Swasan a path hate to love Episode 9

Laksh understands what she feels and teases her:”you’ve to watch out Bhai! You dont know how many girls are trying to trap him,look how’s he talking to Shanaya? They shouldn’t be so close after his marriage, You should take class of him” he just teases her but she’s taking him seriously because theirs closeness disturbs her, no matter, she afraid from him but she feels her rights on him as wife. Sanskar and shanaya are coming to her. Shanaya is a beautiful and gorgeous girl wearing black sleeveless saree come to them. She hugs swara slowly:”I’m Shanaya dear! And you’re swara naa! Its very nice to meet you” Swara doesn’t understand what to say, actually this is totally new world for her, she tries to understand them but at every step, she feels much confusion. Swara:”nice to meet you too” she’s telling this hardly.Swara feels back pain so she slowly puts her head on the back of couch but there isn’t any back. Sanskar notices it. Sanskar::”shanaya! I wanna meet some guest, will you please take her to dressing room? And please make her eat something, ill send dinner, please take care her” Shanaya:”dont worry sanskar! I’m with her, you can attend your guest” Laksh:”uff Shanaya sweetie!! Why dont you lift me! Am not I handsome like Bhai” Shanaya smiles proudly:”bacha! You’ve to take time to grow up” she helps swara to stands up and brings her to dressing room. While laksh goes to his gf number 5. And sanskar is attending his guest.

In dressing room:
Shanaya makes her sit:”are you ok?” Swara smiles hardly:”hmm..” Shanaya:”you get tired because of standing for long, take a rest dear” Swara looks her with amazed because she finds truthfulness in her eyes. Shanaya is sitting on the chair opposite to her and asks hesitantly:”how’s your marriage life swara? Are you happy?” Swara(in cold tone):”didn’t sanskar tell you everything?” Shanaya enjoys her taunt:”it means you’ve tongue also in your mouth, good going please use it in front of him… Excuse me” She calls sanskar to come inside the room. He arrives there after a minute.:”what happened Shanaya? Is she ok?” Shanaya:”yeah she’s but can you arrange milk for her? I think she gets tired, after dinner ill give her medicine and milk, she can take rest here until party will be ended” Sanskar is in serious tone:”ok! Dont worry! I arranged both things, actually she’s taking medicines, I don’t remember the name? I called Lavanya to bring it” they again start talking and she notices that if they start talking they don’t need third person between them. After few minutes Shanaya freshen up his mood. Shanaya turns to her:”Sorry Swara! We don’t habitual of third person between us, but dont worry, now he’s all yours” Sanskar:”yeah I’m hers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll leave me” swara feels relax to listen his words”im hers”. Shanaya:”ill not my sweetheart” Swara:”will not you introduce her?” Shanaya:”I told you im Shanaya” Swara with hesitation :”are you business partner of sanskar?” Both look each other and burst out the laugh.

Sanskar:”she’s event manager and I’ve chain of hotels, how we become business partners?” Swara with confusion:”then?” Shanaya with naughty smile:”we’re sleeping partner, actually we were” Swara is shocked to listen it, how does she said so clearly to her. Sanskar excuse them, and shanaya takes dinner for her. Swara with flat expression:”I’m not hungry” Shanaya looks her with concern and comes to her:”I know you’re angry to hear it, but it’s true! We’re not used to saying lie, this is bitter but true! But this is past, I want to clear something to you, I know he’s harsh and wild, but when you starts to understand him, you’ll find that which precious diamond you got” Swara with bitterness:”I dont want this diamond, I was happy in my life, I dont know whom you are! But you both are same and I dont wanna talk to you, please leave and dont convince me for him… I hate him from core what he did with me, and ill always hate him” Sanskar:”I hate you too sweetheart and you’ve no right to talk to Shanaya like it, I think I was so soft to you then you’re starting crossing your limit”

