swasan os : vaada raha by kaynat khan


Hello everyone am back with os
So telling about the os its completely romantic and emotional os no action no suspense youll will enjoy this os hope so plz shower your love on this too nd if some people are uncormatable with romantic scenes kindly skip dat part but plz do read so let start

The story starts with a lavish mansion
It was maheshwari mansion the mansion of top bussiness man in mumbai who has achieved all success by his own will and power he is non other than sanskaar maheshwari the handsome cute hunk of town who has numerous girls behind him but he doesnt pay heed to them as he wanted a simple girl who will love him not his money his world revolves around only two persons that too his parents ram prasad and sujata they are his supporters so without their support he couldnt have touched the sky!! Today is the day when he is going to see a girl for marraige… well indeed he dont like arranged marraige concept but he agreed for his mother and he only prayed that girl should be nice and good !!

The screen shifts to another same house not lavish but not that such small but it was a beautiful house.. there a beautiful girl lived swara she was indeed a princess not because of tons of makeup!! She really do hate makeup its her inner beauty which makes her face glow she is an event organizer inshort she organizes for wedding and she always have thanked god for giving her beautiful family a supporting and understanding parents and naughty but lovely bro what else she needs but her parents shekhar n sharmishta wanted her to get marry as it high time for her neither it will be too late shekhar and sharmishta never forced anything on her but marraige was gonna happen one or the other day so she agreed

So lets move to our swara’s room

She was busy in her thoughts when her mom shouted
Sharmishta : swara get ready they will be coming at anytime
Swara replied back : yeah mom

Swara’s pov
Uhh my parents why they want me to marry i hate arranged marraiges how would i trust some other guy and can live with him entire life how can i when i liked someone else from years yes i like someone he was my crush i thought its true love i thought to spend my life with him but it really became my thought and remain with me it never turned truth so wanna know for the story we have to go to flashback

So flashback starts when i was in college i was mad for only on one person whoz name was sanskaar yes he was so hot handsome and most importantly his chubby cheeks i always wanted that he would talked wid me more but to my surprise he only talked with me of studies nothing else he never asked me about my life i always wanted that maybe someday he propose me but that day never came all my thoughts were shared with only one person that too my bro who was in same college but i was doing my degree he was doing his intern he always adiviced me to go and tell him the truth but i was having no guts to say him or to loose my respect infront of him so i remained quite days passed i always get desperated to talk with him but he only talks about homeworks and all he never ever seen me fully i always thinks that am i not that beautiful that he dont looks at me and like this last day of college came laksh and i were sitting
Laksh : common swara yr tell him that you love him neither you will loose him for forever
Swara : no laksh i cant….. try to understand chalo if he propose me today or if my crush is not a infuation but more than that maybe true love then we will be one neither he will remain my crush forever i will think that he was not in my destiny
Laksh : uff swara you are really idiot you are making it so complicated seriously
I giggled and i waited there that day for so long that he would come to me and he came but to say me bye i remembered today also when he was going he told
Sanskaar : swara you are really nice and a helpful classmate hope will meet soon bye take care
Saying this he went far away one tear escaped from my eye i never ever cried for any boy but he made me cry

Flashback ends

I know i was stupid not to tell him but i cant loose him so today i am here and he i dont know but i heard that he has became famous bussinessman thats really good i know that maybe some other girl have been in her life and its obivios chalo lets leave crush and focus on this guy who is coming lets see what diamonds are studded in him

