SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love ( i risked to save my life) episode 2

hello guys….. i comeback with another episode. u guys dont know how much happy i’m with ur comments. thnks to all

6 months go on like this and yes swara realised her love for him. she completely fallen for his kind heart and polite behaviour though he is naughty and makes every possible thing to keep people beside him. she loves him from core of her heart and he is her life. she completely drenched in love for him but didnt express her love. she behaves only as a friend and trying every possible way to hide her feelings

their frnship increases day by day. Along with frnship swara love for Sanskar also increases. She don’t want to share this with anyone because she think she don’t deserve that rich handsome boy and think she is not worth for that. She always care for sanskaar. No one has even idea that she loves Sanskar. She write all her feelings in her mobile dairy.

Their friendship age is reaching one and half year. One day fire accident happens in the college. Actually swara says ragini that she goes to home on that day but reaches college for some work. Sanskar is also there.then accident took place. Swara is at safe place sees Sanskar at first floor and he is in a blank state because fire is surroundes all around. He able to come through the small way but someone push him into a room and locked it. The person is sahil basketball team captain of Sanskar’s opposite team. He is jealous of Sanskar so he did like that. Swara sees this and went running to save his life no no her life as he is her life.

Smoke surroundes him and he is not able to see as his eyes are soo effected due to smoke. Swara rushes there and opened the door and sees the condition of Sanskar. She hugs him and takes him out of the room. There was sounds of bursting electric lines laboratories.. It is terrible. She pulls him under the stairs but she got hurt because of fire and yells ahhhhh in pain ( note: he closes his eyes due to pain and not able to see her)
Swa: ahhhhhhh
Sanskar: hey… R u okk
Swa: yeah but yells in pain
He understands and side hug her and assures.
Sanskar: it’s okk.., but how do u know that im in that room..
Swa: I saw a sahil pushing u in the room
Sanskar: ohh…, i wont leave him..who r u? Y r u risking ur life to save me?
( by saying she caresses his cheek) if anything happen to u I can’t bear. Plz be careful
Sanskar: ( confused but feels her care)
A big rod fell behind them swara was afraid and hides her face in his chest
He pats her head and feels that she is soo close to him. She feels secure, care in his arm. She thought no place in the world can give such secure feeling. She takes his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. he about to ask something, suddenly she pulls him as she found some way to get out. They reaches ground, she saw raglak coming in tension. She releases her hand and runs from there. He fell on the ground. Seeing him raglak runs to him and takes him to hospital.

Swara goes to her home in Kolkata.

After some time he gain conscious and see lucky behind him.
Lucky: bro.. R u ok??
Sanskar: ( putting his hand on this head) yeah but my head is acheing.
Lucky: can call doctor?Sanskar: no need lucky. Where is that girl????
Lucky: wat? Which girl sanky??
Sanskar: that she who saved me
Lucky: when we reach the ground u r alone lie on floor and u r unconscious. We didn’t find any girl there. Who is she bro ( Sanskar told him everything)
Sanskar: don’t know but she risked her life to save me.
Lucky: don’t u ask her who is she??
Sanskar: I did… She didnt give the answer. When I ask her y u risk ur life then she cares me and said, “I RISKED To SAVE MY LIFE”
Lucky: that means……

Sanskar: that means she loves me
Lucky:how do u know??
Sanskar: may she didn’t confess it through words but she confess it through the actions… The way she cares me the way she risked her life to save me. Some times words no need to confess. I can feel it.
Lucky: aaree wah sanky. I think u fall for her

Sanskar: of course lucky. How can I miss the girl who is ready to give her life to save my life
Lucky: so sanky became Romeo soo we have to find that juliat
Sanskar: lucky I want that girl. Don’t know where is she. Y she is hiding her identity? Though she loves me soo why???
Lucky; cool down Sanskar im here we will find her don’t worry now u take rest later we will decide wat we have to do with that sahil.

Sanskar: ok, where is swaragini??
Lucky: rag went to hostel, swara left for home at early morning.
Sanskar: ohh that means she even don’t know about the fire accident.
Lucky: yeah.. Ragini informed her through phone
Sanskar: ok

Precap: sanskar search fr the girl

how was the episode guys….. hope u like it

feeling boored with ths??? soorry if i waste ur time

im totally new here plz excuse


  1. Mahjabeen


    |Registered Member

    Amazing dear..loved it….it ws nt broing..dnt say dat😈😈
    Hole sanky comes to knw dat swara only saved him..post nxt part soon

  2. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    boring what is the word yr i even don’t remember the word while reading the story i want to read even next parts now and u r saying it boring that’s not good.

    about the story it is awesome and the concept also love, friendship, collage life loved it and swara care and love for sanskar is really incredible and the line i risked my life to save ur life is amazing and u r saying it boring mot good its amazing u know what i read it today by seeing the title name and find it good so i read and comment also and if atall i fell it boring than i never read after first part and neither comment so don’t think so. its just amazing loved it. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

      • Radhika..


        |Registered Member

        really mine is the biggest comment and first means somewhere i am first😜 ur welcome and if the story is so nice so why don’t i follow it obviously i will follow it na πŸ˜ƒ keep writting

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