SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love episode 6

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Sanskar: my angel….. My swara
Kavita: that cheep low class girl? That chashmish?

Sanskar: enough kavita…. Not Even a word. I won’t tolerate anything against her.

Kavita: ( controlling anger) but Sanskar, she is like a nerd. She don’t have any quality to become ur love. She don’t have money, family background, fame, nothing. She is not so beautiful. She trapped u. U slipped into her words. She love u because of ur money and fame. She just wants to take advantage of ur wealth. How dare she to trap u… I will see her end that bledy bi.. ( Sanskar slapped kavita).

Sanskar: (fuming in anger)if another word come out of ur mouth then I will forget that u r a girl. What do u know about her ….ha?? Upto know she didn’t even tell her feelings to me. She risks her life to save me. She always want my happiness so she want to get be away from me. U said that she don’t have money ,family background, fame… Love doesn’t need all this. Love needs honesty , trust, care, the promise to be together. And one other thing she is the most beautiful girl I have seen in my life. Don’t compare her beauty with ur parlour wala beauty.One thing I want to tell u clearly… Swara is my love… My life…. My everything. I can do anything for her. Be away from her

By saying this he left the terrace.

Kavita fuming in anger: how dare he to raise hand on me. He insulted me for that idiot swara. I won’t leave her. She snached Sanskar from me. I will kill her ( she shouts in anger then a hand touches her shoulder )

Person: can I join u??
Kavita: Sahil… U??
Yes the person is Sahil one who throw Sanskar into the room at the time of fire accident

Sahil: I want to take revenge on Sanskar. So I want to kill his love
Kavita: but y
Sahil tells his flash back

Flash back

After Sanskar recovered from fire accident he want to tell sahil a lesson. Sanlak went to sahil room and began to beat him hard.

Lucky: how dare u?? U want to kill my Sanskar
Sanskar: u have to pay for it

He punches him at stomach. Sahil screms in pain. Lucky beat him brutally. Sanskar stops him and said
” it’s OK laksh leave him. Anyway because of him my angel entered in my life. If u beat him more,he will die”

Sanskar to sahil: never dare to harm us ( they left)
Later sahil admitted in hospital for few days thinks to take revenge on Sanskar but his uncle forcefully taken him to US for business purpose.

After 2 years he come back to India to take revenge on Sanskar by joining hands with kavita

Sanskar reaches interview cabin and asks about swara. A lady said that she left. He thought may ba she is in some hurry. He got know that she selected in interview with high sarlary package. He is soo happy. He called swara but her phone is switched off.

Later in evening….

Lucky: a re Sanskar….. Wat r u doing here baby…. Ur love’s exams are over and moreover she selected in campus. Go and propose her.
Sanskar: I know yaar…. Day after tomorrow I will propose her….
Lucky: but y then??
Sanskar: day after tomorrow is a full moon day that’s y
Lucky: seriously Sanskar from when u began to believe in good time… I.e., muhurtam…etc
Sanskar: its not like that…. I’m planning a date at Beach that too an full moonday
Lucky: how romantic…. U really became Romeo…. But y Beach?? Is it ur idea ??? I don’t think soo
Sanskar: no it’s her idea….
Lucky: what…..????
Sanskar: don’t get shock bro…. I got to know through the dairy
Lucky: kk all the best

Sanskar thinks about the dairy…..

Flash back

Whenever he come close to swara and hug her… She blushes. He always saw her typing in mobile obviously writing her dairy and share her views. He want to know her feelings. What she think of him. He decided to read the dairy. At mid night he came to swara hostel room through climbing pipe.
Swara was sleeping calmly and smiling in sleep. May be she is dreaming about Sanskar. He caresses her cheek and place peck on forehead and cheecks. She blushes in dream.
He saw her Mobile on the study table. He took it and opened. He opened the dairy application but shitt it has password lock. He tried many names but it didn’t open
Sanskar in mind : what is this angel I came here with soo much of difficulty but u… What may be the password?? Umm… May be swara.., no he tried shekar name as swara loves her father but it didn’t open. He tried his name…. But no use… OMG what to do now. Anyway I have to crack it…. Hmm idea may it is combination of ur names he tried names like “swakar”, ” sanra”, “sanswa” then also it didn’t open. Finally he typed “SWASAN”

Oh my god it opened. He happiness was boundless…. Atlast he cracked it. He read her feelings towards him.

Swara in dairy
” u know sweety…. Today Sanskar won the ILC basketball league… Im soo happy for him…. U know what after the match he came to me running and hugged me tightly. My world was stopped at that moment. U know how much difficult for me to control my feelings at that time. I lost in him. ( reading this Sanskar laughed and blushed) may be he is excitement that he won the match. May be that’s why he did that (Sanskar think that that she is buddu no 1…. But I love u buddu) whenever I see kavitha always roaming around him i thought to give her a punch. Yeah of course I’m jealous. She becomes sad and there is no point to be jealous as I never express my feelings to him. There is no right for me to be jealous….

” u know sweety today I got a dream that Sanskar proposed me. How silly it is?? But u know on full moon day, in big light house at the middle of earth and sky ….. The sound of air at the beach…. My prince my Sanskar proposed me. Hmmm it is possible in dream only..”

In Kolkata at swara home
When she heard from Sanskar that he is love with someone she can’t handle herself. She knows that some day will come like this but it’s too fast for her. She thought that she will go away from him so that she never heard a news like that. She is almost broken. She silently come to without informing even Ragini. She quietly greets her parents and went to her room. Shekar family is happy to see her. She locked herself in her room and made excuses to the family…

Sanskar, Ragini, laksh tried to contact her but she switched off her phone. Sanskar called shekar to know about swara. Shekar said that she reached home and she is sleeping as she is soo tierd

Swara losts in thoughts of Sanskar. Later she compossess herself. She thought that it is foolish that how can she expect love from him as she never express her feelings. She always want his happiness. If he is happy with someone then it’s ok. I have to move on…. But no one can occupy the Sanskar’s place in my life .I love u Sanskar but I will never let you to know this. If u know this u will be guilt. U should be happy always. Love u Sanskar love u alot

After one day she come out of the room. Shekar hugs her and ask how is feeling?? He looks proud of her daughter. She says ok. They had their breakfast.

Ragini calls her asks her how is she. They talk for some time
Sanskar calls her
She hesitantly lifts the call
Sanskar: hello swara…. How r u??
Swara: ok Sanskar… She said faintly
Sanskar understood that something is bothering her and asks her but she excuses it
Sanskar: u r not OK…. I sense that
Swara: no Sanskar ( she thinks to change the topic) ok how was ur day yesterday
Sanskar: hmm…. Exciting. I’m planning something to my lo…. He stopped as he know what he is saying
Swara: to ur love??
Sanskar: what r u saying… Nothing like that
Swara: don’t lie me Sanskar. I know everything
Sanskar: what???
Swara: may who the girl is she is very lucky. U took good step by not vasting ur time on so called angel. All the best Sanskar
By saying this she puts off the call

Sanskar shocked

precap: swasan confession fie sure

thank u soo much for reading

yours sri:-)

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