Swara pov ends

She got ready in yellow salwar kamees with loose hairs and goes to her mother who was in kitchen
Sharmishta : wow you are looking so preety acha listen they are three members dont start your blabber there keep calm and answer their question and be nice with them and dare not to do any stupidity got it
Swara : yes boss uff maa relax i will behave nicely waise whats his name
Shekhar : hmm sanskaar his name is sanskaar ok
Laksh comes to swara and murmurs
Laksh : waah swara tujhe jo bhi milte hai sanskaar naam ke hi milte hai kya
Swara : shut up idiot sanskaar naam rkhne se koi uss ke jaise thodi na hojayega ok my sanskaar is different
Laksh : hmm my sanskaar swara
Swara : just leave idiot
Shekhar : what you both are discussing
Laksh : woh dad swara was asking what he does
Before shekhar could answer door bell rings he goes to open the door and there ram prasad and sujata were standing behind them a man in his mids 20’s was standing in black shirt and grey jeans no wonder how much he looks handsome shekhar and laksh greeted them sharmishta was with swara
Sanskaar touches shekhar s legs shekhar gets surprised to see his beahviour as he is so much down to earth they all gets seaten
Shekhar : hope your journery was good
Rp : ya ya shekhar ji no worry
Sujata : it was good
At that time sharmishta and swara comes with tray of snacks sujata gets mesmerised to see swara at first sight and smiled at her sanakaar looked up to see and he got a shock seeing swara there yes he remembered her he remembered how she use to help him in homeworks and studies maybe he got busy in work and bussiness but he cant forget her face he still remember her she has changed but still her glowing face havent changed in these years he murmured
Sanskaar : swara
Swara was sitten beside sujata she felt someone has called her she looked up to see him and got a big shock of her life his crush his sanskaar was sitting infront of him he havent changed in these years his charm yet was attracting her both looks at eachother at that sujata interrupts
Sujata : so swara what you do
Swara came out of her thoughts and said
Swara : woh actually aunty i do event management i organises events
Rp : oh that’s grt beta

Sujata keep on asking questions and swara answered them confidently this wins both rp and sujata’s hearts as they really wanted a daughter in law who speaks who is free spirit they dont want a typical girl and they really liked swara a lot
Sharmishta : so sujata ji what you think  about marraige
Sujata discuss something between rp and speaks
Sujata : bhai hame toh swara bahot pasand aayi ab hamare ghar ki bahu yahi banegi bas swara aur sanskaar tumlog kya chate ho
Sharmishta : yeah swara tell yours opinion
Shekhar : i think we should let them speak alone
Rp : yeah gud idea sanskaar go
Sharmishta : swara go n take him in ur room
Swara stands up and started walking sanskaar walks behind laksh comes to swara and murmurs
Laksh : waah swara le aagaya TERA sanskaar ab usse aaj toh bata dena
Swara : get lost idiot
Laksh goes from there giggling swara took sanskaar to her room
Sanskaar : swara
Swara felt happiness she turned around
Swara : oh so you remembered me
Sanskaar : how would i forget my friend
Swara : yeah thats why you didnt contact me after college
Sanskaar : uff sorry and see na we again met but for our wedding so whats ur opinion towards this marraige
Swara thinks : he is really mad my opinion it is my dream to marry him
Swara : hmm am ready for marraige
Sanskaar : seriously u ready i mean u dont have any bf
Swara : no i dont have actually today i wanna tell u one thing
Sanskaar : go ahead…
Swara : i love you!!
Sanskaar : what??

Swara : yes not from now from long back from college itself u were my crush i was waiting for you to propose me but u didnt so i didnt let u know and you have gone far away but see i have met u again
Sanskaar was seriosuly having no words
Swara : hmm no need to say anything i know you dont love me
Sanskaar : its not like that i always admired you but you know from college i was having only one aim to work hard so i dint got time for any girl but you were really nice and i will be happy if you will become my partner
Swara gets happy and smiled
Swara : so lets go down
Both swasan wents down and tells them their desicion
Sujata : see shekhar bhaisaab dont need to call pandit ji and all for taking out dates bcoz whenever swara will come our home fom that day all happiness will come to our home
Swara blushes
Rp : and shekhar ji wewant engagement to be done now marraige will do after two weeks
Sharmishta : but why so hurry
Rp : see when both have agreed and qe also not having options so we shouldnt waste time if you have no problem then only we will reach further
Sharmishta asked swara through eyes swara gestures ok
All agrees for engagement and after one hour engagement was done swara was beyond happy she was not getting whether its a dream or real and for sanskaar he was not having any regret because he knew swara was a nice girl but but it was still one sided love sanskaar still havent love swara

Late at night sharmishta and shekhar was discussing with laksh
Sharmishta : i am so happy for swara she has got such a nice family
Shekhar : yeah sanskaar is also very nice
Laksh thinks : lo inge toh pata hi nahi ki inki beti ki zindagi hai woh sanskaar chalo am happy for her that finally she got her true love

