Swasan a path hate to love episode 16

Swasan path hate to love ep 16
This silence made me restless and I exhausted like I was working since lives. She closes the dairy and lays down beside her.
This silence made me restless and I exhausted like I worked since lives. Silence some time, gives us hope, but this hope will ruin just because of some harsh words. But this is not the first incident for him when he hurt by the words of someone actually his love one. He stopped his car and opened the door. He’s without driver, because this time he wants some relaxation of mind because some time, it becomes impossible to control his rage. So he knows very well when he should show his rage and when he should control it. He goes to this small house which was the evidenceof his many sins, his every tears and his helplessness to his credulity towards the world. He goes in front ofthe mirror and sees his reflection, his hairs are scattered on his forehead. Hes wearing a gray blazer with white shirt and paint. He forgot to wear his watch because of his rage. He sits on the single chair in this house and takes out his slow poisoning from his pocket. Because of Dr recommendation he leaved cigarette from few weeks and this time he didn’t need to take this thing because it was only his tension reliever and nowadays He doesn’t have any tension. He pulls his slow poisoning and leave the smoke in the air. He sighs and looks his reflection in the mirror:”so Mr Sanskar Maheshwari! Finally someone has shown you the earth…. “ He laughs like his voice is a mixture of broken crystals. He sighs and reminds the world of Swara, and bows down his head on his knees. This house is curdle of him so he can show his tears and emotions to this dirty house easily and didn’t feel any shame to express his pain to his secret keeper.

After the first night, he completely feels good. He wonders about his irrigation because he used many women in his life. Some of them were very cunning who know very well how to handle men. His all time sleeping partner Shanaya is also included in this type of women. But her touch really showed him paradise, that doesn’t mean he didn’t experience of virgin girls, but so Swara’s touch made him crazy. He experienced every type of women in his life because many time Shanaya goes on outside the city so this time he used that type of girls who falls on his money or personality. In starting, he also considered Swara in these types of girls who ready to present themselves for his money or personality. But this girl changed his thought completely that everything is not for sale. But he is a master mind of making any plan, so he planned to make her his. This was not so difficult for this subtle man who has great intellectual and vast sources.

He reminds her reflection of the first night, when she hated him, but that night except he didn’t see fear in her eyes. So, intentionally he did hope in his heart, maybe he’ll get some real happiness in his life too. He again pulls cigarette and changed his gesture and sighs again to imagine her angelic shadow when she was wearing a white dress with diamonds, that time mesmerized to see her but in his heart, he thought that there’s something which incomplete her. He noticed her bear nose and first time specially purchase for someone, Something. He knows very well, she’ll not wear it so early, but after hearing her answer has confirmed she’ll never wear it at any cost. He reminds her first hug when she hugged him to consider him asleep. He was wondered but as well as happy to think that at least she felt protective in his arms. he remembers the taste of kheer which she made especially for him according to his mom’s recipe but alas! All went in vain because his hope is absorbing in the smoke of cigarettes and he primed himself to not give hope to himself because this hope is just giving him a pain, nothing else. He looked again his reflection and laughed to himself:”looked Sanskar! This is you, who always think about victory, but now defeated by a little girl. A girl who doesn’t have knowledge of this world, a girl who is simple and pure, but you!” he points out to his reflection in mirror “but you! You considered yourself as most clever man in this world, you defeated by a simple girl who is not so intelligent. Your plan is failed Mr Maheshwari! You’re failed Sanskar Maheshwari!”

He thinks that his reflection is making fun of him and laughing at himself, look yourself in the mirror and celebrate the triumph of your failure. He takes out another cigarette and starts smoking with his same desperate thoughts. After his fifth cigarette, he felt problem to breath. He has asthma problem and Dr strictly forbid him to smoke.He also agreed with them, but this time he didn’t control himself because he exalts his rage in smoking.
He ignored the problem of breathtaking and continuously thinks about his flaws and weaknesses which meet him with defeat from a girl who is ten years younger than him. He left the cigarette and tries to breath. He goes to the window and open it, fresh morning airs come and touches his face, he felt a bit better for a few seconds but still he felt suffocated. He again tries to breath, but all go in vain. He really needs inhaler to breath openly. But he is really careless about these matters, so he never keeps inhaler with him. But Shanaya puts this in his car commonly. He opens his mouth and inhales all airs in his throat but it also proves useless for him. He goes towards the door, his car is far from the main door of this small cottage. He goes towards his car, but his walking is unstable, which showed his problem of taking a breath. He had hardly arrived near his car and open it. He desperately searches his inhaler, but he didn’t find it anywhere. His breath is not coming to him and he’s not so superman to live without taking breath. He again tries to inhale, but he can’t, birds are chirping and the new day is completely comes out of the dark shadow of night.

All creatures of god, stop their breath for a moment to see this ungrateful creature of God who has blessing of all types of abilities by god. But it’s human instinct, he gives to the world what he found from this world. So it’s just a matter of give and take, so how is it possible to grow a rose when you sow a acacia in the garden of your life. He exhausted to seek inhaler, but he didn’t find it anywhere in the car. He wants to call someone, but his voice is not coming from his throat. He hardly takes out his mobile and gives message to shanaya. He knows very well, she is busy in her work so there is less hope, she’ll arrive here. He leaves his head on the back of the seat and saw the sun, which is brightly enlighten in front of the world this time, but after some time, it has to set with the order of its god. He thinks about the hell and smirks because he is the person, who has no hope of heaven. Like Marlow’s Dr Faustus, he sold his soul tothe devil for the luxuries of his life. So maybe it’s the result of his bond with the devil and now he has to meet with his physical end because he was dead spiritually from long time.

