SwaSan OS : Yes, I Love You..

Hellooo guys.. Happy Valentines Day to alllll… N here's my surprise os for u all on Valentine's day..  ENJOY!!!!..


A College is shown.. A group of boys sitting in college campus chit chatting, enjoying n teasing each others..

1 boy : Sanky yaar.. frm tmrw its a starting of valentines week.. iss saal toh koi patale..

All laughs..

Sanky cm near him, removing his shades n keep hand on his shoulder. While mischievous naughty smile was on his face..
He was looking smoking hot and HANDSOME…

( Haayyyy.. main toh marr gayi.. *fainted.. arre koi uthoa muze.. huhh sab bzy hogaye sanky ko dekhne mai.. dont stare him like dat ok.. chipkaliyan sari ki sari.. huhh.. ???)

Sanky : cmon yaar mohit.. u knw me.. I don't need to run behind any girl.. all girls run behind me.. Drooling over me..

Mohit : Then Sanky.. Y dont u show interest in any 1 of dem?? Don't tell me dat they r not of ur type..

Sanky : Of course not.. THEY R NOT AT ALL MY TYPE.. see.. I don't want to roam with 100 girls n left them.. though m flirty in nature.. dat doesn't mean I shd be play boy.. I WANT ONLY 1.. WHO WILL TAKE CONTROL OF MY HEART.. WHO WILL LOVE ME IMMENSELY N OF COURSE ME TOO.. ( smiled )

All : Oooooooooooo!!!

Mohit : Toh baba Sanky.. zara hame bhi to bataiyeee.. what type of girl u want..???

Sanky : She should be simple.. not like these idiots who drools over me.. wearing s*xy attires.. huhh..

( Same time a girl entered in clg.. wearing jeans n simple top.. having spects.. tied hairs to cute bun.. chubby cheeks. )

Sanky : She shd nt drool over me.. She shdnt give damnt to any boy even me.. infact I shd be the 1 who will be drooling over her.. who will run behind her like a hutch dog.. usey dekhkar.. at first sight only.. Dil main GHANTI bajni chahiye.. taaaaaanggggggg..

All : Ooooooo.. Sanky baba ki jai ho.. aage..

Sanky : She shd hv attitude like me.. She shdnt be cry baby.. she shd fyt back if any1 mistreats her..

( same girl was walking suddenly 1 boy cm to her.. Giving her lusty look.. She felt disgusted.

Boy : Hey babes.. ( swara looked at him with blood shot eyes ) wohoo.. angry ha? Bt I mst say u r looking extremely hot n s*xy in this anger.. m feeling to..

He couldn't cmplt his sentence n felt burning sensation on his cheek.

Girl : You blo*dy cheap.. stay in ur limits.. If again I see near me or any other girl.. I'll break ur ribs.. now Get Lost..

Saying this girl pushed him out of her way n moved ahead.. while all looks on.. )

This all scene was noticed by Sanky n Gang who was standing there.. Sanky was standing there with opened mouth. He was mesmerised seeing an absolute divine beauty infront of him.. He forgot to breathe.

Sanky : ( spks seeing her ) Big big doe eyes.. pinky lips.. chubby cheeks.. simple.. Attitudous.. bold n brave.. dint even looked at me.. ( dil mei ghanti bajti hai.. TaaaaNGGGGG ) ( keeps his hand on his heart n smiled brightly ) PERFECT!!!!

All : ( hearing his talks started teasing him )

Tang tang tang…

Tune maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…
Tune mari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…

Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re
Tang tang tang…

Sanky : ( scratches his head while grinning ) Yesss.. I got MY VALENTINE.. NOW THE LOVE GAME BEGINS! ( winks ) ???

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.. a young handsome hunk of clg.. girls literally drools over him.. flirty.. bt he knws his limits.. A very good person.. very clear abt his thoughts.

Sanky : Guys.. Now just wait.. n watch!

Sanky went near the girl.. He purposely hits her slightly n her books fell down..

Sanky : ( acts to be sorry ) Ohh m really sorry..

Girl : What sorry ha? U made my books fall.. huhh.. ( saying this she started collecting books from floor )

Sanky : Aah.. lemme help u.. ( saying this he also started collecting books while staring at her continuously )

1 last book remained n both SwaSan hold it together.. bt bcz sanky was lost in the girl.. He dint noticed it.. Girl was trying to snatch it bt sanky
Wasn't giving. He kept n looking at her smiling.. Girl waved her hand infront of him.. still no effect.. finally girl got irritated n pushed him with full force.. he fell down..

Sanky : ( coming to senses ) Woooohha.. what was dat?? ( asked wincing in pain )

Girl : ( smiled fakely ) That was for staring me.. u idiot!! Huhh.. ( she started walking.. )

Sanky got up n hurriedly went near her..

Sanky : Wattt?? I think I heard wrong.. It must be HANDSOME. Ryt??

Girl : Handsome??? My foottt!!!

