Swasan a path hate to love Episode 5


Recap:sujata comes swasan house and swara thinks about Sanskar’s mystery.

Scene 1:
Next morning swara gets up the voice of knocking the door. She puts on the gown and opens the door. There’s sujata:”chori! You’re still sleeping, comes outside immediately! Today I’ve to do ritual, you’ve to cook desert to start kitchen” Swara:”mom! Sanskar is sleeping!” She looks at him who’s still sleeping. Sujata:”wake up him and comes outside, I’m waiting for you” Swara tensely nodes but recalls Sanskar last night words and doesn’t understand that how to handle this sandwich situation between mother and son. She hesitantly goes to him and slowly shakes his shoulder:”sanskar!! Wake up!” Sanskar:”what’s your problem Shanaya! Let me sleep” he changes the side and she’s curious to listen name of girl from his mouth. Suddenly sanskar sees her and wakes up slowly.:”why you wake up me? There’s time to go office” he looks the clock to check the time. Swara:”mom told me to do ritual to make desert” Sanskar stands up and looks her:”you’re my wife, not my mom! And as I told you, do whatever in my absence, but when im at home, always stay in front of my eyes” he goes to washroom, while she nodes:”oh god! Save me from this mother and son conflict” Sanskar comes out after take a bath and finds her in thought.:”what are you thinking?” He goes to dressing table to comb his hairs while swara is still in night dress. Swara:”nnnn… Nothing”

Sanskar smiles and says:”I know!, you can do ritual what mom was telling but after my leaveing from home” Swara smiles and takes courage:”please allow mom to stay here, please” Swara is also fearing in heart but she doesn’t want to ask sujata to leave the house. Sanskar puts on blazer and looks her with smile:”ok! She can stay here, till you obey me, this is reward of your hug” Swara smiles and goes for changing the dress. While Sanskar is thinking:”I know you must think that who’s Shanaya, she’s very special to me, because she was the source of our relationship and our first meeting” he reminisces something. Fb shows the view of 2 years ago where sanskar was at his office and someone knock the door. It was the voice of his secretary, Payal. Payal:”may I come in sir” Sanskar is working on laptop and itz his habit that while working he doesn’t concentrate on another things. He allows her to come in without taking his eyes off from screen and stopping his fingers. Payal comes inside and says:”sir! Today is my sister’s birthday party” her voice is flattered. Sanskar:”so? Do you want birthday gift for her” Payal with happiness:”yes off course sir! I mean sir if you come on her birthday party, it’ll be gift for her” Sanskar stops his work for a while:”you know very well im not used to make relationship with my staff! So please may you leave?” He said in cold tone. She’s about to leave with disappointment but Sanskar calls her:”one more thing, I’m your boss!

Don’t talk with me flattered tone and dont wear this seductive dresses and make a pose like this. I hate hypocritical person, so be professional if you wanna work here, now get out from here” She leaved and he started his work when his mobile got a message with special ring tone, he read message and fumed:”what the hell is this” He called on that particular number, someone attended the call:”what the hell is this Shanaya? Are you leaving for Jaypur?” Shanaya:”oh my darling? Why are you worried, this is matter of one night” Sanskar:”you know very well, I can’t walk without you and I’m not in mood to take a sleeping pills” Shanaya giggles and said:”there are lots of girls around there, specially you’re secretary who always trying to trap you, why dont you try of her?” Sanskar with proud smile:”you know very well I dont make relationship with my staff, this is against my profession, she already invited me for her sister’s birthday party, and I refused her and second ill never try for girls, girls try for Sanskar Maheshwari” his tone is witness of his proud and arrogance. Shanaya laughs with sophistication:”you’re right!

