Swasan a path hate to love Episode 2


Scene 1:
Swara falls unconscious but Sanskar holds her before falls from stairs. He lift her and lay her down on bed. And calls Lavanya. Sanskar:”she gets unconscious, check her what happened to her, im calling Dr” He calls Dr while Lavanya make her get in conscious. Dr comes and check swara, she checks unconscious swara and sees sanskar with deplore eyes. Dr comes to her:” Mr Maheshwari! You’re educated man, I didn’t expect this type of act from you, she’s very weak. Maybe she didn’t eat anything from two to three days, and are you animal to do….” She stops to see him in anger.:”well if you want her life, take care of her, and dont go close to her until she recovers her weakness” Sanskar feels bit guilt in her heart but at next moment he neglect that guilt and orders Lavanya to make breakfast for her and give medicine her after breakfast. Lavanya nodes. He comes out from room and saw her from window. Lavanya makes her sit and gives her juice while she continuously refuse to her. He gets an idea and call someone.

Scene 2: Gadodia’s house: Everyone are at dining table and no one is eating anything because they’re missing swara.(story is different but characters are same as original track). Ragini:”maa papa! Dada ji dadi! Please eat something, after breakfast we’ll go to meat swara naa! And she’s also come here for pakh phairay(sorry if I write wrong spelling). Please dont be sad naa! I’m here” Shekhar looks her with sad smile:”one day you’ll also leave us and we’ll stay alone” everyone get emotional. Ragini hugs him and tries to console him while she heard ring of phone. She attends the call and happy to heard Sanskar’s voice. Ragini:”good morning jeju! How are you and hows swara?” Everyone is start concentrating on her after heard the name of swara.

Sanskar:”ragini! I’m good but your sister isn’t good, she gets angry with me and now she’s not eating anything to annoy me, so please if possible, you all come here and advocate me please, maybe she’ll eat something I’m worried about you” Ragini:”but today is her pakh pheras, she should come here” Sanskar:”actually im not believe on rituals and I dont want to leave her for one hour and you’re talking about one day, it’ll hard for me, and this the same condition, either you’ll come or us, main thing is meeting naa?” Ragini:”ok let me asked from elders” she asked to everyone. Dadi isn’t agree but shekhar advocates him and they’re agree to go their house. Ragini:”ok jiju! We’re coming in one hour” Sanskar says ok and orders her driver to bring the family of swara.

Scene 3: Swara’s family come to Sanskar’s mension and he meets with everyone nicely. After taking blessing of elders, he goes to Ragini. Sanskar:”thanks to come here, go to kitchen and ask Lavanya for breakfast, she’ll give you breakfast and make eat that to swara, and dont take my name, she’s angry with me naa! So..” Ragini smiles and feels happy on swara’s fate who gets the lovely husband like him. Ragini:”how am I… Means its your home” He understands her hesitation and smiles:”this is your house ragini, you’re just like my sister, dont feel hesitate, do what you want, if you want something, tell Lavanya without hesitation” Ragini gets happy and goes to kitchen.

