Swasan : Paperhearts (Episode 1)

~~ Our Confessions ~~<3

Sanskar's POV

We walked through the woods not so deep but she being the always clumsy one embraced to ground. I being the tough one did gave her my hand hut she being the tougher didn't accept my hand. She was always like this. Cute, independent but tough like a nut. We reached our place it was lightly drizzling but we didn't care. At least I didn't. I love rain especially when you enjoy with your best company and my accomplice was Swara Gadodia.

I still remember the day when I met Swara for the first time. We ended up fighting on our very first meeting.
"It was your fault. You came on my way when I kicked the soccer ball or else it would have been a goal.." Swara pouted.
A big drop of rain fell on her nose. She stared at it as if it was some creepy lizard. I stuttered it away.

"and that ball smashed my face making it red. You remember the goal but not my red face." I complained back to her.

"so what ? You deserve that." she kicked me again on my feet.

This girl I tell you, she was born as girl due to some serious mistake by god. Still I would not be wrong calling her world's most beautiful girl.

It took me some courage to ask her "Do you remember that day when I said you 'I liked you' I guess in ninth grade. ?" I asked her out of curiosity.

"6th march, 2002 on the corridor near the amphitheatre. You came running behind me as you ignored me the whole day. I was wondering what you were upto and believe me or not you startled me telling you like me. That was so immature."

"and you ran away like an idiot with your face buried in your hands. Now that's what I call immature Miss Sadoo"

"Oh really then I wonder who stopped me that day by singing a song. Sanam re if i m not wrong."

There was silence surrounding us. We sat on our beautiful hangout spot near the hills. We could see the whole Calcutta lit up in lights, the eye-catching mist and the head turning greenery over the mountains. But I stared at Swara ignoring all these wonders.

Finally she spoke "Did you really mean that ?"

"What?" I was amused. Why was she asking me ? I pretended I didn't understand anything.

"That you liked me ?" she said.

"No…." My heartbeats were racing. My heart was buried deep in my stomach. I saw tears in her eyes.

I kissed her tears. She didn't eye me at all. But I cupped her face forcing her to look into my eyes.

"I dont like you Swara, I love you." I didn't know from where I got the courage to say that. Swara was my best friend forever and ever aka BFFE. But I was sure all my feelings for her were 100 percent genuine. I really loved her deeply, madly, crazily!

She stood there dumb struck by my confession. Now only one question asked my heart "Did she love me too?"

She rested her head on my broad shoulder and I started playing with her soft-black hair.

"I love you too, three, four….infinity square times than you do me Sanskar."

I was awe-struck by her words. We didn't utter a word after that. Our eyes conveyed our feelings to each other, whatever we felt….

It was new. It was something called love….

So our journey of friendship now converted into love. Its not easy to find your true soul mate when you are eighteen. But I was lucky enough..

And then damn…..


First episode. Getting jitters literally as I m waiting badly for ur response.


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