Swasan a path hate to love Episode 10


Sanskar suddenly realised his mistake what he did last night, he forget about Drs.’ words. He stands up and intercoms:”Lavanya! Tell to Ragini that we’re just coming in half hour, she just wait, and bring glass of warmth milk hurry up”

He stands up and supports her:”dont worry im with you” swara looks his concern for her. He lifts her to bathroom and open the warm shower:”do you feel better?” Swara nods and he leaves her to bathroom and gives her clothes to change. She comes out from bathroom after 10 minutes and he gives her a glass of milk. He intercoms Lavanya to come and set the room while he goes to bathroom to take bath. When he comes out to take a bath, she’s combing her hairs.
He again gets mesmerized to see her but control himself and called Lavanya to bring ragini to room.
Ragini comes to their room with plate of gajar ka halwa. Ragini hugs her and greet sanskar:”you both are taking so much time to get ready! See what I bring for you, mom cooked this and start crying to miss you, then she packed it for you and send me there, I preheat this in your kitchen”

She makes Swara eat halwa while swara cant control her emotions and hugs her. Ragini:”what happened Swara?” Swara:”nothing ragini! I also reminisced all moments of my meka! That’s why I got emotional” Sanskar:”you sister talk to each others! I’m going downstairs because I’ve to go for work” Ragini:”kya jiju? Why dont you take leave from your work and spend some quality time with swara? You both still dont go for honeymoon?”

Sanskar is about to reply when someone knocks the door, it’s laksh who stayed here at last night.:”good morning guys!! Hey ragini is also here” Ragini:”good afternoon and I think after some times, I should say good evening” Sanskar:”ragini is right lucky”

Laksh:”Bhai! Chachi told me you both also gets up now so don’t blame me” Ragini wonders to listen it, while swasan embarrassed but lucky is only teasing them. Laksh:”woww! Gajar ka halwa! I also wanna eat” he goes to bed where swaragini are sitting while Sanskar is standing near their bed. Sanskar:”lucky! I’m going to hotel, will you join me?” Laksh:”for dating and eating always yes but for work no way….” He leans down on bed. Ragini:”jiju! I told you naa! Take a leave and spend time with swara naa! She feels better in your company” Laksh:”I also agree with ragini! You should go somewhere outside” Swara in her heart(tensely):”both are idiots! At least he’ll go for work when he’s at the home, but after going to honeymoon, this chance will finish also, I dont know then what will happen to me? You both are my side or his” Sanskar:”we cant go out now! I’ve lots of work to complete, maybe after few months, I can take leave” Laksh:”Bhai! You’re so boring! When I’ll marry, ill go honeymoon just next day of my wedding for one month!! Wow!!” He gets excited to talk about it. Swara(both brothers are same) Sanskar:”first you handle your girlfriends then think about wife” He pats his shoulder and leaves laksh is also leave because he gets know that remaining gajar ka halwa in the kitchen.

Swaragini are alone in the room, Lavanya gave her lunch and medicines to Ragini to make her eat. Ragini:”why medicines?” Swara:”nothing, these are just multi vitamins supplement actually sanskar is touchy in these matters” Ragini:”jaju is so boring, he didn’t give you goodbye kiss before leaving” Swara murmurs slowly:”he had been giving enough since night” Ragini:”what you said?” Swara:”nothing! How he could, you’re there, how can he kiss me in front of you” Ragini nods:”yeah you’re right, well now I’ve to move, mom was waiting for me” Swara wants to stop her but recalls that laksh is here, she doesn’t want their closeness. Ragini hugs her and leaves her room.