Scene 4:
Ragini brings soup for swara and swara gets happy to see her.:”when were you come?” Ragini:”jiju call us” she told everything about their conversation. Swara tries to smile but feels bit relief that her family is satisfied from her side. She makes her drink soup and after that gives her breakfast too. Swara:”you wanna make me fat” Ragini in teasing mood:”I can see you the mark of love on your neck, so you need more energy to bear that love” Swara doesn’t want to blush but as an eastern and traditional girl, she blushes after heard that but bitterly smiles also because she knows that this mark is of hate, not love. Sanskar comes inside and says to Ragini. Sanskar:”I’m sorry sis! I need a favour too, you’ll find sarees in dressing room, please make her change and get ready, actually I call my mom too to meet her” Ragini:”finally you call your parents, well dont worry ill make her ready” Swara is tensed to listen about his family. He remembers that he never talk about his family, even his family didn’t come on her wedding also. When shekhar asks him about his parents then he replied that because of some reasons, they’re angry with him. But she didn’t know the reason. Ragini goes to dressing room and says:”wowww swara! This is like I’m in boutique, jiju brings every type of dress for you” swara recalls last night and thinks that why isn’t he inform her about dressing room. Ragini choose purple banarsi lehanga style saree for her. Swara refused:”this is so heavy please I cant wear” Ragini:”today is your munh dikhsi by your mother in law, so you must wear a dress like this, after that you’ll change” Swara nodes. Ragini makes her ready and does her make up and makes a beautiful one sided braid. Ragini:”you look stunning in this attire, come downstairs, everyone is waiting for you” Ragini notices that she feels uncomfortable while waking. She asked her that she’s ok but Swara replies that this is because she’s not used to wear saree and ragini gets satisfy.

Scene 5:
AP, sujata and laksh comes to Sanskar’s mansion. Sanskar introduced them to Swara’s family, they’re happy to meet with each others while Sanskar feels uncomfortable in the presence of sujata but because of swara’s family, he can’t say anything. Sujata:”where is our bahu sanskar?” Sanskar doesn’t reply her, Sumi:”where is swara? She’s taking so much time to get ready?” While they see Swara is coming downstairs with ragini. All are happy too see her. While laksh is mesmerized to see ragini and thinks in his heart:”Bhai hire new maid, she’s so beautiful, pities middle class girls who make servant just the sake of money. Sanskar has another girls as care taker, and these girls are pretty and clean so he observes ragini is also that because in meeting with swara all forget to introduce her and she’ll go to kitchen immediately (because Sanskar gives her responsibility to taking care of swara). Sanskar:”swara! This is my badi maa and this is my maa and that’s my brother laksh” swara takes blessing from elders and handshakes with laksh. She observes that his family is sweet. Not arrogant like him and specially Sujata shows extra concern to her. Sujata hugs her tight and kisses her while crying, all are shocked to see her concern. Sanskar gets embarrassed:”mom! Are you gonna eat her?” Sujata:”actually! I’m so happy to see her… I cant control my emotions” She wipes her tears and sit down on sofa, and makes swara sit down near her. All are talking while sumi and shekhar are happy to see Sanskar’s family and his concern for swara.

Scene 6:
Laksh comes inside the kitchen where ragini is making dum biryani specially for swasan. Laksh:”miss! Can you give me glass of water?” Ragini looks him with wonder and says:”there is fridge, and as I can see, your hand is perfectly right, go and drink water, otherwise orders to others servant” Laksh gets furious:”I’m already orders to servent” Ragini turns to him:”excuse me… Are you dumb?” Laksh:”you’ve no manners to talk with your boss” Ragini looks him with anger:”your brother married with my sister, that doesn’t means that you’re my boss, you’re just ill mannered person” Laksh shocked to see her:”you’re Bhabhi”s sister?” Ragini:”ohhj god!!! You take me as servant!!!” Screen freezed at their freezed face.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Soo nice yaar plzzzz nxt update soon….im lovin it!!!

  2. Ha ha ha ayyo laksh tho gaya

  3. Superb saba….just love it…raglak fight just awesome……waiting for nxt episode……

  4. ur ff completely different sujatha happy to see swara that completely opposite to serial bt i liked it….
    raglak first meet with nok jhok …
    n sanskar slowly realise his mistake i think
    pls update nxt part soon.. wt to know y sanskar hate his family

    1. Thanks Ahana! Yeah you’ll see a great bond between sujata and swara! And for to know the cause of his hatred! You’ve to read futher episodes and thanks for supporting!

