Swasan: HIS PAIN TS (Part-3) b

Hiiiiii i hope u all liking this ts…And how much eagerly u all waiting for this part so guys this the last part of my ts…I am really happy to see ur response on my ts soo thankyouuu so much guys for the love which u all gave me… your love made always my day…guys I thought this will be last epi but I couldnt do so next epi will be last epi…

Soo let’s start with the EPI…

Both couple were sleeping in each other embrace hugging tightly…duet sunray swara sleep was getting disturb and she nuzzled herself more into sanskar hiding her face… feeling movement on him his sleep got disturb he opened his eyes slowly and was shocked to see swara sleeping on him…

Sanskar pov..

Swara what is she doing here? How come she is here? no no she can’t be here (he rubbed his eyes continuously thinking maybe he is dreaming) I am really dreaming or she is here with me but why I don’t remember…how can u remember sanskar u were fully drunk…(he looked her face lovingly after so many day he can look at her peacefully he was crassing her face n tucked few hair strand behind her ear) u are making me crazy for u swara, why are u doing this to me (tears welled up in his eyes) plzz go away from me it’s better for us if u again will leave me I will die swara plzzz chali jao meri zindagi see door..we can’t be toghter now I can’t tolerate this pain anymore u have to go and I myself make u go from me…(he felt her movement and stop crassing her face and turned other side…)

Pov ends… 

Swara woke up and smiled slightly being in sanskar embrace she looked at him who turned his face other side not looking at her… he moved her aside and got up from bed about to walk away whem she held his hand he stopped but didn’t turned…

Sw: (sad) sanskar (try to free his hand which she holding strongly not letting him go) sanskar

San: what are u doing here

Sw: I wanted to talk to u

San: I have no time

Sw: (sad) sanskar

San: (took long breath) leave me I have important meeting

Sw: I will sanskar but plzz looked at me na (she walk to him and stood infront him try cup his face but he turned his face other side) I am sorry plzz

San: (still not looking at her) I don’t need your sorry and plzz move aside I have to go

Sw: sans.. Before she could speak he left towards washroom.. she sat on bed tears made their way through her beautiful which was already red duet continuously crying from few days…

Sw: (monologue) I am sorry sanskar I am really sorry I know whatever I did was wrong ignoring u for everyone was wrong… I am really to mend every relation I forgot our relation which had changed after our 6 months separation I never thought sanskar our sepration will lead me here… it’s all my fault I should had talk to u before uniting with u I should have known the condition of our relationship.. I was soo busy that I forgot u I am sorry I am really sorry (whipped her tears) I will convince u however I promise u sanskar I won’t hurt u no matter what no one is important to me more than u I will do anything to get u back I promise u sanskar…

In Washroom

Sanskar was standing under the shower water was fowling through his hair on his handsome and to his bare chest…his hand were on wall and was thinking about swara…

San: (monologue) no swara not this time I won’t let u play with my feelings like u did before I am sorry but this time I won’t forgive u easily swara i won’t…

Thinking all that he finish his shower n tied towel around his waist n walk out washroom  bare chest water drops still falling from his hair…and with another towel he was drying his hair ignoring swara fully which hurted her the most… his ignorance was killing her inside now she realized how would he felt whenever she ignored him…

He was taking his clothes when swara hugged him from back her cheek crushed on her bare back feeling her sudden touch his cloths fell down…his bare back was already little wet but now her tears was wetting him more…she was hugging him so tightly when he try to broke the her grip tighten more on him… her nails were pricing on his bare chest leaving her mark on him…

Sw: (crying) I am sorry sanskar plzz don’t ignore me I know I did wrong since I came back… I am really sorry sanskar while mending every relation I forgot that I was destroying our relation with my own hand… whatever I did till now plzz forgive me sanskar I am really sorry I have realized my mistake sanskar give me last chance plzz…

She was still crying but he didn’t paid heed to her and broke the hug forcefully n left to get ready…after getting ready he left n she felt on her knees crying n was looking at him till he left…

It’s been week since swara came in those days swara tried to convince sanskar but however he didn’t paid heed to her… somewhere he was melting but still the fear of losing her again was haunting him badly if she leave him this time he can’t be survive… in those days he didnt even drink, drinking had once became his habit but however swara succeed in stopping him drinking… it was hard for him to leave drinking but however swara didn’t loosed her hope whenever he tried to drink she kissed him to divert his mind but she was only who kissed him but he never respond back …


