Swasan a path hate to love episode 13

Swara is managing the dining table when she heard a familiar voice of girl.:”good evening swara” she feels bitter taste after seeing shanaya in her house.(yeah she considers this house her).
Swara smiles hardly:”it’s night”
Shanaya notices her fake smile but ignores it.:”I know dear! Where’s sanskar?”
Swara wants to say that he’s not in home but his voice comes before him:”hey shanaya! You’re here? Is everything ok?”
Shanaya goes and hugs him:”I was missing you, so I came here, do you have any object?”
Swara sighs to see her:(chudail).
Sanskar:”oh! Me too my dear, and your timing is perfectly right, swara made dinner today”
Shanaya turns to her:”oh really!! Do you have any object of ill join you?”
Swara gives her a fake smile:”not at all…” She hardly says, both clearly noticed her fake smile and disliking.
Shanaya ignores it while Sanskar doesn’t spare anyone. His smile vanished to see her fake expression:”swara! If you don’t like it, you can say clearly, we dont mind, I told you that I hate lie, be what you’re! You don’t need to give fake expression that you’re great girl who’s bearing all this….” Shanaya tries to stop him while Swara starts crying to listen his words.
Swara in her heart:”whenever I think that I’m understanding you, then you prove me wrong,I hate you sanskar, ill never do anything for you, damn to you swara, who did effort for him”
She leaves from there and wipes her tears.
Shanaya:”you’re so hard to her, why did you scold her?”
Sanskar:”because I don’t want that she’ll betray me, fake expression is first step of betrayel,you know very well, I like fair people and she should be fair to her emotions”
Shanaya:”you’re disgusting sanskar! Go and sorry to her”
Sanskar:”no way! I’ll not, I always scold her because I don’t want that she repeat that mistake”
Shanaya:”you’re such a jerk” she leaves there while Sanskar follows her.
Both go to dining table while swara is serving to them.
Shanaya:”Lavanya will serve. Swara, come and join us please” a clear pleading can understand in her words but swara doesn’t understand. (nautanki).
Swara:”who am I to join you? My place is just equal to servant of this house, So im doing my work”
Sanskar and Shanaya’s face color has changed to listen her words. Sanskar is about to scold her but shanaya press his hand.
Shanaya stands up, holds her from shoulders and makes her sit beside sanskar.
Swara jerks her hands and silently weeps to recall the words of sanskar.
Shanaya hits sanskar by her foot to say sorry while Sanskar face is emotionless in this situation which clearly show that he doesn’t wanna show his feelings.
Shanaya:”dont cry swara!! I know he shouldn’t scold you, he’ll not do this thing again, I guarantied this…”
Swara cuts her words in rage:”who’s The hell are you taking guarantee and etc? This is our husband wife matter and we’ll solve it, you don’t need to interfere in this”
She’s still weeping, shanaya looks sanskar helplessly while Sanskar is looking shanaya as he’s saying her:”look! Take her side more”
Shanaya takes a bowl of food from her and serve her:”ok! This is your matter, but as a guest can I take a meal which is prepared by you? Will not you wanna give respect to your guest?”
Shanaya knows her nature and she doesn’t want the she gives fake expression, she also know that if she leaves the home then sanskar will be more hard to swara. Then she finds a reason to stay there with Swara’s heartily agreement.
Swara suddenly boggles and feels ashamed that she’s disrespecting her guest. No matter she likes her or not but she doesn’t have right to disrespect her while her value doesn’t allow her to disrespect her guests:”I’m sorry shanaya! (she wipes her tears) please sit and Lavanya serve us food”
A small glance of smile comes on the lips of sanskar.
Shanaya:”wow swara! Your food is awesome, it’s beating the food of his hotels” swara gets happy to listen her praise (she’s not so bad as I considered her) who doesn’t like praise?
Next morning:
Sanskar:”swara! Be ready, we’ll go somewhere in evening”
Swara:”huh! You and bring me somewhere”
Sanskar turns to him:”as a husband! I’ve not right to go outside with you?”
Swara nods while she’s happy inside that finally she’s going somewhere.
In the evening, she hardly chose the dress, every dress she chose and reject to saying that:”naa he will not like this, I dont know where he will go with me, then ill decide the dress according to the place”.
