Swasan OS/fan fic — Its a secret. . . .


Uhh this is my second os. Its not so great btw. Thank you for reading tho!!

Dr. Swara enters the cabin and sees a patient lying.

Swara : So how are you feeling Mr. Sanskar?

Sanskar : How do you know my name? And what the hell am I doing here?

Swara wears her specs and slowly Sanskar recollects something

Sanskar : Oh you are that girl. Swara Gadodia right?

Swara : And you are that murderer of my sister Ragini Gadodia, right Mr. Sanskar? I always wanted to return your favour of saving my life. And today I guess, my job is done Mr. Sanskar. I hope we never meet again. Goodbye!

She slams the door shut and leaves. A tear escapes Swara’s eye as she recollects that incident.

Swara was an intern in his firm and she was doing a part time job there. She develops a crush on Sanskar but they never talked to each other. One day, when she came to submit her resignation letter aa she wanted to focus more on her studies . She was secretly hoping to see Sanskar there but unfortunately she misses him. Ragini was waiting in the car and they both leave for the Airport as they had to take a Mumbai to Calcutta flight.

Swara : Ragini ! Stop the car! I saw Sanskar’s car here!! I have to see him for the last time before we leave.

Ragini : Okay bubba. I’ll stop here. You go and meet your prince charming but come soon, Haan? Don’t forget that you gotta sister here. I wont wait longer.

Swara : Okay, okay.

She runs behind Sanskar and bumps into him accidentally.

Sanskar : You okay miss–

Swara : Swara Gadodia.

Sanskar : Hmm. I think I’ve seen you somewhere.

Swara(nervously) : Yeah sir. Actually —

She was about to say something when a blast is heard. There’s a terrorist attack out there. Sanskar takes Swara’s hand and escapes to the nearest alley.

Swara : Sanskar, my sister. She’s out there. I have to meet her!

Sanskar : No swara. Its not safe out there. You cannot go. I won’t let you go.

Swara : Are you nuts? She’s my life. If she’s dead I’ll be dead too. I have to go.
But Sanskar tries stopping her. She slaps him hard across his face and gets rid of his hand but Sanskar being the stubborn guy follows her.

Swara is happy to see her sister. Ragini smiles at her but a bomb blasts in the next car. The whole car burns in fire. Swara sweats continuously and knocks down unconscious.

The next moment she finds herself im the hospital

Swara : Ma..Where’s Ragini? She’s fine, right?

Sharmishtha doesn’t speak anything, but her silence does. Swara cries her heart out. She curses Sanskar as that day she just wanted to see him and that’s why she told Ragini to stop the car. She grows up to hate Sanskar more and more but she also knew that Sanskar had saved her life. It was an unwanted favour for her.

Flashback ends **

Swara is now in cemetery near Ragini.
She speaks aloud.
“That man Sanskar. I dont know what he is made of. The whole time I blamed him for your death. I slapped him because he wanted to save my life? But only I know that you died because of me. Because of my obsession. Because of my love for him. Had I not loved him you would have been alive na Ragini. I miss you a lot. I’m sorry, Ragini. I could never be a good sister to you.”

Ragini’s ghost comes.
“Swara. I cant see you in pain. You know why you are alive and why am I dead today? Its because of that man. He truly loves you. His love for you saved you that day. Yes, he loves you and that day he was in the airport only to stop you from going. He wanted to propose you and confess his feelings. And look at you. What you did? You slapped him? Like seriously? Just go Swara and tell him about your feelings. Don’t hide them. Tell him before its too late. Tell him that you love him.”

Swara wipes her tears and runs to the hospital.

Swara : Sanskar. I’m sorry for being such a jerk. That day you saved my life and you actually came to stop me but what the hell did i do? I slapped you.

She caresses his cheek.

Swara : Does it still hurt?

Sanskar : Umm. You know, it wont if someone kisses there.

Swara smiles and kisses his cheek.

Swara : Now?

Sanskar : It doesn’t hurt anymore. But I dont know why my lips are hurting right now.

Swara lightly pushes his right arm.
Swara : I love you. I always have and I always will.

Sanskar : I love you too. But Swara how you came to know about that day. Like I had come to confess my feelings.

Swara : Its a secret. . . . . . .

I know it was a stupid one. Just came in my mind and I penned it down. Also I was on red alert because of a spooky big lizard in my room. LOL px.

Okay, now how much ever stupid this OS was do comment. Criticism is most welcomed!

And I suck when I write things in dialogue form so bear my mistakes and my typos. That’s why im hiding my name. Sorry but I want you apo to guess who I could be ??
Sorry no options and all and the one who guesses who I am gets….

Credit to: Swasan Fan

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    Keep writing…god bless u

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