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Hi guys i am continuing fan fiction Swasan a path hate to love on behalf of Saba Sheik, i am a big fan of her. If i did any mistake plz excuse me… for previous parts plz check the below link
Swasan A path hate to love EP 17
Recap:”Sanskar felt exhausted and lost his inhaler, he thought maybe its his end”
It’s very hard to stare sun, a bright sun of the day, but he considers himself a lord.. So only lord can do it, so he’s continuously starring sun of winter, which is less bright of summer. Which heat isn’t affecting the body but gives sweet relaxation.
He doesn’t remember, how much time he spent in watching the sun. Suddenly he realized the soft touch on his shoulder. He looks here, but because of starring sun, he can’t see immediately. A reflection of a girl, appeared in front of his eyes, she gives him inhaler and helps him to inhale.
He inhales and exhausted by his useless effort. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath for some time.
He feels the soft touch in his palm, he opens the eyes and looks the girl, he suddenly hugs her and says”thank you”.
Girl smiles and depart from him:”when do you start to say thank you to me?”
Sanskar smiles sadly and says nothing, just observes the rays of the sun, which reflects her complexion more brighter.
She touches his face and says:”how do I let you die Sanskar? I’ve no one except you in this world, (she smirks and makes a funny face) and we would also be partners in hell, so how do you die without me?”
Sanskar gives her his signature smile and stepped out of car because she’s sitting on the floor of the road just because of him.
Both don’t say anything, because they are soul mate, they don’t need to explain everything to each others.
He sits on the bedside, which was their bedroom for years and they decide their nights here.
Sanaa makes a drink, but doesn’t offer him, she gives him only water.
Sanskar comes in his mood, but he’s still feeling echoes of words of swearing in his ears.
He extends his glass of water and tackles the glass with the glass of wine of Shanaya:”sooo… The glass of water is here to celebrate the triumph of failure”
Shanaya looks confused, but at the next moment, she takes a sip and says:”when do you start to admit your defeat so early?”
Sanskar:”when your wife said, if her husband goes to other women, she doesn’t care, so what will happen dear? Of course I have broken down with her words”
Shanaya nods in no:”she’s telling lies, we observe everything in her Sanskar, we can’t lose, she loves you either she accepts or not.. I know she loves you”
Sanskar looks her with confusion:”how do you say like that?”
Shanaya smirks:”I’m a woman Sanskar! And I know the psychology of woman, maybe she doesn’t love you, but it’s confirmed, she told lie”
Sanskar drinks all water in one gulp and puts a glass on the side table:”ok! Maybe she’s lying, but we’ve to accept that in this aspect, we lose sweetheart! And please don’t talk about love, for me love is nothing, just figment’s of fool’s mind… And look(he point out himself) look! I’m not fool”
Shanaya:”you’ve to believe in love Sanskar! You are witness of the love of many, one”
Sanskar smiles bitterly:”yeah, love, with the mixture of selfishness, love with the sake of money, love with the beautiful handsome face!! Love with our own calmness, our own purpose, our own aim… Yeah, it might be love, but why should I care about these types of love which I get every day of my life”
He lifts his eyebrow to her and leans with the back of the bed. It’s not comfortable as his own bed of his room, but its witness of his natural sleep, which he never gets after leaving this house.
He sighs and closes the eyes, but her words are still making him restless.
Shanaya comes to him, holds his hands and kisses on it. He opens his eyes and jerks her hand:”you lost this right on me, you know very well”
A tear rolled down from her eyes and a strong layer of repentance makes a house in her heart once. This is she who forced him to marry Swara although she knew very well that she’ll lose her every right on him.
Sanskar looks her:”don’t cry Shanaya!”
Shanaya sighs and looks him with all her concern, look him as she’s putting off evil eyes from his life:”how can I stop my tears Sanskar to see you in this state, I know you need me and I can’t resist myself to come to you”
Sanskar says in bitter voice:”stay in your limits shanaya! I only need my wife, and this is our husband, wife matter, either she likes my closeness or not”
Shanaya:” This time, please sanskar! I love you please don’t do this”
Sanskar looks her tears and feels bit guilt in his heart:”this was your decision Shanaya! So stay on this, now ill not use that girl to quench my thirst, this is enough, admit it, we failed, now as a loser, we dont have right to play again with the life of an innocent girl, even her hatred is better than your love shanaya”
Shanaya gets up and says in low voice:” I’m sorry Sanskar for everything”
She goes to the couch, drinks a wine in one gulp. Repentance is killing her heart and she reminisces the time when fortunate knocked her door and she denied. He’s right, she loves him, but not more, than her freedom.
This is was incident of two years later, when they had done their intimacy and she’s lying beside her. He never hugs her, just complete his need and throws her on the other side of the bed. But she’s used to it, his harshness, his bitter words and his attitude. But she surprised when he held her and whispered in her ear:”marry me”
Shanaya pushed him and said:”do you want offspring from me?”
Sanskar jerks:”what…?? No!!”
Shanaya:”do you love me? I think, of course not”
Sanskar:”you’re right, I don’t love you, I mean not that type of love”
Shanaya set her posture and said in a firm voice:” So, tell me the reason for proposing me”
Sanskar sighs:”actually I’m fed of this illegal relationship, so we should go ahead ” .
Shanaya smirked:”we should go ahead sanskar! You’ve to go ahead… Marry some other girl, a pure girl, not a girl like me, who slept with your business partners”
Sanskar fumed to hear her words:”ill slap you, if you use these words again, that was my mistake, but if I make you my wife, ill not allow any gaze on you”
Shanaya sighed:”ohh!! I can’t go to visit, other cities, what will you do that night, search for another girl? Huh? So what will the difference in our life that time? You need a girl who is loyal to you, and who has not a wish to fly, we can’t stay as husband wife Sanskar”
Sanskar looked her and poured water in the glass:”maybe you’re right, but I won’t believe anyone except you in this world, everyone wants something, even our relationship is based on give and take, so how a new girl bind a pure relationship with me?”
Shanaya thought something and said:”what about that girl, who rejected you, what’s her name, yeah… Swara! So she rejected your personality as well as your wealth, means she has a pure character, you also liked her, so what about her?”
Sanskar drank water and said in a calm voice:” What do you mean? Clear your words shanaya”
She lifted up her face and looked into his eyes:”do you trust me?”
Sanskar nod in yes, while she continued:” I know which type of girl suitable for you, you want legal relationship, actually permanent blood source, I want some freedom from your responsibility, because I’ve to cancel many Projects just because of you, well, there’s a simple solution of our problem, marry her”
Sanskar:”you know very well, I can’t trust to anyone except you. And there’s no any other person, who is exact Same as my expectations”
Shanaya smirked to him:”if she will be?, if she’s exact girl of you then?”