After the effort of one hour, she chooses red kurta with green churidar. She has tied her hairs in French braid. She’s ready to going with sanskar and waking here and there for waiting him.
After a few minutes Lavanya come to her room:”ma’am! sir has come, he’s calling you”
She smiles and looks into mirror to observe that hows she looking tonight.
Swara takes her handbag and goes downstairs with excitement. He’s in the car, she goes and hesitantly sit on front seat.
She also come with him at the day of marriage but now her feelings are turned for him.
He often stays silent in front of her, she never saw him to talking without use.
He stops the car in front resort, “Morning Star” as the name of resort shows that it’s part of his hotel.
Both come inside and staff is alerted to see him.
He brings her to spa portion:”goes inside, don’t worry there’s only woman allow” she looks him questionably.
Although he’s so bold but his tongue stop for a while but he says:”I think you need a massage, I make special arrangement for you, you go, im waiting in my office”
Swara is still confuse to see him and his behaviour but she’s sure that he’ll never harm her, inside the deep, she trusts her completely.
She goes inside silently, but after her therapy, she really feels good that she feels that her every pain and tiredness are vanished after it.
She smiles and goes towards his cabin. He’s smoking and his eyes are stare unseen things in space. He sees her and stands up:”do you wanna have dinner there, or anywhere else?”
She thinks for a while:”it’s ok! We will have our dinner here”
He nods and asks her about her favourite dishes. She tells him which he orders his secretary.
He urges his hand towards her:”lets go”
She doesn’t understand that now where he’ll take her, but she silently holds his hand and feels like that it’s her first touch.
He holds her and brings her to the beautiful surrounding. She their table near swimming pool, he makes her sit and sits opposite to her.
Swara feels happy but also fears that either he wants her something special for this special arrangement. Swara is thinking about to ask him but his voice interrupt her thought:”maybe you’re thinking that why am I bring you there?”
Swara nods in yes because she knows the result of lie and she also knows that he’ll caught her immediately. (dont know how he always gets know about what’s in my heart).
Waiter comes and brings their order, he paused until waiter goes from there and they stay alone in this beautiful environment.
Sanskar:”dont take it any special thing, you’re my wife and this is my responsibility to give you happiness, as possible as I can do in my limits” he tags full stop on his words as he doesn’t need to explain more.
Swara:(is this really enough to give happiness? Why dont you give your beautiful smile instead of all this? But despite of it, I’ve a hope in my heart that at least you’ve concern for my happiness in my heart, im not hopeless sanskar).
She smiles to see his husband who’s taking his dinner with the unawareness of romance of surrounding and beauty of his wife.
Both reached at home after spending beautiful and silent evening with each other. She comes from dressing room after changing the cloth, he’s half laying on bed. She thought that as usual he was asleep after taking pills but after see him awakening, a strange feelings come in her heart. Fear mixed with little bit happiness.
Sanskar comes to him and holds her hand, she closes her eyes to feel his closeness.
Sanskar puts a velvety small case on her hand:”this is your desert ritual gift, sorry I’ve forgot to give you”
Swara opens her eyes and wonders to see the case. He leaves his hand and says:”this is your gift, so ill not force you to wear it, (he collects some words) anytime, if you feel something for me, I know it’ll never been happened but for wearing it, this is all your choice, if I see you wearing it, then I’ll understand that you accept me” he as usual pats her face and goes to his bed.
She’s starring him to taking sleeping pills and wish that he again leave some water in his glass. But this time she’s disappoint to see that there’s nothing left in glass. She’s still standing with dressing table until a slow voice of his breathing is echoing in the room. She suspicious about hid gift and opens the velvet case, a small stone enlightens her face and she’s surprise to see his gift because she never expect this gift from him..(guess guys! What was he gifted to her?)