Ragini collides with laksh while getting down from stairs. Laksh was drinking juice and that juice split on ragini’s dress. Laksh:”oh I’m sorry” ragini:”its ok!! I’ll wash it” She again goes to swara’s room. Ragini:”sorry Swara! Laksh split it on me mistakenly!” Swara goes to her:”ill give you my dress, why dont you change?” Ragini hesitate:”change?” Swara takes out her dress and handover her:”go and please change” She nods and comes outside after changing while sujata also come here. She hugs Swara:”are you ok naa”” Swara:”yeah mom! I’m completely ok!” Sujata:”your dad called me now, he’s calling me to home, now I’ve to leave there” Swara gets sad and hugs her:”ill miss you so much” Sujata:”laksh is going home, so im also going with him(then she saw Ragini) ragini! You’re here, come with us! We’ll drop you”

Swara:”yeah ragini! Go with mom! She’ll drop you” Ragini hugs her and lucky also come to her room:”hey bhabhs! I’m going, please dont miss me! And keeps your eyes on Bhai” he winks her and she smiles on his childish behaviour. Swara hugs Ragini again:”you take care yourself and mom papa too! And take care dadi and dada Ji! And hugs dida from me” Laksh:”neighbours are remaining Bhabhi” All laugh and they left while swara is feeling much sad because now she’s alone in this house which is still unexplored by her. ************* Same day in night: Sanskar comes home and finds her sleeping, he feels much guilt to see her. He askes Lavanya about her health and gets angry to listen that she didn’t take her meal yet. He gets angry, but he knows he to control his temper very well. He orders Lavanya to bring food and wakes her up slowly. Sanskar:”swara! Wake up” She sees him and gets afraid:”not again” Sanskar understands her fair and feels so much guilty:”I wasn’t awake you but you didn’t take dinner, first take it” She goes to bathroom to freshen up while Sanskar takes her dinner and medicines from Lavanya. She makes her eat dinner and swara is totally surprise to see his concern for her. Swara:”(who are you Sanskar? You gave initially a pain and then try to heal it).

Sanskar assumes written complain in her eyes and says slowly:”sorry…” Swara wonders to listen him:”what you say?” Sanskar:”actually! I was drunken last night, so couldn’t control myself, I’m sorry” Swara cant control her emotions and starts crying:”you should be happy to see me in pain, that your revenge is going successful” Sanskar sighs and keeps tray on side table, pour water on glass and give her medicines. Her eyes are asking question to him. Sanskar:”swara! I’m not used to give explanation to anyone, but…(he hesitate to say because he’s not so expressive) I didn’t marry you for the sake of revenge, yeah I shouldn’t do what I did with you, but this was my genuine decision to marry you, as you insult me and whatsoever, it witnessed your good character and I find you as perfect life partner of mine, so I cant resist myself to get you, and sorry for my behaviour, it wasn’t my purpose to hurt you actually… This is way of my relief, im sorry for it” he says slowly slowly as he wanna collects words to apologize from her and convince her that he’s not so bad at all.

He first time, talks her so long, she surprise to listen him. But she remind something:”did you do dinner?” Sanskar looks her with amazed that if she asks it means she cares him. Sanskar:”yeah I did in hotel because I came late” Swara watches the clock, it’s mid night, she slept so long. Suddenly shd feels something curious because why is he come so late. Is he with someone else? Maybe with Shanaya? Many questions are pop up in her mind but she doesn’t have courage to asks him. He as usual falls asleep after taking sleeping pills in his same posture. She doesn’t understand why is he taking sleeping pills. She looks him with bit affection and recalls his concern for her:”it means you’ve a heart also which feels guilt and concern for someone” Someone whispers in her ears:”not someone, just you!” She ignores the voice. He takes side from his opposite direction, his back is from her face. She feels suffocation and takes her shawl to go outside. She goes to terrace and sees the sky fill with stars!

