Swasan a path hate to love Episode 6


Hey guys! Thanks for liking this ff and I think Shanaya character suit on Ada Khan from nagin. I also like shagun, but she’ll not suitable with sanskar! Otherwise she’s perfect for this character. Well guys! I’m trying my best to upload its new part too!
Recap:swara got the ritual of desert making and raglak asked her about their love story while fb shows swasan first meeting.

Scene 1:
Sanskar gets up and finds himself laying on the floor. Last night because of anger, he hung over and didn’t know that when he was asleep on floor. He gets up with heavy mind and ordered Lavanya to make lemon juice. He recalls about her and furious that she hurt his ego.:”how could she do with me? She doesn’t know me, and ill tell you who am I?”

He again broke the glass of lemon juice and called Shanaya.:”when will you coming here?” Shanaya:”what happened sweetheart? Didn’t you find anyone?” Sanskar:”dont talk about anything else, come Delhi, as soon as possible, otherwise ill come jaypur and ruin your project”
Shanaya understands his condition, but she’s the only one in the world who can understand him from core. :”ok! Dont do anything, im coming as soon as possible” she knows his anger very well. Sanskar:”good to you” He disconnected the call and again recalls his insult. He tried to compose himself. Take a bath and leave for office. After arriving office, he calls payal. Payal:”may I come in Sir?” Sanskar:”come and take a seat” she obeyed him. Sanskar:”you know you look gorgeous in short curls” She shocked to listen him because she doesn’t has short curl, she has long straight hairs. She’s about to say something but recalls something and says:”sir…” Sanskar raises his hand:”don’t need any excuse, tell me your demand, why are you flattering on me?” Payal “actually sir! I need some money”

Sanskar in same cold tone, derive a check book and sign cheque for her:”keep it, now answer my questions, and tell me only true! Believe me I’m not depending on one source, so if you dont tell me truth, your family will know your short curls” She afraid from him because before two years ago, she went for honeymoon with his boyfriend and that time, she has a short curls. And she gets know that sanskar will not leave her, if she betrayed her. :”yes sir!” Sanskar with fire in his eyes:”that’s girl, who insult me, what’s her name?” Payal:”swara?” Sanskar:”tell me about her friends and how much do you know about her, all this?” Payal:”she’s best friend of my sister siya!

I dont know about her family so much, but siya has a college friends group with two boys and three girls, she’s one of them, as I know her she’s so limited and just concern about her four friends and family, she’s doing her graduation and good sense of music, she’s ambitious girl who…” Sanskar stops her.:”enough for me, which type of character she’s bearing?” Payal thinks for a while, she understands his interest in her and gets jealous but she knows the result of lie:”she has a good character, she never get close to anyone specially boys, but she has a good friendship with her group members Rahul and ayan, but she never hanging out with them” Sanskar:”hmm good! You can go and give a classified to hire a new secretary, sorry Payal! I dont need unprofessional girl, I hope you’ll give me resignation letter now” he said with cold fake smile. And his coldness afraid her. Payal nodes and goes to her cabin and he’s thinking the new plan.

Scene 2:
Laksh:”tell me Bhabhi?then what happened?” Swara:”then sanskar got know about my college and follow me daily, I think maximum one month I saw his car next to my college” Ragini:”wow!! Cool… Then?” Swara:”then one day….” Fb shows that after that incident, she noticed silver Mercedes next to her college, she wanna ignore it but cant because she knows very well, no one is so much rich in her college to afford this car. Sometimes, she thinks that she saw a same party man in car, but she ignored this. One day. She was leaving college and there was no one with her. That car is drive slowly with her.she noticed but ignore. Suddenly she stops that car will give its way but it also stopped and payal’s boss come out from it. He doesn’t say anything, just stands with his car. She took her way and he followed her.

