for my we are destined to be together readers who are definitely very upset by my current demeanor. this is my longest one shot.


genre: romance

as usual, not proof read

swara was tied to a chair. the ropes were toiled so hard at her wrist, that they left impressions on her soft hands. her eyes were red and swollen, kaajal messed up indicating how much she had cried. blood dripped from the side of the lips. her head was hung down but it rose on the sound of foot steps. sound of the beast approaching towards her and thud!!!! he slapped her yet again and then lecherously moved his hand on her face. lust clearly visible in his eyes. he brought a glass filled with water and showed it to her but the next instance, he dropped it down on the ground. she had become habitual to it. two days.. since two days, this beast was torturing her the same way. she didn’t have a single morsel of food in these two days. her shivery voice stammered but said, “sahil! please leave me. please let me go”.. the beast laughed uncontrollably and again laid his fingers at her face,”wait dear! you can go. but first let me adorn my bed with you. wait for me at night. this night shall be my best night.” she cried, merely in a whisper, she said,”why are you doing this to me sahil?” but the beast left, not caring about a single tear she had shed. she didn’t want to lose. she was the princess of her parents but on her 18th birthday. they left her all alone in this dark world. she was adopted by her uncle and aunt, but those people sold her to this beast. her brave best friend saved her but now………..,,,,……..

she had no one in this life, other than her best friend ragini, her ragu. they shared a lovely connection. maybe because ragini also knew the pain of being an orphan. she was her life-blossomer. this beast didn’t even leave her. pleasing his wants, he brutally stabbed her. she was rushed to hospital but this beast didn’t let her live. he captivated her here and took her ragu’s life. she cried and cried. what she was left with, is her pure soul, her respect, her dignity and she would not let sahil tatter, her only left possession. this gave her courage. she found the glass pieces lying on the ground. one of the them was stuck to her dress. she very carefully held it and scratched the rope and set fee both her hands. she found the window nearby and jumped from there. she ran on the roads to seek some help because she knew that her body won’t support her for long.

sanskaar was driving the car with full speed amidst the dark roads. it was raining heavily. thunder crackled.. sanskaar felt immense pain throbbing in him. the incidents of the dreaded night travelled along his face. ###his sister, ragini was struggling for her last breaths. her dignity had been lost and the man who was responsible for this was unknown. his blood boiled with anger. he saw the doctor rushing out and told him that ragini wants to meet him.

sanskaar rushed inside. ragini removing the oxygen mask said, “bhai, pls save my shona. save my swara from the man bhai.. you have my swear promise me that you will keep her safe and happy. save swara from sa…..” and the next words were left incomplete as ragini’s soul departed from her body. sanskaar shouted. his younger sister was her only his , in this whole world. he was left alone being crushed with agony and pain but he vowed to save swara and punish their culprit. he went to swara’s house, collected her pictures and took her diary with him. ### he started driving more harshly as the pain of not being able to find a single information about that man, overpowered all his senses. he closed his eyes and hitted hard the steering wheel and then there was a crash sound. he had banged someone with his car.. he rushed outside and saw the the blood was flowing like river from the girl’s head and when he looked at her face, he tranced in shock. he immediately took her into his arms and rushed to the hospital.


all the incidents again repeated in his mind. he sat at the same chair in the same hospital. again, a person was covered with drips, fighting for her life. he sighed a relief, when doctor told that the operation was successful. but the moment didn’t last longer. there were shouts from the room in which swara was there and then nurse gave her an injection and she fainted. [the girl who met with the accident was swara.]

doctor- mr. maheshwari, swara has got a serious injury in her head due to which she has lost her memory but she is getting constant flashes of an incident. so, someone should be there constantly with her who can make her feel comfortable.

sanskaar nodded his head. he grew into deep thinking over doctor’s word. but he was determine to fulfil his promise at any case.

after 2 hours, sanskaar had changed his blood stained cloths and was lying in a couch in swara’s room. swara was sleeping silently but there was no peace in her sleep. she woke up horrified, she again saw someone torturing her. she started to shout.. sanskaar woke up by the voice.. he tried to go closer to her to pacify her.

swara- ahhh.. don’t come near me. i haven’t done anything to you. why are you torturing me?

sanskaar’s eyes filled with pain.

swara( she buried her head in her knees and shivered)- please don’t come near me.

he thought of something

sanskaar- swara look at me.. swara……….. i am your husband swara.

he said cupping his face.