But I’ve ti leave, I don’t wanna leave this project, you know very well my career is my first and last love” Sanskar:”yeah I know! But what about me, Dr already warned me about sleeping pill that it can harm my health and you know I don’t wanna die so soon” Shanaya smirks:”don’t worry! Devil can’t die so soon” sanskar fully rejoice her taunt. :”you know I love your boldness, and you’re only in the world who can talk to me in this tone” Shanaya with bitter smile:”I had hard effort to reach this level” Sanskar in serious tone:”I know” Shanaya:”ok now I’ve to leave. You go to party of your secretary and choose a fresh piece for tonight” Sanskar:”yore such a *****(abuse), you’re talking about your own gender like this” Shanaya:”truth is bitter dear but this is truth, ok now I’ve to go ill catch you later” she disconnected the call. Shanaya was belong to middle class family and was doing job in his business partner’s company. She had lots of dreams and minimum sources to gain it. She’s also impatient to gain a luxurious life style and ready to do anything for it. So Sanskar fulfill her all desires and she fulfill his desires. This was matter of give and take, no place of emotions. But sometimes when he needs a good friend, Shanaya is always there, she is a girl with lots of desire but not bad from core.

Scene 2: Swara wears green suit with red net dupata and make ponytail. She always made ponytail before marriage but there’s no restriction of ponytail, so she makes it. She comes downstairs and finds ap, lucky, sumi and ragini. She takes ap blessing and hugs Sumi and ragini. Sujata:”I called them to come here for your dessert making ritual” Swara:”thanks mom! Where is sanskar?” She looks here and there. Sujata:”he leaves for office, I told him to took breakfast but he was in hurry” Swara understands that he wasn’t in hurry, he just doesn’t want to take breakfast with Sujata. They take breakfast together with light conversation.

Scene 3:
Laksh told all favourite dishes of sanskar and now she’s making a complete meal of today and laksh and ragini are giving company to her while ap, sumi and sujata are helping her. After marriage she first time feels much relief and happiness. Laksh:”hey bhabhs! Tell me the love story of yours and Bhai” Ragini:”yeah swara! I also want to know, you never told me also” Swara is confused but said slowly:”actually we were meet in birthday party of my friend” She recalls the moment, when she was in birthday party of her friend: Her friend Siya is her best friend and her sister Payal is introducing her boss to everyone. Siya to her:”swara I want a song from you at my bd” Swara:”no dear! There’s crowd, I can’t” Siya:”I dont know anything, you’ve to sing” her friends force her then she agreed to sing. Swara:(she’s simple girl in this ff) aye humnava!! Mujhe apna bana lay Sukhi pari dil Ki is zameen ko bhiga dain Hun akaila Zara hath barha dain Sukhi pari dil Ki is zameen ko bhiga dain” Everyone mesmerized to listen her voice specially special one who’s create for her. Sanskar gets up from the seat and comes close to her to see the owner of this melodious voice. (kab se mai dar dar phir phir raha…. Musafir! dil ko panah dain Tu awargi ko meri, aj thahra dain) Sanskar feels that her words are the voice of his heart and requesting for this girl. After completing the songs all are clapping and starts dancing with their partners. Payal:”don’t you dance sir?” Sanskar:”off course! But as per my rules, I dont make relationship with my secretary, so do you want dance or your job?”

Payal got her “limit” from his words and steps back. He goes to swara with ful of proud and arrogant that she’ll feel herself lucky to dance wth him, but he wanted more than dance from her. Sanskar:”will you dance with me miss?” Swara is drinking soft drink lonely, because her all friends are dancing. :”no mr! I’m ok” she refused. Sanskar comes close her:”ok! If you dont wanna dance, then we can talk” he sits with her. Swara:”excuse me! Are you in yor senses? I’m not interested to talk with you, please leave from here” Sanskar feels extreme insult after her refusal:”I Think you dont know me” Swara stands up with rage:”I know you’re boss of payal di! So what? You’re not my boss and if you’ll be then I dont care, I do what I want, so may you leave otherwise ill talk to my friend about your misbehaving” Sanskar comes in full rage:”how dare you to talk to me?” He holds her arm:”you dont know me! If I’m talking to you with polite tone! That doesn’t mean you can talk to me like that, you dont know me” She jerks his hand, everyone is looking them:”you dont know me Mr! Will you leave? Otherwise ill talk to my friend to ask you leave” Payal comes to them immediately:”swara! He’s our guest , why you talking to him” But Sanskar raises his hand:”don’t need to say anything(turns to Swara) ill see you, dont think that I’ll leave you so easily” He leaves with rage.

