Swasan a path hate to love Episode 7

Recap:sanskar proposed to swara while swara refused and slapped him.
Scene 1 (in present)
Sanskar:”I followed her to her college and proposed her in a way of college”
Laksh:”oh! Didn’t you find some romantic place? Well what did you replied to him Bhabhi?”
Swara:”i gently refused to him because i didn’t know him very well (with double meaning tone), but he was strong with his motives and he won me”
Laksh:”so easily?”

Ragini:”not so easily, i knew the story after it”
Swasan recall something from their point of view:
Sanskar is in his office and got every information about swara.
Sanskar:”everyone has weakness, you’ve also and sanskar very well know to play the weakness of people and your weakness is your family, now ill play with your weakness miss swara gadodia!” He calls his secretary:”send suree to my cabin” secretary nodes. Suree:”may i come in sir”
Sanskar:”yeah! Come inside” suree comes inside:”you called me sir”

Sanskar:”have a seat” He sits down. Sanskar:”I granted your loan for your marriage” Suree with happy mood:”thank you, thank you so much sir” Sanskar with serious tone:”you’re going to marry, so surely, woman of your house will shopping lots of dresses specially sarees?” Suree wth confusion:”yes sir” Sanskar:”im giving you adress of shop of sarees, just go there and orders them 500 sarees or more” Suree:”but sir…” Sanskar:”you dont need to return your loan and these sarees will be gift from me” Suree gets happy:”thanks alot sir! I’ll do what you say” Sanskar:”its very easy, you just need to go that shop and orders sarees and give them timeline of work only of month.. Okk??” Suree:”sure sir! Anything else sir?” Sanskar:”first go to Kiran(new secretary) and get an adress of that shop” Suree nodes and leaves while Sanskar smiles with all his evil mind.

Scene 2:
Sanskar is taking dinner when Shanaya arrived at home. Sanskar:”welcome madam! Your time is absolutely right!” She smiles proudly. She’s wearing green sleeveless sareee with open long curls. Shanaya:”because im miss perfect, Mr. Perfect and obviously im getting rid of you after some days,(turn to Lavanya) may you please leave Lavanya (Lavanya nodes and leaves) by the way, when will you marry?” Sanskar:”when that arrogant girl beg to me to marry her” Shanaya smiles naughtily and sits with him, she is sophisticated girl and her every style imitated to elite class. She serves food to sanskar and take out for her also. Shanaya:”finally! I’ll get rid of you, god knows how swara will handle you, but im really happy for you” Sanskar:”I bet, you’ll miss me” Shanaya:”it means, you’ll completely break relationship with me”

Sanskar looks her with complete seriousness:”ill never leave you Shanaya! You’ were with me when I was alone, never ever think that ill leave you, yeah ill never touch you after marriage but that doesn’t mean that ill break our friendship” Shanaya smiles and hugs him with emotions:”I don’t know how will she handle you? But ill always with you, because you save me from many problems, and yeah if you feel to come to me, you can” Sanskar:”you know very well, I always clear in my relationships, so if I marry her, ill never betray her” Shanaya depart from him and start her dinner:”I know, we both are same, you dont need to say anything to me, because you’re my mirror and I know how’s the reflection of mine” After dinner both go to bedroom and sanskar told her about his plan.

Scene 3: Sanskar got a call, that shekhar gadodia draw the money from bank to complete the order of suree and his man as usual robbed him. Sanskar:”good going!!…, now it’s act of suree”.. (in present) Ragini:”papa got a project of 500 sarees, we were so happy but when papa drew the money from bank, some robbers stealth all money and his client was warning him that he’ll complaint against him? If he didn’t complete the order because papa took advance from him, we were so worried, that papa took loan from bank and now maybe we’ll be bankrup soon because papa got a loan from bank and our home was kept by bank as mortgage… But one day” Swara recalls that moment when he saw, the same silver Mercedes which was owned by sanskar. She got worried about sanskar, whether he come to create problem for her.

