SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love (secret love reveled) episode 4

i was overhelmed after reading ur comments. thanks to all.. i know u people want me to stop my buk buk and soo curious to know hw
sanky came to know about his ANGEL…. right so here is ur next episode. if u guys tell me ur opinion about it i fell very happy

All are tried and they went to their respective bearths. After some time Sanskar feels cold and he can’t sleep. So he moves here and there on bearth. As he should not talk till he reach manali he just keep silent. Swara sees it and take a bed sheet from her bag and gives it to him
He take it and smiles at her.

The journey to manali is 1 and half day. Next morning whenever he need something swara catches it without his words and help him. The train stopped. All are went outside to eat icecream. All are ordering their fav flavors
Ragini: I want vennela icecream
Laksh: I want strawberry
Swara: I want chocolate
All look at Sanskar

He don’t know how to explain and do some signs
Swara immediately catches and shouts “butterscotch”
All eat icecreams and later they reached manali
Sanskar mounavrat completed

He thinks how swara is understanding my every word though I didn’t say… I think she can read my eyes. I felt I’m soo close to her

In manali

Tents are given for each two members
Swaragini in one sanlak one

Laksh: bro I have to propose ragini before the end of the tour in anyway

Sanskar: that’s nice idea
Laksh: but how
Sanskar: what do I say?? Ur love ur wish
Laksh: idea I will give surprise date.
Sanskar: its really a good idea
Laksh: I would decorate the place with candles flowers and her beautiful photos in everyangle…..
Sanskar: okk

That day went like that. They climb the mountain. They play with snow. U can imagine yeh jawani hi dewane movie. Swara enjoys silently.
At evening
Laksh: sanky I need a help
Sanskar: what bro
Lucky: I want a photo in which Ragini is sleeping
Sanskar: r u serious
Lucky: s… I have so many photos of ragini in different stils but only this one is missing. I checked all
Sanskar: u became crazy in Ragini love
Lucky: u also crazily waiting fr ur angel na… Plz help me
Sanskar: okk what I have to do
Lucky: mix these sleeping tablets in swaragini’s drink
Sanskar: what????
Lucky: plzzzzz bro plzzz
Sanskar: tum be na… Ok then but y swara?
Lucky: u buddu… They r in same tent na that’s y
Sanskar: ok

He mix tablets in water of swaragini in their dinner.
All are went to their respective tents.

Swara sits at the tree which is situated at the side of their tent and began to write on her mobile dairy. She open the password and began to write. She feel dizzy due to tablets and fall asleep there itself without closing the dairy.

After sometime sanlak come and see swara outside and Ragini on bed sleeping like small baby

Sanskar: see lucky because of u and me she fel asleep under the tree
Lucky : it is a good thing bro I would get privacy to take photos more of ragini. She how cute she is when sleeping
Sanskar: ok ok take the pics and come fast
He sat near swara. She is sleeping by her back touches the tree. though She sleeps in uncomfortable position she looks beautiful. Her innocent eyes are closed. He stares her and mesmerised by her beautiful. He compliments her beauty in his heart.

Lucky comes out
Sanskar: done ur work??
Lucky: yah u r the great friend in the whole word
Sanskar: over???
Lucky: okk come lets go from here
Sanskar sees swara and tels to lucky
Sanskar: u go.. I will keep her inside then I’ll come. How can she sleep here all night
Lucky: ok come fast.

He took her in arms and moves slowly in tent. Without making noise he kept her on bed and about to go but hears some sound.
Swara’ s phone drops from her hand and fell on ground

He take it to keep aside but looking at phone he got stunned.

Her dairy was open and it’s wallpaper is his photo which was taken at the start of college.

He decided to read the dairy. He sat under the tree and began to read it

Dairy entry:

U know sweety(dairy name). TodaI met Sanskar. When I saw him first I don’t know but I felt something. Something like he is very close to my heart. He is cute handsome. Moreover I like his character of not seeing others in sorrows. He keep others around him happy. I’m impressed by him.

Like that in every page she describes Sanskar character and the things happened between them in college

“Sweety today I realise that I’m in love. U know who is he. S ur right. He is Sanskar. But I know I don’t deserve his love as I don’t have such status, wealth, to love him. Yes he is nice guy as u know my family never agree to a love marriage. My family given me freedom. They trust me and send me here. I can’t break their trust. They love me but they never accept love marriage. U know na same thing happened with raasi di. She is happy with her husband but she always bother about chotepapa. I can’t led that type of life. I need my family. So I decided that love doesn’t suit me. I will hide my feelings”

” don’t know y sweety I completely falling for him. I’m trying my best to hide”

“U know wat today I had to go home early. But I need to submit my profile at college so I went there. But there was a fire accident occur. I saw Sanskar at 1st floor. I held my breath. But that stupid sahil push him into room and locked it. I rushed to the room. It was filled with smoke. He was there in almost unconscious position. I take him out the room. I realize that he closed his eyes due to effect of smoke. We sat under steps. He asked me who am I? I have know strength to tell him. I cares his cheek and place a peck on his forehead. I can’t control myself at that moment. My love is in front of me. I hugged him due to fear. I can’t explain that feeling. I felt secured. Somehow I managed him to get out. I saw raglak coming. If they see me then….
I don’t want that. So I escapes from there leaving him on the ground

Ragini called me and said everything. I asked about Sanskar health as I know nothing. But Sanskar said that he loves the girl who saved him. How can he…? I want to move away from him. I will never make him to know that I’m that girl ”

” U know today he called me as ANGEL ”
after reading this
Sanskar was numb. He had mixed emotions in his mind. After a minute he realized that he found his ANGEL.

precap: sanskar pov and raglak confession

hw was the episode guys???
ur comments r my memory boosters.
though i’m not writing this fr votes or comments but fr my satisfaction ur commrnts means really alot to me.
thanks for all the love….

yours sri:-)

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