Sanskar:”may I drop you miss swara gadodia?” Swara shocked to listen:”just measure your way and dont follow me” she warned him and he comes close to him. Sanskar:”this is not my way to follow any girl, but im helpless because I like you, and when I like something, ill follow it, until I get it” Swara:”how dare you? I’m not toy, just go to hell” She went from here but this time sanskar isn’t follow her just smirked. While swara got afraid in her heart because she can understand that this man has a wide source, so he can harm her. (in present) swara:”then he come to me and said he liked me, but I’ve ignored him after that I didn’t saw him for long time.

Scene 3(past with sanskar’s point of view),
Shanaya and sanskar are hanging out on Sanskar’s mansion. Shanaya:”this drink for my friend who loves someone” Sanskar laughed and hugged her tight, they were so close and in comfort position with each others. Sanskar:”hahaa!! Love isn’t create for me, dont talk to me as typical girl, love emotions… Hahaha! Nothing but a joke, figment of fool’s mind” he closes her. Shanaya:”ok! Don’t love her but marry her, how long you live like that?” She kept glass on table and shut the cock upon bottle. Sanskar:”why don’t you join comedy show Shanaya? Again joke of the year! (he stands up and laughs vigorously like a mad)

I cant marry someone, all girl are trapping me because of my wealth, I cant marry with that type of girl, and a girl doesn’t want wealth, who’ll not marry me because of my past and my character! So im happy with you” he throws her on bed and comes on her. :”why dont you marry me?” Shanaya pushes her and laughs:”marry and with you?…hahaha sanskar!! Now you’re mist joking, I cant bear you as a husband! If i dont know then ill must happily agree, but you know im Shanaya and Shanaya will never make a flop deal” Sanskar enjoys her taunt and hold her tight:”you’re right my sweetheart” he downs to her. Shanaya:”a sweet and innocent girl will suit you, not a girl who is a flying bird” Sanskar:”like swara” Shanaya:”bingo!! I got you, you love her” he looks her face and thus face changed into swara’s face and he jerks and get up. Sanskar:”what the hell? Why this girl come in my mind again and again”

Shanaya:”why aren’t you confess that you love her and want her” Sanskar:”I want her, but as I observe, she’s a good girl, I cant get her to disgrace her” Shanaya holds his shoulder:”go and get her, give her your name, I know that type of girl, she’ll give you herself definitely” Sanskar:”as a girl, you dont care about her wish” Shanaya jerks:”why am I care about her? Look sanskar! You’re the only one in this world whom I care about, there no emotions between us, but more than that! I can feel this girl will complete your life, go man! Take your life, why should I care a stranger girl over you, I care my friend, if you want then get her” Sanskar:”are you sure?” Shanaya with proud smile:”I always sure” sanskar smirks and holds her.

Scene 4: Present
Everyone are on dining table when sanskar arrives. Sanskar:”why you called me lucky?” He takes blessing from sumi and AP and goes to laksh. Laksh:”because Bhabhi first time, made lunch, so you’ve to take this, we’re also here, so you’ve to stay here, dont need to go back to office” Swara is afraid of sanskar reaction but sujata whisper in her ear:”dont worry! For lucky, he’ll never say no” and as sujata said, he nodes and cancel all today’s work. Everyone on the dining table while swara is serving everyone. He feels she shivers when she serve him, he smiles on her but doesn’t say anything.

Sujata and AP are praising swara’s cooking while ragini and sumi are know about it. Laksh:”Bhabhi! This is really awesome!! And this is gift from me” he handover a gift to swara. She smiles and thanks him. Sujata and AP also gives her gifts, even ragini and sumi also give her gift. Laksh:”now Bhai! It’s your turn to give a gift but first tell me how much do you like her food?” Sanskar smiles lightly and says:”actually I didn’t know about gift ritual, so ill give her later and food… Food is really good, you’ve all guts of good wife” Everyone smile and laksh says:”what Bhai? You’re such a bore! You dont know how to praise” Sanskar: “then you tell me how to praise?” Laksh:”take a tips from me then how to praise to girl… First.. Ouch maaa…” Ap holds her ear:”I think i should give you tips to being a good guy” Everyone laugh, after lunch young party went on swasan room while women are gossiping in lounge.