Sanskar comes out from car:”I wanna talk to you” Swara:”but I’m not interested to do” Sanskar:”Is Ragini come from college? Is your father complete his order? I think you need my help soon, take my card” he handover a card to her, she unintentionally pick the car. Because she gets really worried. When she comes inside the home, sumi comes to her:”swara! Someone call us that they’ve kidnapped ragini! And they demanded money, I dont understand what to do? I cant tell shekhar, he’s not well because of money problem and now? We’ve to go to police station, until he’ll get know” swara recalls Sanskar words but doesn’t care about it. She goes to police station, but they didn’t take them serious, just doing formality.

Shekhar is at home because they’ve no work on shop. Shekhar:”sumi! Ragini isn’t come home” Dada Ji and dadi also worried and they dont want to inform shekhar about it because Dr told that not to stress him. They also know that if Ragini stay a night outside the home. Then it’ll be disgrace her. Swara:”papa! She’s in her friend’s home, but she’s just coming” Shekhar:”call her to come home because its too late” She call again and again to Ragini, she confirmed from her friends! But she’s not there also that’s mean that kidnapper was telling truth. Swara thinks tensely, he looks shekhar and decided something,her ego isn’t more than her family.

Scene 4: Swara goes to Sanskar’s home: Swara:Mr Sanskar Maheshwari!! I accept your proposal” Sanskar smirks and goes to her:”but now I’m not interested to marry with you” Swara gets shocked to listen him.:”but you told me” Sanskar:”yeah I know, I’m so good, if you force me, then ill must thinks about it” Swara cries and bent down to him:”please Sanskar! Release my sister and save my father’s business otherwise we’ll ruin! You’re right! Everyone has a cost, and now im here to sell myself for happiness of my family, give them happiness and ill do whatever you want” Sanskar feels so much calmness in his heart, he holds her and make her sit on couch.

Sanskar:”as you propose me, then now ill marry on my conditions, and I’ve only one condition” She ups her eyes and her tears filled eyes are turning him to his point, but he’s strong man, it isn’t easy to get him emotional. Sanskar:”you’ve to obey me, whatever I’ll say or do, you’ve to accept without any objection and restrictions” Swara nodes and wipes her tears.:”your sister was with my secretary, she’s safe, she came my office for job and I ordered her for one day demo, tough demo! I’m not so much bad to ruin girl respect, but I can become so bad to do so, so don’t deny your proposal, otherwise I can do everything” Swara gets tensed that she proposed him but ragini is saved, she thinks to deny her proposal, but recalls condition of her dad! She knows very well that he planned everything, if she deny then he’ll must do what he said. Swara nodes and leaves, she knows very well now she stuck in his trap, she can’t come out from it and she accept her defeat.

Scene 5:
Ragini:”jiju ordered me to give me a demo, I did, he’s really professional but at the end of day, he rejected me to said that he never make relationship with his staff, that time I wasn’t understand, but next day swara reveal that jiju proposed her and now she wanna marry him, papa met with jiju, he helped papa to carry setup his business and also sponsor my study papa found him perfect for swara… After it as usual they married and live happily forever after” All four smile, raglak with happiness, sanskar with proud and swara with sadness. Sanskar got a call and swara heard the name of Shanaya! She is curious about her because if sanskar has taken her name that’s means she was used to wake up him. Sanskar heard the call and turned to them. Sanskar:”swara! Tonight! We arranged a reception, this is just formality to get together of my business partners and clients, will you buy tonight’s dress or I asked to Shanaya to bring dress for you”

Swara doesn’t understand what to say! He hasn’t said anything to her, always ordered her. Laksh:”wow!!! Bhai!! Reception and witth your business clients, that’s mean many elite chicks will be there” Sanskar:”yeah lucky right! But swara first tell me im at call” sanskar is holding the phone still. Swara:”I’ll not go for shopping” sanskar nodes and talked to Shanaya. Sanskar leaves them:”have you arranged everything?” Shanaya:”Shanaya is here dear! You shouldn’t worry about anything!” Sanskar smiles:”I know I shouldn’t worry about anything, well go and get a dress for swara for tonight, you know my choice very well” Shanaya:”I know sweetheart! Dont worry!! I’ll send dress by my driver” they shared the ideas about function and disconnected the call. Ragini and laksh are talking to each others.