At swara’s room she was lying on bed and was staring her engagement ring continuously and smiling lie an idiot when her mobile rings it was showing sanskaar’s name her heart started to beat fast she got up and picked the call
Sanskaar : hey swara
Swara : hello
Sanskaar : so whats up
Swara : nothing u say
Sanskaar : nothing much acha would you meet me tomorrow at cafe shop actually before marraige i wanna know about you completely
Swara : sure will see you at afternoon bye
Sanskaar : yeah bye tc
Swara kept the phone aside
Swara : plz god make this love two sided  hope so everything remain perfect
Saying she dozes off
Next day sanskaar reached coffee shop and was waiting for her when he looked outside the window of shop he gets surprised swara was surrounded by kids and was distributing baloons to them smilingly and after that she came to sanskaar
Swara : hey
Sanskaar : hii what was that
Swara : woh i love when kids are happy i love to spend some money on this beautiful children
Sanskaar : thats really sweet of you
They talked like this swara started her blabber all use to get bored when she talks but sanskaar was lost in her talks he use to love when she talks
1 week have passed they were meeting like this and now sanskaar got use to her and he finally loved her her antics her talkings her everything but he didnt realise one day sanskaar called her to some mall but she didnt turned up till 1 hour he got worried he called her but her mobile was also switched off he dialed laksh number
Sanskaar : hello laksh
Laksh : oh hello buddy enjoying with swara na
Sanskaar : actually laksh i am waiting here from 1 hour for her but she didnt came
Laksh : what but she left from here 2 hours before
This was it for sanskaar he got highly worried
Sanakaar : laksh dont worry i will find her and dont let your maa and papa know about this they will get worried ok
Laksh : ok but find her soon tc

Sanskaar cuts the call and sits in his car and was finding her he use to remember her a tear escapes from his eye of fearing that anything happened to her he speeds up his car he was moving from jungle when he saw swara was sitting beside her scooty he stopped the car and goes to her and engulfed her into a bone crsushing hig swara couldnt understand anything
Sanskaar : i was so worried for you where were you
Swara : sanakaar woh relax my scooty tire got punchure here and nobody was helping me and my shit mobile also got switched off now
Sanskaar : r u mad swara who told you to come from this way its really risky have you ever thought that if i have lost you today what would i have done i cant live without you swara bcoz i love you
Swara was shocked + happy
Sanskaar : yes i love you i have realised my love is only you thank god i got these days to know you more and i am now fully happy that you are going to be my partner my soul mate
Swara : plz tell me its not my dream is it really true
He smiled at her and kissed her lightly swara was now 100% sure that its real before she could reciprocate he breaks the kiss
Sanskaar : understood its really true
Swara : idiot i told you to make me realise.its a dream or not nd youz kissed me
Sanskaar chuckles
He bends on his knee
Sanakaar : i know this was your dream and sorry that am doing this too late and this is not the place but i wanna do it here only so miss swara gadodia i know you are truly a mad girl who do all stupid antics but i love this stupid girl only i have fallen for your madness i want you to fill my life with your love you are such a pious soul swara and i will be glad that you will be mine so miss swara gadodia will you be swara sanskaar maheshwari will you do the honour of loving me entire life and will stay with me till forever will you??
Swara was not having any words she just cried and made him stand and hugged him tightly
Swara : yes yes i will be yours forever i love you too
Saying this she cried sanskaar departs and wipes her tears
Sanskaar : now these tears dont have any place in your life never ever shed these pearls
Swara nodded

Swara tiptoes and kissed him tightly sanskaar was surprised at her he was about to kiss her back when she departs
Swara : tit for tat
Sanskaar smiled at her antic
He grabbed her waist
Sanskaar : i will show you whats tit for tat
He grabbed her lips and kissed them and now swara too reciprocate both were lost in kiss swara gripped his shoulder and hair and sanskaar holded her waist tightly they both broke the kiss when they were out of the breath and joined their forehead
Swara : you know today i am the happiest woman in the world
Sanskaar : and am the luckiest man in the world because i got you
Swara hugged him tightly