swara- who is swara)? (he held her head) who am i? what’s my name?

sanskaar- swara.. look here.. listen to me.. your name is swara.. you had a memory loss due to an accident so you don’t remember anything.

swara-(calmer than before but puzzled)- my name is swara and i am your wife. what is your name?

sanskaar- my name is sanskaar maheshwari and you are swara .

swara- but how did i lose my memory?

sanskaar- it’s enough for now.. i’ll tell you all things slowly.

swara- (cutely) pucca..

sanskaar- pucca

swara calmed down instantly at his touch. a girl can easily understand the intention of a man’s touch. if it was his husband’s touch, she felt blessed. that was with swara. she had somewhere accepted that sanskaar was his husband. she didn’t find love in his touch but she found lots of care and respect in it and she just trusted him, unaware of the beautiful changes in her life.

swara was again given an injection and she drifted off to sleep. sanskaar felt guilty. guilty of lying but he knew that it was important for her own benefit and after all he had to fulfil his promise too. he thought that after she gets her memory back, she would tell her the truth until then she would stay with him and won’t share any husband-wife relations as such.


after few days,
swara was being discharged from the hospital. in these days, swara had irritated sanskaar a lot and unknowingly sanskaar had come close to her. she was at her hospital bed trying to wake up while sanskaar was busy doing something in his phone. she looked at him furiously and shouted.

swara- mr maheshwari.. ???


swara- sanskaar..???

sanskaar-……… still busy in his phone.

swara- sanskaar maheshwari.. mr. pati ji!. come here.. (she shouted loud)???

sanskaar (dropping his phone)- mee?! pati ji..???

swara- so what anyone else here is sanskaar maheshwari or my husband????

sanskaar- sorry.. what happen????

swara- help me to wake up from this bed. (pout) i am not able to walk properly..???

sanskaar – what!!! ???

swara- sanskaarrrr.. ???she exclaimed loud. this is a hospital only. get your ears and eyes checked. i am talking to you only na. anybody else is standing here or what? “idiot”, she murmured. ???

sanskaar shocked seeing swara.???

swara- now come help me. otherwise you get your check up done.???

sanskaar- coming coming.???

he placed her hand over his shoulder and helped her to come down of bed while swara was looking at him lovingly. completing the hospital formalities, he took her to the car and made her sit. whole time during their journey, swara was busy in telling her stories. random things about nature. talking endlessly.. for the first time, sanskaar noticed her carefully, she looked so beautiful. her bluish orbs, rosy lips and apple cheeks. all made her look so beautiful and he smiled. he stopped the car infront of a huge mansion.

here start’s the journey of swasan’s lovestory..

swara came out of the car and tried to move but due to injuries, her leg twisted and she couldn’t walk further.

sanskaar- are you okay??? (without any expressions he said)

swara- nope.. i am not able to walk ???

sanskaar- accha wait .. try to hold my hand and walk… ???

swara (giving a horrible look)- you are such uncaring husband and double unromantic.??? hey bhagwan, how was i staying with him.???.. normally husbands care for their wife so much. if the wife is injured, husband carries her in his arms and this man. unromantic fellow. is he my husband also?

and the next moment, she felt the floor beneath her swipe away. sanskaar scooped her in his arms and took her to the room.

sanskaar- now happy.. ???

swara- blushing blushing.. happy,. ???

she kissed her cheeks lovingly.

sanskaar- (his eyes opened wide in shock)??? what was that?

swara- what!! you are my husband and you are very sweet and handsome. ???

sanskaar double shocked. from the time swara had come, he was giving her shocks and shocks but her cute antics were making him happy.

swara (observing the room)- everything is okay sanskaar. the room is so elegant and beautiful but why aren’t there any pics of our marriage in our room.???

sanskaar(thinking of some lie)- ???umm.. because after our marriage,we were coming back when you met with an accident. ???

swara- oh….???

sanskaar- yup???

swara- love marriage or arrange marriage. wait wait.. yeh bhi koi question. of course arrange marriage.. you are so unromantic. no chance of love marriage. ???

sanskaar again shocked???

swara- looking at your expressions, i am sure it was arrange marriage. hai na???

sanskaar- (held by ego).. no.. it was love marriage..???

swara- what!!!! hey bhagwan lag raha hai shadi se pehle mere kuch screws loose thei..???

sanskaar-(whisper) aur shaadi ke baad to screws hi gayab ho gaye.???

