SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love episode 9


ohhh my god….. im flying in air after reading ur comments on lastpart and os first kiss…. ur comments make my day. really feeling soo much happy…. thank u and love u guys. coming to the episode

Sanskar: SWARAAA
He shouted with all his voice
He see the marks of tire on muddy ground in garden. He thought my love will show me the way to swara.
He starts the car and follow the tire marks but after reaching the road he see the jewellery box of shopping. He follow the road till he reached the cross road junction. He is confused which road should take…. Then he see swara’s duppata hanging on tree. He said ” I’m coming swara”
After some distance he see a big isolated godown. He went inside and shouted swara
Sanskar: swara…… Swara (he shouted madly)
Sahil sits there stands on seeing Sanskar there with shock as he didn’t expect him there.
Sahil: Sanskar…. Finally u r here
Sanskar: ( with anger) where is swara
While coming towards sahil

Sahil:to goons: what r u seeing catch him
Four goons held him tightly
Sahil: why r u shouting sanky…. Cool
Sanskar: where is swara?? If something happens to her I won’t leave you
Sahil receive call from goons who kidnapped laksh tells him that lakhs escaped
Sahil to Sanskar: so ur frn give u the information

Scene change s

Others p.o.v
When Sanskar left swara at home….d She walks towards the room but some one hold her and closes her mouth. She protest but no use. He drags her from there to a deserted godown. There she see sahil will evil smirk
Swara: hey u….. Sahil
Sahil: wow u remember me

Swara: leave me
Sahil: no way darling….. I have to take revenge on u both
Swara: if he came to know that I’m here he will kill u.
Sahil: don’t worry baby….. Now may be ur Romeo reaches his house and slept. Poor fellow
Swara: let me go please
Sahil: u r soon going to die
Just then his phone rings

Sahil on phone: hi kavi darling ur dream is soon going to be true. Sanskars love is going to die
Kavita asks him to put speaker on
Kavita to swara: hey u stupid…
Swara: kavita (shocked)
Kavita: s u idiot….how dare u to snactch Sanskar from me now deserve this. Sahil ….. Kill her right know I want hear her screms
Sahil: sure darling
He ties swara’s one hand to small pillar there and cut other hand wrist
Blood coming from her hand continuously. She screms in pain
Sahil: happy kavitha??
Kavita: soo much happy… After her death i I’ll get my Sanskar
Sahil to goons: lock this room. She will die by morning. I don’t want to kill her in single shot. She should get the pain.
Goons: s boss

All are enjoying outside rooms. Then Sanskar came there


Sahil: Sanskar….. She died already.( said evily)
Sanskar: shocked. no…… This can never happen……
Sahil: y (asked sarcastically)
Sanskar: because my heart is beating. Until this heart beats nothing is going to happen her (he is trying to release from goons grip)
Sahil: he show the video where swara is tied and blood is flowing out from her hand and she is shouting leave me and Sanskar…

Now this is final for Sanskar
He beats the goons. He punches the goons like he take out all anger in him.
He beats sahil brutally. Blood is coming out from his head. Sahil try to resist but being beaten brutally he even can’t move. Finally sanskaar asks a goon while beating
Sanskar: where is swara… I asked where is she???? (He asked with pain in heart and fear of losing her)

That goon: she is in that room
( pointing towards a room there)
He quickly enters in the room and held shock because his life lying there as a life less body. He shouted
He saw her lying in pool of blood.
He only know how he felt. Fr 2 sec he just frozed.

He shouted: swara… Plz get up swara
She is not responding. There is moment in her. He hurriedly removed her threads around and make lift her in arms.

Sanskar: swara don’t do this to me
The fear of loosing her is killing him
She not moving not responding

Just then laksh entered with police to arrest the sahil. Then Sanskar heard the sound and shouts laksh.
Laksh immediately rushes there and help sanskaar. Trio reaches the hospital. All family members come there. Sanskar just collapsed there as his life is being taken to operation theratre.
Annapurna sit him beside. He immediately hug her.

Sanskar: ma….. Swara….
He is crying like something is going away which very precious to him.
Annapurna: calm down Sanskar…. Kuch nahi hooga

Just then doctor comes out
Sanskar immediately rushes to him and ask about her.

Sanskar: doctor….. How is she….. She ok na ??
Doctor: we can’t give u false hope
Mr.Maheswari. she heavily loss blood. So we r giving blood. We can’t say anything till complete 24 hours

Sanskar looking to DP: papa wat he is saying….. He is lieing. Nothing is going to happen her.
DP: doctor do something and save her

Doctor: we r trying ur level best…but there r fifty fifty chances… He is fighting with death to live. Though her body not responding her heart still beating.

Sanskar: she will win this fight…. I know.. She have to. For me
He said with hope
But don’t know what destiny has planned.

He sit by placing his head on AP s shoulder. He didn’t talked to anyone

Next evening… He didn’t eat anything.
At evening something went wrong and doctor hurried to ICU. He is giving some injections to swara hurriedly. Here Sanskar heart is beating fast with fear.

He asked nurse about swara
Nurse: she is in critical condition
He just closed his eyes praying nothing is going to happen her.

He is praying
Sanskar: don’t leave me swara… I can’t live. Plz ( i thought to stop her guys but dont want to give u suspense)
All family members are hell worried.
Doctor comes and said: she is out of danger…. Don’t worry she will be fine soon (im also swasan fan how can i seperate them)
Sanskar open his eyes and tears are flowing through his eyes.
Sanskar: can I see her
Doctor: not know…. She needs rest
Sanskar: plz doctor plz….
Doctor understands.
Doctor: ok

Sanskar slowly moves towards her bed. There she lyed with lots of wires bandages. He caresses her hair and a tear escaped from his eyes.
Sanskar: swara…. I’m sorry. Im responsible fr ur condition.
He sat on chair and cups her cheek

Swara slowly opens her eyes

She can’t move due to weakness

He gets up to call the doctor but she held his hand
She signs him not to go
He places a peck in her forehead.
She smiles
He got his life back

Sanskar: u scared me like hell. U know how it feels
Tears comes from her eyes
Sanskar wipes her tears
Sanskar: I’m sorry…. Plz don’t cry. I can’t see it
She tries to get up
He signs her no
But she gets and hugs him tightly on bed. He too reciprocates as he need it.
Swara: I love u
Sanskar: plz swara never leave me
Swara: never
Sanskar: I love u too swara

hmmm done with last episode thank u soo much guys for reading ,commenting,supporting……………

thank u

yourss sri:-)

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