While swara is silent but her expression is witness of her discomfort with their talking. Sanskar silently comes and sits on his place. Laksh:”finally Bhai!! You’re going to arrange reception… Ohhh im so excited about tonight.(he turns to Ragini) ragini you’ll come naa?” Sanskar:”no lucky! You know very well, this type of party not suitable for her(he saw disappointment on Ragini ‘s face) hey dont worry ragini! your jiju arrange a good party for my whole family, you can invite your friends there too, but not this (turn to lucky) if you’ve any time, so come early and help Shanaya” Laksh:(to swara)”you know Bhabhi! Shanaya is right hand of Bhai! She’s so sophisticated and classy but she doesn’t lift to anyone, I always thought that Bhai will marry her, but he falls on you, so you’re here? ” Swara smiles hardly but still in confuse in his heart.

Precap:swara’s reception and she meets with Shanaya! And see new shade of sanskar

Credit to: Saba


  1. jyotii

    wowww!!! Saba your words are so clear and amazing!!! Dear I live your ff!! I was searching for it the whole day!! and when i found it now I was overwhelmed!!! I just live this grey shaded sanky! 🙂 please update the next part soon!! eagerly waiting for it!

    • Saba

      Thanks jyoti to like this grey shaded sanky! And dear please check in night my ff or morning! You’ll find it! And thanks again dear!

  2. Lucky

    A plan sanskar did was very clever… i love his loyalty when he said if i marry a her i will not betray her this is a very important quality for a husband.. you make me addicted to ur FF dear.. different shades of sanskar mean?

    • Saba

      Hey lucky! Thanks dear and yeah you’ll know about his different shade! Because he treats every person in different style! So swara isn’t see him with Shanaya! She’ll find him totally change when he meets with Shanaya! That’s a reason

  3. Sanskar character is really confusing
    At a point he says that he cant play with the respect of a girl and on the other hand he is doing the same thing with his wife but still i am liking this story so much . This ff is really really good
    Saba why dont you write your story on swaragini forum many more people can read your fiction because its really good .you should think about this once

    • Saba

      Hey dear! Thanks alot dear for your concern! Yeah it’s confusing for all of you! Let me clear first, he doesn’t wanna degrade women in front of world! But he isn’t include himself in the world! And you’ll know about everything because he’s man of mystery! Wait until mystery will reveal

  4. Rini

    Yeah saba its good but portrating a man who forces himself on a woman to satisfy his inner happiness by making her helpless I know it wont happen in real life but its bit too imaginary

    • Saba

      Hey rini! Thanks dear for your support! Sorry dear I’m not agree with you. There are many people scattered around us, who wanna ruled specially on their woman! Sorry if you feel im wrong, but I write what I assumed

      • Rini

        yes saba i also agree that men always want to rule over the women but forcing and making them helpless that part only

  5. Lee

    Saba sanky swara pyaar karta hai ya nai i m getting confuse n shanaya uska roll kya hai tumhare ff me…????i mean i know ki she is abest frnd of sanky….but wo un dino ko unit karegi ya phir….???
    N saba ur too gud….
    I dont know if u remember me or not..????
    But ur awesum…
    N ff path hate to gud….
    N ha saba plzzz add some swasan romantic scene…
    Like swra caring fir sanky n vice versa
    i m addicted to ur ffs….
    I luv u saba…..
    Keep writing..
    N plzzz reply clear my dout….