Sanky : Ohh really.. ur foot is very nice lemme see..

Girl : Aaee hello mister..

Sanky : Sanskar aka sanky..

Girl : Yeah watever.. Sanky or monkey.. wats ur problem ha?? Y r u irritating me?? N y r u even coming behind me haa??

Sanky : Because I LOVE YOU! (Smiled brightly n winks )

Girl : ( Shocked ) WHATTT?

Sanky : Yesss..

Girl : Have u gone mad??

Sanky : Yes.. IN YOUR LOVE.. ( winks )

Girl : urrrrrghhhh.. u.. lemme clear 1 thing.. I dont love u n dont u dare to roam around me again.. understand???

Sanky : No.. I dint understand.. I understand only 1 thing dat I LOVE U N WILL ALWAYS BE WITH U..

Girl : urrrrrrghhhh! Its waste to talk with u.. ( she started walking again )

Sanky : Btw wats ur beautiful name sweetheart..??

Girl : none of ur business. N dont call me sweetheart ok..

Sanky : Okayyy.. I think I shd keep ur name cz u dont hv it.. umm.. yup.. JAAN. u r my JAAN.. how's it??

Girl : Its like ur face.. huhh..

Sanky : oh so it must be nice.. thank u thank u..

Suddenly Ragini, Sanky's bro's gf, called d girl…

Ragini : Swaraaaaaa..

Yes of course.. that girl is our Princess.. Swara..

Swara turned n smiled at her.. n respond..

Swara : Aayi Ragini…. ( saying this she ran to her..)

Sanky smiled..

Sanky : ( thinks ) Swara.. name also beautiful as much as u r.. so my JAAN! Get ready fr valentine week. So many surprises r waiting fr u my love.. ( saying this he left )

Next day..


All clg surrounding is full on romantic mood cz of starting of valentines week. Its 1st day.. Rose day..

Swara was talking to her frnds suddenly sanky tapped her shoulder.

Sanky : JAAN….

Swara turned n gets shocked seeing him.

Swara : You ? ( angry ) What are you doing here?

Sanky : Aah JAAN! Easy.. cool.. m here to give u smthng..

Swara : I dont want anything from you.. just go..

Sanky : I wont go without giving u.. choice is urs.. I'll follow u wherever u go.. so if u want dat den..

Swara : uff.. okay.. give it.. ( said irritatingly )

Sanky : Dats like my girl.. ( he takes out red roses from his bag n sat on his knees ) GULAAB BADTAMEEZ HOTE HAI.. KAATE LIYE GHOOMTE HAI.. ABB KAUN INHE SAMZAYE KI TUMHE CHUBHNE KA HAQ SIRF MERA HAI.. SIRF MERA.. soo.. I dont bring real roses. I brought artificial ones.. so dat they can't harm my LOVE! HAPPY ROSE DAY, JAAN! ( smiles )

All who witnessed this clapped n whistles..

Swara : ( who felt smthng spcl in her heart avoids it n take the roses ) Thank u.. now plz leave.. ( saying this she also left )

Sanky keeps on looking at her lovingly.

Sanky : My wild cat.. bt I love her yaarrrr..

Next day..


Swara was walking through corridor when sm1 pulled her suddenly to 1 corner. She was abt to shout bt he kept hand on her mouth..

Sanky : Sshhh.. Not a word.. just listen to me JAAN.
My eyes were made to appreciate your beauty. My ears were made to listen to your soft whispers. My nose was made to smell your enchanting fragrance. My tongue was made to taste your tender lips. My fingers were made to touch your soft skin. God has given me my five senses, only to love you…

Swara : U r proposing meeeee???? ( asked shockingly )

Sanky : Haha.. of course jaan.. HAPPY PROPOSE DAY.. btw.. u dint answered me.. ( said naughtily )

Swara : ( angrily stamped her foot n leaves saying ) Impossible!!!

Sanky : ( shouts loudly.. ) Nothing is impossible JAAN! The word itself says I M POSSIBLE! ????

Next day..


Swara was sitting in her class suddenly sm1 threw smthng on her.. she opened it n
find 1 letter and chocolate.

Letter :

Love is like swallowing hot
chocolate before it has cooled
off. It takes you by surprise
at first, but keeps you warm
for a long time.


Swara smiled unknowingly reading chit..

Swara : Paagal..

Suddenly she felt gaze on her n looked outside only to see sanky.. He gave her flying kiss.. n left.. Swara smiled..

Next day..


Now swara is all excited to knw wat spcl sanky will do today fr her. Unknowingly she also started to falling for him.. unknowingly she also started to like his presence, his naughtiness. Sanky cm n sat near her n snapped his fingers infront of her..

Sanky : ( Naughtily ) Thinking about me???

Swara : Not at all.. huhh..


Swara : ( fakes anger ) Shut up.. its nothing like dat.. y u cm here? Can't u lemme be in peace fr smtym??

