Swasan a path hate to love episode 14


Recap:”sanskar scold swara because of shanaya, later he takes her for dinner. Sanskar gave her a gift..

A layer of extreme happiness pass through the heart of swara. This was diamond nose pin, diamond is so tiny but

it’s shine tells the price of itself. She sees the reflection of her into the mirror. She pressed her nose two years ago

but didn’t wear nose pin. She wanna wear it but reminds his words, so cancel to wear it.

She sits down on the floor and opens the bellows draw and derive out the wooden box from there. She called it

her treasure box in which she collects her treasures of memory. Swaragini’s childhood picture, her first poetry

which published in magazine, one air ring which her ragini gifted her from her pocket money, memories of her

university. Autographs of her group fantastic five. Her first earning, her small world are fitted in this box. She puts

the nose pin with the case and close the box. She puts box in draw and looks him with sad smile on her face. A

smile which has happiness but mix with confusion and sadness.

She comes to him and looks him with affection. But she doesn’t sit on bed but she goes to terrace, this is her

favourite place in this house. She’s admirer of nature specially of night. She loves nights, it’s darkness, cold light of

moon and sparkling of stars. She looks at sky and touches the flowers of bougainvillea and feels the sweetness of

this night. She’s silent and reserve girl, so it’s not easy to get the secret of her heart but she really wonders when

Sanskar gets know about her heart without knowing her. She thinks that he knows the trick of telepathy. She holds

the grill and sighs in the cold air. Winter isn’t affect on her because she’s not in this world. Crowd of thoughts are

frequently passing through his mind and makes her restless in this peaceful night.

She goes inside and takes out her diary. Her diary and wooden box are the only things which she brought with her

after her marriage.

She takes the pen from his pen holder and recalls his touch and closes her eyes with deep emotions. She opens the

diary and starts writing her every emotion on the page of dairy.

Dear diary: It’s two week that I didn’t write anything on you, because I was fighting with my emotions, I’m still

confuse, im not superhuman type girl in this world, I’m ordinary girl, who loves her parents and friends, who

doesn’t have high aims or expectations from life. I didn’t want special treatment from life or anyone. Even I didn’t

want handsome or rich husband, I didn’t believe on high dreams. I saved myself from evil eyes of the world, I didn’t

do anything which hurts the trust of my parent. I always spent simple and fair life, so what did I do that destiny

give me gift of husband like sanskar. I saved my emotions for my husband, maybe I cant stop myself to love him. Am I really love him?”

She stops and looks him but sighs and continuous writing:”I dont know I love him or not but I really cant him….

Some time, I’m in dilemma since I accepted his proposal that why destiny chose him as my husband and for this

test? I’m not strong girl even I cry on minor thing, I feel fear from him but can’t stop myself to look him”

The carefree soul prison in the cage of love, and his dominant partner is taking restless sleep beside him.

Her heart is home of her emotions where she hide the world of secrets.

She clses the diary and lays down beside her. She looks him, comes to him and says slowly:”I dont know why

sanskar! But I cant resist to come close you, what magic did you do on me?” She holds his hand and puts her head

on his chest and closes her eyes peacefully.
Sanskar wakes up next morning and wonders to see her in his arm. She’s sleeping peacefully and caresses her

hairs, a bitter smile comes on his face:”you’re lucky swara! Your innocence and unawareness give you peaceful

sleep and ill try my best to protect you from this cruel world.”

Swara wakes up and looks him with amazed. Sanskar smiles to her and tighten the grips of his arm around

her:”good morning”

Swara frees herself from hs grip slowly and sits beside him. Sanskar looks her face and finds the absence of his gift,

swara notices it and downs her eyes and says slowly:”why did you gift me nose pin?”

Sanskar doesn’t expect this question from her, he set properly and a sound of his memory echoes in his mind.

A giggling voice come in his ear:”sanky! What’s this? Nose pin? I hate this gift, didn’t yu find something expensive

on my birthday gift?”

Sanskar’s own voice come:”katty! You know I didn’t have so much money, I purchase it from my pocket money and

you know I dont know why but I attracted by the woman who wear nose pin, after marriage ill give you diamond

nose pin”

An angry voice of girl:”no way!! I’ll not wear it ….. You’ve bad taste”

Sanskar:”but katty I wanna see you to wear it”

Swara shakes his shoulder:”what happened Sanskar?”

