something for her, give her a gift” Sanskar:”oh!! Gift, please will you bring gift for swara” he told her desert ritual. Shanaya:”why didn’t you inform me? I’m not included in your family?” Shanaya gets sad that it was first time, when she wasn’t with him. Sanskar holds her hand:”you’re more than my family, sorry yar actually lucky called me, but now you’ll be coming on weekend dinner with us” Shanaya:”no need to say sorry! I’m happy for you and please buy gift to your own. I’ll not help you” Sanskar bows down to her:”ok my marriage guru” Both laughs and taunting each others. While swara is watching them and their closeness, she wonders how sanskar smiles and talking her with joyful mood. She didn’t see him in this state before and with anyone.

Precap::sanskar feels sorry for swara

Credit to: Saba


  1. Aishu

    Wow saba..finally sanskar developed a soft corner but please reveal the past about sanskar, the reason for his behaviour,shanaya etc.. But really a good fiction

  2. meghs

    i feel shanaya will make sanskar realise his love…
    she told him to behave softly with swara…
    stry of cydrealla is superb..

  3. meghs

    i feel shanaya will make sanskar realise his love…
    she told him to behave softly with swara…
    stry of cydrealla is superb..
    oh… sanskar is happy with shanaya…
    dont make swara doubt their frndship..

  4. jyotii

    i waited for it! and at last it is posted!! Coming to the writing you cracked it today also! 🙂 God know how can uh write so beautiful! uhr ideas are so mindblowing and unique! Saba m uhr fan!!!! 😉

  5. Tara

    Ohhhh god.. loved it. U r just amazing. I was waiting for u daily. Since u said u ll post in night.. i was awake till 2.. superbbb.. d way u portray is fabulous. . Plz don’t make me to wait dear ?

  6. Akalya

    Was such a cute episode.So SWASAN feels something fa eachother finally n Sanskaar even got Oozed out seeing Swara ??

  7. Niti

    amazing epi yar..I loved the way sanky protected swara from everybody..it seems that he loves swara very much bt dont want to accept is due to his so called ego..waiting to know about his past.. sanaya’s advice to sanky and concerned for swara was very nice..sujata lucky were sweet and funny..over all awesome epi..

  8. sindhuja

    awesome update…:) loved shanaya and sanky’s conversation… confused regarding swara’s dress… gown with dupatta??? does she look like a christian bride??? you took too much time to update… I know you have one more story to handle… but you know what i am also greedy like you…:p can’t wait to read the next part… when are you going to update???? Greediness is at its’ peak level…

    • Saba

      Thanks sindhuja dear! I’m also greedy for ff! And dont confuse about dress, I wish I can send you a pick of dress which I planned for her. Well do you know the work on lehnga and other traditional dresses. Just imagine the same work on white chiffon with long and loose frock! Yeah it’ll be consider as gown but not as gown! Dupata style is different, you can imagine Muslims wedding dupata style! Otherwise search on google Pakistani bridal dresses in Google, you get your answer dear! Sorry guys! If you offence this thing but every writer portrait the same thing which they get from their surrounding!

      • sindhuja

        Got it… pakistani bridal dresses are soooo nice…. i don’t know how i missed it.. i liked the pattern much…

  9. Dil

    Thanks saba fr this awesome story.. I realy lov it and daily awaiting fr the next epi.. So kindly request u to keep continuing this.. Its great story..u kept us attached to yr story in mysterious way..

  10. Tania

    Sanskaar feels sorry for swara ooh my god!!!!! Sanskaar feels sorry for swara….yeah sanskaar feels sorry for swara…yipee sanskaar feels sorry for swara…
    I am madly in love with ur story and eventually with u also..love u api

  11. sethooty

    Saba Dr..superb..superb superb… Have no words…love uuuu……..
    After reading this I got much relief yaar, that much eagar to read ur ff..

