swasan os ” whole world to one bullet” by serena

Swasan os- whole world to one bullet..
Disclaimer – this story is not originally mine….it only has my writing style..

Sanskaar n swara are lovebirds who love each other beyond anything..their day starts with each other thought n end with each other’s dream…
One day swara called sanskaar n asked him
Swara- (on call) hello
Sanskaar- hi jaan
Swara- hi sans…sweetheart..ummm…I called u to ask u something..can I ask
Sans- ummm…no
Swara- huh!
Sanskaar-(smiling) from when did u started to take permission….obvious u can ask..
Swara- sanskaar…do u love me??
Sanskaar- (surprised by her question) what type of question is this….obviously I love u..
Swara- what can u do for me..
Sanskaar- I can do anything….even I can have bullet for u..
Swara- I love u too
Sanskaar-(teasingly) leave that…tell me what can U do for me….
Swara-(being emotional) I can give my whole world to u..
Sanskaar-(lightening the mood) OK OK don’t be emotional.. I love u…
Swara- I love u too….bye
Sans- bye..
After that sanskaar didnt saw swara for many days….he enquired from everyone But nobody knows about it
One day he received a call from swara…
Sanskaar-(happy n worried) swara…swara where r u….why r u not picking up the call….u know how much worried I was..
Swara-(cold tone) I wanna breakup..
Sanskaar was shocked
Sans-what r u saying….r u out of ur mind…breakup! Seriously???
Swara- bye
Sanskaar- but…but princess at least tell me what’s my mistake….I promise I will try to rectify it….I will change myself..
N before je could say further the call was disconnected..
Sanskaar started to live alone….swara has left the college..
One day sanskaar’s friend came to him…
Friends hey sanky…have u heard about ur ex..
Sans- swara?? What?? What about her?
Friend- arey u don’t know….OK u do one thing call on this no.(giving a card to him)
Sanky called on 986753421( don’t see this no.with lustful eyes……varun kapoor ka nhi hai??)
Receiver- hello! Pioneer cancer treatment hospital, Kolkata..(don’t ask me where it is)
Sanky was shocked
Sans- he..hello…can…can u plz tell me about….sw…swara gado…gadodiya..
R- yes sir she is our patient…
Sanskaar’s world turned upside down but still to confirm..
Sans- can u plz tell me about her..
R- sorry sir we can’t give u information about our patients..
Sanskaar dropped the phone in shock n ran to the hospital…
He reached there n enquire about swara n reached to her ward n was heart broken to see his love in this condition….
There swara was lying on the bed with pale n dull face n her body was attached with so many wires n she was looking into infinity…
Sanskaar slowly reached to her n held her hand n sat beside her…
Sans- why u did this to me..
Swara-(smile faintly) coz I can’t see u dying everyday….
Sanskaar- I hate u
Tears were brimming in his eyes..
Swara-(teary eyed n smiling faintly) but I love u..
Sanskaar now can’t take it more….he broke down in tears n cried bitterly hugging swara..
Sanskaar-(hugging n crying) I love u too..
Their moment was disturbed by compounders who came there to take swara..
Sanskaar- (holding her hand) nothing will happen to u..
Swara-(smiles faintly) I have given my whole world to u..
Swara’s operation was going on since 2 hrs…after 2 hrs doctors came n announced that she can’t make it n they were not able to save her…
Sanskaar whole world collapse …
Next day his parents found his dead body with a gun in his hand n a note saying that
” if she can give me her whole world..then why can’t I take a bullet for her”

Hi guys pia here….I know many of u don’t know me…actually m Serena di’s aka shivangi di’s friend…she has written this is but m posting this on her behalf..as she is really not well…
N she has told me to tell u guys that she will post her ss either on Monday or Tuesday…
N yup this story is not written by her…this is the creation of a British writer only words belong to her..
N now all the comment were seen by her only..
Thank u..

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  1. Awesome
    Get well soon serena di

    1. Serena

      Thanks shagun..

  2. Wow yaar suprb..i loved it..its soo imotionall..

    1. Serena

      Thank u mahjabeen..

  3. Nice story but sad ending :-(:-( love the story and the words express the story welly :-):-)

    1. Get well soon

    2. Serena

      Thank u radhika n thanks for ur wishesh.

  4. Sumeeta

    Emotional nd not a happy end but yet a good ending wala story.get well soon and take care urself

    1. Serena

      Thanks sumeeta for reading n for wishesh also..

  5. soo emotional

    1. Serena

      Thanks mou..

    1. Serena

      Thanks alia..

  6. Emotional dear

  7. awesome love story

  8. Awesome Di…Please get well soon..I have missed you so much…
    Love u so much

  9. Ameera

    Gud one

  10. Awesome & emotional too..

  11. RUPA

    Nice Serena…..

    I have read it in youtube dea and it was too emotional.

    Get well soon.

  12. Sree

    Phirse sad ending kyunnnnnn????
    Tune toh bolla tha ki tu nxt happy ending likkegi phirbhi tune sad ending hi di??
    Lekin bohot accha tha. I mean emotional tha???
    Vaise tujhe kya hua hai??????? Take care
    Aur Get Well Soon. Jab thik ho jaye tab hi post karna apna ss. School start hua issiliye bimar hogayi kya???????
    Love u dear???
    Take care and meds???

  13. Soujanya

    Emotional one

  14. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    It’s very emotional dear.Loved it☺☺☺.Get well soon cutie pie.

  15. Shruthis

    superb dear too emotional dear 🙂
    get well soon dear 🙂

  16. heart touching

  17. Isabel

    Beautiful and nice, can I pls know the actual writer of this story, if you don’t mind?

    1. Serena

      Why not…bit first let me know??

  18. Madhu

    heart touching

  19. Divyanshri

    Sad ending but awsome ……. get well soon….

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    Nice one!!! Get well soon ?

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  22. very emotional…

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