swara looked at a room parallel to her room. she went there and opened it. she found the room full of pictures of a girl. the girl was posing with sanskaar and there were many other pics where the girl and swara herself was there. sanskaar came back at her.

swara- yeh kiska room hai??

sanskaar- ragini, my sister.

swara- ha sanskaar.. i was going to ask about this only. where is our family?

sanskaar- we are orphan swara. we don’t have any family.

swara felt choked. she was an orphan. she found it hard to accept this fact. she looked at sanskaar and found guilt in his eyes. she felt so sorry. she felt that may be he thought that he hurted her, unaware that he was disturbed due to the sad past. so for distracting him from this guilt, she asked

swara- where is ragini? i want to meet her.

sanskaar (face turned dull)- she died. she died

swara- i am sorry but how this happened.

sanskaar (again build a frame of lie)- after our marriage, we were coming back. i couldn’t come with you both as i had some work. you and ragini were going and the car met with an accident. and … ragu died.. she left me swara.. she left me..

he bursted out crying hard.. the past revolved around him. he couldn’t get over the immense pain, he had received by ragini’s death.

swara- i am sorry sanskaar. i am sorry..

#*i used to believe
we were burnin’ on the edge of somethin’ beautiful
somethin’ beautiful
sellin’ a dream
smoke and mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
on a miracle*#

she hugged him tight.. he reciprocated her. he crushed his body with her tiny figure. he was never like this but the pain and fear was killing him. first, his parents then ragini. he didn’t had the strength anymore to fight but then he found a shining angel smiling at him and it was swara. fear of loosing her made him vulnerable and memories of the past haunted him. he squeezed her body more to him. he was in no condition to understand anything what was happening around. she leaned to the bed frame and made him lie in his lap. sanskaar held her waist and cried. she gently stroked his hair and back and soon he fell into sleep by her sweet touch. she gave a soft kiss on her forehead.

#*say, go through the darkest of days
heaven’s a heartbreak away
never let you go, never let me down
oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
driving the edge of a knife
never let you go, never let me down

oh, baby, baby*#

well.. what was that?!? isn’t it? it was just that sanskaar broke down. all the emotions and the pain which he had been hiding, had chosen to outburst today and in a fraction of seconds, everything flipped..

#*don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you
don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you

don’t fall asleep
at the wheel, we’ve got a million miles ahead of us
miles ahead of us
all that we need
is a rude awakening to know we’re good enough
know we’re good enough*#


#*say go through the darkest of days
heaven’s a heartbreak away
never let you go, never let me down

oh, it’s been a hell of a ride
driving the edge of a knife
never let you go, never let me down*#

days passed and swasan’s love increased a lot. they didn’t express by words but still, they were expressed. swara always tried to be with him, giving him her love and affections. she realised that he felt alone and she could only make him feel that he has a partner to share his everything. she was falling for him every passing moment. sanskaar every time tried to maintain distance with her. he slept in ragini’s room and swara never asked any question from him. she thought to give him her space and time.

#*don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you
don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you
oh, baby, baby*#

about a week later! one night, swara woke up horrified. she had again witnessed those scary flashes. she shivered with fear. her head ached badly. it was all dark around and she wasn’t able to bear this pain. she hurried towards ragini’s room where sanskaar was fast asleep. she looked at his sleeping figure and hugging him tight, slept beside him. at midnight, sanskaar woke up when he felt something wiggling across his chest. he was shocked to see swara so close to him. he looked at her face and the sweat drops were still on her forehead. her face had tear marks and he got, that she may have had one of the flashes. he tried to remove her hand of him but she hugged him more tight and frowned in sleep. he helplessly, let go of her hand. he removed the locks off her head which were disturbing her sleep but something caught him. his fingers roamed possessively over her face. his inner self was shouting on him to retreat his hand but it struck to her face. his finger gently touched her rosy lips and he felt a spark generated over his body. he softly pecked her lips and felt so happy. he didn’t knew why but he felt no embarrassment, no guilt, no lust but pure happiness and love. the realization hit over him like a huge tide.

sanskaar- i love swara. yes! i love her.

he smiled with joy and again pecked her lips. he reciprocated her warmth and peacefully slept.

