Swasan a path hate to love Episode 3

Scene 1: Ragini is shocked to heard his words.

She looks herself, she’s wearing lemon simple frock with multi-shaded dupata. She’s making French braid and do light makeup. In her point of view, she’s looking beautiful but he considers her as maid. She feels so bad and starts crying.
She’s actually extra sensitive and extra innocent that a child can make her fool.
Laksh is surprised to see her crying because she’s just crying like a child:”you consider a beautiful girl maid? I’m look like maid?”
Laksh controls his laughter to see her crying because she’s look like a small child. Laksh is extra flirt, cool, sharp minded and such a natanki. He immediately got her nature and starts his nautanki.

He starts crying just imitate to her and says:”ohhh goddd!! What paap I’ve done to call this beautiful girl as maid” he’s crying loudly just like her. Ragini forgets her crying after sees him crying. Laksh:”ohh godd!! Punish me, I’m not deserve to live this world”
Ragini goes to him:”don’t cry please, im sorry” she is extra sensitive naa so doesn’t understand his acting and can’t bear him crying.

Laksh:”you’re not angry with me” Ragini:”no no.. I’m not angry with you and please forgive me” she comes close to him to console him. Laksh looks her astonishment that in this century, is there any innocent girl like her?

Laksh in his heart:”maybe she’s just pretending, to make you fall, lets test her innocence” Laksh:”ok! I’ll forgive you but I’ve condition ” Rgini:”what condition?” Laksh:”will you friendship with me?” He urges his hand to her.

Ragini thinks for a while:”first ill ask from dadi, if she permits me! Then ill friendship with me”

Laksh opens his mouth with shocked that she’s just a fool. But he nodes and leaves.

Scene 2:

Everyone is dining table and sujata and AP gave swara gifts and now they’re talking to her. When Ragini comes and greets everyone because she wasn’t meet them properly. Ragini takes blessing from elders. AP:”your both daughters are such have nice nature and respectful, im happy that your daughter is wife of our sons” All smiles, ragini goes to dadi and says:”dadi! Laksh asks me for friendship, may I become his friends?” All are shocked to see her. Laksh covers his face with embarrassment. Sumi and shekhar see here and there, dadi is tensed because she understands laksh’s nature. While ap is tensed to listen her words. Swara feels uncomfortable because she doesn’t want ragini closeness to laksh. Dadi smiles hard(she doesn’t say to laksh because its matter of Swara’s susral) but she smirks and says:”why not lado! He’s just like our son, you can friendship him, he’s just like your brother” everyone smiles while laksh coughs. All are sharing their views with each others and after dinner both families leave for their respective home.

Scene 3:

Sanskar comes to his room, swara is removing jewellery. He comes close to her, swara feels fear but doesn’t show it. He gives her a file. Swara:”what’s this?” Sanskar:”your munh dikhai from me! (he looks her wonder) dont worry this is not a divorce papers, because ill not leave you at any cost” She opens the file and wonders to see that this is papers of the sanskar’s mansion, which he transferred at the name of swara. Sanskar:”now this is your home, if I feel to leave you, then you dont need to move from there, ill leave this house” Swara is looking him with wonder, Sanskar:”dont take me as easy, and please dont wear saree in front of me, this is most irritating dress for me! And dont wear one piece, out of this room ok?” Swara nodes with obedience. Sanskar goes to dressing room but stops and says:”now this is your home, do whatever you want in this house, but there’s some rules” Swara is listening him with carefully and thinking in his mind:”again rules and restrictions for his prisoner” Sanskar moves to her:”first you’ve not allowed to go outside from house, if you wanna go to shopping or mom’s house, you’ve to first take permission from me, but you’ve not allowed to go outside lonely, calls ragini or badi maa! Second, do whatever at home, but when I come to home, you’ve to just do what ill say you, you’re not allowed to go away any where at home too, third! You can call anyone to home. But not that time, when I am at the home! When I’m at the home, your full concentration is for me right?” Swara:”I got it” Sanskar:”fourth, forget about your male friends, you’re not allowed to talk to them” he closed to her and holds her in his arms:”you’re just mine! I’ll not tolerate any sight on you” his hands are touching his bare waist, swara nodes with fear. Sanskar leaves him:”yeah one more thing, now your family is also mine, so there’s no one watching Ragini, she just like my sister and ill protect her and your family untill…”