Credit to: Saba


  1. Teja

    Hello saba.. I was a silent reader of your fiction from I’m yours. But I just wanted to comment today just to share my views. I have read i:’m yours from the very first episode. Initially I thought that the plot was a bit common but you have potryated the story very well. I mean you have explained the feelings very well without involving any other villian. That was the best part of your fiction. Coming to this track I was totally surprised by reading the first episode. You really write very well.
    And a small question saba..do you read other fictions imean other swaragini fictions as I have never seen you commenting on anyone of them. I wish that you,veena di,kashis,deepa,rini tara,etc..should comment on other fictions as it will be a booster for them. Sorry to advice this. Sorry if offened you. But I am a great fan of your writings. Actually you very well know to hold the suspense which makes your readers to get addicted. Thank-you for tellyupdates for giving us beautiful writers like you,veena di and many more.

    • Tara

      I always cmnt if I like that epi dear. I read all othr ffs and will cmnt if I really like tat epi ☺☺ nd also if I was not satisfied atleast 0.1% thn I ll say what I didn’t like.

    • Vini

      Hi Teja,I m glad that I read Saba’s this ff episode or else I would have missed your comment,its length grabbed my attention, I understand dear,what u said is right but my schedule is a lil tight one and m not getting time to read other ff’s and I have not been able to read Saba’s ff,Kashis’s one or two,but I have commented under all the ff’s that I have read (I know it will be very less cos without reading fully can’t give one from heart),then Mumina’s ,Angel’s I have read,then lifezbeautiful /Niki,hers I have read 3, I feel ashamed wen other ff writers comment and encourage me because m not able to do the same to them,but I really appreciate their efforts and a big salute of respect to them and reader friends,I can only say that I will surely post comment if I read another writer’s ff,and under my current ff I have started replying to individual comments,and the sole reason for the same is now I have started feeling that I should appreciate them for reading and also for taking the trouble to leave a feedbk…but I understand your comment in its right sense and I respect what u said..keep reading dear.,thanks for appreciating us,other ff writers,sorry for not encouraging u’al but I truly mean it wen I say I have respect because though a simple clichéd track,since I also write,I know the effort behind it,kudos to u all…advance Christmas n New year wishes to u all…God bless.

    • Vini

      I mean Saba’s most I havent read,Kashis’s I have read only one or two but I know she n all u guys are too talented,I meant I have commented under all ff’s that I have read but unfortunately haven’t read many…

    • Saba

      Hey teja! First of all thanks for giving me your beautiful words, specially you like I’m yours and accepted this fan fiction after it(because these two are different from each others) well you’re right dear, we should comment on the ff to encourage the writer, as a writer I know the importance of motivation and as well as criticism. I wonder how don’t you see my comment, yeah this is right, maybe from 1 to 2 weeks, I didn’t comment on any ff(even I hardly find tme to reply the comments on my ff) otherwise I always comment on every ff which I read, but because of time problem, I only read few ff!
      You can see the nice bond between Tara, me, veena and Kashis! You can notice this dear because we’re used to comments on another ff that’s why! If you feel this, then you should read again comments, because in im yours, veena was regularly comment on it, I also comment on her previous ff, Tara regularly comment on my ff and me and Kashis do long convo in the comment of our ff! Well I know because of time problem. It. Isn’t easy to comment regularly, because as a writer we can’t leave comment only Ina word of”awesome” or nice, we know the importance of words! This is explanation from every writer of ff dear, because I know ff take so much time to write and after it, we’ve to reply our fans, this is also problem! Thanks dear for your sincere concern!