After one week it was their marraige day both swasan were taking pheres happily by holding eachother’s hands then sanskaar filled her maang and made her wear the mangalsutra which marked that she is his now forever
All top bussiness man were there at their wedding photo sesssion was going on swasan were really happy after all goes from maheshwari mansion
Swara’s parents  and laksh and sanskaar’s parents were only there
Swasan goes to them
Rp : sanskaar this is the small gift from us to you both
He handles him envelope
Swara : whats dis dad
Shekhar : open and see it
Sanskaar opens it it was two tickets of london flight
Sanskaar : dad london flight
Sujata : for yours honeymoon
Both blushes
Sujata : go flight is after two hours dont worry i have packed both of your luggage
Swara : but mom whats the need of all this
Laksh : offo swara aise mauke baar baar nahi milte jab bade bolre hai toh jao na romance karo
Swara : laksh shut up ok
Sharmishta : you both go and change fast and leave for airport neither you will miss the flight
Both swasan goes to change after sometime they gets down with luggage swara higs sharmishta and shekhar and cries
Shekhar : no beta dont cry they will give you more love than us beta stay blessed always
Sharmishta : swara take care of yourself there dont do any stupidity and sanskaar take care of her
Sujata : sharmishta ji dont worry my bahu is very smart they will be ok
Swara goess to laksh
Laksh : now whom will disturb
Swara : i will miss u laksh
Saying this she hugged him he too hugged her
Sanskaar then took swara with him
Both reaches airport and boards for flight
Both were sitting entangling eachother’s fingers
Swara : acha sanskaar where will stay in london i mean mom and dad only gave us flight tickets so
Sanskaar : swara i have my own house in london so they know thats why they didnt booked any hotel
Swara : how many house you have total
Sanskaar : jitne bhi ho all are yours so from now which is mine is urs
Swara : i dont want anything i only want you
Sanskaar : i am urs only swara my heart is with you only
Sanskaar pecked her lips

Sanskaar : good night princess
Swara : good night
Swara smiled and both slept in eachother embrace…
Next day both reached to london both were tired because of marraige and then journey they reached their house it was a small bunglow but it was damn beautiful swara gets mesmerised to see the house
Swara : its really beautiful
Sanskaar has came to her after putting their luggage in room
Sanskaar : so shall we enter
Swara was about to walk
Sanskaar : aahaa not like this
He picked her up in his arms
Sanskaar : i wanna make every moment special for you
Swara smiled and carress his cheeks
They entered their bedroom sanskaar left her
Sanskaar : swara am so tired will sleep for sometime
Swara : ok
They both lay on bed and slept hugging eachother
At 5 clock sanskaar got up and saw that she was sleeping peacefully he smiled and moved from bed and gone to freshen up after that he left the house keeping a chit for her
At 6 clock she woke up and doesnt find sanskaar beside her she sees a chit beside the table she opens it
Hey princess you must be worried where am i dont worry i will be back till 8 i will bring dinner so dont be angry i will be back soon love you
Swara smiled and thought to make this night memorable she opens the cupboard and found some candles and she sees that nearby is flower shop she goes to that shop and buys flowers she decorates the room with candles and flowers she took her clothes out and thought to wear some short dress she took out a off white till knee dress she wore it and loose some curls she did little makeup and bas she was looking real princess she started to light the candles when clock striked 8
Swara heard car knock she gets happy she closed the door of bedroom and came to hall sanskaar came there and gets awestruck seeing her in this dress
Sanskaar : swara you you
He was having no words she blushed more
Swara : am i not looking good
Sanakaar : good you are looking fab awesome but why
Swara : murmurs idiot dont know that we are on honey moon
Sanskaar listens her and smiled
Sanskaar : oh hoo someone is eager for something
Swara smiled and a turned away sanskaar came and back hug her
Sanskaar : i also cant wait for making you as mine so lets do dinner then will complete our work
swara blushed more she departs herself and prepared for dinner
Both sits and feeds eachother the dinner after that swara came and closes sanskaar eyes
Sanskaar : are why are you closing my eyes
Swara : sshh just come
She took him to the bedroom and removes her hand he really gets surprised seeing the decorations
Swara : i wanna make this night memorable for us
Sanskaar was beyond happy that what have he done good that he got such a loving wife he goes to wardrobe and handles her a packet
Swara : whats dis sanskaar
Sanskaar : go and see i wanna see you in these
Swara goes to washroom sanskaar waits for her
She comes wearing net gorgette saree of read and black colour she was looking totally hot and s*xy
Sanskaar couldnt took his eyes over her he comes to her and whispers in her ears
Sanskaar : you are trully God’s beautiful creation
Swara blushed and gripped his shoulders
Sanskaar goes close to neck and kisses it swara enjoys his love he bites there
Swara : aaah sansksaarr