  5. It’s Fabulous… yaar

  6. nice upload next part soon

  7. I luvd d episode…pls update d next episode soon

  8. saba it is awesome. ..plz update the next part soon

  9. Good one dr..i ve read ur previous episode, OMG sanskar is totally Negative, can’t imagine him like dat,I love sanskar charactr on swaragini,but later I thought may be u have some plan for different story track that’s y make him evil, am a big fan of ur Ff .u will definitely do something extraordinary… have full faith on u..

    1. Thanks Sara! And thanks alot sethooty to keep faith on me! I’ll try my best to make you satisfy with my this ff too! Keep in touch and sanskar isn’t evil, he just kamina type person!! But not from heart! You’ll know soon

  10. Wow another FF superb Rockstar go ahead N I hav replied fa ua confusion I hope u ll accept u as a Rockstar

    1. Hey akalya rockstar! Yeah I’ve read your comments on my im yours ff! Thanks to give me a name of rockstar! I’ll try my best to carry this name as trophy! Thanks again and must read its first episode too!

  11. Wow… Nice going… Sudden change in sans behavior… Don’t know how ll he behave next day… But super episode…

    1. Thanks bhuvi! You’re really good supporter! And yeah sanskar is deep man! It’s not easy to reveal him, so just wait and watch sweetie

  12. Nice epi saba….

  13. good one n don’t make sujatha negative plz

    1. Thanks akshitha! Sujata isn’t negative, you’ll find her great supporter of swara

  14. Very nice.,……… But please end this hatred of swasan and swara must go to mm house ……..?
    But update nxt episode sooon.,.,…..,………..

    1. Thanks Asha! It’ll end soon but for few episodes, enjoy this hatred too!

  15. Superb saba…. I love this track…. Sanskar in villan role… Waiting for your next ff

    1. Thanks aman! He’s hero, not villain dear! As I said “hero remains hero, either he’s bad or good”

  16. Amazing

  17. Osm osm osm.. super… let sanskar be like tis for sum more episodes yaar ?

    1. Thanks Tara! Can I ask something! I didn’t get you, you want sanskar as evil in some episodes or want him in guilt?

  18. Sanskar diff attitude….superb carry on saba

  19. Thanks hima for liking ths ff. And yeah hayathi! Laksh to gea, and thanks khushi dear!

  20. Thanks shanaya, varsha and anuradha for loving this, ill try my best to upload soon

  21. Thanks chinni and Daniela! Thanks aishu! Sakshi and surbhi and leku! I often read your name in comments thanks for support guys!

  22. oh!! finally the monster sanskar is no more.. some caring sight is revealing…. and as u said a hero remains a hero.. and over all its sanskar.. I hope he will be positive soon… looking forward for next part

    1. Thanks kashis! Yeah hero remains hero! And he’s not so bad person dear! Just like an onion, you’ll find him in every layers one by one!! Keep in touch dear and stay blessed!!

  23. Awesome yaar pls update next

  24. Thanks devi! I’ll try my best to upload next soon!

  25. Hey guys! Thanks for your love and support! I wanna ask you something, ek rasm hoti hai munh dikhai, jis main husband shadi Ki rat wife ko gift daita hai, kya woh rasm Hindu marriages Main hoti hai?
    And second please suggest me good soft song with contribution of both swasan! Please please do comments and suggest me! Songs and that ritual also

  26. for swasan any emotional sng suits now …
    for example for swara sun raha hena thu from ashiqui 2… such emptional sng as now swara is suffering na ..

  27. Saba, from where you are?

  28. Thanks ahana! Sun raha hai tu isn’t suitable for that situation! What about banjaray ko ghar? Mere yara tere ghum? And samia! I’m from Pakistan…

    1. even i know sun raha hai sng not suitable.. i mean any emotional sngs suits them…

  29. Hi saba nice one
    can u give same priority to raglak in this ff? Like i m urs
    waiting for next update

    1. Thanks alle! I give some importance to them, but not priority because they’re not in lead role, this story revolve around swasan only! Sorry dear… I’ll try my best to writer another ff only on raglak after completion of these both ff…

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