  2. trishika


    • Saba

      Hey dear! Thanks alot dear for your words, ill try my best to upload next part soon dear, But as I said that im taking break and this is duration of my break dear! Sorry dear but ill try my best to upload next soon
      And your guess is wrong

  3. rabia

    I think this insecurity of Swara already shows that she is falling in love with her hubby…… and I must say Saba I am falling in love with your writing skills….

    • Saba

      Thanks rabia! You’re right she’s falling but this jealousy and insecurity is also natural when you’ve husband like sanskar

  4. manisha

    ur superb……. update nxt part as sooon as possible…… wil b waiting for ur nxt update… lov u lot….?

  5. vaishnavi

    Ur episodes r really good ….but srry bcoz I feel like u r dragging them 1st swara’s fear to go to sanskaar nd then getting hurt by sanskaar’s words nd then swara feeling happy by his concern and again repeats same frm 1st..change a bit…atleast reveal slowly y he behaves like that don’t drag….really srry srry so much if feel bad ..srry….

    • Saba

      Thanks dear! You don’t need to say sorry dear, I dont understand why you feel it dragging, look Swara is involving with sanskar, do you wish that she falls for him after his behaviour suddenly? Will not it unnaturally? Please give me a space dear, and his past revelation will happen soon. But I’ve planned about the venue and condition about it, so let me do that dear otherwise ill complete this story in few episodes with unnatural way!
      Sorry if you feel bad dear, I don’t wanna hurt you, im just clearing my point of view

  6. Kiara

    I m on cloud 9..
    When u updated ur 12th ff I thought I have to wait for ur 13th one….but now its a surprise for me…u updated so early…thank u…and as usual…it was awesome..

  7. Harani

    Wowewwww…dr saba …luv u so much dr..sanskar in dominating role is really manly….luv ur ff darling …it is as interesting as I’m yours ….
    waiting fr ur nxt post?

  8. mira

    hi Saba! nice and wonderful I like shanaya character very much don’t make her negative and today sanskar behavior is good! I think surprise gift must be wedding locket it is wife’s respect

  9. maya

    I m your big fan saba ‘I’m yours’ chance less I always read with heart feeling now this this super beyond super………

  10. sam

    I like the way swara answered sanaya.its the time sanskar should understand her love in this jelousy..and sanaya should not come in sanskar’s life.swsra is a wife..she cant tolerate sanaya….true feelings…well described…..waiting for more update…n my guess is that its a dimond ring.

  11. sethooty

    Superb Dr..loved this episode, swara is jealous.. Wow ..I like shanaya’s character she is too good..I really enjoyed the first para..awesome ..hats off u Dr..

  12. sakthy

    Hai saba
    I am a big fan of ur am urs ff.b4 2 days only I came to know that u r the writer of path hate to luv. Then I start to read it from its 1st chap. I like sanakar very much in swaragini but u made him in a different attitude I can’t even imagine. But its really oshm ya. Your writing skills, story made me crazy nd I thing u r a professional writer.your Both ff overtake real swaragini.eagerly waiting for next chap Keep rocking.

  13. Hayathi

    U r an awesome writer dr seriously it wad awesome yaar…… and compared to all swaragini ff this is totally diff

  14. sakthy

    Hi saba
    Am a big fan of ur am yours ff. When I came to know that u r the writer of this ff yesterday only then start to read it from its 1 chap. Actually i like sanskar very much in swaragini but u made him in different attitude I can’t even imagine. But its really oshm ya it overcome the real swaragini. Your writing skills, story line made me crazy on these ff. I think you r a professionalist. I loved ur both ff and eagerly waiting for your next episodes.

  15. savita

    saba, once again a very wonderful plot . But saba, u are writing ur whole plot ,on swara’s point of veiw. We or i want to know whats in sanskar mind.Make ur swara beautiful in eye of sanskar.
    I hope u dont mind my comment.
    Good luck saba

  16. Ira

    As I told that I am ure ffs silent reader ….but I am so badly addicted to it ..plzzzz post ure ff daily cause I eagerly wait for it ….and I think the gift is his symbol of luv towards swara or something very precious .