Sanskaar licked the bite to soothed her pain he then goes to other side of neck and kisses it passionately while swara hands automatically reached towards her shirt buttons nd she undo it sanskaar removed his shirt and moved his hand on her belly and carress it he was touching her back senously she has closed her eyes her hands were travelling his hard chest and mascular abs he then removed her pally slowly she was too shy so she hugged him tightly sanskaar too hugged her
Sanskaar : mujhe haq hai swara
Swara smiled and removed her pallu and throwed her saree at one corner
Sanskaar was taken aback seeing her bold reaction but he too get carried away sanskaar hugs her from behind kisses her back and opened the knot of her blouse she gripped his hands tightly the blouse became loose and it came down now she was only in her bra and peaty coat sanskaar picked her up in arms and placed her lightly on bed he came above her he kissed her forehead then cheeks then nose and finally came to lips he kissed them tightly swara grabbed his hair and reciprocate while kissing sanskaar removed her the strings of peaty coaat and removed it she was wearing her bra and underwear
He broke the kiss and goes little down amd kisses her neck she pushes him deep down in her neck she pulled out the belt of his pant and removed his pant now he was in his boxers sanskaar goes to her br*asts and kissed them above the bra and removed the knot of it she clutched the bedsheet he removed her bra and kissed one of her br*ast and bitted it while he was cupping the other one swara dugged her nails in his body and mourning his name
Swara : aah sanskaar
They way she was taking his name his hormones rised and he pushed his boxers down and pulled out her panty too he looked into her eyes of asking permission she kissed him giving him the permission he immediately entered into her it was painful for her sanskaar was going slow for her and kissing her to lessen her pain after sometime swara got along with him she was enjoying the pleasure given by her husband she gripped sanskaar and mourned his name after some hours when they were tired they covered eachother with blanket and slept in eachother’s naked body smilingly
Next morning both were sleeping cuddling eachother when sun rays falls on swara she opens her eyes and sees her in sanskaar embrace she blushed hard remembering last night incident
Sanakaar : if you will blush like this then how will i control myself
Swara : sanakaar you are awake when
Sanskaar opens his eye
Sanskaar : when you were busy in your thoughts
Swara : am just happy to be yours
Sanskaar : i love you princess
Swara : love you too
Sanskaar : so tired
Swara : noo
Sanskaar : so lets continue again
Saying this he pulled her again inside the blanket
At afternoon they gone to malls and did shopping they were enjoying their days
One day at park swara was lying on grass and sanskaar was lying on her stomach and she was carressing hir hairs when something arised in his mind
Sanskaar : keh raha hai dil deewana jaane jaa kha ke kasam
sanskaar gets up and swara too gets up
Sanskaar : keh raha hai dil deewana jaane jaa kha ke kasam hum ishq me mar jayenge
Kuch bhi sanam kar jayenge chodenge na daman yr kaa vaada raha vaada raha pyaar kaa
Swara smiled and continue
Swara : keh raha hai dil deewana jaane jaa kha ke kasam…
Sanskaar twirls her they were dancing when she falls and sanskaar on her up
Sanakaar : dooriyaan ab zaara hojaana
Saanson ke darmiyaan
Chedti hai dhadkano ko har pal mausam ki narmiyaan
Swara rolls over him and stands up
Swara : to chahto ki shabnam peele