#*don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you
don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah
i won’t give up, nah-nah-nah
let me love you
let me love you
oh, baby, baby*#

it was morning and today sanskaar had to go to office to receive an important client. since, swara had been at home, he didn’t go to office and managed everything from home. swara didn’t want to let him go but work was important. sanskaar’s condition was more worse. they both had their breakfast and sanskaar exited to leave. there was a paper stuck on the door.

it was written,”my dear hubby, your wifey is gonna miss you loads. please come back and atleast give her a tight wala hug. please!!!”

he turned and saw swara smilingly standing at his back. he hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears,”i love you.” she hugged him back and so lovingly said, “i love you too.” it was a pure confession. he kissed her forehead and left.

swara was overcrowded with happiness. it was the first time, sanskaar had expressed his love.

sanskaar simply said to her. he confessed! he knew that she doesn’t remember her past, but for the first time, he wanted to be selfish. nobody knew when her memory will return but he was adamant to love her so much that even if her memory returns, she wouldn’t be able to leave him and go.


till mid – afternoon, swara got extremely bored. she called sanskaar.

swara- sanskaar, i am getting very bored at home. please come home soon. ???

sanskaar could imagine her sweet, cute pouty face.

sanskaar- so swara is getting bore.???

swara- very much!!!!???

sanskaar- ok, then you go for shopping. tonight we will go to a pub. ???

swara- i love you sanskaar. come soon!???

the call ended. swara rushed to the nearby mall and selected a modern outfit for herself. she went back home and quickly freshened up. she was very excited to spend time with sanskaar. the horn blowed and swara came running out. sanskaar was completely mesmerised to see her. he found her look so pretty and cute in a blue woven floral sleeveless top ,black jeans and hair hitched in a pony. he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

swara- let’s leave!???

sanskaar- looking beautiful shona!???

swara- thank u. you also looking handsome hubby.???

sanskaar- oh! is that so? ??? (raising his one eyebrow)

swara- yes, you are looking too handsome. all girls will be jealous of me. ??? (side hugging him)

sanskaar- lol! kavita also said the same.???

swara- (jealous) kavita?!? who is kavita? ???

sanskaar looked at swara’s jealous face and laughed in his mind.

sanskaar (teasingly)- kavita! she is my bestfriend from childhood. she has a crush on me but she is my bestfriend so i don’t mind. you know swara, on our college farewell day, she was going to kiss me, thinking that i also love her. ???

swara widened her eyes in shock. ???

swara- so you kissed? ???

sanskaar- no but we were almost about to. ???

swara- (whispering) aaj tak mujhe toh kiss kiya nahi, us chipkali ko kaise karne wala tha?. ???

sanskaar felt like rolling on his seat and laughing, but he controlled.

they reached at the pub. sanskaar got a teasing idea and took his phone and acted like talking to someone.

sanskaar- (in a loud voice) i am so happy kavita that you are also at the blue’s pub. (swara shocked ???) yup yup, we will enjoy. ???

swara turned to leave. she was infuriated, sad, angry , jealous and what not. she felt lonely. she couldn’t bear sanskaar, his love giving importance to some other girl infront of her. she felt like crying but she rubbed her eyes and moved on. shockingly, sanskaar came infront of him and she banged to his chest.

sanskaar- what happened? aren’t you coming in? ???

swara- no, i don’t feel like going. you go and enjoy with kavita.???

sanskaar- (made a puppy face) sorry!???

swara- why????

sanskaar- actually, i said that kavita thing like that only. just to tease you!???

swara- (shouted) whattttt!!!!!!!!!!! you were fooling me.???

she started beating him with her soft hands. finally, she got tired.

sanskaar- ab chalein..???

swara- no, i don’t want to go with you. you are very mean and bad.???

sanskaar- ok, then i’ll call kavita.???

swara- dare you not! i am coming.???

sanskaar pressed his lips to not laugh but eventually, he couldn’t. swara just stared at him in disbelief

swasan entered the pub. the pub had music on full volume. the dim lighted decorations gave an amorous atmosphere to the room. swara just not hesitated to tap her foot to the tune of the music.

#*aankhon ko teri aadat hai
tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai *#

she expanded her arm and take a round. she smiled looking at sanskaar as if dedicated all the words of the line to him.

#*bin chhuye chhu liye hai
tune mujhko diye hai
pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya*#

sanskaar smiled back at her and held her waist. both danced together swaying and turning.

#*yeh jo ab ho raha hai
kuch ajab ho raha hai
kya yahi pyaar ka hai ehsaas*#

#*sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
chhod ke aayi tere paas*#

sanskaar pulled swara to him and her heavy breaths created havoc at his neck. both were just lost in that moment.