Swara:”we met at my friend’s birthday party, he asked me to dance but I gently refuse, maybe that time he liked me or feel something for me but he leaved from there but next day…” Ragini:”what happened next day?” Fb shows in sanskar’s point of view: He arrived at home with full rage and broke out the stuff of his room:”how dare she refused to me and talked to me like this? Who is she? Just a typical middle class girl, who think that she’s so precious, now ill tell her the price of her”

Precap:in present all family get together, in past, shanaya’s entry!

Hey guys! Tell me who play the character of Shanaya! She’s little evil but not have bad intention

Credit to: Saba

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  1. so saba dear…….when can i expect the next update ???????????

    1. i think shanaya can be shagun (anita) of yhm

  2. Its superb Saba!!! I m in lv wid uhr ff! πŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks jay, dil and kiara! No she’ll not create any problem!
    Thanks jyoti! Thanks jenny im also think shagun is suitable for this role
    Thanks fantasanta! Thyll realise the love but first they’ve to fall for each others.
    Thanks rs, sakshi and cherry!! I like your cherries
    Thanks roja! Thanks Shanaya for your suggestion! Thanks alot hadi to comment

  4. No dear… Actually Wat am trying to say is he can send every night with nw nw gals… But no… He was having relation wit oly shanaya til she is der wit him… There is no love or commitment btwn them… But still he want shanaya oly… Y did he get hyper Wen she told that she is to leaving Jaipur for one night… So i thought he is genuine to this illegal relation…may b i was wrong…

    1. Hey you should read 50 shades of grey.. this story is smthng like that…but far better. That novel shows BDSM type relationship.. it has 2 more parts. Hope you can now understand relationship between shanaya and sanskar. And sanskar desire.

      1. Ya dear.. I ll read it for sure. .. N thanq πŸ™‚

    2. Yeah bhuvi! You’re right, he’s genuine to his relationship with shanaya! and kiara now im also eagerly read this book “50 shades of grey” and one more thing what is bdsm type relationship ?

      1. well dear BDSM stands for bondage discipline; dominance submission; sadism masochism. its a kind of erotic s*xual behaviour between the concerned partners.. hope u get cleared saba!! sweety..

  5. I m last to comment.. I loved it… though sanskar is rude but logical & true to her illogical relationship.. I think he is a kind of boy who what to be dominant over her partner.. can’t see him with any other male.. so its my thinking that shanaya must have gone wrong there which hurt poor sanskar a lot.. so as a reflection of that she treats swara like that.. but saba, I hate u… you have made him so bad.. so as a punishment for that I commented last…

    1. Hey Kashis! I didn’t heard this type of relationship!
      Finally I got your comment! Shanaya isn’t a reason of his behaviour! And pleasssssseee yar dont punish me like that I always enjoy your comment! This is not a good punishment!
      And you’ll find her as a loyal friend of sanskar! I dont reveal so much! So it’s your punishment you have to read him in this attire! Hahaha ?

  6. A diff Sanskaar bt it’s good.I think Shanaya entry ll make SWASAN realize their love for each other I hope??

    1. Thanks akalya rockstar! Yeah they’ll realize but their love is complete different from typical love and care! I’m glad you like it

  7. u r a wonderful writer.. I usually don’t comment but ur ff made me to do this. I don’t know what to say but yeah u r a superb writer. and I think so sanjeeda sheik may be suited for shanaya’s role…

    1. Thanks rabia and thanks dear for your suggest

  8. this concept is totally from 50shades of grey! and why dont u accept it? this is not originally urs so why potraying like that

    1. Hey dear rishita! I really didn’t read English literature, except my course books (im student of English literature) and if I write on this book, I dont need to pretend dear! As I said initial that this ff is inspired from the novel “jo chalain to Jan se guzar gae” but not with the same story, I’ve another story idea. Well I should clear your point of view, if you read my diary, you’ll get the name of fifty above stories, then why am I need to write to take others story then I’ve more than fifty stories of my own.
      And as I said that I’m influence by Urdu literature, not English (yeah I add some bold scene, which isn’t allow in Urdu literature), there’s common Urdu literature that a rich spoil fall on a girl, who forcefully marry with her and change after marriage.
      If you dont believe then search on youtube drama “jo chalain to Jan se guzar gae” and learn Urdu to read our novel. And you’ll not believe on me then thanks again telling me that I’ve a great mind which match with a famous book