Lamho me sadiyon ko jeele
Sanskaar : keh raha hai har fasana jaane jaa kha ke kasam
Both were playing happily when a tear escapes from swara’s eyessanskaar noticed it
Swara : tu khayalo ke haseen saaye me rehta hai raat din
Kuch nahi hai zindaagani meri ab tanhaa tere bin
Sanskaar wipes her tears and lifts her in his arms
Sanskaar : toh aaja janmo ka bandhan jode
Tham ke baahe na choode
Swara : keh raha hai pal deewna jaane jaa kha ke kasam
Sanskaar : hum ishq me mar jayenge kuch bhi sanam kar jayenge
Swara : chodenge na daman yaar kaa
Sanskaar : vaada raha
Swara : vaada raha
Swasan : vaad raha pyaar ka
Both smiled and sit down
Swara : sanskaar you will not leave me na
Sanskaar : never before leaving my last breath will come
Swara kissed him to ssshh him
Swara : never dare to say that word promise me you will be with me forever
Sanskaar : promise swara and you will also never leave me
Swara : you think that i will leave you easily idiot
Both laughed
They enjoyed everymoment of them they returned back to mumbai and started their new life all was going smooth
Leap of 6 months
Swasan were living happily laksh also got engaged but when one day sanskaar got call that he have to attend a meeting in usa and if he didnt go his company will face financial loss swara overhears this
Swara : sanskaar whats all this
Sanskaar : what
Swara : why are you not going to usa
Sanskaar : swara i dont wanna go yr its of two week trip and you know i cant even stay a single day without you it will be horrible for me
Swara : sanskaar after two weeks you will be back na so go i dont want my husband’s repu to be low
Sanskaar : i am not going anywhere
Swara then calls rp and sujata and tells them everything
Rp : sanskaar swara is right you should go
Sujata : haa sanskaar its matter of some days go na
Sanskaar : no am not going and thats final
Swara : sanskaar if you love me then you will go go
Sanskaar : swara !!!! Ok then am going happy am leaving tomorrow only
All sighs atlast he understood but here swara understood he is angry on her
At night he doesnt talked with her he quietly packs his bags and swara slept sadly next morning he got ready he was about to leave the room when swara came and made him wear the tie he didnt protest but didnt looked at her
Swara : kab tak naaraz rahoge mujhse yesterday too u didnt talked with me and today you were going without informing me
Sanskaar : so why do you care
Swara was teary eye
Swara : bcoz i love you i cant see you in trouble sanskaar its difficult for me also to stay without you but its for betterment only na i am sorry for telling you to go i will never ever say anything
Saying she was about to go when sanskaar hugged her
Sanskaar : sshh my princess i am sorry i made you cry i was in frustration i am sorry jaan plz forgive me
Swara cried and stopped and looked at him and smiled
Sanskaar : take care of your self jaan i will miss you
Swara : will miss you too
Swara tiptoed and kissed him on lips
Swara : all the best my handsome
Sanskaar smiled and went to usa
In these two weeks they were in touch with mobiles but missed eachother like hell and the day came when sanskaar was returning he reached mumbai airport and called her
Swara : haa sanskaar where are you
Sanskaar : in mumbai
Swara : what you reached here come fast
Sanskaar : am coming wanna see your surprise face wait for me
Swara : will wait for entirelife jaan bye come soon
Swara told this to sujju and rp they too got happy
4 hours passed but sanskaar didnt came swara was worried like hell when her mobile rang
She picked it up and the next moment she has fainted rp got worried and picked the call
Rp : hello whoz dis