#^jaane kya hone laga
mujhko nahi hai khabar
kyu neend se door ye
jaani laggi hai nazar*#

#*chhodo ye sari baatein
ab milli hai jo raatein
inhe jaane na dena jaaniya*#

they inched closer and in that moment, neither of them moved. neither of them breathed. they just existed as if no one in their surroundings.

#*yeh jo ab ho raha hai
kuch ajab ho raha hai
kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas*#

#*sau aasmano ko aur do jahano ko
chhod ke aayi tere paas *#

his lips went against her shoulder, soft and scorching and tender, just like a gentle breeze. her fingers moved up to his hair and she couldn’t open her eyes.

#*aankhon ko teri aadat hai
tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai
bin chhuye chhu liye hai
tune mujhko diye hai
pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya*#

#*yeh jo ab ho raha hai
kuch ajab ho raha hai
kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas*#

he leaned forward and kissed her, slowly and passionately. they moulded together with stunning perfection.

#*sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
chhod ke aayi tere paas *#

when they broke out, they couldn’t meet each other’s eye. swara was blushing hard and sanskaar just followed his heart.

sanskaar- i love you swara

swara- i love you too sanskaar.

they hugged and there was a beautiful bliss at night, but there was something which they failed to noticed.

when swara and sanskaar were hugging, sahil entered the pub. he kept an eye on them from long time and came to know all about swara’s condition and memory loss. he was obsessed with swara and wanted her in any possible way. he thought to work on his evil plan and smirked.

the morning was filled with brightness but it was fading, it was becoming dark and hollow. was it a sign of danger? an indication of an upcoming storm.

the previous day was a very melodious day for him. he smiled all day long. sanskaar was seated in his office when he was informed by the receptionist of a man who had come to meet him. sanskaar allowed him to come in.

sanskaar – yes, you had some work for me mr……..

the man- mr. sahil sengupta

sanskaar- how can i help you mr. sahil?

sahil- give me swara.

sanskaar- what!

sahil- i need swara, sanskaar. your fake wife!

sanskaar- (held his collar) how dare you talk about swara?

sahil- please calm down. do you know anything about swara? her life before her memory loss. no! swara and i were very much in love with each other. please send her to me. have you imagined what will happen when swara’s memory returns? she will gate you and when she will ask about me what will you say. i went to the doctor yesterday and came to know about swara’s condition. he said that swara is recovering very fast and she would soon get her memory too. he told me about you and i came today to you. please give me my swara. moreover, we both shared physical relationship also.

sanskaar was shocked. his hand on his collar was about to press his neck when his last words pushed him into a deep pit. he felt everything aside him revolving.

sanskaar – (shouting) go from here! i said go!!!!

sahil smirked and left. sanskaar sat with a thud on his chair. his whole body trembled with pain. pain of heartbreak! again, a heartbreak.

sanskaar (monologue)- no.. no…., what he said is not true. he is lying. swara doesn’t loves him. swara doesn’t love sahil. she only loves me. nooo!! swara cannot leave me. she cannot (he shouted and cried holding swara’s photo in his mobile)


it was late night when sanskaar came back home. swara was waiting for him.

swara- i am very upset with you sanskaar. you told that you would come soon. see it’s so late. now came and have your dinner.

she looked to see his eyes and they were swollen and red, as if he had cried for very long.

swara (hugging him)- is there any problem?

he ignored her words and without saying anything, pushed her and moved inside. swara was taken aback by his behavior . she continued calling his name but he just moved inside his room and closed the door hard. swara who had kept her hand on the door, got an injury in her finger by this act.

#*accha chalta hoon
duaaon mein yaad rakhna
mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna

she winced in pain but didn’t scowl any voice so that sanskaar may not feel guilty. she started tapping sanskaar’s door and again called out his name, but he didn’t respond.

#*dil ke sandookon mein
mere acche kaam rakhna
chitthi taaron mein bhi
mera tu salaam rakhna

andhera tera maine le liya
mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya*#

sanskaar fell down on the ground. tears stepped uncontrollably from his eyes. sahil’s word were echoing in his ears. “what if it was true?”, he could only think about it. he opened his wardrobe and swara’s photos and the diary which he had taken from her home, came crawling down the rack.