    2. hey rishita sorry to interrupt between u both. but I have already read this book and its sequel as well. but the 3rd part I still don’t get time to read. and to clear your confusion, that book is totally dependent upon BDSM relationship.. but this ff is not like that… as that was of mutual consent but here it is forced on swara.. a spoiled brat wants to get her by hook & crook… both r a bit similar but lots of dissimilarity.. do read this ff once to know the real difference dear… sorry if I hurt u.. saba!!! u go girl…

      1. Even in sorry to interrupt u guys..and kashis u r absolutely right..i finished that book series…its little bit common but lot of difference in saba storyline…I don’t feel like its so same story..and sorry if its hurt u…!!!!

      2. Ofcourse it has a striking resemblance and the way saba hints at sanksars past reminds me only of that novel! And saba be proud that u have thought which is at the same level of novel bcos i personally hate fifty shades! And thus my outburst when i see sanskar in such a role.

  9. this concept is totally from 50shades of grey! and why dont u accept it? this is not originally urs so why potraying like that,still i like ur ff

  10. its awesome. I just love ur ff’s. sry I cldnt comment before. eventhough sanskar doesnt love swara, he doesn’t wnt her to talk to any male frnds anymore n swara is ly his. his care for her can b seen. swara is feeling protected in his arms even after getting hurt a lot in fst nt. shanya is someone very spl ly bcoz c made him meet swara. sandwich btw mom n son conflict. its just amazing. i’m yours too is reaching its end I guess. wtng eagerly for next epi of both ff’s . u r an excellent writer. all the best for ur career

    1. Thanks alot Sri! And welcome here for commenting and thanks for observing my ff with depth

  11. No, I am the last one to comment.
    But I loved this episode( sanskar’s smile πŸ™‚ )
    Love u saba api. Waiting for ur next update.
    Best of luck for your xams..

    1. sry Tania! I missed the last spot.. but next time, I will be last.. ha ha ha

    2. Thanks alot sweetie! Uff dont remind me about exams! Nowadays these are nightmare for mw!! Uff and thanks again dear!

  12. Wat to say..love u saba and ur Ff.trust me u r like a professional writer.this type of imagination only u can do .Especially sanskar and shanaya conv “devil can’t die soon”. That whole conv was brilliant, it seems like a Bollywood movie, SRK Ki Don movie dialogue came in my mind ” muje janglee billi pasand hai..”
    U know saba I love sanskar character not bz of his cute face, I like him through swaragini and off course in veena’s Ff, kashis ff , ur “am urs”. Sometimes I really wish god i want this type of guy in my life ..plz give me..haha.
    But saba on this Ff u made him such a kameena ki , made me cry and ,that first night molestation ..horrible .as a girl i can’t bear that sitution.wen I read ur name under the Ff really shocked.
    But now u made me fall on ur ff yaar…ithena pyar hogaya ki muje sanskar ki -ve shade phi chalega..haha. Bz I respect u as a writer

    1. thanks. sethooty for the honour dear… and look saba!! I have earlier told u na girls like sanskar for his character in swaragini.. not because of his cute face.. and sethooty dear! may god fulfill ur wish soon.. I hope u will get ur prince charming… and saba dear!! come soon.. ur presence is required now..

      1. Hello kashis…not only character even his innocent face expressions also dear….

      2. Haha thank u kashis,only our destiny will say who will join u in life’s journey.hmm hope for d best..

    2. Thanks alot sethooty to come here! Actually I also wonder that how am I writing this bold ff with such boldness! (you observe that there’s nothing like that in im yours). Yeah also I love Sanskar in every shade, either he’s bad or good! We all love him because of his character in swaragini! May Allah give you that type of man! But I never with that because I know god perfectly know that which type of guy is suitable for us! So I never asked him to give me that particular type of guy!
      Love you too Sethooty dear! Pray for me to be a professional writer because its my aim of life, thanks alot for your motivation.
      Yeah I also love this convo! Even I repeated in mind many time this line:”devil cant die so soon”
      Thanks again dear for your love! I didn’t know that my initial stories will read by indian people!! Hahaha! Destiny always plan something new for me

      1. Hy Rockstar ua already a good writer as I told before bcoz u make ppl travel along ua stry which a perfect writer do n u did tat and I’m damn sure u ll be the best writer n ofcourse ua books ll be the best seller ? U’ll juz rock Literature Rockstar as u doing it now ??