Sanskar nodes In no and stands up from his place.

Swara looks him suspiciously and repeats her question:”why nose pin sanskar?”

Sanskar looks into his eyes and says softly:”dont know why, but I feel woman looks attractive or maybe complete

after wearing it”

A reflection flashes in the memory of swara, reflection of Shanaya. She didn’t notice before but after his words, she reminds that shanaya is also wearing nose pin.

Suddenly, swara feels afflicted by his words and tomorrow’s night feelings for him, banished from her heart. She

doesn’t say anything, she’s just starring him with the feeling of disgusting.


Sanskar is dealing with his foreigner client when his PA came in his cabin and informs him about the meeting of

Maharaja Partab Singh. A beautiful smile comes on his face which never seen before by any of his nearer person.

His PA smiles to see his smile because everyone knows the importance of this project for him.

Sanskar excuses from them and goes to his VIP room which he arranged specially for his special guests.

Sanskar folds his hands with traditional greeting to Maharaj Partab Singh. He knows very well, how to impress next

person.Maharaj:”please to meet you Mr Maheshwari”

Sanskar smirks and signs them to sit. Maharaj and his assistant sit down on couch while Sanskar set on the single

sofa opposite to them, a glass table is placed between them.

Maharaj:”so, Mr Maheshwari! I’m not beat the bush, so tell me what’s the deal”

Sanskar smirks and takes the remote to start projector.

After the meeting of two hour, maharaj is totally under the control of sanskar.

Sanskar:” Look! Maharaj ji! Legally, ill be the owner of that palace, which turn into my hotel that time, but we’ve

arranged your separate portion which will be the part of palace but not my hotel, I already told you the planning of

arranging hotel there,and showed you map also, now ball is in your court, what do you want from me” sanskar

bents his hands on his chest and smiles with victory because he knows the answer of Maharaj.

Maharaj:”you already added all the things, which I want, im completely accepted your terms and conditions and

ready for signing the deal, but….”

Sanskar looks questionably to him but says nothing.

Maharaj continues:”but I’ve a condition, me and my family will go to visit our daughter’s in laws after tomorrow’s

evening, so we’ve to sign the deal before it”

Sanskar smiles:”doesn’t matter Maharaj ji! If you want, then ill must arranged the signing deal today”

Maharaj:”not possible today, actually I want to contract deal after a grand party, which informs media to our

partnership and you’ve to come Mysore for signing the deal”

Sanskar lifts his eyebrow and looks maharaj suspiciously:”may i ask sir! Why do you want these conditions?”

Maharaj answers him politely:”look son! We’re arranging, families, actually families is small word, communities,

which admired by us. Then whenever we take any decision, we have to arrange things which never let anyone to

object on us”

Sanskar got his answer and replies in satirical tone:”you mean you’ve to show off to your subjects that your

decision is good for them”

Maharaj says:”yes you can, say it show off”

Sanskar smiles victoriously:”no problem Maharaj ji! I’ll arrange party tomorrow night and in the morning of after

tomorrow, me and my team will visit Mysore for not only signing the deal but also start renovation of palace to

turn it into hotel” Maharaj looks sad after hearing it but he’s a man of word:”ok Mr Maheshwari! (he extends his hand to him which

sanskar accepted) then if you arrange, everything according to my conditions before my leaving to Mysore, my

palace will be yours hotel”

Sanskar doesn’t say anything, just smile because he knows very well that he’ll always get what he wants.

Swara is reading book in study room when intercom rings. She puts book on table and attends the intercom. As

usual Lavanya is another side:”ma’am one girl is come here and give us to your reference that she’s your friend

siya, may I allow her in the house”

Swara surprises to listen it:”ohh the rules And regulations of rich people! Yes she’s my friend, let him in fast”

She excitedly goes to drawing room and finds Siya there.

Swara feels happy to find there and hugs her.