Swara:”until?” Sanskar:”until you’ll try to leave me, if you leave me, then they’re no more part of my family, then I’ve right to do anything with them, you’re smart gurl and understand what I can do” he pats her face and go to dressing room.Scene 4: Sanskar at the terrace and holds the grill. His terrace are just outside from the room where first ray of sun are directly enter in his room. He designed this home, according to his desire. He touchs the flowers of Bougainvillea and recalls something. A sweet voice echoes in his ears.”you know Sanskar! When we build our house, I need a huge terrace after out room where we plant the flowers of Bougainvillea… Wow! This will be awesome” Sanskar:”then ill enjoy romance with you” A girl voice:”you always think about romance, I think after marriage, you’ll not allowed me to go outside the room” both laughs and their giggling voice echoes in his ears. Swara comes to him:”sanskar” Sanskar comes to senses and looks her. She’s wearing black long nightie with open hairs. He comes close to her, she steps back. He pins her to the glass wall.

Soft winds are blowing at terrace while sweet moonlight reflecting their face. She’s afraid and ready to bear new pain. He hold her and looks her, because of fear, she closes her eyes, he closes to her that he can easily feels her deep breath and racing of her heartbeat. Moonlight enlighten on her which increase the glow of her beauty, he mesmerized to see her in this fearing and innocence avatar. He’s about to kiss her then suddenly he recalls the Dr’s words :”if you want her life, dont close to her until she recovers” He looks her, leaves her, she opens her eyes. He pats her face and says:”go and take a rest” and leaves from there and swara is surprised to see him in this new disguise:”how many shades do you have sanskar?”

Credit to: Saba


    • Saba

      Yeah hayathi! You’re right, he has bitter past, every action has an opposite and equal reaction! If he’s reacting like that obviously its mean there’s some action behind his reaction.

  1. ahana

    gud yar
    sanskar slowly will realise his guilt..
    bt his rules our very tough ..
    cant imagine sanskar like this…

    • Saba

      I also dont know Lavanya! I got this idea and I apply this, but you’ll know the reasons behind his deeds, dont worry dear! If we plan something, we’ve always a reason behind it! I’m not feel bad, you can convey your opinion dear, this is your right

  2. aditi

    awesome yaar awesomeee but there ws a little scene of swasan plzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Akalya

    Hy Rockstar I read the 1st episode.
    Its entirely diff from I’m yours FF a diff genre n as u said hero is always a hero
    N it’s juz rocking lyk u The Rockstar ??

    • Saba

      Thanks akalya rockstar! Yeah this is different from im yours because if I carry same topic, then it’ll be boring naa?

  4. Shez

    Hey saba. Uz ff r ozm!!
    Ur M yourz too
    M a silent reader of ol d ff bt i specifically search fo urz!
    M a mbbs student nd hav such a rush on studies nd u made ol d prblm?
    I even cnt cncentrate on ma studies witout redng d ff! Each momnt m searchng fo d upload! Great job yar !keep goin

    • Saba

      Thanks shez! I cn understand this thing, because my exams are also close but I can’t stay away from myself to write next ff for you!! Thanks alot dear for take time to read my ffs

  5. Sravs

    Hey Saba.. Awesome yaar.. Just dying to read ur ff’s … Just loved the way u present.. Plz update soon…

  6. Sona

    Nice one
    Sanskar z tough to understand 4 swara
    Ragini z so innocent
    Loved ragini nature fully
    Waiting 4 nxt part
    Cont soon

  7. [email protected]