Shanaya stands up and holds his hands:”sanskar!! Relax! Please” Sanskar gets relax and smiles with his same proud to see Shanaya and turns to Swara:”ok!! I’m happy at least you tell truth, I like fair person! I think person should be fair in every relationship! I’m happy at least you’re fair with your hatred!! Well now take dinner and medicines! And you know very well, im not used to say one thing again” now his tone change into coldness and swara looks them with hatred. Sanskar leaves from there but Shanaya is still there and give her medicines after her dinner, she doesn’t want to take it but she’s afraid to sanskar, so doesn’t object it. Shanaya:”you take rest! We’ll pick you at the end of party, and dont worry this is yours hotel so you’re save here” Swara with bitterness:”yeah you’ll go to spend time with my husband” Shanaya gets happy to hear her words but she also feel pain. Shanaya turns to her:”then take care your husband dear, dont let anybody to spend time with him” Swara:”I don’t care” Shanaya pats her face:”one day you’ll be” she leaves while swara cant control her tears. She’s leaning on the bed and when she falls asleep while crying, she didn’t know, but laksh wakes up her:”Bhabhi! party is over, Bhai is waiting for you” she looks him with sleepy eyes and nods. Laksh helps him to come out, she slowly sits in a car. Laksh is continuously talking during travel, sanskar is also replied him while Swara is looking from window, fresh breeze of winter is vanished her sleep in air, now she feels so much relax and forgot about the words of Shanaya. *
Swasan room:
Swara is put off her jewellery while Sanskar comes in the room after changing the dress. He stops to see her, her curls are scattered on her back, her fresh face, her elegance, beauty, everything are making him crazy, he can’t stop himself to get close to her. He goes to her, she’s sitting on chair of dressing table, he cups her face in the same condition. She didn’t expect from him and whisper slowly his name:”sanskar!” Sanskar puts his fingers on her lips:”not today swara! Please dont stop me tonight, dont test my patience anymore” his deep voice is touching to her heart but she recalls her first night and get afraid. He holds her and feels her soft touch in his strong arms. He joins his thirsty lips to her shivering lips, and take the dew of her lips like thirsty of desert who suddenly find oases. His hands are exploring her during a kiss, after few minutes, he departs from her:”go and get change, im waiting for you” Swara goes to washroom and looks herself in mirror. Her lips are witness of his thirst and she knows very well, what will happen to her. She composed herself and recalls Shanaya words.:”I know I hate you sanskar!

But despite of it, you’re my husband! I accepted this relationship from core, not for you, for my god who tied us in one thread, because I’ve value of our marriage! I’ll always hate you but still im accepted you, when I know I’ve to feel this pain forever. So what’s the use of restrictions?” She composes herself and goes to him.:”he turns off the light, she leans on the bed and he comes on the top of her, she’s still fearing in her heart but doesn’t show it. Sanskar down to her, keeps his lips on her and hold her tight, his grip is becoming more tighten slowly slowly, as he starts kissing. This time Swara doesn’t show any restriction. He explores the waves of her body and this time she isn’t scream because this time her soul is moaning in the winds. He comes so close, his tight grip shows his extreme want and desire while her expressionless face isn’t show any pain, but she’s suffering from inner pain.

Tears are rolling down from her eyes silently. This time, he doesn’t need to do forcefully, because she leaves herself on him. Sanskar intertwines her fingers and holds her hands tight. He becomes a part of herself and she’s bearing him because of the true relationship of theirs. His hands exploring her while she feels in a deep ocean, where she can drinks water but this water takes her soul. He leaves her when the first ray of sun comes in their room. Swara feels pain in every inch of her body. He hugs her and whispers in her eyes:”dont leave my hug until ill get up” she doesn’t say anything just hides her face in his chest, her eyes are witness of her pain and her tears are absorbing on his chest. While he’s sleeping peacefully after conquered her completely.