  12. bhuvi

    Hey saba asuaual amazing… I tried of these words… Am searching new words to praise yo… N precap is sounds good… Finally vampire realizing his feeling towards his angel…I mean his love…hope he confess her too soon… N quit taking pills… N becum to human… N dear I wanna know his reaction if swara don’t follow his 4 rules… Make some situation like swara forget to inform him before leaving home… Or talking with male friends..plz…. N thanq yo so much honey… Yo r making us happy wit your amazing ff even though yo r busy in exams…

    • Saba

      Hey bhuvi! Thanks dear yar for your love and concern yeah I’ve planned this type of situation also! Dont worry dear and thanks for advice dear

  13. [email protected]

    Suberb episode saba…..swasan is just awesome ?

  14. khushi

    I don’t know who u r….bt ur ff is amazing. …it is just awesome. …n better dan its actual episode .. @saba

  15. Lucky

    Oh so protective husband u make me fall for him dear.. i really love it.. and now i start to like sanaya’s character.. i like sujatha-lucky bonding.. brothers understanding is also cute.. Sanskar feel sorry for swara!! wow i am eagerly waiting read the next part.. but take ur time as ur exames are near.

  16. Wow amazing epi… shanaya ur good… nd sanski has nw grown feeling for swara… nd i have doubt y is he behaving like this to swara.. and lucky as usual funny… i have no patience… waiting for nxt epi..
    Saba if ur free plz update it soon…

  17. hadi

    Ya so true dear that husband is just like a protective shield under which women feel great protection this is the purity of marriage which could not be found in any other relations n sanskar is soo bewakoof a person who just not look down just becoz of his ego n swara is soo sweet hence ur ff contain lots of lessons thanks for such a wonderful stories jani ops sorry dear for writing jani 😉

  18. Wow..awesome episode….i luv d way sanskaar protected swara….n dis sanskaar in ur ff is a man of mystery ?…n laksh..hez such a flirt…..swara…poor gal

  19. What u did it Saba!!! Awesome dear!!!
    The way u described swara even im mesmerized in my thought? swara started feeling its superb….attitude of sanskar no one can be in that(hahaha)..especially shanaya simply I loved her!!! Thank you for good episode!! Stay blessed dear!!!..and prepare well for ur exam!! All the best cutie?

  20. Saba

    Hey priya! Thanks for comment dear! Yeah dear he’s a mystery man! And laksh isn’t so much flirt he just a joyful guy!
    Thanks hadi! You’re right husband is always a shield for his wife! I’ve posted my fb id link in previous comment you can check!
    Yeah jay! He’s mystry man
    Thanks nive! You’ll know reason of his behaviour, when I revealed his past

  21. Saba

    Thanks swara dear! Thanks alot lucky for being a such a good supporter! I dont know because of some problem! My fb isn’t work properly, so that’s why I couldn’t contact with all of you
    Thanks hayathi and surbhi! Thanks khushi and consider me as your friend dear! Thanks sakshi and akku! yeah mystry will reveal soon
    Hey Tania! Yeah sanskar feels sorry for swara! And love you too my little sis
    Thanks Sethooty! Love your comment, it can make my day!
    Thanks khushi! Thanks dil! I’ve uploaded next part of both ff!
    Thanks chinni! Thanks alot niti! For your complete episodic analysis!
    Hey akalya rockstar! Thanks dear
    Thank you sooo much Tara! I’m sorry you waited for long dear! Actually dear I’ve posted my ff early bit dont know why admin take so much time to upload on page
    Thanks jyoti! I’m also your fan dear! And from some aspect our idea is same
    thanks fransi thanks meghs! Yeah shanaya is good girl! But as wife its natural for swara to doubt on their relationship
    Thanks aqsa, harani, Jyotika patel and navi

  22. Saba

    Thanks archana, Sara aishu and devi! Yeah aishu, his past will be reveal soon
    Thanks trishika! I’ve uploaded chap 40 dear!
    Thanks seeba, sravya and kritika!

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