    Superb yaar

  8. leku

    Hey saba amazing dear…and sanskar behaviour made me remember story of “50 shades of___” and I love raglak scenes its funny…

    • Saba

      Thanks alot leku! You always comments your opinion regarding my ffs, this is great pleasure and dear did you mean 50 shades of grey? I did read Tha book but I read the name! Must tell me the name, after exams I’ll read In Shaa Allah

      • leku

        Ya saba its 50 shades of grey…actually its first book related lust n dominant character dear..but 2nd book is realize the feel of love..3rd book is love,marriage,misunderstanding
        …n happy ending…(but lot of romance in al part)

    • Saba

      Thanks leku! I’ll read that book after my examination, I also heard much about this book, but now ill must read it

  9. Aishu

    Saba..I don’t have any words to praise you now..I can feel the characters of you fiction through your words which makes me to wait eargerly for next episode.you know what I will check this many a times to just see your new uploaded part.

    • Saba

      Thanks aishu! I understand you check many times, but commonly I upload my ff in morning or night, you can check at afternoon also

  10. sethooty

    Superb Dr..I like this cute innocent ragini.wen I read her part , I can’t stop smiling haha… dadi’s reply was super. Lakshya’s character is also nice.waiting for …revelation of sanskar past….

    • Saba

      Thanks alot sethooty! I feel glade when I saw your name! Thanks dear! I also smile when I write their part

  11. bhuvi

    Wow… Superb…amazing… Awesome dear… Wat drastic rules … Excellent… I can feel his bitter past n possessive over Swara in present… He is not that bad as we thought in first episode… Someone’s betrayal or loss made him like stone hearted…i really lovd it… Interesting…wonderful episode…

    • Saba

      Thanks alot bhuvi! You always understand the real depth and purpose of my ffs! That’s a really good thing in you, you’re great positive critic and lovely encourager dear! Thanks alot… And you’re going at right path

  12. Saba…. its so good… entirely diff frm others.. ur imagination superb…. plz aftr xamz update alteast two epi in one day.. and no precap?? Pls post precap becoz it can kindle fans interest…. i gues… ???

    • Saba

      Thanks Daniela dear! Yeah In Shaa Allah after exams sure! And sorry dear for precap, as I said when I start writing, I forgot about everything, so its difficult to carry precap! I hope you understand! Well ill try my best to give suitable precap

  13. Tani

    Ur ff is awesome !!!
    I m a silent reader bt Ur writing skills compelled me to comment … just amazing!!! πŸ™‚

  14. Saba

    Priya! I’ll update next part tonight, yeah ahana! These are stricts rules, but you’ll know the reason behind it soon! Thanks varsha and aditi! I’ll try my best to upload next part soon

  15. Saba

    Thanks Sara, kiara, Tara and anu!Tara I read your ff, it was good dear! Thanks pari for praise! Thanks tani for breaking your silent. Keep in touch dear!
    Thanks swara, priya and shipali! I’ll try my best to upload next part soon..
    Thanks alot anuradha!!

  16. Saba

    Thanks sravs for liking my ff and im also dyeing to write more but sorry dear time issue and thanks sona! Yeah sanskar iz tough nut! But she’ll crack him because girl has power dear! Thanks dear you like ragini’s nature

  17. kashis

    is it anything left for me to comment? well, nice episode and bla bla.. but as u have already said each action has a cause and it will face a opposite reaction as well. I mean here how swara closed her eyes to again get the pain but he stepped back. loved that track. and actually a guy with grey shades is enjoyable to read.. as many folds will open in upcoming episodes.. u go girl…

    • Saba

      Yeah there lots of things are remaining for you, I always wait for your comment, because it’s worth for me, you’re right. I also thought this scene ten times, because I love that… And thanks dear for commenting, and yeah now ill must read that book

  18. Dil

    This is amazing story.. I lov it..eagerly waiting for next epi. Kindly continue plss.. Superb superb story

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