Swasan: HIS PAIN TS (Part-3) a

Sooo guys I am really sorry for being late..i will try to complete this ts on during this week I will TRY soo don’t ask me when will I post…everyone requested me to make sanskar angry on swara for ignoring him, and some wanted swara to go behind sanskar so lets see what will happen….

The episode start when sanskaar left swara on his business trip…how badly he wanted to take her with him but swara being swara thought first about family member not about him which had always hurted him badly….he always wanted to be her 1st priority being selfish or u can say madly in love he wanted her to be with him everytime….seeing her relationship with his family he fall again and again in love with her…the way she respect his family who always hurted her badly but she never show them her hatred her anger….she was too PFERCET for him…

Duet to sunray swara sleep got disturb she turned her face to his side to see him but he was nowhere thinking about last night she got up…she looked in washroom thinking maybe he is there but no he was also not there even…after freshing up she went down to see him but only the others family member was there and was preparing for breakfast…tears welled up in her eyes not finding him.. left to their room…

Swasan room

Swara walk towards dressing table looking at sanskar picture tears start fowling down from her beautiful eyes…his each word echoing in her ear she wanted to see him to hug him to ask forgiveness from him so badly…but he was not there suddenly her eyes fell on the note which he left for her after reading she fell with thud on the floor and start crying like baby….she remember the day how badly he wanted to her to take her with….how much he requested her but she was in mission Uttra didnt listen to him proparly…she remember how much he tried to divert her mind from family problem whenever they were alone..but she never gave important to his talk but after yesterday incident she realized how much hurted he was….she hurted her own love soo badly….She tried to call him but his phone was switched off while crying she slept on the floor…

In the afternoon swara was still waiting for sanskar call because she tried many time to call him but his phone was still switched off…she was looking at her phone every minute when ragini came…

Rag: swara (still busy looking at phone) swara (shaked her little)

Sw: han ragini

Rag: what are u doing

Sw: ahh nothing u tell

Rag: what happened han n did u forgott ( confused)  I told u we are going badi where is ur mind today u are looking lost somewhere

SW: (didn’t want to tell her) are nothing acha lets go now

Rag: (happy) han ok chal

They were about to leave when sanskar called swara seeing him calling she smiled whole heartily and picked on 1st call and stop walking…

  On call

Sw: (happy) sanskaar

San: (felt happy listening his name) swara (hearing it a lone tear escaped from her eyes)

Sw: (almost crying) where are u

Ragini looked back on not finding her  near she turned and saw her talking on phone, walked to her..

San: swara woh… (Before he could complete ragini snachted phone from her n looked at id caller shocking swara before she could protest ragini spoke)

Rag: sanskar g swara will call u later now we are leaving for badi bye ( and cut the call making sanskar angry on swara..) chal u can talk to him later

Sw: (snachted phone back n shouted at ragini for snachting her phone shocking ragini and this was witness by whole family) ragini what the hell how can u snatch my phone when I was talking to sanskar han how dare u (hell angry didn’t cared about anything) couldn’t u wait for few minutes han I was going na with u soo what was need to snatch my phone and talking with sanskar like this (left from their in anger shocking everyone)

On sanskar side…

He was again drinking while thinking  about swara and her behavior he was soo hurted today he thought maybe now she will get time for him….but no today again she Proved him that He is not important to her more then other…Tears were fowlling down from his eyes pain was clearly visable in those eyes…

Swasan room

Swara tried to call sanskar again but he didn’t picked the call being angry on her… few minutes agao she was happy to see him calling himself but know she broke into tears…she continually calling him..but he being angry Bird didnt picked her call…he wasnt picking her call soo she called his pa to get Information of sanskar…how long he will be there ? where he is ?…
From his pa she Came to know that He will in shimla for 2 weeks…she couldnt wait soo asked him to Book her Tickets for today as soon as possibel….

After saying this she left to sujata room..to Inform her..

Sw: mom

Suj: han chori what happened

Sw: (little nervous) woh mom I am going to shimla

Suj: shimla but why

Sw: Woh I am going to sanskar because he will be there for 2 weeks…n even me n sanskar couldnt sometime toghter n there is lots of thing we have to discuss after what in those 6 months n uttra Problem soo I (intrupedt by sujata)

Suj: (hugged her) u know I am soo happy that u are back again u dont know how painfull it was for me to see sanskar condition (hearing this from sujata swara felt more bad) ach now go pack ur Stuff…

Sw: (hugged her) thanks mom
Left to her room to pack clothes….


Swara reached at 22pm shimla n left for The Oberoi Cecil hotel were sanskar was also leaving…

The Oberoi Cecil hotel…

After reacing hotel she went towards the counter n asked for sanskar room…she was walking towards his room she was nervous, excited, sad for hurting him what not every Kind of expression was on her face…she knocked on the door at 1st he didnt picked but she start to knock continusly getting irretate he opened door shocking swara on his state…again he was fully drunk seeing her he smiled He was not in his senss….

San: (drunk) swara uuu (about to Fall she held him n Walk inside closing the door)

Sw: (teary) sanskar (cupped his face) dont Do this

San: (happy drunk) u know I was missing u (hug her thigtly) I love u swara plzzz dont ignore me

Sw: (???hug him back) I love u too n I am sorry I promi.. (he broke the hug n kept his Finger on her lips)

San: dont promise me promises can be broken remember on marrige day while taking vow we promised to be toghter but what happend u left na soo dont promise me u will again leav..

Before He could complete she captured his lips with hers…she was kissing him slowly showing him her love which she had only for him…she was crassing his hair n was demanding for more…n bited on his lips making grown in plasure…both were Kissing eachother passionatly their tounges were playing with eachother…duet lack of oxygen they broke the kiss n sanskar fell on her shoulder being uncoussion…

She made him lay proparly on bed..n changed her dress..laid beside him her head was on his chest n she hugged him thigtly…

Precap: swara convicing sanskar…n stoping from drinking..Swasan romance ❤

Soo guys I hope u will like it…

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