Swasan a path hate to love episode 15

Recap:”swara wrote her feelings in diary and met her friend Siya to realize that she’s also jealous with her. Sanskar gets the project of palace and he purchased the flowers for swara”
Swara is getting ready for Sanskar and wearing bangles when she heard the voice of horn of his car. She goes to terrace and looks down to his car which he’s parking in the porch. .
Swara looks him with all his affection and surpass her feelings for her husband.
She goes down fast and stands in front of him.

Her heartbeat is creating new music in her heart, a bright smile comes to her face and she wants to hug him but she controls herself. While Sanskar doesn’t notice her condition because he’s trying to take banquets of flowers from car.
Swara happy to see flowers:”these all are for me?”
Sanskar nods and carries flowers to their room. Swara thinks that she has chance to hug him but she again control herself.

Swara asks him for dinner, sanskar replies her with joyful mood because of his deal:”hmm dinner, I also didn’t take dinner but asked lavanya to make dessert also, I wanna eat something sweet”
He wants to take out his nightdress but she already handover his dress to him. He looks her with amazed and suddenly notices her appearance. She’s wearing dark pink churidar pajama and anarkali frock with lots of bangles. He’s not fond of traditional girls but he really attracts to her. He goes to her and pins her towards cupboard:”why did yu do all this singhars?”
Swara ups her eyes but she can clearly feels his penetrating eyes on her, specially his gaze is running through her body which fastened her heartbeat.
She wanna says him that she has done all this for her husband but she only says:”nothing special, I just want to do this” she knows very well he’ll catch her if she tells him lie, so she just told him half truth.

Sanskar feels the truth in his eyes and controls his lust because this time, he really doesn’t want to give her pain. He leaves her and takes his clothes for changing. The melodious rhythm of her ankler echoes in the room which makes him crazy, but he knows very well to control himself because he’s real man.

Instead of orders lavanya to make dessert, she decided to make dessert for him but she doesn’t know about his likes and dislikes, amazingly his servants dont know about it too. Shanaya always ordered them, sanskar usually followed the diet plan according to Dr otherwise he takes dinner with shanaya or in hotel.

Swara to herself:”should I ask Sanskar, what he wanna eat? No …. I’ll give him surprise, he didn’t described any specific thing…” Suddenly she gets the idea and calls someone.
Swara:”mom! What’s sanskar’s favourite dessert?”
After greetings she asks from sujata. Sujata happy to know about her concern for his son and happily told her about his likes and dislikes.

Sujata:”I don’t know about his current likes and dislikes but that time, he was simple boy and eats everything, he wasn’t so foody to demands any specific thing, but he liked kheer so much, specially my hand’s kheer, I’m telling you recipe of kheer, I hope he reminds the taste of my hand” after saying this, she can easily understand the mixture of tear in her voice.
Swara hesitantly asks from her:”maa! Come here for some days naa” .
Sujata wipes her tears:”not now beta! I’ll come when your papa permits me because he didn’t accept your munhdikhai from your papa, so sanskar’s papa got furious from him, you please take care of him”

Swara wants to ask her about the incident which separates him from his parent, but she now wanna make kheer, so she just asks her one thing:”mom! How many time had passed when he separate from his family”
Sujata gets sad and she can feel this sadness from her voice:”more than ten years…”
Swara feels sad to listen it and disconnects the call after some formal talks.
She’s making kheer when Sanskar come downstairs and askes lavanya about her. Lavanya inform her, sanskar is calling her.

She taste hot kheer and praise herself and sujata mom who give her this recipe.
She comes out from kitchen, he’s sitting on the lounge and watching her with his right on her.
She comes to him and puts off his apron. And looks him questionably. He holds her hand and closes her to him.:”I told you naa whenever I’m at home, you are not allow to go away from my sight”
She reminds his rules and regulations and nods:”sorry I forgot, I was making kheer for you”
He smirks and looks into her eyes:”suddenly, Mrs Maheshwari realized the relationship with her husband! May I ask the reason of this changing?”

Swara gets confuse, not only his question but also his penetrating eyes on herself. But his gaze doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable because she has accepted his rights on her.
Sanskar comes close to her and touches her face:” Swara! You’re looking beautiful in this attire, a complete woman, no…. Actually… Not complete without nose pin,but its ok(he holds her waist and makes her sit on his lap) always look like this, beautiful… But only for me…” His hands are rubbing her body, they’re in lounge but this is home of sanskar, so he knows no one will move without his permission.
Swara feels confused in this posture, but his smell of perfume also making her crazy. This perfume is specially made to seduce woman but in shanaya’s point of view, sanskar’s personality is enough to seduce woman.

The ruler of sanskar’s mansion, tries to feel his queen. Queen… Who’s prisoner of this gold’s cage. Sanskar whispers in his ear with deep voice:” One week is over now, maybe you’re recover now, so should I use my husbandry rights on you”
Swara who is completely drawn in his trance, suddenly comes to her sense and depart from him.
Sanskar smirks to see her act and says:”so… You’re still afraid of me..” He leaves her and stands up from the couch.:”you should be sweetheart (he downs to her and holds her shoulder) because you dont know im werewolf swara! Nights are time to show my real face, I’m haunted swara, now I hunt, (he rubs her shoulder) I’m hunter, now you’re now my victims, my blood -ceil….”
Swara feels the fire in his eyes, which burning her body. She doesn’t know the reason but this time she wants to cold this fire, but she’s helpless because she’s not so much strong girl to stand in front of this fire.