Sanskar smirked to her and challenged her:”I cant believe on this, a domestic girl, who has wish to be devotee of her husband, a pure character girl, a silent and an obedient girl? Would she? No way…?”

Shanaya:”you skip many other qualities also, but my heart says, she’s perfect for you”

Sanskar:”ok! If she will be, then ill marry her, this is my promise”

Shanaya smiled:”ok done!” And accepted his challenge.

In those two years, she enquired everything about Swara, if someone asked her to write an essay about a girl’s life, she can easily write an essay on the life of Swara.

She used her every source to explore that girl. She organized quiz competition, followed her, arrange parties in her college, even she left spy in her college. At the end, she had completely handful information about her which proved her observation right.
She sighs and looks Sanskar who is her life but she lost her life because she can’t love her life more than her freedom.

Sanskar gets up and says without making eye contact with her:”I’ve to go, today is a big day for me, one side, I’ll arrange a party for my deal and another side, my heart is killing me for my failure, ” he lifts up his face and looks her who’s in dilemma and continues:” Actually I should say,our failure Shanaya! You were wrong, sweetheart! She’s not devoted to her husband, even she doesn’t care”

Shanaya follows him and holds his hand:” If she doesn’t care, why are you care about her? Come to Sanskar!” A clear pleading can understandable in her voice but he jerks his hand:” No Shanaya! For me loyalty comes first, more than myself, ” he goes towards the entrance door while Shanaya falls on a floor with her stubborn nature.

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