Siya greets her and says:”you’re still the same swara! I thought you’ll be change after marriage”

She’s wearing green kurta and jeans. She ties her hairs in ponytail and because of reading, she’s still wearing

spectacles. Except her sindoor and mangalsutr, nothing proves that she’s married.

Both sits on couch, swara replies her:”actually, im not living with in laws, so no rules and regulations to wear

traditional dress and etc, and sanskar also doesn’t like sarees and I also feel comfortable in this outfits” .

Siya nods:”you’re so lucky dear! You can do what you want, and I dont believe that you married with sanskar sir,

invitation is far, you didn’t inform us about your marriage, when Sumi aunty informed me about it, I was to sink in

shock, your marriage and with sanskar sir! Oh! You never tel me about it, you considered me as best friend and

you’re hiding things from me”

Swara smiles:”take a breath girl! I’ll tell you everything, first tell me, what will you take?”

She holds the receiver of intercom and asked her, siya replied with the word:”coffee” she nods and orders lavanya

for two cups coffee.

Lavanya sends coffee and refreshment to them and they start talking.

Swara isn’t a girl who shares her house matters to anyone, even not her best friend. But she’s also in favour to tell

lie, so she always find a way of balance.

Siya:”now tell me what’s the matter?”

Swara sighs and says:”nothing special dear, sanskar proposed me, but I never took it serious, but when he asked

this thing from my father, my family was agreed with this alliance, so what type of object I raised, if they were

agree, so I married with him, this is whole story” Siya nods because she knows her very well:”so you married arrange by your parents, as you told us once that you’ll

must marry there, where your parents fix your alliance”

Swara takes her coffee and smiles simply:”yup! Many girls do arrange marriage and my parents decided good for


Siya:”so are you happy?” She asked suspiciously. Dont know why, but she feels jealousy in the question of siya.

Swara reminds all their moments from first night to today’s morning. If she make balance of his cruelty and care,

then definitely his care win over his cruelty.
She sits proudly and says to look into eyes of her best friend:” Happy is small word dear, actually this isn’t a matter

of happiness and grief, we cant get happiness all the time siya! But important thing is that sanskar always care

about my happiness and tries to give me happiness as possible as he can”

She tells truth to her and her own words realized that no matter she’s happy with him or not, but he never try to

snatch her happiness. She smiles to see her friend, who doesn’t happy to listen her words and realized that there’s

everyone has dark sight, if her best friend jealous from her, so she should forget about the stranger who cares

about her so much. She smiles with complete happiness that why should she become ungrateful when destiny

wants to give her everything but in its limits. So it’s not a big issue for a girl to stay in limit who is limited already.


Sanskar is coming from his hotel and now stuck in the traffic.

He suddenly saw a girl who wears beautiful black sleeveless saree and dealing with children on footpath.

He recognized the girl and comes out from his car because he knows traffic.

Sanskar holds her shoulders, she turns to him and hugs him:”oh sanskar! What are you doing here?”

Sanskar smiles:”I was going home and saw you, so I thought I should help you”

Girl smile and write on paper something, after completing her work, she turns to him:”sanskar! You forgot!

Tomorrow is first, and I’ve to arrange everything”

Sanskar:”oh! I totally forget dear! I’ll give you a check! But now what are you doing”

Children are rolling around them, sanskar smiles to see them while shanaya giggless with them.

Shanaya:”you all become naughty, now I noted down your address, and you’ve to come school tomorrow ok?”

She reminds them and sanskar looks her with concern.

A child says to sanskar:”bhaiya! Take these flowers for didi” he points out to Shanaya.

Sanskar understands this time, shanaya targeted on children who are selling things on the road.

Shanaya:”this time, your bhaiya takes flowers for your Bhabhi. Not for your didi”

Sanskar gives them money of all flowers of children which become totally six bouquet of flowers.

Sanskar:”these all for you my sweetheart”

Sanskar often purchase flowers and garlands from these children, just for helping them and gave those flowers to

shanaya.But this time shanaya denied:”no dear! Now Swara has all rights on you, give her”

Sanskar nods and smiles to imagine about swara’s happiness after finding him with lots of flowers. He knows girl

love flowers. While Shanaya feels happy to see his new smile which she never seen before.

Credit to: saba

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