Credit to: saba


  1. Harani

    Oh saba tanq fr the update…tdy nly sanskar ruled here ….the way u portrayed his feelings was like something beyond words…waiting swasan to feel fr each other ? update soon dr…

  2. bhuvi

    Sweet heart… Super episode… I guess swara ll come with inhaler .. N she ll take care of him after all she think thes happened becoz of her…n he feel her concern for him…

  3. Sasha

    Omg just awesome olz updt soon. It would be nice if swara be the one whi saved him and then he happens to c her diary and stuff. Its jst a suggestion bt cntnue ur story.i luv it to the core. Updt soooooooonnnnnnmn

  4. raisha singhvi

    Its was awesome saba you write very well I just hope you update daily coz waiting for your update makes your fans restless. But just loved it ?

  5. kj

    very boring as compare to other ff of this chapter…..please make 17 interesting…..n upload that tomorrow itself please…..

  6. Aditi Singh

    saba di…u r an amazing amazing writer….I hav no words to praise your talent….plzzzzzzzzz…..ppzzzzzzz update next part as soon as possible…..I can’t wait to know what going to happen next….can’t wait a single minute…n u r just amazing… i very well know the importance of inhaler…because I m also a asthma patient i also use inhaler….i have also suffered from this type of moment…I m also a bit careless to keep it with me but god always help me n i very well know that sanskar will be safe as he is our hero and hope that saviour will be Swara……..

  7. akku

    sanskar should tell swara about his past and increase swara’s care and love towards sanskar. .
    he is totally broken he should reduce pain by talking with swara then only she understand him..

  8. bhuvi

    Darling… N coming to Yor writing skill is killing me dear… Am read this chapter again n again…read 4 times fully…last para was fabulous…I read it almost 10 times… Thanq honey…

  9. joya

    ur writing skill is mind blowing…
    ur vocabulary is also very good….
    u r really good writer but sorry dear i realy dont like ur storyline….it’s not because of sanskar’s character… it’s my problem dt i m not supporting dis type of things…not about smoking..it’s about girl’s self respect..
    u always ignore(miss????) small-small things in ur ff…

  10. mns

    I can’t wait n plz update the next part also just a kind request only. I m not interest in serials whether it may be any language. I day unfortunately came across ur ff b’coz of my sister. I m really addicted to this. But I really don’t know the real story of that serial. But it always coincided with my life. Basically I m not interested such things now-a-days I often check the telly update for check ur ff. Even my childrens r amusing with me 4 such type of activities. I don’t know u r miss or mrs but I m mrs of 32 yrs old. 8yrs back I pushed into a forced mrg n after 4 months I realized that GOD gave me such a wonderful life partner 4 me. It’s not need to explain. May be it’s one of the reason 4 ur ff addicting me. I wish u have bright future n also famous writer

  11. Yeah Saba how r u dear!!!!
    So long!!!! Just read ur 3 episodes in one go!!!!
    Its amazing!!!!!
    But today episode its breath taken!!!! Poor sanskar!!!! Waiting for next!!!
    By the way how was ur exams???

  12. Meghs

    Amazing .. sanskar feelings r expressed nicely
    Wt will happen to sanskar.. Make swara come that place with his inhaler

  13. Nice epi saba di n im back my ques box.
    I wanna ask if swara gets pregnant then will sanskar accept that baby?? N plz if its in ur track then dont tell me..

  14. It’s thrilling, eagerly waiting for next part.plz update daily ,I search daily for it ,I’m getting restless plz plz plz update soon.

  15. swetha

    Saba waiting for the next update plz update faster I cant stop my excitement for reading ur next episode plz update soon

  16. Nidhi

    Hi saba..I have read your previous ff yesterday. I am yours.. I must say that u r just fabulous.. ur this ff hate to love is also amazing..pls upload daily.. its a request..I m eagerly waiting for this

    • Prathiba

      hiii nidhiii..i’m also agree with uu…am also great fan of saba’s ff….i am yours and hate to love are my favourite ffs

  17. Prathiba

    sabaaa….whr r u drrrr………pls update soonn….witing for uuuuuu……plssss…..speed uppppppppp…………

  18. Annanya

    Hai saba dii
    Dis is d first time im commenting
    I liked ur ff so wen wil u update d nect one waiting eagerly

  19. Annanya

    I have a doubt wil u send those updates only to our mails
    Plz na dii update it in this site only
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    Hope u wil dobt today waiyong for it dii

  20. Annanya

    Hai dii
    Where did u give the links they r not der in this page
    Plzzzzzzzz update next part soon
    Hoping to see it today by evening

  21. Annanya

    Aastha in one of d comments above saba replied that she mentioned links of next episodes ao couldnot find where so i was asking her

  22. swans

    plz update the episode fast …i waiting since last four days..update it by today itself plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  23. priyanshi

    sabha why do you disappear after posting your ff. Don’t take me in the wrong sense but I hate waiting for reading the next part

  24. queeny

    Hello friends saba is writing swasan a path hate to love in below fantasy dairies blogger. If u want u can read there.

  25. raisha

    Saba dear when will you update next eagerly waiting for it just wanna know what has happened to sanskar is swara going to save him or that shanaya though I dont like her part but then it is wat the story is about .love your story saba update sooonnnnn??

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