Swasan : Paperhearts (Episode 3)

~~J – factor~~

Swara’s POV

Sanskar called me and I picked up the phone in the third ring itself.

“Oho so eager to talk to me ?”
“stop teasing sanky or else I will hung up.”
“Okay fine. It’s so unfair. Now you cant tease your girlfriend.”
“where’s my boyfriend I want to talk to him ?”
I could hear shouts from the other side and I knew it was my boyfriend.

“hey Abeer how are you my boyfriend.”

“I m okay Swara but Chacha is looking like a tomato. Did you beat him today ?” He asked in his cheerful tone.

“aww. Abeer. You think your girlfriend can hurt anyone ?”

“no I m sure chachu must have done something. Okay now I have to drink milk or else ma will kill me.”

Abeer, my boyfriend, and Sanskar’s nephew was such an adorable baby. What I loved about him the most was his eyes which were a replica of Sanskar and his nose which looked like Pari Bhabhi. He was surely the best baby i have ever met. Now he’s like three year old kid but he has learnt a lot all thanks to his spoilt brat chachu Sanskar.

“Swara ?” I completely forgot Sanskar was still on the other end.

“Sanky I m tired. I want to sleep.”

“so who would talk to this boyfriend.?”

“listen I don’t like cheating my boyfriend. So take permission from Abeer first.” Wow what an excuse I gave.

“I love you.” He told means I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

“I hate you !” I replied rudely.

“but I still love you.”
Aww this guy always makes me feel so special.

“I love you too Sanky ! But I cant meet you tomorrow as I need a perfect eight hour sleep and you are not letting me.”

“okay my sleeping beauty you sleep.”

I hung up the phone and I slept a dreamy sleep full of Sanksar.

Sanskar’s POV

The next day, 6:00 p.m.

I was in the party and all the time my eyes were searching for one girl -Swara. My eyes wandered through the whole room. I wondered how we all managed to make this place so great with the disco balls, lights, dance floor and balloons. Now that was not my idea. I know they looked so cheesy but then I can’t help.

I don’t why is she soooo stubborn.


“Swara when are you coming I m dying to see you in the prom dress !” I asked her like an impatient child in the morning.”

“Oh really ?” she asked laughing. I knew there was something going on in her small head.

“don’t tell me….” I was just going to say but she snapped on the middle and told me.
“you love me right?” She asked. I couldn’t see her that time as we were on the phone but I guess her eyes were twinkling like an innocent child.

“what kind of question is that?” I replied in a formidable tone.

“its not going to be easy to love me. I guess its time for getting fashionably very very late !” she told me.

“dont do this to me Shona.”

“I will.” And she cut the call.

**Flashback ends**

Stubborn lady. I will not give up soon because i m also stubborn in fact more than her. I called her and kept the phone on the bar counter and then I waved at Kavita. She is my fan-girl and Swara hates her.

“Hey Kavita why don’t you dance with me ? And then we might make it out.”

I could hear Swara huffing like an angry bird. I was controlling my laughter badly.

“sure Sanskar anything for you darling.”

I took her hand unwillingly and started to dance with her. Her hands rested on my shoulder and mine on her waist.

But my eyes were set on the entrance. And there entered my drama-queen dressed in an elegant blue ombre outfit. I always wondered how she always managed to steal the show and look so beautiful inspite of minimal make up and avoiding wearing very short dresses.

And then I noticed the lusty eyes staring at her. I left Kavita there and started walking towards her and she was also walking towards me.

And then ouch…

She walked past me hitting me on my leg and she took hand of a random guy for dance. I could see her giving me its-time-for-sweet-revenge-look. I was jealous seeing that guy so close to him.

But I shook my head in disgrace and landed on the bar counter. Beside me sat my cousin Laksh.

“what?” I asked him as he glared at me giving that angry-young-man-look of his.

“now what happened between you two?” He asked me like an over-protective friend.

“nothing. Just playing a game. Tit for tat. Wanna join ?” I told him with utter sarcasm.

He rested his hands on mine and gave his usual manly advice about which I was least bother.

“forget it brother. She will be with you soon. You know na how girls are like. They always try to get attention like typical attention seekers.”

And bang.

He got a hard hit on back of his head by none other than girlfriend Ragini who was Swara’s cousin.

“you.. Dont dare to talk to me ever again. I m an attention seeker right? Its over between us.”

“no baby..” They walked away and heaved a sigh of relief. They have broken the Guinness world record for most number of break-ups and then patch-ups. But i knew they madly loved each other and were too compatible.

Swara’s POV

How could Sanskar do this to me ?
I m very possessive about him and I can’t see a single girl wandering around him except my sister Ragini.

And I was dancing with a creep. He was trying to get close to me and trust me he smelled like alcohol.

I want Sanskar to do something but then it was my ego which didn’t allow me to give up and I slowly was enjoying to see the jealousy in his eyes and he looked too cute when he was jealous .

Sanskar’s POV
Now my gaze shifted towards my Swara who was still dancing with that dog. I was fuming in anger and jealousy.

I had to do something…

And yes… I got an idea…

What do you think would he do to win back her love ?

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