#*channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya beliya
o piya..

o.. piya… piya… piya…
o piya..*#

he caressed her face and then read the diary. he was shocked to read it. it was full of poems and lovely words written by swara and at the end, it was written ” for my beloved!” sanskaar was horror – stricken by reading her words. anybody could tell the intensity of the love by reading her words. he was baffled.

sanskaar (monologue)- that means sahil was saying the truth. swara loved sahil. when her memory returns, she won’t love me. she loves sahil. i cannot seperate my love from her love. her happiness is my happiness. she cannot be happy with me. i’ll send her with sahil. if she stays with him, she will get her memory soon. (removing his tears from face). if she gets her memory back then she can tell their criminal and i’ll be able to give justice to ragu and her too. (trying to cheer himself up) no!! i can’t cry. stay strong sanskaar!!

{note: swara loves poetry so she had written that diary on love but sanskaar got a misconception that swara had written the diary for her love, sahil. }

#*mmm.. mehfil mein teri
hum na rahe jo
gham toh nahi hai
gham toh nahi hai
qisse humare nazdeekiyon ke
kam toh nahi hai

kam toh nahi hai

kitni dafa subah ko meri
tere aangan mein baithe maine sham kiya*#

swara was broken by sanskaar’s ignorance. she leaned to the door and cried. she could not understand the reason for his rude behavior but she felt as if something very bad is going to happen. she again saw some flashes and that was making her more scared. she wanted sanskaar’s warmth, she wanted to run into him and hug him. she cried and cried, due to tiredness, she slept over there.

#*channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya beliya
o piyaa..

o.. piya..

channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya, o piya.. *#

sanskaar came out of his room. he saw her sleeping against the door and picked her in his arms and placed her on the bed. he covered her with the duvet, then bending on his knees, kissed her palm.

sanskaar- i love you swara but will you love me after you remember your past? no, you won’t. you love sahil and you should live with him. i can feel your love through your words and i won’t seperate you both.

#*tere rukh se apna raasta
mod ke chala
chandan hoon main
apni khushboo chhod ke chala

mann ki maaya rakh ke
tere takiye tale
bairagi, bairagi ka sooti chaula
odh ke chala*#

he stood up to leave but swara caught hold of his hand, in sleep. he looked at their joint hand helplessly then left her hand and went out of the room and made a call. he went to his room and cried remembering their moments.

#*channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya, o piya..

o piya…*#


it was morning and swara woke up pale. she looked at her surroundings and was shocked to see herself in the room. she moved and the duvet slided. she felt so happy. her eyes filled with tears thinking of sanskaar. she quickly freshened up and hurried out.

“sanskaar”, calling out his name, she moved out but stopped seeing him talking to someone. the man who was talking to sanskaar turned his face towards swara. it was sahil! swara immediately started getting flashes. she blinked her eye, twice, thrice. her eyes started getting sore and head pained badly. she got scared seeing sahil and held sanskaar’s hand tightly.

sanskaar jerked her hand. swara looked at him with pained eyes. she couldn’t understand what he was up to. one day, he was so sweet and another so bitter. he took her hands and placed it on sahil’ hand. he then locked his hand above them.

sanskaar- i lied to you swara. a very big lie. we are not married.

her hand which was squeezed between the two masculine hands fell down in daze. a single tear dropped from her eye.

#*meri raahon mein pade
tere pairon ke nishan
ne kahan.. ne kahan#*

swara- (not looking at him) why?

her tone was so painful that sanskaar felt, someone stabbed his heart with knife.

he placed his hand in her shoulders.

sanskaar- i know you are very upset over this truth, but swara, i had no option. ragu didn’t met with an accident swara. she was used swara. she was physically abused and then was murdered. (swara looked up at his eyes. they were filled with pain and sorrow. they had an emotional eyelock.) it was all a part of a man’s plan. i donot know who that man was but when i get him, i won’t leave him. (his hands fisted and his eyes boiled in anger.) he kidnapped you swara. ragini was fighting for her last breaths when she took from me a promise, to save you from that man. i didn’t have any other option swara. i am sorry. now, i got to know about your past. you and sahil loved each other lot. sahil still loves you so much. ( sanskaar was slightly crying) and doctor said, you will soon get your memory back. so you can go with sahil and i am sure he will treat you like a princess.

#*teri saanson se judi
meri saanson ki wafa
ne kahan.. ne kahan

girte un ansuon mein
kuch toh tujhsa lagge hai
in ashqon mein main na khota*#

swara slapped sanskaar hard. aghasted, sanskaar held his cheeks and stared at her.

swara- what? why are you looking at me like that? it was your punishment. (sanskaar made a???) i love you, you fool and you also love me. (he nodded his head in a yes ???). then i don’t care for my past. you are my present and you will stay my future too. you understand or not? i don’t care anything about my past. ( he nodded his head and smiled ???)