    • Saba

      Hey lee! How can I forget you dear? I usually read your comment on episodic analyse! Maybe you didn’t read my ff from start! Well im clearing your doubt!
      Sanky swara se pyar karta hai mgr apne bitter past Ki waja se usko ache se treat nahi karta! And yeah one thing as I said he doesn’t love anyone more Than himself. And he also doesn’t realize his love for her, he married her just because he wants her and finds her perfect for her.
      And shanaya ka character bohat important hai bhi aur nahi bhi! Woh un dono ko alag nahi karain gi dont worry! Uska character khul kar samne aaen ga jab sanky ka past khule ga! Just wait dear your confusion will clear soon

  6. Tara

    Lovely awesome excellent superb fabulous wonderful etc etc. . . When sanskar said he won’t betray… it was mindblowing.. luved it ? dying whole day to read ur fiction dear. .

    • Saba

      Thanks Tara! Every person has also qualities too even he’s bad! There’s many more qualities and goodness in sanskar’s character! First he always keeps loyal to his every relation! Thanks again dear!

  7. hadi

    Finally truth revealed great to know the flashback ..
    Sanskar character shows loyalty today hopefully he will fall for swara without any wrong thinking n swara too

    • Saba

      Hey hadi! You’re right dear sanskar’s main quality is his loyalty and fairness in every relationship ! Thanks dear for keep connecting to my ff

  8. bhuvi

    Amazing episode… I guess sanskar betrayed by his first love… So he wanna get rid of her memory…he can completely focus on work for not to remember n her betrayal… For night time he need some one to… Bcoz physical contact pull out the stress as well as they stop to think about others ppl except those two..that’s y he is sleeping wit shanya… Or else sleep by sleeping pills…

    • Saba

      Hey bhuvi! Thanks alot dear! Yeah you always get right spot, but there’s much more hidden in the characters of shanaya and Sanskar! They are much more than partner, you’ll get know dear! Thanks bhuvi! Stay blessed

  9. Kashis

    Hi saba!! Today is ur reward day and my victory day of some sort… As sanskar said I won’t touch u shanaya after marriage & be loyal to my wife… I m touched.. But a little confusion he cant ruin ragini’s image but can ruthlessly defame her wife’s image… Huh!! Really.. But still for the beginning of pure relation he has taken his 1st step… happy for another thing that he actually cared for her family & a man of his words.. U must be surprised to read this, that how i can praise his character?? But u know as u r showing him bad, i have to look for positive points.. Other wise we both need to go to doc…And how many times I need to ask for ur fb Id??

    • Saba

      Hey! See who’s there? Kashis finally! Woh kya kahte hai humare yahan qasam tor hi di tum ne last spot par aane Ki. Well dear! Welcome and thanks dear for commenting!
      Hey dear can you clear please . What are you talking about Swara’s image? Is this question about first night or he’ll bring her to party but not ragini! May you please clear yar! Then ill try to clear your confusion.
      And yeah every person has white part too dear! Because we’re human being! I like that you like his character! Actually when there’s darkness everywhere, you’ll easily find a small dot of light, but it’ll disappear in the light of sun! This is same as sanskar! He’s in black color, but his white part hidden from the world, only lucky and shanaya know about it
      Well you’re right I also need to go to Dr now! Because my said”tum par swara ka bhoot charh gea hai” no mom! Not swara’s actually sanskar’s! Hahaha

      • Kashis

        Its the question of first night dear… Every other aspect I can understand.. But forcefully doing those things still not acceptable… What to do yaar? When everywhere there is darkness, u need to find a ray of sunlight. And all of the above its about sanskar!!! But look my comments are having impact on ur ff.. U r atleast writing some positive parts of him.. Earlier u made him monster, evil and what not??