Sanky : its important u knw.. ( gives her teddy ) HAPPY TEDDY DAY, JAAN..

Swara took d teddy avoiding his gaze.. she was blushing. Sanky laughs..

Sanky : Omggg.. My wild cat can blush too.. waa..

Swara looked at him angrily bt smiled lil n ran from there.. Sanky shook his head..

Next day..


Swara was all engrossed in her thoughts dat how sanky is giving her surprises, showing his love towards her.. she was confused abt her feelings bt she knew dat she likes him.. Sanky cm to her..

Sanky : Can u give me ur hand??

Swara : What?

Sanky : Pleasee???

Swara : ( saw sincerity in his eyes ) ok.

Sanky holds her hand and said..

"  We Have So Much More Than I Ever
Thought We Would, I Love You
More Than I Ever Thought I
Could. I Promise To Give
You All I Have To Give, I’ll Do
Anything For You As Long As I Live…


Swara was overwhelmed hearing his talks.. tear drops fell from her eyes on his hand.. he wipes her tears nodding no.. bt she couldn't control anymore n ran frm there.. not to show him her tears.. which was obviously of happiness.

Sanky felt sad dat bcz of him she cried..

Next day..


Sanky cm running to swara..

Sanky : ( while panting ) JAAN…

swara : ( worried ) What happened?

Sanky : Can I Have A *Hug* ?

Swara : ( shocked ) No..

Sanky : Did You Hear What I Said ?

Swara : ( confused ) Yes !

Sanky :  What Did I Say ?

Swara : Can I Have A *Hug*?

Sanky : ( smiled naughtily n hugged her tightly ) Yes, You May….!!! ??????

Swara : ( shocked n felt butterflies in her stomach )


Swara : ( parts from hug n looked at him angrily ) what u did..?? Huhh.. shameless.

Sanky : ( smiles ) ONLY FOR YOU.. ???

Swara went from there stamping her foot.

Next day..


Swara was all tensed.. cz its KISS DAY.. n she knws.. dat sanky would do smthng.. As expected sanky cm to her..

Swara : you??

Sanky : ( smiles naughtily ) Yesss.. meee..

Swara : ( nervous n stammering ) Whatt.. what.. r u.. doing.. here???

Sanky : I want book.. give me the book..

Swara : ( takes relief ) Which book u want??

Sanky : no no.. BOOK means BABY ONLY ONE KISS.. ?????

Swara is hell shocked..

Sanky : ( coming close to her ) Say na.. will u give me??

Swara : ( all lost in his deep brown eyes nod yes unknowingly )

Getting positive rply frm swara, Without wasting a second Sanky captured her lips with his.. Swara too reciprocates. It was soft, lovely n passionate kiss.. soon they broke it due to lack of oxygen. Both were breathing heavily..

Sanky : I love u.., JAAN! HAPPY KISS DAY..

saying this sanky went from there while swara was blushing like hell.. ( aww my cherry )

Next day..


Swara was eagerly waiting for Sanskar.. bt he's nowhere to be seen.. soon clg gets over.. now swara is worried for him.. suddenly her phone rings..

Swara : Hellooo..

Sanky : JAAN! Aaaahhh..

Swara : Sankyyy.. sankyy
What happened? Spk.. smthng.. r u ok?? Sankyyyy..

On call : Hello.. do u knw this man..

Swara : ( sweating n on verge of crying ) Yes.. yes.. who r u.. n wat.. happened? ?

On call : Madam.. here this man is lying in pool of blood n taking only 1 name.  JAAN.. JAAN.. u plz cm to xyz place fast..

Swara's world turned upside down.. phone slipped frm her hand n she ran to xyz place..

Swara while running n crying reached dat place.. bt dint see sanky..

Swara : Sankyyyyy… Sankyyyy..

Saying this she started to cry.. suddenly sm1 put hand on her shoulder.  Swara turned..

Swara : Sankyyyyy

Saying this she literally jumped on him n hugged him tightly crying her heart out.. while sanky smiles..

Swara : ( parts hug n checked him out ) u.. alryt?? Haa?? Wat.. happened?  To u?? Jaan nikal.. gayi thi meri.. u..

Sanky : Sshhh.. m absolutely fine JAAN! Seee..

Swara : Den dat call??

Sanky : I made it..

Swara : ( hell angry n slapped him ) How dare u?? How dare u to play this cheap game with me haa?? Wat u think of urself?? Wat u want ha??

Sanky : I want u to confess ur love.. dats y I.. ( cuts him )

Swara : u want to hear this na.. then listen.. I LOVE YOU.. YES.. I LOVE YOU.. I wanted to give u surprise. Bt u.. u.. ( cries ) I would have died..

B4 she could cmplt he kissed her softly on her lips.. it was too short.. to make her calm..

Sanky : M sorry JAAN! N I LOVE U TOO..

Swara : plz dont ever do this again..


Swara : SAME TO U, LOVE..

Saying this both hugged each other..

The end..


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