There’s a winter, so laksh takes out the basket of dry fruits and now eating and listening music. (in woofer) Laksh:”this is not only for me? Why are you not taking this? Take it ragini” Ragini hesitantly took some of them, sanskar company him because theyre brothers so they share many habits while swara excuse her that she doesn’t need it. Sanskar:”how dont you need it? You need it, take it?” Sanskar says in low tone but swara understands order in his words so she starts eating silently.

Ragini:”oho!! What an obedient wife you are swara! But I’m happy that you got sanskar jiju” swara smiles sadly. Laksh:”now your turn Bhai! Tell me how were you propose Bhabhi?” Sanskar recalls the day. When he decided to marry swara. He followed her again in the way of college. Finally she fed up and shouts on him:”why are you following me? Dont you have any work to do?” Sanskar comes to her with his special smile and holds her hand:”because I want you, will you marry me?” Swara jerks:”you’re mad and leave my hand please” swara tried to free her hands. Sanskar:”first tell me yes” Swara:”I’m not interested in marrying a guy like you?” Sanskar:”why? Tell me what do you want? I can give you all luxuries of life” swara freed her hands and slapped him hard:”im not a thing that you’re pricing me! You can never get me and again you follow me, ill complaint to police” Sanskar is shocked to see her reaction and fumes:”I challenge you miss Swara! One day you’ll beg to me that I’ll marry you and from that day, you’ve to pay for your slap” Swara stops for a while :”in your dreams” she said and went from there.

Precap:”sanskar make a plan to trap swara, swara comes to him and propose him”

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Thank you soooo much Tara! That you like my ff and my sanskar! Hahaha! Well dear as I said that its not possible now, till my exams will complete or ill complete”im yours” and thanks alot dear and sorry sweetie you’ve to wait for a bit! I’m also like that type of person like a real man but I love Sanskar as he’s because of his pure heart in drama!

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    1. Thanks lucky and you’re getting on right path, he has place in his heart but because of his ego he doesn’t give importance to any kind of emotions! Yeah swara will do that but for it, she has to love him first

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    1. Thanks dear to like my fiction and his character! Iโ€™ve answer of your all questions but I donโ€™t wanna spoil your suspense! When his past will reveal in further episodes, youโ€™ll know about the reason of his actions dear! And as I said that he loves himself first!

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    1. Thanks alot Tania! I make him mysterious and personally I love mysterious character! He’ll not change so soon! Maybe he’ll never change, just wait dear you’ll know everything

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    1. Hey leku! Thanks dear for understanding! Shanaya is only character which is not related to real track, so I try my best to make her interesting well, you know his feelings towards her but as an arrogant man he’ll not accept it soon and thanks again leku! Love you dear and stay blessed

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    Thanks tani, divya and chinni! I always read your name in comments portion, thanks guys for your support
    thanks devi and kiara! Yeah hayathi! He’s typical, many people are typical, it isn’t matter if he’s also included in them

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    1. Hey bhuvi! Happy to see you again, you’ll always get my point perfectly! But this time, you lose a little, yes he has kind side too but he married her because he’s stubborn man and doesn’t want to get her in another way to disgrace her! Thanks alot dear!

      1. Ya… I got it now honey….

  16. Thanks dear to like my fiction and his character! I’ve answer of your all questions but I don’t wanna spoil your suspense! When his past will reveal in further episodes, you’ll know about the reason of his actions dear! And as I said that he loves himself first!

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    1. Hey kritika! Thanks for your concern! Please correct the spelling of “Shiekh” and im from Karachi dear!

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    2. I hate you Kashis for irritating me! But im glad you again missed the last spot!
      Yeah I have thought so much about Shanaya’s character! Yeah she has a heart but only for Sanskar! You’ll know the reason behind it! Why is she care about any stranger girl over her friend?
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