SWASAN – a PASSWORD to open my love episode 5

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ok ok enough of my bukbuk…. back to story
Sanskar was numb. He had mixed emotions in his mind. After a minute he realized that he found his ANGEL.

He tells himself many times
Sanskar: today I find my angel…..
Yes I find my angel… Oh my god I can’t believe it. My angel is none other than swara my bestie I find my angel wow…… I going to be mad.

Sanskar p.o.v:
Swara is my angel. I finally found her. But she want to hide her feeling. She loves me like hell. She even didn’t care about her life. She thinks I’m her life. But y the hell she want to go away from me?? How can she think that I would love some one on the bases of status,wealth, beauty? I know she has some goals on her career. But how can she leave me. I will ask her. How dare she to hide these things. She always urge me to forget about that angel. Now I understand. She didn’t want to come in my life.

He was in anger. His thinking was not stable. Again he recollected everything what had happened between him and swara.

“She is the one who saved ur life risking her life. She is the one who helped u bad situation, one who understands u even if u doesn’t say anything. She is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of ur happiness and ur anger on her…. On ur angel?? If u doesn’t seen this dairy may u never know that she is ur angel. She always wanted ur happiness”

He smiles, placed the mobile beside her and stares her lovingly…

She is sleeping calmly like obedient child. He caresses her cheek and placed a peck on her forehead.

He sat there more than a hour by seeing her and thinking about her.
Later he came to his tent and saw laksh was already sleeping. He to try to sleep but sleep is far away from him. He is happy and thinking about swara and slept after that

Next morning

They all climb the mountain nearby and had a sweet time

Sanskar always looks at her lovingly. Swara was unnoticed of it. She too looks at him Sanskar noticed it. He was well impressed by her care, her thinking, her innocence,her smile overall everything.

At evening they sat near fire. It’s cold

raglak sat side by side swara sits opposite to Sanskar.

She looks at him lovingly. She stares him like she forgot about the rest of the world. Sanskar noticed it but he stares towards fire.

Finally Sanskar cant control himself. He wishpers something to laksh. He just want to hug her right now as he was fully drenched in her love. He suddenly stands and hugs swara.

Swara was numb. She didn’t understand anything. He hugs her more. He closed his eyes and enjoying. Her heart skipped once

Swara: s…San..San..sanskar..
Sanskar: swara a zombie is there
Swara looks that side. Laksh is wearing a zombie mask.
Swara: no Sanskar. It is laksh. He wear a mask
Sanskar: what??
He releases her and chases laksh. They both run one after another and went from there
Sanskar: wait laksh.. Today I won’t leave u

Ragini laughs but swara is still not in senses thinks about the hug.

They run towards tent. They started their conversation
Laksh: bro y did u ask me to wear it ( showing the mask)
Sanskar: so that I can hug swara

Laksh: it’s soo mean. She is nice and innocent. U r flirting with her. I don’t tolerate. Where is ur so called angel?? U forget her?? Where r u sweet words for her?

Sanskar: lucky it’s no like that. U know me right
Laksh: yes I know u. So tell me y did u do that
Sanskar: she is my ANGEL
Laksh: what?? R u serious?
Sanskar: yes lucky. I want to say this shouting. I want to shout that swara is my ANGEL.
Laksh: how did u know?
Sanskar explains him everything.
Laksh: y she hide it??
Sanskar: she thinks that she don’t deserve me as she don’t have wealth and status and also their family won’t agree to a love marriage.
Laksh:ohoo..im soo happy for u bro. She is perfect for u. Go and propose her
Sanskar: no lucky not know. She has some dreams regarding career. Till then she won’t accept.
Lucky: what do u wanna do??
Sanskar: she loves me immensely. I will prove that I too can love her like she. I will bring those situation where no hurdle is there for her to come to me.
Laksh: what do u mean??
Sanskar: I will wait till she complete her graduation. Meanwhile I have some other work. ( about parents he thinks) he smiles
Laksh: all the best Sanskar
Sanskar: thank you. Don’t tell anyone about it
Laksh: ok

Sanlak was one year grater than swaragini. After one year Sanskar graduation completed. So he began to help in his father business. Laksh also joined in Sanskar company as their both fathers are partners.
In that one year swasan love eachother they care about each other. Though swara noticed his extra care towards her from Sanskar, she excuse it.

Swaragini was in final year. Sanlak daily visit the college. Sanskar being one of trustee he used to see things at college. They all four met daily. Swara love towards him increases but asusal she never told him. He also wait for right time to confess his feelings.

Final exams of swaragini over. Today they were going to face campus interview. Swara is nervous. She is waiting for her dream since long. Sanskar sits beside her. Her hand was shivering. He put his hand on hers and said ” it’s OK ….. Don’t be nervous, everything will be OK” she then hugs him and takes breath to stop nervous. He too hug her. She breaks the hug. She looked more confident. ” that’s like my swara… All the best”
She said thanku and left into the cabin

Sanskar is waiting outside then he received call from kavita (the villan)
She is the daughter of one of the big business man Rajeev. Rajeev is also friend of DP. She is junior in college. She is arrogant,rude,proud of her wealth. Sanskar knows kavita. She always try to woo him. Now she calls him and ask him to come on terrace right now.

Sanskar reaches teraace. Kavita runs and hugs him tightly. He hardly releases her. She smiles and said ” I LOVE YOU SANSKAR ” she was about to kiss his lips. He moves back and said ” no I don’t love you”. swara saw it. She completed her interview successfully and wants to tell him first.
Kavita was fuming in anger and asks him “why am I not looking beautiful, am I not have money, status. I have everything to become ur love”

He says ” I don’t love u because I’m in love with someone ”

Swara was shattered by his answer. She cried a lot and left the place.

Kavita: what?? R u in love
Sanskar: yes…. He smiles and said she is one in lakhs. She loves me, cares me like I’m her everything. I love her like hell. I went crazy with her innocence. Her small smiles makes my day beautiful and….. He was continuing
Kavita: stop it Sanskar…. U r mine…. Only mine. See I love u
Sanskar: just stop it. I can’t love u. Ok remember it. I’m going. Good bye
Kavita: wait Sanskar. Who is she??
Sanskar thought now there is no point in hiding. He smiles proudly and said
Sanskar: my angel…. My swara

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