    • Saba

      Actually dear! It’s psychological way to create thrill and suspense in your story and get connected by your reader. He’s still monster and wild as well! But not in every aspect, maybe something wrong for us but this is not wrong for him because he owe her and think that its her wife!
      Lets come on psychological impact of audience! Actually when we would want to connected by our audience, we’ve to create a character full dark or full white shade with mystery! And we slowly open his/her every layer infront of audience! Then what will happen? Audience! Sorry reader, first hate/love this character and slowly their emotions turn into opposite direction(hate to love, love to hate) reader travel along the writer and writer make them love or hate to that character! And at the end give them justification or big shock to remind this story! In my thought this is a secret to create memorable character or story!
      I’m also applying this same secret on my this ff too! You can see firsly who commented that we hate this sanskar! Slowly they’re connected with him and finally they fall in love with him! Sorry dear but this is not your impact this is just psychological theory of mine! As a writer as well as a reader too! I hope you understand and dont mind that I deny your impact

      • Kashis

        Oh!! Such a big comment to deny my impact.. Felt proud yaar.. I also didn’t mind that dear.. As this psychological trait I am quite aware with.. I have just casually said so.. But it had made a impact on you so I felt honoured.. Ha! Ha! Kidding… In technical term, if u can’t convince them then confuse them & again convince them.. They will love to purchase that product.. The same way this logic follows…

    • Saba

      Hahaha dear! Yeah it can be your impact dear because I don’t wanna loose my new friend who gonna face multi personality disorder because of my character!! Hahaha dear! Well you’re at right spot! But don’t you think That now im convincing every one? After confusion! Well dear thanks for support me And stay blessed

  10. sindhuja

    loved the update… loved sanskar when he said , ‘i will never touch you after marriage and i won’t betray her’ to shanaya and when he refused ragini to attend the party… he really cares for them… it must confuse swara… and ada is a perfect choice… *applause* for you… way to go saba… best of luck…

    • Saba

      Thanks alot dear! For your support! Yeah I also like fair person! He doesn’t need to hide his badness! That’s make it different from others

  11. Jenny

    The story is just awesome….,.luv it loads …………….waiting to see the new shade of sanskar ,………

  12. Saba

    Hey Sara! Thanks dear im also trying my best to make you fall in love his character! You love it means im successful!
    Thanks jay! Yeah he’s really mysterious man!
    Thanks devi thanks dear nive!
    Yeah hayathi! He’s different because he’s not hypocrite! Humare yahan ek kahavat hai! Farzano main dewana! He’s just like it because he has different wits to people cant accept him easily.
    Yeah Tania! He has many shades
    Sorry Daniela if you don’t like her! But definitely you’ll like her in future

  13. divya

    oh! saba loving your episodes…..cant wait for next episode plzz update it soon na……i am totally touched by sanskar words ….already he is in love with swara wow!

  14. sethooty

    Hi saba just finished ur Ff, lil bcy wid my work, thatz y didn’t comment on both Ff..again u nailed it yaar.loved sanskar new shades, he is very much loyal to his relationship,whether is shanaya hoo or swara

    • Saba

      Hey sethooty! Thanks dear! I was waiting for your comment because of your love and great encouragement in previous episode! Thanks alot dear everything and keep connected dear and yeah he’s loyal and truthful and these qualities are possessed by few people in this world!

  15. ahana

    hi saba as usual it is superb…
    how many shades sanskar have…
    he is very loyal also .. as he told shanaya he will never betray swara after marriage.. he is not at all so bad.. bt some times he become evil..

    as present shanaya character as a frnd k but dont make her come between swasan …

    • Saba

      Hey ahana! Thanks dear! And yeah he’s a man of mystery! You’ll know about him soon dear! Thanks and stay blessed

  16. Saba

    Thanks chinni! Thanks jenny! You both are great supporter of mine from my first episode! Yeah divya! Thanks dear, just wait his new shade but you’ll definitely love him dear! Thanks alot guys!

