SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love episode 8


hello guys remeber me??? it’s srijah here. im soo happy with ur response. thank u silent readers and mahjabeen, navi,krsytles,vyshu,shalini,soujanya,rabia,priyanka,s,and all others….. arshaanya….. im soo happy that u love my story soo much… radhika… thank u soo much for continous support…. and kakali i really miss ur comment in last epi…

thanku soo much each and everyone to this love… feeling blessed

coming to the story

Next day morning indeed a blissful one. As soon as swara wake up receives msg from Sanskar
“A very good morning angel….. Today get ready fr the surprise”

She smiles after reading the msg and get ready and takes her bf

She called Sanskar but he is not picking. She felt a little tense. Then dorebell rangs and she open the door. There AP and DP stand with shagun in their hands.
Shekar welcomes them
Ap asks swara’s hand fr Sanskar
Swara is shocked, happy. Misti and all family agrees fr the marriage
Misti asks where is Sanskar
Just then Sanskar came and said im here. Swara is very happy

Pandit check both kundalis and said the engagement should done in 4 days as there is no good time after that and marriage after 2 months.
All are happy with this. Swasan blushes
Ap: shekar ji I want to take swasan for shopping
Shekar: of course Annapurna ji
Ap: chale beta??
All left for shopping for engagement
Swasan r really very happy
Sanskar: how was my surprise??
Swara: (with lot of emotion) love u
Sanskar: (smiles) love u too angel
They went into shopping mall
Ap,uttara,swara,pari selecting lehangas…. Sanskar, DP,adarsh in men section
Ap: swara beta how is this gold colour lehanga. Do u like it
Swara: ha ma bahut accha hai
Ap: ok go to trail room and check it
Swara: ji ma
Sanskar sees it and get some naughty idea
Swara enters into trail room and about to lock the door suddenly Sanskar gets in room
Swara: Sanskar….. U here ( she started)
Sanskar: (he make a cry face) swara don’t know wat is going on with me..
Swara: ( she became tensed and cups Sanskar face) Sanskar r u ok?? What happened??
Sanskar: don’t know but I can’t handle this.
Swara 🙁 now she became more tensed) what u can’t handle I’m not getting u… Is ur health ok I’m tensed.

Sanskar moves close to her held her by waist
Though she is tensed can’t understand anything. Then he kisses on her cheek hardly for few seconds. Then he said
Sanskar: this only I can’t handle smiles and left from there
She is shocked and stood there fr few seconds later she understand what happens blushes by putting hand on her cheek.
She comes out of the room after trail and see whole family there.
Uttara: is that lehanga fit u?
Swara: ha uttara
They all r seeing other dresses..
Here Sanskar raises his eyebrows by seeing his angel
Swara blushes.

In evening all completed their shopping like dresses, jewellery… Etc
Ap asks Sanskar to drop swara at home and they go by DP car
Sanskar said OK
Sanskar while driving: how was my kiss
Swara: shameless…. U know how much I tensed
Sanskar: sorry… (He makes puppy face)
Swara: how cute…
Sanskar: am I looking cute??
Swara: s
Sanskar: then who is stopping to kiss ur cuttei
She blushes
Sanskar: oh my god… If it go on like this it take a decade fr ur romance.
As soon as he completed the sentence swara kiss him on cheek passionately.
Both blushed
They reach home. It is almost 9:00 at night.
Both got down from car

Swara: come inside
Sanskar: no swara… Now i ll go
Swara: ok bye… Good night
Sanskar: would u say good night like this only
Swara: then how??
Sanskar kisses her forehead , hugs her and said “good night angel”
She too hugs him and said “good night Sanskar”
Swara: ok u go now
Sanskar: u go inside I will here till u reach main door.
Swara: no need for that u go plz
Sanskar: hmm ….. Ok bye take care
He left

While he driving back to home he received call from laksh
Sanskar: hello laksh… Where r u man… I’m trying ur number since long?
Laksh: leave all… t…that first go to s..swara and…… save her ( he said with difficulty)
Sanskar stops the car and said
Sanskar: laksh r u ok? What happened?? Where r u??
Laksh: I’m all right…. Now swara needs u. Save her…. Ss …sahil wants to kill her. He told him full story

At evening while laksh leaving the office some goons kidnapped him and take him to some godown. The goons beat him hardly tied him to a chair.

Laksh: hey who r u?? Y u bring me here
Goon: wait a min laksh
Goon called sahil and tells him that work is finished. Sahil ask him to put the speaker on
Sahil to laksh: hello laksh!! How r u?? Ohh no no sorry stupid question right? Said evilly
Laksh: sahil u done a big mistake I won’t leave u.( he shouted)
Sahil: u and Sanskar beat me on that day so today im taking my revenge…. Poor Sanskar soon he is going to lose his love
Laksh: don’t dare to touch swara or Sanskar..
Sahil: u can’t do anything

Sahil to goons: be careful with him and I end his chapter tomorrow now I have to focus on swara. Make sure that he won’t run.. If not u will see the worst of me
Goons: s boss
At night all goons went to take dinner
Laksh somehow untied his ropes and escaped. As he was beated his body is paining

Laksh told all this to Sanskar
Laksh: Sanskar any how plz save swara… She is like my sister…. Save her
Sanskar: ok I’m going. She is my life. I don’t let anything happen to her.
He start the car towards swara’s house.

When he reached he saw shopping bags are fell at the main door.
He understands that goons kidnapped her..
He tensed more

He shouted “SWARAAAAA”

hmmm done with this chapter…. hope u guys will like it. the story is going to end….
if u share ur views on ths i would be very hppy

thank u

yours sri:-)

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  1. Rabia

    Ooopsss ?? awesome epii dearr and sanky should punish sahil severe ???

    1. Srijah

      thank u rabia…. sanky will definately punish him but i dont know hw he save his angel

  2. SNY

    Awesome sri….. !!!!

    1. Srijah

      thank u SNY…… so sweet of u

  3. Hemanshi

    Awesome chapter……loved it…..little bit tensed about swara but I know our sanju will save himm

  4. Kakali

    Sriiiii !!!! how could u?? how could u let Sanksar kiss Swara on cheek,, it should be on lips only… hawww*shameless me…

    waaaa!!! it’s cute n sweet dear… love it..
    Shail beat him with pimpom ball..huhhh!!!

    sorry dear for not commenting on last part as m having exams in some days..sooo.today itself i read then in one go.. those parts were wonderful…loved it..
    Thnk u.. 😉
    God bless u.. ;-*

  5. Arshaanya

    Loved sanskarz srprse ❤
    Hope he’ll save his life his angel his swara n make dat sahil to suffer in hell huh ?

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    Mindblowing Sri…..starting is so nice….with naughty sanskar…..but didn’t expect kidnapping twist at all

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    Keep smiling??

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    Awesome part dear their marriage date is decided wow… Their shopping session and sanskar besharmi scene and the way he say that if u go with that speed than our romance is done and swara kissing him…… Its like a sudden surprise and sahil how dare he beat laksh and kidnap swar….. But no worries as our prince is here to save our princess have full trust on prince and absolutely on u …………. And u ended up at the right time the suspence vala part……. Continue soon loved it and thanku dear..????

  13. Stupendous

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