Swasan Patch-up (part-1)

Hey guys.. this is first time I’m writing something… So if you don’t like do criticize… And if you like please appreciate… I will make it as short as possible… I can’t say how many episodes now… But depends on your response…
I wrote it from current scenario.. when swara is injured and Sanskar comes to baadi again to see if she’s alright or not..

So let’s start..

Sanskar comes back as he’s not able to see the pain of swara… But when he returns he sees Nikhil holding Swara’s hand… He feels as someone has punched his heart… He’s not able to see Swara with Nikhil… Actually he’s not able to see her with anybody except him…

Nikhil: Swara, I love you… From the time I learnt what love is…
Sanskar’s jealousy has no bounds… He just want to go and remove her hand from Nikhil’s hand…
Swara: (hitting slightly on his head) Your pranks will never stop, right?
Nikhil: Swara I’m serious… And I really love you…
Swara stays silent for a minute…
Her silence is killing Sanskar… He wants to hear her reply more than Nikhil wants…
He wants to know that after all these situations whether she also love him as much as he loves her?… Yes, He loves her, no matter what all has happened…
Swara: Nikhil, I’m Sorry… But whatever happened between me and Sanskar today, I think you concluded that I don’t like him… Leave like… May be you think I hate him… But the truth is I LOVE HIM…
Sanskar felt as some burden has been removed from his heart..
Swara: As much as I loved him before… It’s just that we’re apart physically but from heart we’re one.. and from this heart connection I know He also loves me… As much as I love him… Maybe more…
Nikhil: But Swara he said he’ll divorce you…
Swara: And my heart knows he’ll not… Never ever…
Sanskar also knew that she’s telling the truth… He can’t live without her… He can never imagine to live without her… They are apart but still he wants to see her everyday… and he leaves from there quietly…

Scene changes to Ragini and Nikhil..

Nikhil: Yaar, I can’t understand this Swara… How can she love such arrogant man?.. She’s out of her mind..
Ragini: *hahaha* (Ragini’s sweet laugh)? She’s very much in her senses… And you’re saying this all because you don’t know their love story…
Nikhil: Love story?? That too of these angry birds?
Ragini: Hmmm… Do you want to know?
Nikhil: Yes, Of course.
Ragini tells him all about their love from their fake marriage till their real forced marriage… Then Sanskar’s love towards Swara… She falling in love with him…Kavita’s envy… She shows him the video of Sanskar’s proposal?… (*I personally like that episode the most*)… Their real marriage with their approval… Their all photos…
Nikhil: OH MY GOD! I can’t even think that they could be so in love with eachother…
Ragini: I want them to be with eachother, once again… Will you help me in this mission?
Nikhil: (sadly) yeah… (Realises and says by faking happiness) Yeah yeah.. why not Ragini..
Ragini: Thank you Nikhil…

Precap: Mission Swasan

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  1. Manasvi

    Hey good.. But dont make nikhil a villian…

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    post asap…..

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    Dear u know i really wanted this scene where swara says to nikhil that she loves sanskar no matter what is happening and i am happy that like me u also think same

  6. nice start..

  7. Wow loved it ❤️

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    Amazing …don’t make nikhil villain n yeah try to make sanskaar more jealous…update soon

  14. MickeyMouse

    Thank you so much guys for liking it… And just to inform you guys I’ll not involve story of other characters… As I just want to write swasan Patch up.. I’m a raglak fan too.. but now I just want swasan reunion as they are together but separated… other characters will be as a support as and when require…

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    love it Mick! hey..i’m Donald fans 😀

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      I like Donald too.. but my friendsays I’m chubby like Mickey

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