After few hours, someone knocking the door, she’ll must be Sujata because Lavanya and other servants are aware of their boss’s nature. She doesn’t understand what to do, because she’s not in condition to open the door and second sanskar ordered her, not to leave his hug. She’s confused what to do, when Sanskar gets up and intercom to lavanya:”who’s the hell on the door Lavanya? If mom! Say don’t to disturb us” what Lavanya replied him she couldn’t hear but she knows her obedience and after few seconds voice of knocking door is stop and she can hear the loud murmuring of Sujata. Sanskar hugs her tight and smiles to see her:”good morning!” He comes on him. Swara:”it’s 10 am. Will not you go office at time?” Sanskar taunt:”dont you enjoy your husband’s company?” Swara doesn’t understand what to say. Sanskar:”hey! You said me you hate me, be fair of your hatred,

I dont care either you hate me or love me! But always loyal to me because honesty means to me” he looks in her eyes:”you dont need to afraid to hate me! You should afraid to betray me, because ill never spare that kind of person” his eyes are evidence of his words and she can feel the heat of his words. He rubs her bare shoulder slowly and holds her and swara gets know that he still wants more. Swara:(in her heart)”not again, I dont know what he ate, god will ask to mom who interrupted his sleep and now I’ve to pay because of her act”. Sanskar :”you know swara! Whenever I close to you, I feel complete irrigated by your touch! This thing wasn’t happened with any other girl, who came in my life” Swara doesn’t want to listen him, but she feels his eyes are touching her face. He closed to her and kisses her face and swara wonders that this time his touch is soft and gentle. But just for few minutes because he cant separate his harshness from his nature. Swara prays to god in her heart that someone calls them. But not so soon! Sanskar whispers in her ears:”you were looking beautiful yesterday night” now she’s paying to looked beautiful. She’s praying god because she doesn’t want more and he doesn’t want to leave her. At afternoon god listened her heart’s voice when intercom rings.

Sanskar gets up from her:”how dares Lavanya to disturb me” he attends the call and her expression is change md to listen it. Sanskar turns to her:”get up and be ready, ragini come downstairs and waiting for you, please shuts off the door before going” Swara in her heart:”god will ask you Sanskar! Now you’re sleeping to ruin my peace” Sanskar:”dont give me curse in your heart, go otherwise she’ll come upstairs and im not mood to get up” Swara wants to kill him but she cries helplessly and just looks him with all his hatred. Sanskar (hugs her again):”I think I shouldn’t care about my salee because my wife doesn’t has mood to leave me” Swara looks him with anger(I hate you. How bad you are!! I wish I can kill you). Swara slowly says:”I cant move, its paining” Sanskar suddenly realised his mistake what he did last night, he forget about Drs.’ words.

Precap: Uuiuppppss! Sorry episode will come in next episode

Credit to: Saba


  1. Tara

    Loveeee to the core. Addicted to this story. U r superbbbb saba.. magical writter. . Awesomeeeeeee. Chanceless. The way u r portraying sanskar I love it ??? I love each nd evry line of urs. I luv d char sanskar and swara a lottt.. honesty and value they give to their relationship and sanskar ..omggggg ???? I am totally fallen for ur stry saba. Honesty, value, respect given to hatred relationship is soooo tooooooo tooo good. I can’t evn say how much i like tis epi.. superbbbbb dear. Waiting for nxt epi vry vry eagerly

    • Saba

      Hey Tara! Thanks alot dear for your precious words for me! Its your love who drag me to write more! And yeah ill upload next part soon In Shaa Allah thanks again dear! Yeah respect, value and loyalty is most important things in every relationship! Even it’s hatred also

  2. meghs

    its emotional…
    sankar genuine to his relation….
    i feel sad for swara… she is suffering alot….
    a wife cant tolerate husband with other grl…

    • Saba

      Hey dear! Yeah I can understand this thing yar! Swara is poor now but no more in further episodes! Dont worry dear

  3. Lasya

    Beautiful episode saba. Sorry to ask you but are you a married girl? Cause the way you describe made me ask this. Sorry to hurt you saba and ur fiction is fab. I don’t know how you get words to describe things and yes your vocabulary is really good

  4. Seeba

    U r amazing….keep rocking….u have excellent writing skill..ur each words make us to imagine d scenes in front of us…swasan adorable in ur ff…

  5. Prtibha

    Now m falling for sanskaar,jealousy of swara is quite nice n cute too n saba u r amazing n could u please tell ur time when u upload episodes….???

