Swasan a path hate to love Episode 11


Recap:”sanskar apologized to swara” There’s a deep silence between them, swara is starring him purposelessly. She doesn’t understand why her heart is attracted by him after his all misbehaving. Sanskar stands and pats her face:”go and get change, im waiting for you on dining table” Swara nods and feels still confused by his behaviour, but obey him silently. She opens the cupboard and goes to take a bath. She goes downstairs but wonders to see him waiting for her. Sanskar:”Dr told me that you’ve to eat only healthy diet, so I gave chart to Lavanya, you’ve to follow it ok?” Swara nods and takes a spoon of oats. Next moment, she split it:”what’s this? I cant eat it, I’m not ill to eat this type of food” Sanskar becomes serious to see her act:”ok! Dont eat, tell Lavanya what are you wanna eat” He slowly takes her bowl of oats and starts eating. She wonders to see his act:(maybe he’s such a miser, who doesn’t wanna waste a food).

He looks her face expression and understands her confusion:”you know Swara! Our country is developing country, there are millions of people who hardly eat one time meal properly because people like us, who wasted food just they dislike it and doesn’t wanna eat it” he completes his breakfast and gets up from his seat while swara feels ashamed to listen his words. But after few seconds, she jerks his words and takes her breakfast. ********** Sanskar leaved for his work while swara is standing in front of mirror:”look Swara! Now you’ve to live there, so you’ve two options either you want to escape the fact and live here as crying baby or you accept the fact that now he’s my husband and live here happily. Either you want or not but you’ve to live here so what’s the use of crying and denying the fact” she is optimist girl who always find second option to live happily, if she doesn’t find her priority to live. She ties pony tail and comes downstairs in kitchen. :”ok swara! What will you do today?” She calls Lavanya:”I wanna eat something, what to do?”

Lavanya smiles to see her behaviour but control it:” This is your home ma’am! What I should advice to you, you can orders me or to cook the dish” Swara nods and goes inside the kitchen, there are many servants are working. Swara:”who’s the cook?”
A servant come ahead:”there are four cooks ma’am and I’m the head of this kitchen” Swara feels dizzy to listen this:”what’s the use of four cooks, if only one person is here to eat” Kitchen head:”actually ma’am these four are expert in various kind of cuisines, as our boss is running the chain of hotels that’s why he has to maintain this thing is also at home” Swara wonders to listen his logic but jerks her shoulders:”well! I wanna eat aalu chat? Who’ll make for me?” Kitchen head:”ok! Ma’am, ill send you, your dish, anything else?”

Swara about to leave but stops:”well! Tell me one thing, which type of dishes your boss is eating?” Kitchen head:”actually he doesn’t order us specific things, often he takes dinner at hotel, otherwise shanaya ma’am come and she orders us” Swara feels jealous to listen her name but also feels suspicious:”was your shanaya ma’am come daily here?” K.H.:”almost daily, when she didn’t come here, then sir was also not come at home” She’s curious to listen it and want to know but Lavanya come to kitchen and indicates him through eyes. Kitchen head:”ma’am you go, ill send your food” Swara leaves kitchen in confused state. She shuffles the CDs of movies which are totally action or horror movies:”sanskar has bad taste” she chosen a movie from it and starts watching movie with eating chat(jab rahna hi hai yahan to Ro k rahne ka faida)

Sanskar is in the cabin of his hotel and talking with someone on phone. Sanskar:”Mr Gupta you’re taking so much time to convince maharaj partab Singh to sale his palace” Mr Gupta:”sir! I’ve convince them they already lost their property for the sake of their voluptuousness. You dont worry, you’ll listen good news soon” Sanskar:”good to you” Mr Gupta is the psychologist of Maharaj who has blackmailed by sanskar to convince maharaj to sale his palace to him. Mr Gupta has a daughter who is Dr but in her early career, she’s the reason of death child kavya. Mr Gupta:”so do you handle the matter of kavya?” Sanskar smirks:”kavya? Who’s kavya Mr Gupta?” Mr Gupta understands and disconnects the call. Sanskar thinks:”ohh!! I’ll finally get my dream” His phone rang. He attends the call. His secretary asked him that maharaj Partab Singh wanna talk to him. He smirks with proud and tells him to connect call. Sanskar:”so Maharaj Sahab! Are you agree with my deal?” Maharaj:” Your deal was really good Mr Maheshwari! How can I deny? Well! are you still wanna my palace with previous amount?”

Sanskar:”sanskar will never turn to his tongue” Maharaj:”ok! Then I’m visiting Delhi nowadays, then we’ll meet soon” Sanskar smiles:”sure! I’ll welcome you there” he disconnected the call and recalls something. Fb shows that two kids are playing in the palace while their parents are being attended by king of that palace. Lucky:”this is beautiful place naa Bhai? I wish I can stay here forever” Sanskar:”you know lucky! One day, ill get one palace and ill make one of my hotel there” Laksh:”Bhai! You cant get the palace, this is so big” Rp and dp come to listen them. Dp holds sanskar and says:”you’ll see ram! My son will be organized the great chain of hotels in India and that chain will complete when he get the palace to place his hotel” this words of dp are always remembered by him. He doesn’t want to remind any member of his family but in the deep inside, he feels the pain to reminisces them. ********* Sanskar arrives at home while swara is as usual in front of his eyes. Sanskar is also silent while swara is also reserves and limited girl so there’s nothing between them to talk about.

Swara feels bother to live in a room where sanskar is doing his work. Swara:”sanskar!” Sanskar:”hmm..” He says without taking off his eyes from laptop. Swara:”I need some books and movie cds, I feel bother at home whole day” Sanskar looks her:”ok! You make a list of your stuff, driver will bring all the stuff you want” Swara:”hmm..” She sees him with full concentration and scold her heart who wanna absorb him in it. Sanskar:”if you want to sleep, you can” Swara:”but dinner…” She’s waiting him for dinner. Sanskar:”I already took my dinner (he suddenly boggles) dont you take your dinner?” Swara nods in “no”. Sanskar:”intercom Lavanya to bring your dinner” he says and again concentrate on his work. Swara fumes to see him in this state:(what a man he’s! Is work more important than me?). She intercoms lavanaya and took dinner like obedient girl. She doesn’t understand what to do in this bog house. **************

In mid night, swara’s eyes are open without any reason. She doesn’t understand the reason of her awakening. She saw that sanskar is still working on his laptop and ash tray is filled by ash of cigarettes. She wakes up and sits in a posture of half laying. Sanskar feels her and turns to her. Swara:”you’re still awakening sanskar?” Sanskar:”I’m working in a very special project, why you wake up?” Swara feels restless to see him in this condition. Her heart is silent completely like a night, but her eyes are want to see him continuously. Swara:”I don’t feel sleepy” Sanskar:”hmm..(he again looks on laptop but turns to her to remind something) if you’re feeling sleepy, then will you make coffee for me?”

Swara nods and puts on her gown. She goes to kitchen and starts making coffee for him. She’s continuously thinking about him and his behaviour. She feels pity to see him working and her heart are waking up in her chest and whisper in her ears:”go and take out his tiredness in you” she jerks the voice of her heart and give him a coffee. She also brings for herself and takes a sip of coffee to see him with thief’s eyes. Swara:”sanskar! You should go to sleep now” Sanskar smiles bitterly:”I cant sleep swara! I need support to sleep, so you dont worry and go to sleep, its better to go for sleep otherwise ill loose my control” Swara gets up immediately to listen it:”aaaawww! (yawning) I feel sleepy, goodnight” He smiles on her act and again concentrate on his work.

Credit to: Saba

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