Swasan a path hate to love Episode 4


Hey guys! Thanks all of you for your positive feedback and dont worry about Sanskar’s character! He’s deep man, it’ll not easy to understand him, so just wait and watch guys! You’ll know about his good side also. And sorry raglak fans, as per its name, this story is only revolved around swasan, raglak are also there, but just for supporting characters. Sooo sorry guys for it.

Scene 1:
Swara goes to bed, sanskar comes to bed and says:”sorry I’m not used to sleep without my bed, so you’ve to tolerate me” He sits on a bed, take a sleeping pills and falls asleep. While swara is not feel good, but she feels relief because he’s sleeping and now she doesn’t need to fear from him. Stares him, he leans straight and puts his arm on his eyes. She notices that he’s used to sleep in this gesture. She comes close to him, night is wetting slowly slowly but full moon is smiling to see her movements. She recalls yesterday’s night and gets afraid and steps back. Swara turns side from him, a tears rolled down from her eye. She feels slow voice of his breathing and recalls their last moment. :”if he hates me, then why was he leave me” she again turns to him. He changes the side and now his face are in front of her. Night bulb is on and its dim light is doing black art in the room. His hairs are dispersed on his face and swara doesn’t believe that he’s the man, who doesn’t know the meaning of feelings. In sleeping, he comes to her hugs her, she’s in shocked, she’s afraid that either he’s sleeping or not. He looks his peaceful sleep, closes her eyes, feels protective in his arms, black magic is working on her. She falls asleep on his chest.

Scene 2 next morning: Sanskar gets up and finds her sleeping in his arms. He moves slowly and gets a bath. He goes downstairs and orders lavanya to take care of swara. He’s just leaving the home for office but he sees a car stops at his garage and Sujata gets down from the car with suit case. Sanskar:”what the hell is she doing here??” Sujata comes to him and hugs him but he’s in still cold position. Sujata:”beta! I thought my dil is new in this house. You’ll go for work, then there should be anyone who takes care her” Sanskar jerks:”there’s lots of servants to take care her” Sujata:”I know! But there’s so many rituals of new bahu, who takes the responsibility of it. And This is my responsibility as mother in law of her” Sanskar (with bitterness):”oh great!! Did you fulfill the responsibility of mother? And now you’re taking the responsibility of mother in law” Sujata is about to say something but they heard the voice of swara. :”who’s there Sanskar?” Both turns to her, swara sees sujata and takes blessing from her. Sujata to swara:”I come here for my only dil” Sanskar:”your Bhai sa permit you to stay here?” Sujata:”I gave reference to swara, and he’s not only permit me but also send shaghun for her” Sanskar:”I don’t…” But he looks swara’s confuse face and says:”ok mom! You take care your dil, I’m just leaving” Sujata:”god bless you beta” a tears comes in her eyes but she controls and brings swara to inside. He called Lavanya. Lavanya:”yes sir” Sanskar:”she’s my mom! Obey her but do careful about two things, first she can’t bring swara to outside, second listen their conversation carefully without their notice, I want complete report from you in evening” Lavanya:”ok sir!” Sanskar leaves the house.

Sujata is touring the house and swara tries to company her, but she still feels weakness. Sujata notices this and supports her to her room. Sujata:”you should take rest! I called that maid to bring breakfast for her” But Swara stops her:”aunty please I don’t want…” She comes to her:”first of all, call me mum” Swara gets alert because he recalls sanskar, he doesn’t want to take any punishment from him to disobey her mother. :”yes mom” Sujata hugs her:”you know, what you value for me, I saw hope in you” Swara is confused:”hope…? Sujata:”yes hope! He loves you so much, and you can change him, I can feel this” Swara in deep thinking:”love…” Suddenly she recalls their first night and nodes in no.:”no this is not love, this is his ego, his stubborn not love…” Sujata looks him with confusion and sits with her and holds her hands.:”I know he’s so hard but not for you, take me as your mother, dont think that I’m his mother, I’m with you in every thick and thin, just believes me” Swara looks her burst into tears and tells her everything. Sujata also gets worried to listen her. She wipes her tears and hugs her:”now don’t worry, I’m with you, he can’t harm you, you just help me to turn him back, I’ll do everything” Swara:”he cant change, he’s stone heart” Sujata:”he wasn’t like this, that chudail made him…” She tries to say further but someone knock the door. This is Lavanya. Lavanya:”ma’am breakfast is ready, may I bring in room or you both will come downstairs?” Sujata thinks:”bring breakfast here, and also tell me her medicines” Lavanya:”ok ma’am! And sujata ma’am! Sir gave a message for you, may you come outside the room” Sujata goes with Lavanya and she says:”sir said that if you want to live with swara ma’am then dont talk about him” she says just like robot. Sujata gets worried and understand that she’s spy of sanskar and now she can’t tell anything to Swara.