  17. Harshita

    Wooowwww its amazing…ur ffs are so addictive……..i jst luv ur writing skill…pls update the nxt part as soon as possible…cant wait to read it….:*

  18. shria

    Y ru potraying sanskar as a bold n hard hearted person..n smoking n all.pls….our sanskar is cute,kind,n gentleman..(dont like d way he is potrayed)

  19. meghs

    as usual ur ff is superb yar.. u wite clear emotions of character.. the way of ur writing is just awsome.. day by day its becoming more interesting..we were become addicted to it..

    swara hate shanaya is becz swara feels shanya is closure to sanskar..

    sanskar how many shades he has.. he was possisive.. caring..
    In restaurant, he treats swara as special ..
    sanskar gifted swara for ritual..
    eagerly waiting for ur nxt ff

  20. zeenath nuha

    I’m a silent reader..but I stop my self to comment to ur fiction. ..simply superb yard. …I love it…I can’t wait for ur next post…just make it fast…ply. .♡♡♡♡

  21. akku

    really awesome. ..
    I think ring…
    ur writing skill is soooooooo good my addiction to ur ff is increases day by day… no no har ek second. . luv u yaar…for ur beautiful gift
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    can’t wait more dear…

  22. Tara

    But really now ehat ai wish to say is.. plz don’t bring them closer so early. I want them to stay like this. It will be good if swara falls in love with him accepting all his flaws without knowing reason. Let her me mad on him nd thn let hee come to onow abt him. Don’t want to see sympathy love or reasonable love. It should happen acpting both gud nd bad qualities of the person. This epi is good. But I expect more frm you aftr reading all ur previous 12 epis.

    • sethooty

      Hi Tara ur point of view is correct, me to don’t want a sympathy type of love, swara should acept him as wat he is.. She should fall on him without knowing his past..”one is loved.bz one is loved there is no reason for love” .I am sure saba will do it in a different way..more than wat we expect.she is a creative writer, and does’ nt like devatha type characters thatz y she portrayed sanskar character with ..much -ve shades.

      • Tara

        Me too wish the same. Ss dr u r right. She is a creative thinker. She will surely come up with different track and surprise us ?

  23. Vini

    Hei Saba,wen u completed the other one only I came to know you were writing this one,I wanted to read this from the first episode, but out of excitement I read this now,story and characters are totally unfamiliar as I haven’t read the previous ones but I can’t stop from praising this episode and your writing,sometimes we fall short of words to praise certain things n I must say your ff n writing is certainly like that..keep writing dear,God bless n I think I should respond to one of the above comments,I noticed that cos of its length and it will not be right if I don’t respond to it as the matter is relevant…

    • sethooty

      Hey vini..this ff has different story line ..wen I read first episode get shocked and can’t digest sanskar’s character at first .BT her writing style was amazing ..ki addicted to her Ff.You must read it from start ..

  24. joy

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    plz……dnt drag and dont repeat

  25. Shilpi

    Hey dear Plzzzzzzzzz ek cute Sa twist lao na
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  26. Dil

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  27. Aishu

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  29. Tania

    Api it is not at all dragging. This the main quality for which we like ur ff most. Coz u explain each and every situation very nicely; feelings of both swara and sanskaar also by giving them equal importance. Waiting for nxt update.

  30. Saba

    Hey guys! I’m here and sooooo sorry that I didn’t reply to your comments, im so sorry guys and thanks alot for your support and criticise too guys because its also a part of story and way of improving my story

  31. saba……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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  45. Saba

    Hey guys!! I’m soooooooooooooooo sorry that I’m giving late reply because of my tough schedule,,I told you guys im taking break of 2weeks bc of my exams, im not rude and I also care about you,thank you so much for your love guys! But please give me space dear because my exams are going on, ill update next part after 3 Jan and In Shaa Allah ill give you back to back episode that time
    I’m sorry guys! Please dont be angry with me pleasssssseee

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