  17. Appu

    Saba just read ur ff.again super.at first ff i couldnt imagine varun as sankar.but not now.i mean now i love sanskar in this character also .now from some point of view his behaviour is justified for me.u r just super yaar.keep writing.i dont like to comment first it was veena di who compelled me to comment after reading her ff.now its u and kashis.u r a fabulous writer saba and eagerly waiting for ur nxt update

  18. praise

    Hey….i m silent reader…
    I daily read ur ff…
    I daily wait fr ur ff…
    I jst luv it…
    I ws busy so i cant comment…Bt 2day i m free so thought to cmmnt 🙂
    Dis ff is diff. frm other ff 🙂

  19. Saba

    Hey jenny! There’s no kavita in his past, yeah Manisha! I’ll upload next soon
    Thanks alot praise! To break your silent! I hope you’ll keep connected with me!
    Thanks dear appu! I’m lucky to have supporter like you!
    All of you guys!! Thanks alot dear

  20. leku

    Hehehe..saba I’m so so sooooooo happy dear…u did a great job…omg u described white side of sanskar?? from today episode I start to love his character even more n more?..
    “so if I marry her,I will never betrayer her”superb though he has grey side but he is clever in his rules? and executed his materplan its so,nice…but sad how swara begged him?…shanaya role is also so good Saba.. I hope shanaya will start her play with swara( coz it will be more interesting)..waiting for next update…love u loads dear..

    • leku

      And sorry dear if I’m last to comment!!! If so then hi fi to kashis!!!!
      Then,kashis ur name meant “she” or ” he”..pls clarify..

    • Saba

      Hey leku! Thanks dear! Love you too sweetie! Yeah Shanaya plays an important role between them! But everything takes time to set so just wait dear

  21. Amazing ff hey saba what are u ?i mean r u a student? I love to read ur ff its totally a different story,want to explore sanky n wanna know his different shades.pls update next part soon.

  22. Saba

    Hey cherry! This is fb and present both! Please read carefully again!
    Hey anum! Thanks dear
    Yeah I’m student

  23. Hey…..dis is priya again….i didn’t kno abt ua ff..bt wen i came to kno i read dem all…..so i shld no more fah 1 ff bt 2 ff of urs …both r equally interesting. …….i juzt luv ur narration. …hats off to ur story line….

  24. Anushka

    Again nice have you uploaded the next part.let me clear that if shanaya is sanskar friend then why he used to sleep with him as she doesn’t love sanskar.

  25. divya

    Hey saba…i am a silent reader of ur ff.i am a great nd mad fan of swasan.i am waiting for ur further ff.u didnt updated until now……….plz update it yaar…mai pagal ho rahi hu yeha.since one day i am not doing any of my works nd waiting for ur ff…..plz update it yaar

  26. Saba

    Hey guys!! Thanks alot all of you for your love and concern regarding my ffs! Sorry guys! Because of sme issue! You’ve to wait for one day for the next episode!! Sorrrfrryy guys! And stay blessed

  27. khushi

    hey…I am commenting for d first time as u liked ur ff a lot….dis is really awsm specially SWASAN character….I just wanna know when will u post d next episode….I watng from last 2 days….olz reply. …@saba

  28. angel

    hi saba.i daily read ur ff and I ve no wrds to describe how much talented u r…..awesome….lots of love and plz continue…….eagerly waitimg for this new shade…..

  29. Vashi

    Hey saba pls help me out, i am getting where I can get ur episodes of swasan serially, every time I have to find them in search bar due to which many a times I am unable to find them.

  30. Sasha

    Hey saba where hv u gone and y arent u updtng. Plz saba updt soon.so far swara’s character is portrayed as timid ,i request u to bring out a bolder side of swara.
    P.s luv ya

  31. Saba

    Hey guys! Thanks for your concern! In Shaa Allah tomorrow you’ll read next part of swasan while im yours uploaded! Sasha! Swara’s character isn’t timid, she’s just feared from him temporarily! She gets her bold side soon

