SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love (i’m his angel) episode 3

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n boys hostel:
Lucky: sanky how do u feel now??
Sanskar: much better…. How to find that girl bro??
Lucky: do u have any clue about her??
Sanskar: no yaar, I closed my eyes due to pain.. Haa onething she got hurt at hand while saving me. I think she would have any mark of burning at hand
Lucky: that’s enough..
Sanskar: don’t know can I ever able to see her??
Lucky: don’t worry bro we will find her

At swara home

Dadi: swara! Wat happened to ur hand show me??
Swa: voo dadi it’s get burnt while I’m doing some experiment in lab
Dadi: u should take care of yourself… Come here I will apply ointment
Swa: haa dadi
Dadi: u should be here for some more days as there are prayers in our durgama temple.., it is our responsibility to check everything perfect in pooja and bhajan
Swa: ok dadima
( swara thinking about Sanskar condition and worried so she call him)

Swa: hello Sanskar how is ur health
Sanskar: fine.., swara u r my best friend I want to say something very important
Swa: ha Sanskar bolo
Sanskar tell her about whole incident and says he love that girl
Swa: ( she was hell shock. She make an excuse and cut the call) Sanskar dadi was calling me, I have to go , can I call u back after some time
Sanskar: ha ok but, call me I need ur help
Swa: ok and cut the call
Swara is in shock, a minute later she come out of shock and feels happy that Sanskar loves her. After that minute she felt” no no how can he love me. I can’t become his love as I have no status, wealth. I don’t deserve his love”

After 2 weeks swara comes to college. The wound on her hand have healed. She wore jeans and long full hands top

In these two weeks sanlak made many attempts to find that girl.., by checking hands of each girl like mad

Swa: hai guys…watsup??
San: hi dear… Just thinking how find my angel who saved my life
laksh: ANGEL…???? huhhh
san: ofcourse she is an angel come to save me
laksh: u becoming mad day by day in her love
san: yess….. i know she loves me soo much. some thing is stopping her to come to me. once i found her then i will never let her go.
Swa: ( oh my god…, how to escape from him now) ohh.. Is there any clue??
San: a scar of burnt on her hand
Swa: (OMG… Thank God I wear full sleeves…, I have to leave and get to hide my scar) okk guys I have to leave fr library… I have soo much pending notes
San: always reading reading……
Ok bye
Swa: bye

Lucky: bro I have a doubt… Is that swara may ur angel??
Rag: no chance lucky she left the room early morning that day even she didn’t know about the incident till I tell her
Sanskar: ohhh…. When will my angel come to me

Swara in library takes her mobile and began wrote in that dairy
Swa: dear dairy… U know wat Sanskar call me ANGEL today. I can’t believe what I heard that moment. I was on 9 th cloud. I just wanted to hug him and say that I’m his ANGEL. ….only his
But I cant. He deserve a beautiful,rich,nice,status girl. I don’t have any qualities to become his love. I know I love him more than anything thing in this world. But I can’t tell him. I have to supress my feelings.

After 2 months

The situation is same. Sanskar is busy in finding his angel and swara is busy in hiding. Laksh completely fall for Ragini. He was madly in love with her. He want to confess his feelings and asks Sanskar for idea

College management announced a tour to manali. All were soo excited about the tour.

in train:
In travelling to manali four of them played truth or dare. It is laksh plan to know whether Ragini loves him or not
First was laksh turn he choose truth. Sanskar asks him “who is the most beautiful lady in ur life?”

Laksh: my mom ( Ragini was moved by laksh nature and got attracted more)

Ragini’s turn. She also choose truth

Using this opportunity laksh asks is there any one u loves…. Yaar don’t say parents plz tell me

Ragini takes a minute and said ” yes”

Laksh was shocked and feels bad as she loves some one and ask ” who is he??”

Rag: no guys one-time one question
Laksh is in dilemma

Swara’s turn. She takes truth
laksh asks her opinion about love
swa: love need not that we have to be with the person we r loving. though they are far from us we always hope fr their good.
laksh: can i know about whom u r taking about
swa: my dad (in mind also sanskar)
again bottle stops at swara. she takes dare
Laksh asks her to sing song as he know she is silent and innocent girl

She sings
Mein tenu samjha wagi…
Na tere bina lag daa ji

She continuously stares Sanskar who didn’t notice it and finishes the song

Sanskar’ s turn he choose dare…
Laksh asks him not to talk till they reach manali. You have to do actions instead of speaking…
Sanskar: this is not fair lucky…. How can I
Lucky: that means u lost the game
Sanskar: no Sanskar will never lose. Ok then
Swaragini smiles

precap:laksh silly doing which makes sanskar to know about his lady love

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    yes dear she is playing with him but soon he is going to play with her……..
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    awesome part sanskar didnot find swara. swara is very clever that she hid her wound very well and no one have a doubt on her. sanskar calling her and she is on clouds. the love is both sided. sanskar find her early can’t wait to see u together. laksh fall for ragini means 2nd love story also start. truth and dare ragini love someone shocking. but who is that someone waiting for it to reveal. laksh nature is nice so anyone can attract easily. swara and her philosphly about love is nice how will sanskar find about his angel. loved it. ???. waiting for next part and can’t think of missing the part.

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