The night without moon is also a blessing because moonlight covers the light of tiny stars. And now sky has the shawl of stars without moon. She wonders to see sky as like a child who sees first time fireflies. She recalls their incident when Sanskar leaved her just for the sake of her health. Her eyes are twinkling same as stars. She feels cold and comes inside. Instead of going to bed she sits on couch and sees his face. She looks a glass of water, in which he drinks water to take sleeping pills. She sees half glass of water is remained there. She goes, takes a glass, go to couch again and drinks the remaining water. She’s looking him continuously without the blink of eyes and recalls their first moment to last when he cared about her. She goes to him, bent down her knees on floor and looks him with all her concern. She recalls all her hatred in her heart but she can not do this.

Her heart is like a blank paper before meeting him. She didn’t love him before marriage, she even doesn’t feel love him but she can’t hate him also. She wants to hate him. And there’s so many reasons to hate him but she finds herself helpless to love him. She wants to hug him, but she’s perplexed by her desire and goes to her bed immediately. She glares him and closes her eyes because of fear. Not a fear of him, fear of the voice of her heart. *********** Next day, when she awakes, sanskar isn’t here, she stretch her body and recalls last night. Unwillingly a sweet smile comes on her face but at the next moment, she scolds herself and get down from bed. She comes out from room and looks down’s portion. Sanskar is downstairs and talking with someone, she recognised the doctor with her.

Sanskar comes upstairs with Dr while she’s still standing on the outside of room. She’s not confirmed but she feels, he’s disturb to see her outside the room, but she doesn’t understand the reason. Sanskar:”swara! Get inside the room” his tone is filled with coldness which is freeze the heart of swara. She nods and goes to the room, Dr asks her questions about her health, she starts answer to her while Sanskar is standing as he’s not present in the room. Sanskar:”is she ok?” Dr:”yeah she’s ok! She has problem of back pain, which is common in girl, specially during the winter, I wrote some supplements for her and you should follow the diet chart for her, because she’s very weak. And you should also avoid to come close her for few days” She can see the disturbance on his face after listening the advice of Dr. Sanskar:”how many days?” He’s rubbing his hands because of disturbance. Dr:”minimum one week…” Lavanya takes out the Dr while swara is happy in her heart for the leave of one week. Sanskar comes to her with rages eyes, she doesn’t understand the reason. Sanskar:(with cold tone)”I told you, not to wear one piece out of room” A strong layer of fear comes in her heart, she’s wearing nightie and because to see sanskar, even she didn’t wear gown on it. She understands the reason of her disturbance. Sanskar:”you know there’s many male servants are there? Who told you to comes outside without changing” he holds her shoulders tight which shows his rage and looks into her eyes:”why dont you take care about my orders?”

Swara:”sanskar! It’s hurting, please leave” Suddenly sanskar realizes his act and leave her, a guilt comes into his eyes and he throws himself on the bed and looks her. While swara is watching him with tears filled eyes. He recalls his first night incident and this time, his rage, he curses himself that she’s facing his cruel face without any mistake. He calls her:”swara! Come here” Swara is fearing in her heart but moves from her side and goes to him. He holds her hands and pulls her near him and makes her sit. Tears are still rolling down from her eyes and he can read the clear complain due to his behaviour in her eyes. He wanna say something but saw an open door. He silently goes and closes the door while she’s fearing due to his weird behaviour. Sanskar holds her hand into his both hands and keeps on his lap.

Sanskar:”swara! I know I did wrong with you, I shouldn’t do this type of behaviour with you, but I know something which you dont know, I observed the behaviour of men regarding the woman! I know this wasn’t your fault, I know because of my possessiveness, you’ll must feel suffocation but I cant tolerate any evil eye on you….” He paused and collects words to continue his convo. He looks her to observes the solemnness of his words. Sanskar:”I’m sorry for the behaviour for the first night, im not used to forgive anyone, you slapped me this is the reason of that night. I’m sorry for everything” He’s first time repenting on his behaviour because he understands that she becomes the victim of his bitter past without any mistake. Sanskar:” I’m not asking you so much! But I want you to obey all this, understand?” Swara is really surprised to listen his second time sorry and long convo, she just forget about her pain

Credit to: Saba

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