Sanskar leaves her shoulders and calls Lavanya to arrange the table. Sanskar looks back to her and smirks:”be ready for tonight, I didn’t marry to you for show casing yourself as a wife, understand?” His tone is replete with authority.
Swara threatens with his behaviour and observes lack of humility in his behaviour, she nods her head and stands up to follow him.
Sanskar is eating kheer after dinner, but he boggles after eating first bite.
Sanskar to swara:”did you made it?”
Swara nods in yes but this taste of kheer, is drowned himself in his old memories.
Sanskar hugs sujata and gives her the good news of his result, he does top in his university in the semester.
He always gives every good news to his mom first.
Sujata turns to her and says:”I know my son is sooo talented, ill make dessert on this happy occasion, your favourite kheer” she pulls his cheeks and he shouted:”mom! I’m grown-up now and university’s student, but you always treat me like I’m school students”
Sujata smiles to him:”for mothers, children are always children”
Sanskar unintentionally rubs his cheek, just like he’s rubbing the pulling mark of her. Swara notices his absence of mind and sighs to him because now she’s becoming used to it.
Swara:” Do you like it?”
Sanskar comes to his sense and looks her:”yes I like it, tell thanks to mom from me” he wipes his face from napkin and stands up from the chair.
While swara is in deep thought:”it means, he still remember the taste of mom’s hand after ten years” she stands up from her seat but she’s still in thought:”ten years… What happened ten years ago?”

She looks him with curiosity who is climbing the stairs. She sighs and follows him because he orders her to give him the source of blood. Actually I should say flesh because he’s werewolf, not vampire.
Swara changes the clothes and now she’s in royal blue short dress. Sanskar looks her with thirsty eyes and signs her to come close to him.
She surpasses her emotions and goes to him. No matter, she’s start feeling for him but she’s still afraid from him because wheneverhe’s in mood of hunting, he gnaw his victim completely.
He holds her tight and looks her face. She’s not so timid girl, but she’s not strong enough to bear this pain again.

He assume her shivering and laughs:”why do yu so afraid from me?”
This time swara is wonder to look into his eyes, his eyes are still burning.
Swara collects some courage and says:”are you drunk?”
Sanskar’s eyes are widened because he’s really drunk, after his finalization of deal with maharaj, he drinks that time for celebrating his victory. But for him, this was minor tonic but he cant resist himself to see her in this beautiful attire because commonly she never care herself and meets him with her messy look.
He didn’t eat something from few days, so it’s very difficult t control hs addiction but swara’s fear, indirectly makes him in guilty. He leaves her and tries to smile to her.
Sanskar:”dont worry sweetheart, I dnt want to harass you, but dont look so beautiful to test my patience” he pulls her lock softly and lays down on the bed.
She sees, he takes sleeping pills again and wants to ask him about the reason to take sleeping pills. But before it, he sinks in his restless sleep and she left alone in the dreary night.
She goes to him and hugs him tight because she knows, this is her time without any fear. But she afraid when he tightens the grip of his arm.
His eyes are still close but he whispers in her ear:”I’m taking sleeping pills from long time, so now it’s not able to make sleep my conscious” he tightens his grip around swara and kisses her forehead.
Swara feels that someone throws bucket full water on her. Sanskar opens his eyes slowly and closes again:”dont feel shame, im your husband and this isn’t bad thing to hug your husband” she convinces from his words and closes her eyes peacefully.
Swara comes out from bathroom to take bath and awakes him up.
Sanskar holds her handand tickles her lock into her ears. She blushes unwantedly and frees her hands from him.

Sanskar smiles and takes his clothes which she already arranged for him.
He gets fresh while she’s waiting for him to the breakfast, she recalls the last night sweet hug and feels butterflies in her stomach one side but on the other side, she thanks god to save her from his thirst.

He combs his hairs while she’s starring him with all her concern. He feels her gaze and turns to her:”Am I look handsome?” His asks in satirical tone.
Swara doesn’t understand what to answer, she recalls the last night and wants to change the topic. :”sanskar! May I ask something?”
Sanskar understands her confusion and doesn’t annoy her, and nods in yes.
Swara collects her courage and asks in one gulp:”why do you take sleeping pills?”
Sanskar turns to her completely and looks into her eyes:”I told you naa im werewolf, so i cant sleep naturally, sleeping pills give me some relief whenever I dont have flesh”
Swara looks confuse:”what do you mean sanskar?”
Sanskar looks this innocent soul and smiles:”simply, I’m addicted to women, if I’ll not take sleeping pills, then i must have woman below me”

Sanskar smirks and comes to her, he holds her hands and makes her prisoner in the cage of his arms. Swara likes his closeness as well as dislikes it.
Sanskar holds her chin asks her:”do you want, your husband go to another women for relaxation?”
Swara can’t want this thing for her husband, but she knows if she deny, he will want her body for the replacement of sleeping pills, she also doesn’t want it.
She pushes him and turns her back to him:”I dont care, if you go to another woman”
Sanskar shocks to listen it because she never expected this answer from her. Swara hears the voice of breaking things and turns back. Sanskar goes outside the room and she finds the broken bottles of perfumes.

She follows him to the porch, where he has gone by rushing his car without taking breakfast. He’s very health conscious, if he doesn’t take breakfast, it means he’s in full rage. She curses herself to make him angry and a tears of regret comes from her eyes.

Credit to: saba


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