  32. rishi

    Hey saba i want to ask u a question.does looks matter?
    Do u like sanskar in swaragini for looks or character?
    I m sure its the character.in ffs the characters change but the face is same ryt?
    Here everyone is big fan of swasan
    Bcos of sanskars character!
    Now imagine this was a swalak ff and u were potraying laksh as protagonist.do u know what would happen ? All ur readers will request you to let swara leave laksh who is so bad! And make him paired with sanskar anyhow in the story.
    And what does really mean?
    Here readers are obssesed with image of swasan in head and forget why they love the couple.
    No mattter how diff the characters the readers and u will want only swasanu may say its ur way of loving ur fav couple but is that really a true way?
    Im in this dilemma since many days.hope ur and kashish insight wil help me.thanking u

    • Saba

      Hey rishi! I didn’t get your question completely! I dont know about the audience but I really like the character of sanskar! Many of people like him because of his love for Swara but my reason is not that! I like him because he turns negative into positive! I love that type of character! Who has pain, who has arrogance, who has hatred but inside the heart who has also the goodness! This is what I found in the character of sanskar! And this is what I portrayed in the same character of swasan! I dont know about laksh! Because I didn’t see his chemistry with swara more because when I saw a character in grey shade, I automatically attracted by it! You think im psycho who leaves hero because of villain! Yeah im who falls on villain more than hero. I am fed of that devta type persons! This is reason I portrayed sanskar in this character! And many of shade of his will reveal in future! And lucky! I dont know about audience dear but I started love his after he turns into negative!

    • Saba

      Rishi! I read many times your comment to get your question. Now I think im able to answer you, I hope you can understand. In some aspects, yeah look is matter but not more than character! I saw many beautiful characters in negative role, and people hate them. Then off course this isn’t matter of look. Yeah maybe you’re right, if I write swalak then maybe ill not get appreciated by readers so much. But personally I think its on the writer who let the audience/readers travel along them. In my first episode, I got many negatives comments actually I should say I’ve gotten 90% negative comments because audience are crazy to see their favourite character in a perfect avatar! When time is passing and his character is revealing the goodness also people starting to love him! This is psychology of human being dear! Whom they love, they always want them perfect!
      I’m giving you simple example, once someone had a bad mouth against my friend! I know from some aspect he was right, but I cant bear this and I spent two hours to argue with him just to reveal a good part of my friend also. This is maybe wrong in your views but we all are helpless to love our things and special person and now sanskar is also include in this!
      I hope you cleared now, if you don’t then must comment on my next episode dear!

    • Saba

      Hey rishi! I’ve a btter idea to take out you from this dilemma! Why dont you leave watching this dumb show! I’ll give you a list of Pakistanis dramas! Which are much much better than these indian dramas! Why dont you leave these dumb shows which has no any story and not any sense! What say?

      • tia

        i dnt about rishi but saba i want that list im fed up f this seria,and i have heard that pakistani serials are realistic in approach and finite pls give me the list,thank you in advance

    • Saba

      Hey Tia! I got the question of rishi! And thanks for your concern dear! Yeah there’s a long list of pakistani serials! I give you name of some of them which also my favourites! You can search these on youtube from first episodes:
      • humsafar
      • Dyar-e-dil
      • man jali
      • pyare afzal
      • noorpur Ki rani
      • gul-rana(on air nowadays)
      • Mol
      If you find these interesting must tell me!you can also search one drama “Kala paisa pyar” this is Turkish drama but you can find it translate into Urdu in youtube! Thanks dear for clarification

    • Saba

      Hey Tia! Do you know hindi? If you know Hindi? Then you understand Urdu also! Its same as hindi! You can easily understand

  33. Saba

    Hey dini and anusha! I’ve posted next part from morning and now its on the admin who uploaded next part on page!

  34. khushi

    hey I didn’t find ur nxt episode post how can I find it can u plz send any URL I jst really want to read it or tell me d way to find it..plzz @saba

  35. tia

    hey i understand rishis point i think he is saying that in ff just the name of sanskar is important nt his character in the ff
    the character which he potrayed in swaraginiis is not maintained in all ffs but still ppl drool over swasan n forget the reason why they adore the couple actually,
    al they want is the girl swara and boy sanskar to be together no matter what!
    i think now ucan answe his question better and rishi even i share the same thougts

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.