#*agar tu hota toh na rote hum
agar tu hota toh na rote hum

paon ko thhe miley zameen ki tarah
ankhon mein kyu huwe nami ki tarah
dil ko tum kehte thhe khuda ka hai ghar
chod ke kyu gaye ajnabi ki tarah*#

they both hugged each other tight. they stood there for a while when a furious sahil pulled swara to him and kept her to a gun point.

sahil- if your reunion is done then don’t move sanskaar. an inch you move and try to save her, i will shoot her now.

sanskaar- what are you doing sahil? leave her.

sahil- not so easily sanskaar.. not so easily

swasan were teary eyed. their hands seperated and sahil dragged swara outside and made her sit in the car. as sahil left, sanskaar came out and followed his car..

#*girte un ansuon mein
kuch toh tujhsa lagge hai
in ashqon mein main na khota

agar tu hota toh na rote hum
agar tu hota toh na rote hum *#

swara was trying to escape but sahil had locked all the doors. sanskaar was continuously following the car but suddenly it got disappeared. he continued moving in a direction but the car was no where in scene. he stopped the car and came out and fell on his knees. his face cupped down. he rose to see a bright light and was astonished. it was ragini’s soul appearing.

ragini- bhai, didn’t you recognize me?

sanskaar- ragu.. you

ragini- how could you allow that sahil to come close to my shona? how did you bring problems for your love?

sanskaar- i am sorry. i didn’t know that he could harm swara.

ragini- bhai! harm! he is my criminal bhai. he is your ragu’s murdurer bhai.

sanskaar- ragini!

ragini- yes bhai! he lied to yo hand you believed. swara loved sahil. chi! she hated him. now go and save your love. this light will take you to sahil. give me justice bhai. i need to go now.

ragini’s soul disappeared. sanskaar got panic. he quickly followed the light.

#*bin tere dekhun main
zara sa lagoon
gham se hi aaj kal
bhara sa lagoon
chod de saath na zindagi meri
soch ke baat yeh darra sa lagoon*#

meanwhile, sahil took swara to the same farmhouse where he had kept her before. the flashes started increasing in swara’s mind. sahil kept her dragging to a room. swara got conscious. she bited sahil’s hand and ran. she couldn’t find the entrance door so she ran to the stairs. she ran wherever the way went and reached the terrace. sahil also came at her back. now, swara was trapped. tears flowed from her eyes.

sahil- now where you will go swara?

swara got terrified. he came close to her and tried to kiss her but she kicked him.

swara- i won’t allow anyone else other than sanskaar to touch me. no one else.

she shifted back and then jumped from the terrace. sahil shocked.

sanskaar who had reached the farmhouse saw swara falling down from the terrace, and with a loud sound, she fell straight into the swimming pool.

sanskaar- (shouted) swaraaaa!!

he ran and jumped into the swimming pool and took swara out from there. she was unconscious. he patted her cheeks to wake her up but she didn’t respond. he grew numb. he ran but sahil came infront of him. fortunately, the police arrived at the right time and arrested him. sanskaar have him a death glare and went away because he knew just know his utmost priority was to protect swara at any case.

#^girte un ansuon mein
kuch toh tujhsa lagge hai
in ashqon mein main na khota*#

#*agar tu hota toh na rote hum
agar tu hota toh na rote hum *#


after few hours,

swara lay on the hospital bed. doctor informed them that there was nothing to worry about. the water had reached the lungs but it was pumped out successfully. now sanskaar was sleeping besides swara holding her hand tightly. sanskaar had gone to the police station and made sure that he is given third degree treatment. his crime was proved and according to law, he would be given death penalty as his punishment. he then return and slept beside an unconscious swara.

few days later, swara was discharged. sanskaar took the utmost care for her. when they reached home, both felt happy to reach in each other’s company.

swara- sanskaar, when will we marry????

sanskaar- huh???

swara- i hope it won’t take you another two years to realise what i am saying. ???

sanskaar- we would marry soon. ☺️☺️☺️

swara- (with hopeful eyes) when ????

sanskaar- today!???

he then hugged her, keep her tightly close in his warm embrace. when they broke out, sanskaar could see a special shine in her eyes. swara tiptoed on her legs and reached for sanskaar, putting her delicate hand around the back of his neck, reached her lips to his. she kissed him softly and beautifully. her lips fluttered against his. before he could reciprocate, she left him. he was disappointed and she laughed teasingly. sanskaar pulled her to him, close enough they could. he kissed her. his hands spoured in her hair and the other held her waist. he savoured the natural vanilla taste of her skin, insistently rubbing their skin against each other. sanskaar released her. she was flushed all red. both hugged.

the end

#i won’t be able to write my ff for some more days so really sorry. i feel really guilty for making you all wait so much so if you all want i will write one more os. anything special you want in it, you can tell me.