Scene 4: Sanskar comes in house but instead of going his room, he goes to study and calls Lavanya. Lavanya comes, he’s working on laptop. Lavanya:”yes sir!” Her attitude is perfectly like obedient servant, she doesn’t suspicious about his deeds, doesn’t ask any questions, just obey what he asks him to do. That’s the reason she’s staying here from long time. Sanskar(without off his eyes from laptop):”what’s the report” Lavanya:”I carried your massage to sujata ma’am, she didn’t say anything about you to swara ma’am, she was just taking care and pampered her all the day” Sanskar:”hmm… You can go”

Scene 5:
Sanskar goes to his room, where sujata asking swara to wear saree like typical Indian married woman but she’s denying continuously because she remembers his words. He smiles:”obedient girl” Both turns to him.:”mom! Don’t spoil my wife, I know how to treat her” Sujata wants to say something but swara presses her hand, so she stops. Sujata:”ok beta! If you like her in suit, then who am I to say something” He ignores her mom and turns to swara:”you now look better, I hope mom helped to recover your weakness, so maybe you can make coffee for me naa” Swara nodes but he recalls him:”listen my sweet wife” swara turns to him but doesn’t say anything. Sanskar:”now it’s your duty, to make coffee for me, when arrive at home like a good wife” swara nodes and leaves and sanskar comes to sujata. Sanskar:”why are you worried suddenly for my life, I know your intentions, so if you want I’ll not insult you and ask you to leave my house then don’t spoil her mind and dont intrupt in my house’s matter” Sujata:”but beta…” But Sanskar raises his hands and leaves from there in rage.

Scene 6:
Sanskar comes in room, while he comes to her, swara starts to saying:”I’m still ill… Dr told me to take rest until…” Sanskar starts laughing to listen her:”oh great!! Thanks to my mom who gives tongue in your mouth, but you should not forget that this is my house(he comes close to her) and what you considers me? An animal naa?” Swara nodes in no, but he turns to her and says:”I know you considers me as an animal, listen to me very careful, I cant tolerate that woman in my house, specially when she’s filling your ears, if you want your life, then ill not find her in this house” he shouts on her and she afraids from him and nodes while crying. Sanskar:”good girl…” He goes to bed :”now come to me” Swara doesn’t move because of fear from him. Sanskar:”this is mom influence that you’re not taking me serious, look swara! I’m not the man, who lives without woman, if you’ll not come to me, then I’ve to call someone else, do you want your husband with other woman?” Swara nodes in no and slowly moves to him. Sanskar holds her and removes her hairs from her face slowly.

There’s heavy silent in the room, swara is shivering because of fear, sanskar looks her with all his concentration. :”why do you afraid from me?” Then he holds her tight, she’s still shivering. Sanskar:”I think you’ll die soon, if I’ll close to you” tears are falling from her eyes and he irritates:”why you girls start crying?” He stands up. She comes to him and controls her tears:”I’m not crying” Sanskar:”you’re not crying then I’m idiot, swara I dont want this drama in my house” Swara from him and suddenly she comes to him and hugs him from back:”I’m sorry Sanskar, it’ll not happened further” He smiles victory and turns to her:”I said you, I got what I want” He cups her face and she’s looking down, her lips are shivering, he comes close to her and grips his arms around her. She slowly looks up to his face, there’s deep silence between them. He tighten his grip that he doesn’t wanna allow air to pass between them. He kissed her on her neck and whispers in her ear:”I like your bold step to hug me, this realized me that you’re mine, only mine, are you mine naa swara” Swara nodes slowly, he throws her on bed and goes to his side. He takes the pills and leans on his side with his same gesture and says slowly:

“I dont let you die, so enjoy your freedom until you recover your weakness” With the affect of pills, he falls asleep but swara is still starring her,:”what a mystery you’re sanskar?, you didn’t want to come close to me, you just wanna judge me, what’s paining you from inside? Who are you sanskar? You’re doing effort from two years to get me, how did I accept a characterless person as my husband? But dont understand why god choose you as mu life partner? What’s destiny planning for us? I don’t understand believe which face of yours, when you met me first , what you did with me first night, which face you disguise yesterday or now?” She sighs slowly and closes her eyes because she has full life to solve this mystery named sanskar.

Precap: Fb of swasan why both hate each others.

Credit to: Saba

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