Swasan : Paperhearts (Episode 2)

~~Future son-in-law~~ <3

Sanskar's POV

And then damn….

We both leaned closer to each other. I know what it was turning into. I was nervous as she was my friend and I could notice the same nervousness in her eyes. We closed our eyes and finally her soft lips met mine. Our lips moved in sync with each other and we pulled out from it only when we were out of breath. I felt like I was on the seventh sky.

I was scared too.. scared to lose her. But I knew no one can separate us until its our choice and having seen our love and the trust we had on each other it was an impossible task.

She entangled her fingers with mine and they fit like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

"Thank you swara for giving soul to my lifeless body by showering this love."

"I think you have not forgotten. There's no thank you and no sorry in friendship. And before being what we are now we are first friends." She said all this and by the end she was blushing like a red tomato.

"Just keep blushing that way !" I remarked.

She went more red.

"Okay now that's enough…" I snided.

"Ready to go. Sumi ma might be waiting. And she will be angry if she comes to know I was kissing her future son-in-law…"

"Wait let me call driver dada." I took my phone and gave him a call.

"What the… What if he saw us like this making out ?" She yelled at me and all her red cheeks turned pale white.

"No Shona. I told him to wait down there on the road. And there's no chance that he would come up."

"We have to run."

And she started running like an idiot. I followed her as I knew she would slip on the so-much slippery road and yes she did.

But this time I caught her in my arms holding her waist tighter.
"What?" I asked her as she was staring me with her loving eyes.

And again we started rushing after fixing our posture.

Driver dada as I guessed had dozed off. So first we woke him up and then we rushed to our homes. We were not neighbours exactly but our homes were in the same area.

"Why don't you come inside ?" Swara asked me. I nodded and entered. But this time I felt a little shy as I was going to be their future son-in-law.

"Dont think that much or else Sumi ma will figure it out." She whispered in my ears and I immediately smiled seeing Sumi aunty.

"Hello aunty ! How's everything going ?"

"Like the way it was two hours before. I guess you asked the same questions when you came to pick up Swara."

I slided my hands through my hair as I didnt know what to reply back. And she became suspicious.


"If there's something cooking between you two then you can tell me." Sumi aunty told us.

Swara's POV

"Yes ma actually we wanted to ask you if…" I said but I was still figuring out what to say.

"Iff??" Ma continued.

"If we could go for the prom night together." I told this shit reason to her as that's what could be going through my small head.

"And you were so nervous thinking about this ?" Ma asked us.

We nodded her head in a big YES to make her believe in our foolish reasons and she believed and we were relieved.

"Okay aunty I have to go. Badi ma and bade papa might be waiting for me."
Saying so he signed off.

Ma was looking towards the kitchen and Sanskar took advantage of this and winked at me and signalled me to him. I just mouthed an I-love-you for two reasons.

First, would make him go and second because I really do.

And he went away blushing like an idiot.
That day I got two lessons in my life. First, never call your BF to home and second, boys can blush too !

I wrapped my arms towards my mom's waist and told her I wont be home tomorrow as we have to prepare everything for the prom night. She nodded and I left to my room..

And my phone rang. It was Sanskar.

Oh boy….


Hope you liked this part and the story till date. Keep reading and drop your feedback.

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