swasan a path hate to love 20

Recap:”swara stopped sanskar to go for a meeting, he agrees with her. He thinks about the position of her in his life”

He never ever get the peaceful sleep after his bond with devil, he was in full his thought, his eyes were closed but

his mind is fully awake and can sense his outer world. The harsh ring of the bell is striking on his head, he doesn’t wanna walk, so he just grope his hand to search the phone, his hand feels the phone. He holds his phone and

looks at the number with his half-closed eyes, but he opens them completely after to saw the name which shows on his phone.

He attends the call:”yes lucky! What happened?”

Laksh:”are you sleeping Bhai? How could you sleep on the big day of yours?”

He looks on Swara who is still sleeping on her pillow. He sighs and tells lucky all the incident of last night.

Laksh:”I know Maharaj uncle is so stubborn, so why didn’t you tell him that you’re whose Maheshwari, who came in their palace in their childhood, they love us and respects our fathers, I bet they’ll agree, after all, they’ve no option”

He gets up in the posture of half lean and leaves his head on the back of bed:”hang on lucky…! You know very well,

I never used my surname to get success”

Laksh:”hmm.. You’re right, I’ll call you after half hour, you just wait” he disconnects the call and Sanskar smiles to observe his childish behaviour.

He gets up from the bed and takes out his clothes to take the shower. But before going to the bathroom, his cell phone again rings.

He thinks that it’s laksh but Maharaj name is showing on the screen. “maybe he wanna know the reason of my

deed” he thinks and attends the call. :”good morning Maharaj Ji!”

Maharaj:”why do you calling me Maharaj? Call me Maharaj uncle, as you used to call me in your childhood, oh!

How didn’t I recognised you, lucky told me you wanna do something on your behalf, but it’s okay! I cancelled my flight and you can come here, whenever you want, it’ll be convenient if you come today’s evening and this time,

I’ll offer my amount and you’ve to pay your uncle”

Their first words give him smile but after hearing their last words, this smiles into bitterness. How can he forget,

how selfish has this world? Who always think about themselves, this is a reason, he doesn’t make the relationship with anyone.

He replies in strong tone:” Yes why not Maharaj ji! I’ll meet you today”

Maharaj:”call me uncle beta”

Sanskar:”this time, you’re my client, I’ll call you after our deal” he chew his words and disconnects the call after saying bye.

He calls laksh and shouts on him to using his surname.
Laksh:”wood… Hang on hang on Bhai! You got your deal naa? So this doesn’t matter, how do you get this? This isn’t your style I know, but you never worry about source of your success, always concern to your success. So… This is it, what you want! Go ahead man.. Your dream project is waiting for you”

He smiles on his behaviour:”ok ok!! You’re right my little brother”

Laksh jerks:”I’m no more little now! Why you all treat me like a child, well when you’re going to Mysore?”

Sanskar looks at swara and replies:”when your Bhabhi will allow me to leave”.

Laksh:”ahh hmm ahmm”

Sanskar:”stop it laksh and yes! Why don’t you join me? Because we’ll stay there, more than a week, after our deal,

I’ve to check location and surrounding to make a plan to turn it into hotel form”

Laksh:”wow Bhai!! I can afford one week vacation from office work because it’s really boring”

Sanskar:”ok then, pack your bag, maybe we’ve to leave today”

Laksh:”hmm.. Bhai! Actually.. I wanna say something to you” his tone is damn serious, sanskar changes the position of his phone, left hand to right:”what happened?”Laksh:”if you invite Ragini also for this trip”

Sanskar understands his words in one second:”no.. No way! She’s not your type..”,

Laksh cuts his words:”hang on Bhai! I know she’s not gf material, so who is talking to make her gf, I wanna give her place, which she deserves”

Sanskar is shocked to listen his words:”what? Are you sure? And what about bade papa? He’ll not agree because his father doesn’t have big amount for a dowry.. You look her naa? She’s so innocent, your one step can ruin her character”

Laksh:”I’m lucky! Not sanskar, so Bhai! Leave this all on me and I just want to confirm my feeling towards her, this is the best occasion for me”

Sanskar can understand the truth in his words, he think for a moment and says:” Ok! I’ll do this for you but first promise me, you will not do anything which hurt that girl, and you’ll not give any hope to her until you’ll confirm about your feelings”

Laksh:”ok done!! I also don’t want to harm her innocence, so now Bhai, excuse me, I’ve to do so much effort to ask

leave for one week from papa . Bye,” he says excitedly.Sanskar:”ok bye” he disconnects the call and looks at his sleeping beauty.

He holds her in his arms and wakes her up slowly.

She slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in his arms.

She smiles:”good morning” this is her first smiling greeting after their marriage.

He finds layer of joy in his heart:”good morning my dear wife! Wake up! We’ve to leave”
She changes her posture and leans on his chest in half-laying posture.

She says hurriedly:”I’ll not allow you to go anywhere..”

He suddenly puts his finger on her lips, her eyes tackle with his eyes and messenger of love, signals her feelings to his heart.

Sanskar says:”I’m not going alone. You’re also going with us”

Swara’s face expression changed at once. Sanskar understands and says:”dont worry, I’ve a work here, so I’ll not have time to annoy you, you can enjoy there”

Swara releases her breath and says:”but what will I do there?”

Sanskar:”actually I’m thinking that, we ask ragini to go with us, she’ll company you, ill give you car with driver, you can go wherever you want”

Swara think for a while and agree with him:”ok! I’ll ask for maa” she departs from him and goes towards the phone.

Sanskar stretches his body and sees her with lovely eyes:”ok you can! I’m going to take a bath, you tell lavanya to

prepare our suitcase, maybe we’ve to live there for a week”

Swara nods and dials a number.

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