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        Anu kuttie sounds good…
        and i hv planned to write os dr

      2. Anu_M

        Hi fi nive!! Post your os soon navi!! Will be eagerly waiting for it.. ??? in kmow you believed us. Hope the rain has stopped. (In your eyes and Delhi too)! “Anu kuttieeeeeeeeee” sounds cool!! Navi plan cancelled, I have opened my mouth. Love you

  33. Scooby

    @ anu dr alas u spoke.. luv u too..


    ha ha ha… thala you’re right… adha adha… neenga mgr madhoiri thaga thaga nu minuringa… ?? waiting for ur os update soon… anu kuttiee rain stopped long back don’t worry… ??


      Yesterday I gt hurt in my right hand, it’s getting difficult me to use mobi in left hand… 🙁 🙁

      1. Scooby

        Yaru nanum mgr madhuri thaga thaga nu minuren?? Munna pinna mgr pathurukiyea iliya??
        Os varum aana varadhu choco dr..
        thn im in chennai nw.. thinking abt u…
        lusu edhachum oru velai olunga panurea?? Epudi kaila adi patuchu??? Tc dr…

      2. Scooby

        Nive – ena kalaichutangalama… sandhanam version…
        and im middle born nive.. i hv elder sis and younger bro..


      hey same pinch… nanum middle one… elder sis younger bro… this tym u hv 2 gv choco… dnt pinch me back… (nallavela mundhikittean…) ??


      kalaikurathea apdina ena..?? ??

      1. Scooby

        Ayioo appa idhu ulagamaga nadipuda saamy… unaku kalaika theriyadha???
        Ok i wil buy u kisses instead of choco… umaaaaaaahhhh ;-* ;-*

  35. u r in chennai… sema… is there any occasion..? nw wr r u… ??

    OS mattum varla aprum dishyum dishyum ?? un mookla ?rendu kuthu varum… one is frm anu kuttiee another one is frm me… just imagine tip of ur nose in red colour…

    it’s not my mistake, actually me and my bro had wwf?? I throw water bottle  and he throw his 10kg dabba wrist watch… I missed shot but his watch directly hit my wrist 🙁 🙁 and then he twisted my  hand… so my hand gt hurt… uk I hide this fact in my home, if anyone knw we both r gone… nw its better lil pain only… avan munnadi mattum summa mudiyadha mari act panrean.. yen thambi uruvathala enakku ipo oru adimai kidaichu irukkan… he he he… ?? I bcm Lil blackmailer…??

    1. Anu_M

      Dishyum.. dishyum.. ??.. that would be fun.

      Nive you and your brother.. P.. blackmailing ?? but take care… I can understand. I also got free of the sling few days back only but I was injured on left hand

      Navi in chennai.. enjoy dear.. ?


        Navi while reading anu cmnt I remember one tamil comedy… namma rendu perfume sethu sethu vilayadalama adha mari nanga rendu perfume un mukku la dishyum dishyum nu kuthi kuthi vilayaduvom… ???
        Anu dr now I’m okay…


        Nothing to worry..??

      3. Anu_M

        ??? “dishyum” “dishyum”..

        Good ?

        But I guess I am the youngest of all three of us and even the youngest at my home.. :PPP.. that’s why I am the most pampered one ????… I have my own advantages… lots of it.. ❤️❤️?

      4. Scooby

        So ur most pampered kid in ur huse and among us ur not kidoo…. bcz we share a bonding called friendship.. im gonna call u hot nd spicy hear aftr.. indru mudhal ne hot & spicy endru alaika paduvai 😉

        Mara mitre kem chhe???
        Hu tane pyaar karu chu !!!!
        Pachi maliye

  36. Jnana

    Just mind blowing……… Words strikken…….

    1. Anu_M

      Thank u dear.. ❤️?

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