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Hi guys actually i am not Saba.
My name is Roja n i resides in Hyderabad…i was writing on behalf of Saba…
sry guys for the confusion i am a big fan of Saba…
Lets go for another chapter of ff

Recap:”swara saw a bad dream and worried about Sanskar, sanskar came to leave for Mysore but swara stopped


Sanskar boggles with her answer but he doesn’t believe in these types of things. He lifts her face slowly and kisses

on her forehead:”I’m sorry swara, but I’ve to go, this meeting is mean to me, very important to me” he separates

from her and tries to go but swara holds his hand.

He turns to her and she says slowly:”more than me?” A clear pleading is understandable in her eyes. Sanskar

boggles and swara is asking to him to say these words:”tell me sanskar! That meeting is more important than me?”

Sanskar looks in her eyes, her eyes are pleading to him. He thinks for a moment because he knows very well if he

miss that meeting, he’ll miss the chance to get his dream. He remembers the endeavours which he has done to get

this deal. But he looks his lovely wife, who is also mean to him. No matter, he used her but she’s a part of his life

and he always cares about people who is part of his life and this is her who is half better of him so how is it possible,

he wouldn’t care about her.

He sighs and holds her in his strong arms. Both sit on a couch and he takes out his mobile from hip pocket before

sitting. He dials a number, Swara is observing his actions because he didn’t answer her.

Someone is received his call and he says:” Rohan! Informe Maharaj Partab Singh, I can’t come tomorrow

morning’s meeting” someone wanna say something but he disconnects the call.

He looks at her who is already looking to him. Lavanya comes and about to say something but he signs her to

leave. She leaves and he collects his all concentration to her wife.

He lifts her face and looks into her eyes:”now are you happy?”

Swara nods and departs slowly from him:”we should go to sleep now”

Sanskar:”you can go, I’ve some work”

Swara turns to him and holds his hand:”if you wanna do some work, do in our room, not here”

Sanskar doesn’t understand her suddenly the concern for him. He softly frees his hand and says:”what happened swara?

Why this concern for me? I thought you didn’t care about me, and you also confirmed it, so what happened now?”

Swara sighs and looks his arrogant posture, he’s still a monster, it’s she who’s heart is changed, who’s feelings are

arisen for him. He’s still the same, same arrogant attitude, same care, same protective over her and same

bitterness with a mixture of harshness and lots of vices.

But on the other hand, her heart is accepting him, the way he’s! She sighs and sits again on the couch. She looks

down and tries to collect the words which satisfy him but not reveal the secret of her heart.

She lifts up her face, he’s still looking her with a questionable look but lots of authority on her. She starts her words:”

I’m afraid…. You don’t know, I didn’t see a dream, maybe I saw but I don’t remember, but whenever I remind my

dreams, it will be true” she looks into his eyes, where is only her reflection.

Swara downs her eyelashes and continues:”I saw a dream in my childhood, I’ll fail in exams, and I failed, I saw a dream, before my father is suffering from financial problem, and he robbed, it’s just a few examples, I saw an hour

ago…. You….”

Words are stuck in her throat because she doesn’t want to say any word about him which hurts her heart and says

anything that she lost him forever.

Sanskar lifts her face and says:”me… What me..”
Swara wipes her tears and steps back from him:”I saw, you. You met with accident” she hardly completed her

words. Sanskar doesn’t believe in this type of things, if it’s true then he also doesn’t care because he’s already dead in

his thought. Now he doesn’t afraid from the death. But he looks his little girl who’s afraid of that dream.

He tightens his grip and says nothing. He knows this is enchantment of that night. Night…. This is most heavy time

in the 24 hours. It’s melting drop by drop and creating its spell to its victims. This is a reason, many crimes are done

in night time mostly. Even a brave man can fear from these dreary nights, with silent darkness. So this is little girl,

who’s spell in the night which is making her.

He can understand this horrible charm of the night because he’s also a victim of this witch. His inner werewolf cant

control himself in this night and his flesh is just in his arms. He looks at his wife and sighs to control his inner

a werewolf who wants something to eat. She’s closing her eyes just like deer of desert’s jungles. He knows very well,

this time, her hug isn’t for love, just for the purpose of protection. So how he can break the trust of his refugee. He

knows the pain of betrayal, so he can do anything with the person but can’t betray them.

He continuously caresses her hairs and feels her heartbeat on his chest.

He looks her, she falls asleep in his arms. He lifts her in his arms and goes to their room. Natural fragrance of her

the body is making him crazy, but he controls himself and goes to terrace.

He takes out his slow poisoning and pulls the smoke in the air. He knows, he almost lost this deal but he’s not

regretted it.

He’s the winner of this world, so maybe he has to pay more money for this project now but for the peaceful sleep

of his wife, isn’t a bad deal.

He sighs and throws the half-burn cigarette. He looks beyond the glass wall where his queen is laying on the bed

under the trance of peaceful sleep. He can’t decide her status in his life. In the eyes of the world, she’s his wife. Yes!

She’s, but he never view his love ones with the eyes of the world. Shanaya is the best example of it. Otherwise, he can

use her and throw her like others has done with her. But he knows she has the highest position in her life after lucky.

Lucky!! Laksh… His brother, not only brother, his best friend and his secret keeper. He always stood for him

either he’s right or wrong but his love is for him always pure and aimless.

He also still love his parents but the truth is also that he can’t love them like he was loved them before ten years.

He sighs and goes towards his bed. He wants to give position to her in his life but he can’t recognise her state in his

life. But after the incident of the morning, he can’t give her position of his blood-ceil.

He takes the sleeping pills as usual and turns his back from him otherwise, he’ll bow down in front of his demon

who wanna pounce upon her and quench his thirst. But he controls himself because, in these few days, she is

taking a unique place in his life which is can’t recognize by him too.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. You are not writing this on your own right? Jst copy pasting updates which she posted on http://www.diariesforfantasy.blogspot

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    2. She told it that this story is saba’s and roja is giving yhe crdits to saba ….she wrote this story in tellyupdate but she left it incomplete soo I think roja is repostung those episodes..to the ppl who read it and half way..roja. told that this is saba’s story na…so I don’t think she is doing a bad thing…becoz she is giving the crdtz to true owner…

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