      2. Trust me saba..u will definitely become a famous writer, that much spark on u..my prayers r always wid u..Dr. ” wen u really want something all the universe conspires in helping u to achieve it”. (Well this is my fav quote from ‘alchemist’.. ).u have ur own 50 above stories in ur diary, then y did n’t u published it yet.

      3. Ha saba I know its up on god who desires our destiny. BT I want that someone who loves u unconditionally . Yes there are many people in earth who’s love is pure, intense,deep, thatz y we hav Thajmahal yaar.In realeal life I met many people like dat.

    3. Hey Kashis! I’m here dear! I was also waiting for your comment! But it wasn’t uploaded! And yeah dear! We love him because of his character, I also love him because of his character, don’t take me wrong! Well this type of sugar pie are not available in Pakistan! There isn’t any devta type banda! All are human being, please send one or two Pakistan too! Hahaha! Well we love varun because of his nature! Love his nature yar! But this type of banda isn’t available in real life!
      Well Kashis! Dont dare to comment last, I want your comment first please sweetie
      And yeah kritika! I’m writing next episode!

    4. Hey sethooty! Thanks alot dear for your appreciation! And In Shaa Allah ill complete my all stories! I’m bit lazy to write on pages, this is the reason of incompletion of my stories! Well after getting your encouragement ill surely write those all
      And thnks again dear

  13. When r u going to write the next part..

  14. God! Saba u r jst amazing writer!! :-*
    Feels like m addicted to ur ffs ….
    Come soon v all r waiting & Good luck for ur exams!! πŸ™‚

  15. Sethooty & Kashis I feel d same…. hihi πŸ™‚

  16. pls update the next part soon I m waiting….

  17. Please tell when you upload next ff and as always very very good and l love it much

  18. Ok fine maybe ahe didnt do it intentionally but how can u say she can become proffesional writer i agree she is mindblowing in recreating scenes but u can find errors in every 5 lines.n u womder whether they are errors or typos or ?!
    Hope u dnt take my criticism in wrong way and improve so that u wont let me point ur mistakes next time! Anyways i dnt know whether u will end up being a profeasional writer or not.but if u do i wish u to be the greatest so im criticising you.do mind it!

    1. Hey rishi! Thanks alot dear for your nice concern! Yeah you’re right there’s many mistakes, but it has reasons
      First I never proofread it because of time and second this is not my language! I’ll write professionally in my own native language and im perfect in it. And yeah right dear im going used to, to bear criticism! You can and thank you you did it for me! I’ll not jump at once, I’ll learn, make mistake, practise then ill achieve it! If Dr cant become Dr without house job and study! Then how writer become writer?
      Well dear! I already faced many criticism in both my ff because I chose different path! Dont worry im not feeling bad! You stay connected to criticise me and one more thing, must see my ff after my exams! Thanks dear stay blessed! If you read this comment must reply it! I’ll wait

      1. Glad u took it in a pisitive way! I actuallt was antcipating something else.great it didnt go that way!.and u may think how bad iam to criticise u when all are showering praises on u? Ryt?!
        But i wanted u to know mistakes and these mistakes are not something u can improve by practice its just lack of care.for eg in all ur epis u use “nodes” which is wrong spelling of ‘

  19. *wrong spelling of nods

  20. And i wish i knew whether u re being extrasweet or sarcastic in ur reply.

  21. And u wont believe it but i had spend 4hours reading ur ff im yours yesterday.it was so tedious to go through all the pages and find all parts in a sequence!
    And the best thing is i have exam on wednesday! Bhagwan baachaye mujhe.

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