Swasan a path hate to love Episode 12


Swara looks him while working(he has full concentration on his work so he doesn’t notice that she’s awakening) but pretend to be sleep. A deep silence is breathing between them, she can feel his expression to her heart. He feels exhausted when sun rays comes out from the shawl of night. He can’t sleep properly, so she goes to her and closes his laptop. He lays down on couch with his same signature posture. She gets her shawl and comes out from room. He gets up after a half hour because his sleep isn’t stable. He unintentionally looks to bed and doesn’t find Swara. He goes to bathroom, check terrace but she’s not in the room. A bad memory comes in his mind like a current. He goes to downstairs and asks Lavanya about swara. She also doesn’t know about swara that where is she?. A bad memory is gripping his mind:”she also leave me….no she cant.. She cant” he deep pain kills his heart. He scolds Lavanya very badly:”where’s she? What’s the use of you? How dont you get when she leaved the house” an obedient Lavanya is standing silently to listen his harsh words.

Suddenly he heard the voice of swara:”sanskar! What happened?” He turns to her and rushes to her:”where were you?” He hugs her tight in front of everyone. Swara is surprised to see his concern. He hugs her tight that he has fear that maybe he lost her. Swara:”what happened sanskar? I was on terrace” Sanskar suddenly realised his condition and break the hug:”I told you naa dont go away from my sight whenever I am at home, you’ve no care about my orders” Swara:”actually…” She doesn’t understand what to say and hugs him tight:”I’m sorry sanskar!” Sanskar is surprised to see her concern. He breaks the hug and holds her from shoulders.:”it’s ok! But don’t do it again” she can see the request in his eyes clearly. She gets confused to see him in this attire. She doesn’t know why but she feels fear in his eyes, when he hugs her. He holds her and brings her to their room. She sits on bed while he’s taking out his dress for changing. Swara:”sanskar!” Sanskar turns to him:”hmm?” Swara thinks for a while and says:”are you scared from something?” Sanskar gives her strong look and doesn’t reply her.

He silently takes his dress and goes to bathroom while swara is still sitting in confuse stare, he’s a man of mystery and swara isn’t so intelligent to solve it. She has neither the supernatural powers nor the blessing to encounter him from his state. She’s human being with ordinary attire and ordinary dreams. Everything was fine in her life, her family loves her. She and ragini share great bond but she’s such a miserable who doesn’t share her problem with her. Sanskar comes out from bathroom and finds her in deep thought. He doesn’t want to talk with her because he’s scared in his heart whether she gets know the fear of his heart. He was silently getting ready for work, when swara boggles suddenly and comes to him. Her fear is decreasing day by day because of his attachment.

Swara:”sanskar! Why did you marry me?” Sanskar looks her with strange look and does his activity without gives her concentration:”you know very well why I married to you” Swara:”you told me, you didn’t marry for the sake of revenge, as a most eligible bachelor, many girls were falling for you, I’m not the only girl in the city, I wasn’t love you and like you also, is this your stubborn nature who dragged you to marry me?” Sanskar takes a deep breath and looks her, she’s not so intelligent but as a wife, she can recognise every shade of his eyes and this time his eyes show a deep pain. Sanskar:”I decided to marry you because of your character” he says and goes towards the room but stop for a while:”im waiting for you at dining table” She smiles to listen his words.:”he wait for me it means he has some importance of me”

He’s just about to leave, when she rushes to him:”sanskar! Stop…” Sanskar stop for a while and looks her questionably. Swara gives him a list:”these are books list, please bring all these” sanskar glares on the list and a minor pain wakes up in his chest and a voice echo in his ears. A voice:”sanky! Why do you read these boring books, sometimes look me also naa” Sanskar:”katty! I always look you, and these books are your sotan dear because I’ve library in my house. My bade papa arranged it specially for me” he has a proud in his voice. A voice:”no way… I dont want library in my house please, we will watch movies instead of books…” Sanskar:”books…” Swara shakes his shoulder:”what happened Sanskar?” Sanskar composed himself and says:”I told you naa that give this list to driver” Swara says with her style which she possessed before marriage:”you’re my husband, so this is your responsibility” His fear is vanishing in her heart day by day, but something is making a place in her heart in the place of fear but she’s unaware of it. So now she tells him with all her rights.

Sanskar:”do you have interest in books reading?” Swara is happy to listen his question, this is her favourite topc so she gets start to say:”sooo much! You know I had lots of books in my meka, I always dream to have a big library for me, where I will have lots of books which never ends” Sanskar smiles to listen her words and nods:”ok ill bring these books” he leaves without saying her goodbye. ********** She doesn’t understand what to do so she’s making dinner in kitchen when he arrives, she doesn’t expect his arrival early. But she surprise to see him with bundles of books. Sanskar opens the room where lots of empty book shelf built. She follows him and a big smile comes on her face too see a room fill with books. Sanskar sees the smile on her face but doesn’t respnse her. He’s still busy with servant to setting the books in shelves. Swara comes to him and holds his hand:”thank you sanskar! Thank you soo much” her voice is witness of her happiness.

Sanskar jerks his head:”actually this room was designed as study room, but no one is here to study, but now you’ve interest in reading, so I thought that I should set this room.” He says fast like that he explained her that this isn’t for her, Like she’ll catch him if he doesn’t say that this isn’t for her. Swara is amazed to see him working, he’s managing the books, according to the category, he even doesn’t feel shame to work with his servants and as he lifts the book which shows his concern for books or maybe his wife who loves books. Who does know what is inside in the heart of this mystery man? Swara goes to him and tries to help him to arranging books. But Sanskar stops her:”you’re not well, go and take a rest”

Swara:”I’m fed up to take a rest, let me do this, (she reminds her deed of today in which she prepared food specially for him) and I also prepared food for you today…” Her voice is replete with proud that she wanna say:”see Sanskar! I worked for you today as a wife and it’ll not tired me” A tiny star shine in his eyes to listen her words but next moment he just smiles and pats his face:”you dont need to do this, go and take a rest” Swara fumes to listen his words and walks out from there angrily because she wanna listen praise from him. He smiles to see her red face but there’s inside his heart a satisfaction makes place that she’s accepting him and their alliance.


Credit to: Saba

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  1. Soooooooooooooooooooo nce kash a real srl mai hota tho

  2. The story has started to uncover and is taking a sweet turn . waiting for the next ff

  3. Oh my my really their love is blossoming…
    Saba plzzz post next part atleast in 2-3 dayzzzzz….

  4. Hi Saba I am a silent reader but after reading your ff I couldnot stop my self I mast say u are a wonderful writer I really love your ff

  5. nyc ff saba yaar…..muje 1st ff he jo itna pasand aaya…plz update next part sooon….
    muje ye ff itna pasand aaya ki mai roj check krti hu…next part aaya ya nh…so plz roj ek part upload kiya kro na..plz plZ

  6. saba….I’m became huge fan of ur FF….love u yaar….

  7. i love it…u r always rocking ya….i’m big fan of u ….

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