  6. Niti

    Very nice epi dear…sanaya was too caring for swara..poor swara..swasan hate each other but i think their hate story has started to convert in to love story..well done dear..

  7. hadi

    Such a painful epi u describe the pain of swara n thirst of sanky in very great manner but plz turn sanky into a lovely person soon coz I can’t imagine him like this

  8. sindhuja

    loved each and every part of it… how i wish swara can say those things to sanskar directly instead of cursing in her heart…. and… it’s a cliff hanger… i don’t encourage cliff hangers buddy… continue soon… waiting for his reaction and action…

    • sindhuja

      “i don’t care either you love me or hate me but be loyal to me”, i fell for you sanskar once again… hope you will approach her softly…

    • Saba

      Hey sindhuja! Thanks dear you liked it so much! Dear can you tell me what’s cliff hanger? I know its actual meaning but what literary term you used in this comment, I don’t get you! May you please tell me
      And yeah I also liked clear relationship! So I make them clear also

      • sindhuja

        what i meant the ending makes me more curious… i can’t wait till next day to know what is going to happen?? let’s say curiosity overloaded…

    • Saba

      Hey deepthi and navi! I already heard many time that my ff is same as 50 shades! Its my pleasure that it seems like! Well now im also want to read this book! After exams In Shaa Allah! But if you feel like! I take this story from that book then you’re wrong, I didn’t read 50 shades even I didn’t read any English novel except prisoner of zenda! Well after revealing sanskar’s past! Must tell me either its same as that book or not

  9. karthi

    How bad sankar I really hate him very much,he’s very selfish,poor swara ..really swara pavam dear,,,,now I like shanaya,,,she Nice,,,you are amazing writter dear,rocking dear..plz next update soon

    • Saba

      Hey karthi! Thanks dear! If you hate him, means I’m going on right part, but don’t wrry. You’ll love him soon

  10. mira

    wow! what a writer you are! if u infront of me i give you a hug. and I am feel sorry for swara as a lady we all know what is paining. my eyes are wet for her. please change her fate!

    • Saba

      Hey Mira! Thanks alot dear that you gave me love! And sorry I gave you pain! Destiny write her best thing! She just need to realized dont worry dear

      • mira

        Saba! today I read this ff three times i have a feeling for her but i controlled its only story not real please less her pain and give me peace

  11. Knockout Saba!!!completed no words!!! Feeling heavy dear!! Shanaya words r correct but it wont suit pure girl(hahaha)!!! But really irritated by”sleeping partners”!!!! Swara felt possessive(hahaha) what to do bad or good its girls habit? last 2para its fabulous dear though swara were in pain but I had smile for sanskar behaviour…thank you for wonderful episdoe!!!
    And what happen to kashis dear???

  12. sri

    wow dear. its superbbbbbbb. swara feeling jealous.. shanya’s care for swara. hate me r love me bt be loyal. awesome… swara tolerating her pain bcoz of value of their relationship…. gng crazyyyyyyyy for ur ff ‘s….. wtng for sanskars apology n fb

    • Sara

      Don’t u remember wat sanskaar said ???? He said her to forget all her male friends as he can’t bear to see her with anyone??????

  13. OMG!!!!it was awesum….so romantic….wer do get dese ideas….addicted to ur ff….the line “either love me or hate me bt b LOYAL to me” was really superb…….ur writing is incomparable……

  14. pratiksha

    god it is soooo awesome story line ya I agreed sanskar is too hard person but I like his possessiveness I totally love his character. he loves his wife so much ………. keep it up this storyline…… is toooo good its incredible

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