Caller : hello i am police officer of mumbai police mr. Sanskaar’s car has fallen from cliff very badly from xyz place and we couldnt find his body so called to inform youll
Rp slips the mobile sujju ask him wht happened he tells her both were shocked what to do search for sanskaar or see swara they took swara to bedroom and splashes water swara gains consiuess
Swara : mom see na they say that sanskaar has fallen from cliff how is it possible mom he was coming here this sanskaar na maybe he is kidding let him come i will beat him
Sujju cries and hugged her but swara didnt reciproocate
Days passed sanskaar case have closed police were least intrested in this case sujju rp sharmishta laksh shekhar all were in dillema seeing swara’s comdition she was not ready to accept that sanskaar is no more she was confident that he is alive
Like days months passed swara again started doing event organising but she stays in rp house snd wears mangalsutra that her sanskaar will come
And one day phone ranged of rp after attending he called swara and sujju
Rp : tu jeet gayi swara tera pyaar jeet gaya sanskaar zinda hai kuch villagers ka phone tha thry were telling that sanskaar wad in coma passed these months and now onlg he regained consiuess nd is asking for us so chalo
Swara thanked god and cried sujju hugs her
Sujju : chal beta
They all heads to village and sees that sanskaar was sitting on bed he sees sujju and rp
Sujju hugs her and cried swara was seeing him surprisingly because she was seeing him after 6 months tears were flowing from her eyes
Sujata : kaha chala gaya tha tu sanskaar apni mom dad ko chodkar apni swara ki halat dekha tha maar gayi thi woh tere bina
Swara comes and sits beside him
Sanskaar : who are you
Swara gets shocked
Swara : sanskaar i will beat you id you again start your joke plz stop kidding
Sanskaar : mom dad whoz she
They were too shocked
Rp : beta she is ur swara your wife
Sannskaar : what mom till i know i didnt married to anyone then
All gets shocked hearing this then doctor comes and tells them he appeared from a memory loss swara was in dillema what to do sanskaar was shocked to listen that he was married swara comes to him
Swara : dont worry sanskaar i will help you to regain your consiuess your swara is with you she hugged him but he didnt hugged her she was sad and hurted
They took swara to their house sanskaar use to sleep on couch because for him swara is just a mere stranger this hurted swara more sharmishta shekhar also use to come to make sanskaar something remind but nothing have worked one day swara showed him their marraige album
He sees that and gets happy
Sanskaar : i was so happy na
Swara : very much
Sanskaar : why cant i remember anything why
He tries to remember he only gets blackouts he holds his head tightly
Swara calms him

Swara : sshh leave it we have whole life to remember but dont stress yourselff
Swara then took him to cafe shop parks where they use to meet but swara was only getting disappointments sanskaar use to get lost in her ebauty but gets sad seeing her hopeful eyes he was so hurted that he cant remember a single day of their marraige why this happened to him why all happy moments have erased from his life he cursed himself he thought that he cant hurt swara more he should release her feom this relation when one day swarra was showing her their honeymoon pics
Sanskaar : swara why are you doing this
Swara : what
Sanskaar : you also know why are you wasting your time on me who doesnt remember anything who dont know that his memory will come back or not maybe he will live normal life or not why are you wasting your life on me you should go and move
Before he could complete he got a slap from her
Swara : come with me
She toom him dowb where sharmishta shekhar rp sujju and laksh were sitting she dragged him there
Swara : plz everybody listen so mr. Sanskaar was telling me something that i should move on in my life why am i wasting my life on him so listen mr. Sanskaar you can see this
She points towards mangalsutra and sindoor
Swara : this is the relation you and i share i am yours not for this life for many lives i am yours and you are saying to leave you say me when all were supposing you were dead i was the one you told that you were alive that time i didnt moved on so why should i do it today just because you dont remember me
Sanskaar : swara till when will ypu try of making me remember things what if my memory never comes back
She sits down catching his hands
Swara : so will build new one
Everyone was stunned to lusten her answer sanskaar was shocked
Swara : yes sanskaar for me the thing matters is you when yoh are with me we can build those memories again you didnt remember but i tell you what you would tell me that you will never leave me you have promised me sanskaar we have promised eachother that we will not leave eachother i will too forget everything and we both will start a fresh life fresh journey again but will you walk with me will you give your hand to me
She was literally crying sanskaar bend on his knee and wipes her tears and hugged her
All gets happy seeing their love

2 years leap it was shown sanskaar was pleading pregagent swara to eat the food
Sanskaar : princess plz last bite
Swara shouts : no i dont want mom see na he is troubling me
Sujju : beta its for your health only na
Sanskaar : plz for me
She takes it and turns her face angrily suuju smiles and goes from there
Sanskaar comes bear her and kissed her cheeks swara melts
Sanskaar : thanks princess for being there with me and giving me such a beautiful gift
He places his hand on her belly she smiles
Swara : without you am nothing you complete me sanskaar
Both hugs eachother

Sanskaar memory never came but they made their journey again with the support of their love love is really powerful and like this both stay happily with eachother as they promised


So hope so you liked my os it was big but do comment guys bcoz my whole day has been gone in this and it will hurt me to the core so do comment and haa dont forget to read my promo of my ff punar vivah challo bye

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