Sanskar came back in hotel at night he was tired…and swara pain was hurting him badly no matter how much she hurt him but he can’t see her pain a one tear from her eyes was enough for him…his heart was paining seeing her crying for him for his forgiveness he wanted to let his pain out so thought to drink…when he entered in room swara was standing near window looking outside hearing footstep she turned to him… he could see her pain through her eyes, there was dark circle n her eyes were red she was looking weak like she hadn’t eaten from few days…ignoring all this he went towards fridge and took one bottle of alcohol out… seeing this swara shocked for the 1st time he was drinking in front her like this its not that she didn’t saw him drinking as he only drink outside or in balcony making sure that she slept… and for the 1st  time she stoped him yesterday from drinking… and today he was going to drink in front her ignoring her… he filled glas full alcohol n about to take a sip when swara held his hand now it was time to confront him enough is enough…

Sw: (took glas from him) why sanskar why are u doing u wane punish me na then punish me (crying) why the hell are u hurting yourself han (he tried to snatched glas but she throwed it away he took bottle to drink even she snatched from him n throwed now his eyes turned red in anger) answer me sanskar why are u drinking 

San: (angry held from shoulder) what is ur problem now han why the hell is this bothering u what I am doing with myself

Sw: (his grip hurting her n felt hurted seeing him like that) because I am ur wife

San: (pushed her little) WIFE really wife swara do u even now the meaning of wife (looked down out of guilt) a wife is that who take care of his husband who knows the need of his husband who is her 1st priority whom she love n has always time in their privacy… but in our case my wife had no time for me infact she left for her sister is that a wife (held her) swara had u told me once I wouldn’t have stopped u but not breaking our relationship I know even I did wrong with u and u have all the right to punish me for my mistake I wouldn’t have said anything but when u came back happily with me to our house I thought now everything will be fine but no u got another mission (crying now) I was carving for u for my love swara  since the day u came back (she looked at him tears were fowling both eyes..

today she was seeing his pain clearly) I was missing u, u knew na how much I loved u for u I could do anything u were my life swara..(whipped tear n snobbing) I didn’t wanted u physically swara I just wanted to u be in embrace without talking  that was enough for me but even for that u hadn’t time for me…always u had some mission to complete 1st uttra then ragini then taking care of family in all this mission u forgot about me why swara… u don’t know how much was its hurting me to get release I start drinking (knelt down on his knees bowing his had down tears were fowling down) I CANT BEAR THIS PAIN ANYMORE SWARA FEAR OF LOOSING U IS KILLING ME AGAIN AGAIN JUST LEAVE ME OR ELSE I WILL DIE WHEN U WILL AGAIN LEAVE ME I CANT GO SWARA GOOO  

He shouted she was stunned to hear his pain that to 1st time when he is in his senses… she knelt down in front him cupped his face…

Sw: (crying guilty hurting him badly) I am sorry sanskar for hurting u so badly I was so blind that I couldnt see the person whom I love most in the world I am hurting him badly (made him look whipped his tears) will u give me last chance sanskar just only last chance I promise u i won’t hurt or leave u plzz

he try to turn away but she held him n was looking at him with full of love n there was also guilty for hurting him n she leaned towards him and captured his lips with her she was kissing him with full of love.. he was shocked and didn’t respond to her kiss he came in sense when she bited on his lips hard for demanding more he grown taking as opportunity she slid her tongue in his mouths but still he didn’t respond and was controlling himself… she was tasting him after soo long time even he felt happy but he dint wanted her to show… for him she was kissing after 7 months how badly he wanted her to take her in his arms he was losing somewhere when was about to touch she parted her lips being out of breath… she was breathing heavily both were looking each other she couldn’t meet her eyes after what she did… both stand he was agin about to go when she held him made him lay on bed his head was in her lap n she was crassing his hair.. he didn’t protest and let her do whatever she wanted because he felt today relaxed after letting his pain out…

Flashback ends…

Precap: swasan romance ❤❤❤❤

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  9. Haa ur so good In portray the relrelationship of husband and wife .after reading this I have a doubt were am witout is it hurting my hubby as my first priorities is my family. But wat ever busy am also I would spare tine for massage his forehead. His diet is checked by me

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