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HELLO GUYS,,,,,, thank u soo much for an amazing response…… glad u all like this story. actually in other site i didnt write any epilouge but here as u guys requested….. how can i deny it….

after 1 months swara discharged from tie hospital. sanlak made sahil and kavitha arrested as kavita involvement came out when police heard call recordings of sahil. in these days sanskar took care of swara not even left her a second.after 2 months when swara fully recovered swasan got marriage with all rituals. they r most happy couple. at bidai time swara became soo emotional to shekar and sumi. she is soo attached to her father. sanskar consoled her and assured shekar that he will give every happiness to swara. swara done gruhapravesh. DP and AP and all family members are soo happy. rag lak doesn’t let sanskar to enter his room. after a lot of difficulty he finally get rid of them. swara was sitting on bed with simple yet beautiful saree. the room is decorated with rose,jashmine and lilly flower….. they spent their first night slepping in eachothers arms and had a lot of talks regarding their past,present and future and by counting stars…..

swara became good bahu as well as good employee to the company which she is working (swara didnt leave the job she got in campus….. though DP askd her to join in their business sanskar said she will work here if they need but she has to prove herslf and he agrees) they taked their relation to next level and they r happiest and understanding couple.

after six mnths of marrige

life is not abut all happiness…. life has given a biggest shock to swara by taking sumi and shekar in car accident. swara was heart broken with this news. sanskar know how much swara emotionally attached to her parents. she cried her heart out. she cant digest he fact that they will never come back. she was all shattered. sanskar consoled her but it takes more time to come out of the biggest shock of her life. all time sanskar stood with her. by time she slowly recovered with the care of sanskar

after few months …… some employee in his company sell his project to other company being greedy. by this his company got huge loss….. he become sad and frustrated. the company which he built with lot of hard work collapsed because of some idiot…. its time for swara to stand with him. she left her job… she motivates him… she sold her jwellery and shekar house and invest those money…. they both worked hard for four months and prepared a new project and it become grand success…… and put their company as number 1 in kolkatta….

at cellebration party

sanskar received busiiness man of the year award….

host: Mr. Sanskar mahewari would u please share ur experience receiving this award

sanskar: thank u all fr this honour… i would like to dedicate tis awrd to our staff who done and a lot of hardwork and mostly my wife….. yes there is a saying that behind every mans sucesses there would be woman and my woman is my wife my swara my angel…. she is a real angel in my life. she stood beside me in every bad stage and tap my shoulder and say u can acheive success. once again i want to propose u swara infront of every one

swara had tears in her eyes she just stood there.

sanskar take a bouquet and stand on his knees extending flowers and said: thanku swara for coming in my life…. thank u for turning it into colourful….. thank u to be with me even in dark stage. …. thank u to give me strngth to face hurdles of life……. i dont know what i would have been if u not there…..i love u swara and i need u ….. will u be with me like tis forever???

she cant control her emotions she hugs him and says “i will” he too reciprocates with equal passion


SWASAN were sleeping peacefuly in each other arms then swara woke up and make him wake

sanskar: what angel….. let me sleep

swara: Mr.maheswari plz get up

she takes him to verenda which is beautifully decorated. he gets suprised

sanskar: swara wat all thissssss

swara: happy birthday my dear hubby

just then he remembers that it was his birthday

she hugs him and wishes him

sanskar: thanku soo much angel….. he kisses her

swara: lets cut the cake

both feed eachother….

. sanskar: (naughtly where is my gift he asked nuzzing her neck)

she shy more and face become like a tomoto

swara; i have a gift for u

he comes more closer and said : then give me

swara: i want to tell u something

he kisses her cheek: say it

she releases him and out his hand on her stomach and said ur gift is here

sanskar: (confused) u get something and eat it without giving it to me….. huhh this is not fair

swara being frustrated: oh my god sanskar u r becoming father and still u think and behave like a child

sanskar: suprised and happy: what…..father…. me??

swara: she ralised what she sais and shys

sanskar: is that true angel?/

swara nods yes

sanskars happiness has no bounds he shouted “ohhhh im becoming father he twirls her in air and puts down and kisses all over her face”

sanskar: thank u angel this was th e best gift

swara: love u sanskar

sanskar; love too angel

after 6 months swara delivered baby boy and they named him santhosh maheswri

screen fades on group hug of swa san santhosh

love is to be together in every situation either good or bad….. swasan they face every hurddle of life in hand in hand…… no one can seperete them

thank u for reading

yes the story is end but it is the start of their beautiful like

thnk u for bearing me all thesr days….. love u all
and kakali i will miss u yaar….. all the best for u studies…

if u guys are ok then i will post my other ff too here but not so soon
thanks for each and every one who supported me
and yes this is last episode and i may not post TU for a month….. so plz i want u guys to comment the feeling about this story
now i definately give my reply to every one

tHANK U guys…. love u all

yours sri:-)

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  1. Hadi

    Good one i read all parts of this ff n i really like it but not getting time to comment as am busy in exams preparation anyways now am commenting that u wrote totally different story from others concept is so good n overall fantastic come soon with other ff or ss

    1. Srijah

      its ok dear… thanks for amazing comment…. glad u like it hadi

      1. Hadi

        will u write another story

    1. Srijah

      thank u anu 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Nagamanasa

    Awesome sissy…

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      tq sis…. love u

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      thank u priya 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. awesome..loved it..come back with another one..tc..

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      thank u s for ur continous support….. will come back soon

  4. Radhika..

    Just one word I have aweoms yr no words to describe the journey of the Ss just love the way u portray their relation and the hurdles of their life. And they both supporting each other different phases of thier life and their support toward eclach other . u say true love only sees all about together and to have each other faith and support at the time of difficulty as it is said the truth is relations is find in the difficult time. Loved the ff very much. Will be waitning for ur comeback …,…… Love u dear and ur writting also…… Come soon after 1,month.???

    1. Srijah

      thank u radhika.. u said correct that true relations is find in difficult time… and our swasan are best example for a perfect relation…. love u too dear:-):-);-)

  5. Vyshu10

    Superb….come back soon

    1. Srijah

      thank u vyshu and i will come back soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Srijah

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  6. Kakali

    Sriiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!! loved it dear !!!! it’s cute cute cuteeeee !!! *pull ur cheeks…
    Thnk u dear … will miss u tooooo…. ;-*

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      love u dear
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    Awesome… suoerb ending and start of their life…

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    Loved it

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  11. such a good story one of the best story

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