SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love (AT FIRST SIGHT) episode 1

hello guys….. thanks for wonderfull coments. i’m really glad that u people liking my story. this story includes love, friendship, family emotions

Swara entered the college with lots of ideas on her career. She is a little bit nervous as it is her first day. She saw a group of girls laughing and went there to introduce herself.
Swa: hi! I’m swara
Rag: hello…, so u r the topper
Swa: yes
Rag: hi swara! Nice to meet u. U know u r my roommate, I’m waiting fr u from 2 weeks. Y r u soo late
Swa: actually my grandma health was failed. …that’s y
Rag: shall we go to class, I found one who bear my nonsense
Swa: ( laughing) really???
They went to class after that their room… Soon they become best thick frns
After 2 days swaragini were walking along the playground where a basketball match is going on
The game was too tough as both teams play very well, after lot of playing a young energetic guy took the ball and tacktisely through it in basket by making their team win
All players greeting him and laughing. He is laughing, a pure unconditional laugh like a child.
Swara sees all this and lost in his laugh. She looked at him continuously and forgetting the whole world. It is almost love AT FIRST SIGHT, but didn’t realise her feeling as she don’t believe in it. But she felt something and thinking but startled by the jerk given by ragini
Rag: swara shona………. SHONA??
Startled swa: ha ragini…wat??
Rag: where u lost sweety??
Swa: no….. Who is that guy??
Rag: ohh he is Sanskar…, laksh’s buddy
Swa: who is laksh??
Rag: ohh swara… He is my frn, we met on the first day of college, he is soo cute soo sweet
Swa: over???
Rag: hmm…..Sanskar is the son of DP who is one of the trustee of this whole university.
Swa: ohh…. He is playing basketball well
Rag: yeah…. He is a national player, but swara y r u soo interested in him, is there anything…….
Swa: no no nothing like that
Rag: then there is something… Tel me
Swa: ( she changed the topic) ragini we r late we hv to attend the class come fast, they rushed
Swara felt wat ragini is saying…. No no I felt nothing for him but y my heart is beating fast… Oh god just leave it swara

In the same evening
Sanlak came to swaragini and they introduced themselves
Sans: ( forwarding his hand ) hi I’m Sanskar maheswari
Swa: hello I’m swara gododia( they shook hand, swara had some weird feeling)
After long chit chat they all become frns and formed a group

Precap: swasan friendship, laksh confession fr ragini maybe

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